Collection Stored Off-Site

All or portions of this collection are housed off-site. Materials can still be requested but researchers should expect a delay of up to two business days for retrieval.

Series 3
Restricted materials and additions, 1979-2013
Boxes 18-38

Scope and Content Note

The series consists of restricted material and minimally processed additions to the collection. Additions include the office files of former director of the Journeys of Reconciliation program Cynthia Shaw. These files include photographs, scrapbooks, planning documents, and audiovisual and born digital material documenting the program. Also included in the series are subject files documenting university religious life and events held on campus.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in chronological order by year.

Restrictions on Access

Special restrictions apply: Materials in Box 18 are restricted in accordance with Emory University Archives Access Policy for financial and student records. Materials in Boxes 19-38 are restricted in accordance with Emory University Archives Access Policy for minimally processed collections.

Box Folder Content
18 Restricted materials, 1979-2008
20 - "Amelia Kirby, Holler to the Hood" 2004 [original: VHS] [2] [RESTRICTED]
26 - Emory Alcohol and Drug Education Committee, photograph album, 1986-1987 [RESTRICTED]
27 - Habitat Emory, photograph album, 1998-1999 [RESTRICTED]
21 - Journeys of Reconciliation program planning documents, 2001-2003 [RESTRICTED]
22 - Journeys of Reconciliation program, 1999-2003 [RESTRICTED]
23 - Journeys of Reconciliation program, 2001-2005 [RESTRICTED]
25 - Journeys of Reconciliation program, photographs and slides, circa 1995-2000 [RESTRICTED]
25 - Journeys of Reconciliation program, video recordings, 2004-2006 [original: MiniDV [9] and DVD [25]] [RESTRICTED]
25 - Journeys of Reconciliation program, related commercial recordings, 2001-2003 [original: CD [6]] [RESTRICTED]
28 - Journeys of Reconciliation program, scrapbooks and journal, 2004-2005 [RESTRICTED]
24 - Recommendation letters, 1984-2003 [RESTRICTED]
25 - Religion and Health Luncheon, audio recording, 1998 [original: audiocassette [12]] [RESTRICTED]
25 - Reverend Kim, Chaplain's office, audio recording, 1998 [original: audiocassette [7]] [RESTRICTED]
20 - "Science and Religion," 2001 [original: VHS [2]] [RESTRICTED]
25 - Sermons, audio recordings, 1986-1994 [original: audiocassette [7]] [RESTRICTED]
20 - "Songs from the Struggle," 2004 [original: VHS [7]] [RESTRICTED]
21 - "Striving for Fullness of Life: The Church's Challenge in Health," The Carter Center of Emory University and Wheat Ridge Foundation, program materials, 1989 [RESTRICTED]
19 - Subject files, including Inter-religious Council, Chaplain teas, and bulletins, 1993-2003 [RESTRICTED]
20 - Subject files, including Campus Ministry, 1995-2005 [RESTRICTED]
30 - Subject files, including Religious Life Staff Retreat, space renovation, and correspondence, 1989-1997 [RESTRICTED]
31 - Subject files, including Amnesty International, brochures, Campus Ministry, and Human Rights Symposium, 1981-1988 [RESTRICTED]
32 - Subject files, including University Worship, Montreal conference papers, and Amnesty International, 1960-1989 [RESTRICTED]
33 - Subject files, including Presbyterian Campus Ministry, Service of Gratitude, Medical School service, University Chaplain, and University Worship, 1968-1989 [RESTRICTED]
34 - Subject files, including University Worship, cults, equipment, University Chaplain, photographs, and publications, 1991-1998 [RESTRICTED]
35 - Subject files, including General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM), North Georgia conference, and The Promise of UMC Campus Ministry: Theological Explorations, 2007-2013 [RESTRICTED]
36 - Subject files, including budgets, personnel files, mission statement, and recommendation letters, 2000-2015 [RESTRICTED]
37 - Subject files, including printed material, scholarships and fellowships, and conferences, 2010-2015 [RESTRICTED]
38 - Subject files, including Journeys of Reconciliation program, grants, and North Georgia conference, 2014-2016 [RESTRICTED]
24 - Audiovisual material documenting events held on campus, including symposia, sermons, memorial services, worship services, and conferences, 1993-2004 [original: audiocassette [22], VHS [10], DVCAM [1], MiniDV [16], and DVD [24]] [RESTRICTED]
38 - Audiovisual material, including sermons, 1995-1996 [original: VHS [3], audiocassette [2], and MiniDV [1]] [RESTRICTED]
24 - Born digital material documenting a baptism, 1999 [original: floppy disk [2]] [RESTRICTED]
25 - Born digital material, Journeys of Reconciliation program newsletters, Chapel and Religious Life logos, photographs, and presentations, 2004-2005 [original: CD [10]] [RESTRICTED]