Series 2
Writings by Fitzgerald, 1969-2000
Boxes 22-46 and 70-72

Scope and Content Note

The writings of Sally Fitzgerald in this series span from 1969-2000, and are comprised of her research notebooks, lectures, essays, and book reviews. This series also contains typescripts of her book-length projects Mystery and Manners The Habit of Being and the Collected Works of Flannery O'Connor. The material in this series is primarily made up of Fitzgerald's research and interest in her late friend Flannery O'Connor. Fitzgerald's writings on O'Connor serve to educate readers about her life, her works, and her Catholic beliefs. Fitzgerald's writing sheds particular light on the theological implications of O'Connor's work.

Fitzgerald's book-length works (Subseries 2.1) include the edited volumes Mystery and Manners, The Habit of Being, and the Collected Works of Flannery O'Connor. The subseries includes drafts and proofs, as well as correspondence and material relating to the publication process. This subseries also contains an introduction that Fitzgerald wrote for Three by Flannery O'Connor and drafts of chapters for Fitzgerald's unfinished biography of Flannery O'Connor, The Mansions of the South.

The other writings subseries (Subseries 2.2) features Fitzgerald's short works, including lectures, essays, and a few book reviews. Several of the lecture files include Fitzgerald's correspondence with the inviting institution. This series is also made up of Fitzgerald's book reviews, research notes on O'Connor, and files of quotations.

The notebook subseries (Subseries 2.3) is comprised of more than fifty notebooks that Fitzgerald kept from 1978 through the mid-1990s. She used many of these notebooks to keep track of her research on O'Connor, while others contain drafts of the talks and essays she composed.

Arrangement Note

Organized into three subseries: (2.1) Book-length works, (2.2) Other writings, and (2.3) Notebooks.

Description of Subseries