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Subseries 2.2
Prose, 1964-2012
Boxes 40 - 41 and 87; BV 1

Scope and Content Note

The subseries consists of Grennan's prose writings from 1964-2010. Some of Grennan's early writings can be found in this subseries, including several short stories that he wrote while in Italy in 1964, numerous academic papers he wrote while a student at Harvard University in the 1960s, and his doctoral dissertation. Also included are reviews of books, introductions for readings by other authors, and various articles, essays, and other prose pieces.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Articles, essays, and other prose
Box Folder Content
40 1 "Atlanta Angry," typescript draft, circa late 1970s
40 2 "Autobiographical Note," published in World Authors series, undated
40 3 "The Call," convocation address, Vassar College, April 28, 2004
40 4 "Clarke and Kavanagh: Irish Poetic Identity after Yeats," typescript draft, November 29, 1976
40 5 "Dual Characterization: A Note on Chaucer's Use of 'But' in the Portrait of the Parson," typescript, published in The Chaucer Review, Winter 1981-1982
40 6 "Elegy," typescript draft, undated
40 7 "Equilibrist," typescript draft, circa late 1970s
40 8 Essay for First Loves: Poets Introduce the Essential Poems that Captivated and Inspired Them, typescript drafts, 2000
40 9 Essay on Irish and American literary elements, published in Metre, Autumn 1997
40 10 "Family Group," typescript draft, undated
40 11 "Foreword" to The Road to Deadman Cove by George Anthony, unpublished, circa 1976
40 12 "Garden," typescript draft, undated
40 13 "Johnson and Vaughan," typescript draft, published in The Irish Times, November 1983
40 14 "Light" [Variant title: "Witness the Light"], typescript draft, circa late 1970s
40 15 "Memorial Minute for James Day," by Grennan, Robert Brown, Robert DeMaria, Rachel Kitzinger, Ben Kohl, and Robert Pounder, typescript draft, no date
40 16 "Narcissus Nub," typescript draft, circa late 1970s
40 17 "Orpheus Exposed," typescript draft, circa late 1970s
40 18 "Outing," typescript draft, undated
40 19 "'Prologues to What Is Possible': Coming to (Some) Terms with Stevens," published in Green Mountain Review, winter 2009
40 20 "Renvyle Garden," typescript draft, undated
40 21 "Richard Hugo," typescript draft, undated
40 22 "Seven Scraps to Start the Year With," typescript draft, January 7, 1997
40 23 "'A Slight Companionable Ghost:' Trying to Catch Sight of Yeats's Mother," typescript draft, undated
40 24 "A Sort of Portrait of Renvyle," typescript draft, 1989
40 25 "Soul Music in Yeats and Kavanagh," typescript and manuscript drafts and notes, undated
40 26 "Squirrel," typescript draft, circa late 1970s
40 27 "Still Life," typescript draft, circa late 1970s
40 28 "Sunset, Trolley, Swans," typescript drafts, circa late 1970s
40 29 "Tarot or Not Tarot," typescript draft, circa late 1970s
40 30 "Trimming," typescript draft, undated
40 31 "Unacquainted with the Night," typescript draft, undated
40 32 "Unpacking," typescript draft, undated
40 33 Untitled essay, typescript, undated
40 34 "What I Heard There," essay, published in Metre, Spring/Summer 2000
40 35 "Women's Speech in Shakespeare," bibliographic material, no date
40 36 "Women's Speech in Shakespeare," manuscript drafts [1 of 2], no date
40 37 "Women's Speech in Shakespeare," manuscript drafts [2 of 2], no date
40 38 "Women's Speech in Shakespeare," notes, undated
40 39 "Women's Speech in Shakespeare," partial manuscript and typescript drafts, undated
Introductions for readings by others
41 1 Asekoff, Louis, undated
41 2 Bidart, Frank, Villanova Literary Festival, Villanova University, 2002
41 3 Carey, Peter, undated
41 4 Clampitt, Amy, undated
41 5 Collins, Billy, Elizabeth Bishop Annual Poetry Reading, Vassar College, 2004
41 6 Delanty, Greg, Vassar College, undated
41 7 Dunn, Douglas and Michael Longley, undated
41 8 Duncan, Paul, Derek Mahon, and Paul Muldoon, undated
41 9 Gibson, Margaret, undated
41 10 Groarke, Vona, 5th Annual Irish Poetry Reading in Memory of Michael Durkan, Swarthmore College, April 2002
41 11 Heaney, Seamus, Elizabeth Bishop Annual Poetry Reading, Vassar College, no date
41 12 Heaney, Seamus, James Joyce Centennial Celebration, Vassar College, 1982
41 13 Komunyakaa, Yusef, Elizabeth Bishop Annual Poetry Reading, Vassar College, circa 2004
41 14 Longley, Michael, undated
41 15 Longley, Michael and John McGahern, undated
41 16 MacCarthy, Catherine, Ireland House, New York University, no date
41 17 McGahern, John, undated
41 18 Olds, Sharon, Elizabeth Bishop Annual Poetry Reading, Vassar College, no date
41 19 Palmer, Michael, undated
41 20 Tillinghast, Richard, undated
41 21 Yeats, Michael and John Montague, Yeats and Ireland event commemorating W.B. Yeats, Vassar College, April 27, 1989
41 22 "American Breath, American Bone," review of Selected Poems by Philip Levine and Selected Poems by Galway Kinnell, no date Philip Levine and Selected Poems by Galway Kinnell, no date
41 23 "American Grain," review of Chief Joseph of Nez Perce by Robert Penn Warren, undated Robert Penn Warren, undated
41 24 "Casting a Cold Eye," review of Moral Tales by Giacomo Leopardi, translated by Patrick Creagh, published in The Irish Times, 1984 The Irish Times, 1984
41 25 "Golden Oldies," review of Elizabethan Lyrics edited by Norman Ault, undated Norman Ault, undated
41 26 Quotes promoting works by other authors, undated
41 27 Review of Colonial Consequences: Essays in Irish Literature and Culture by John Wilson Foster, undated John Wilson Foster, undated
87 4 Review of Human Chain by Seamus Heaney, 2012
41 28 Review of Lake Geneva by Gerald Dawe, published in The Irish Times, undated The Irish Times, undated
41 29 Review of Life Monitor by Ciaran O'Driscoll and The Song the Oriole Sang by Philip McDonagh, 2010 Ciaran O'Driscoll and Philip McDonagh, 2010 The Song the Oriole Sang by
41 30 "Reviewer Reviewed," review of Troubled Thoughts Majestic Dreams by Dennis O'Driscoll, undated
41 31 "Shelf Life," review of Finders Keepers: Selected Prose, 1971-2001 by Seamus Heaney, undated
41 32 "Still Wayfaring," review of Robert Lowell: Collected Poems edited by Frank Bidart and David Gewanter, undated
41 33 "War Correspondent?" review of Poetry in the Wars by Edna Longley, undated
41 34 "Whimful Book," review of The Faber Book of Contemporary Irish Poetry edited by Paul Muldoon, 1987
Short stories
41 35 "Allegro Ma Non Troppo" [Variant title: "Olive"], typescript draft, circa 1964
41 36 "Plato's Ghost," typescript draft, circa 1964
41 37 "A Row of Copper-Beeches," typescript draft, circa 1964
41 38 "Spring Has Four Seasons," typescript drafts, circa 1964
41 39 "A Sudden Sunny Wind: A Fantasy in One Act," typescript draft, circa 1964
41 40 "Ten Stories: Anabasis," notes, circa 1964
Student papers
41 41 "Ben Johnson and the Coming Muse: A Note on Three Lyrics"
41 42 "The Constant Sacrament: The Figure of the Poet in The Shepheardes Calendar," circa January 1966
41 43 "The Crumbling Pageant: A View of Dryden's Odes"
41 44 "Figured Worlds: Some Aspects of Landscapes in Dryden and Pope," May 23, 1966
BV1 - "History and Historia: A Reading of Shakespeare's History Plays," doctoral dissertation, December 1972
41 45 "Iron Truths: Tennyson's Aesthetic Dilemma," December 1965
41 46 "The Ladder of Civility: A Structural Pattern in Book Six of The Faerie Queen," December 1967-January 1968
41 47 "Myth as Metaphor: Paradise Lost"
41 48 "The Preface to Ralegh's History of the World"
41 49 "Providence, Fortune, Art: The Search for Meaning in King Lear," dissertation chapter draft
41 50 "Rejection and Acceptance in Gulliver's Fourth Voyage," January 6, 1966
41 51 "Sacramental and Secular: A Changing Mode of Literary Perception," January 18, 1968
41 52 "Sidney and the Golden World: Some Aspects of Landscape," May 16, 1966
41 53 "Some Critics of Byron: A Reading Report," cover page, May 9, 1966
41 54 "Some Notes on Dickens"
41 55 "Some Notes on Two Novels of George Eliot"