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Subseries 6.1
Writings by Vincent Harding,
Boxes 39 - 42

Dated writings
Box Folder Content
39 1 "The American Democratic Faith at Mid-Century: A Collation," student paper, 5 June 1956
39 2 "Lyman Beecher and the Church Historians," carbon typescript, 20 December 1958
39 3 Review of The Spirit of American Christianity by Ronald E. Osborn, typescript with correspondence, 1959
39 4 "Is Revolution an Issue?" typescript of sermon delivered at Woodlawn Mennonite Church [Chicago], 9 October 1960
39 5 "Evangelism in the World," ca. 1960
39 6 Response to examination in Church History, 8 February 19[60s?]
39 7 "The Way of the Cross on Woodlawn Avenue," article, 17 October 1960
39 8 Notes and correspondence regarding future articles, 1960s
39 9 Film review of The Misfits, typescript with letter from Martin E. Marty, February 1961
39 10 "The Role of the MYF Involved as Servants, typescript of address, Chicago, ca. May 1961
39 11 Response to "The Burden of the Christian" by Charles Malik, The Christian Century, typescript with correspondence. January 1962
39 12 "Comments on the Miller MSS," notes regarding William Miller article on Christian non-violence, includes correspondence, January 1963
39 13 Interview with Dr. Vincent Harding for The Mennonite Hour, typescript, 22 September 1963
39 14 "The Mennonites: An Introduction," holograph notes for an intended brochure, ca. 1963
39 15 "Decade of Crisis: 1954-1964," carbon typescript, paper delivered at Mennonite conference, 25-26 February 1964
39 16 Untitled review article based on Martin Luther King, Jr., "Why We Can't Wait" for Christian Living, carbon typescript, 1964
39 17 "Moral Issues in the Election of 1964," article for Gospel Herald, ca. 1964
39 18 "Lyman Beecher and the Transformation of American Protestantism, 1775-1863," dissertation abstract, University of Chicago, 1965
39 19 "Lyman Beecher and the Transformation of American Protestantism, 1775-1863," dissertation, pp. 1-99, 1965
39 20 "Lyman Beecher and the Transformation of American Protestantism, 1775-1863," dissertation, pp. 100-199, 1965
39 21 "Lyman Beecher and the Transformation of American Protestantism, 1775-1863," dissertation, pp. 200-299, 1965
39 22 "Lyman Beecher and the Transformation of American Protestantism, 1775-1863," dissertation, pp. 300-399, 1965
40 1 "Lyman Beecher and the Transformation of American Protestantism, 1775-1863," dissertation, pp. 400-499, 1965
40 2 "Lyman Beecher and the Transformation of American Protestantism, 1775-1863," dissertation, pp. 500-599, 1965
40 3 "Lyman Beecher and the Transformation of American Protestantism, 1775-1863," dissertation, pp. 600-696, 1965
40 4 "Black Power," Presentation before southeastern Regional Advisory Board of B'nai B'rith, carbon transcript, 19 November 1966
40 5 "Our Crisis of Obedience," tear sheets from Hagerstown Morning Herald, 18 April 1967
40 6 "The Peace Witness and Modern Revolutionary Movements," typescript with holograph revisions, 29 July 1967
40 7 Untitled [address?], photocopied typescript with holograph notes and corrections, [page 1 missing], includes letter dated 10 August 1967
40 8 "To the Gallant Black Men Now Dead," (poem), typescript with corrections, 14 pp., circa 1967
40 9 "The Gift of Blackness," holograph notes, galley proofs, reprint from Katallagete, and correspondence, 1967
40 10 "Black Radicalism in America, 1800-1969: An Explanatory Essay," photocopied typescript, ca. 1967
40 11 "Report of an Exploratory Visit to the University of the West Indies," photocopied typescript, 4-6 June 1968
40 12 "Beyond the Black Desert," typescript with holograph corrections, January 1968
40 13 Interview of Vincent Harding, Vincent Browne, interviewer, Civil Rights Documentation Project, transcript, 16 August 1968
40 14 Response to Eugene Genovese's review of William Styron's Nat Turner: Ten Black Writers Respond in The New York Times Review of Books, 12 September 1968 The New York Times Review of Books, 12 September 1968
41 1 Negro Digest article on the Black University, holograph manuscript with corrections, 1968
41 2 "The Negro in Higher Education," transcript of Vincent Harding interview, Myron B. Bloy, interviewer, 1968
41 3 "Poverty Book," notes and photocopied typescript, ca. 1968
41 4 Untitled article on segregation, typescript with correspondence, 1968
41 5 "Black History as a New Revolution," address, National Black Sisters Conference, Dayton, Ohio, August 1969
41 6 "Black Students and the Impossible Revolution," photocopied typescript, article for publication in Ebony, August and September 1969
41 7 Notes for Malcolm X address at Clark College, 14 January 1969
41 8 "New Creation or Familiar Death? An Open Letter to Black Students in the North," article prepared for Negro Digest, March 1969
41 9 "The Black Experience and Job Motivation," notes for keynote address, meeting of placement directors of predominantly black colleges, 2 December 1969
41 10 Interview of Vincent Harding, George B. Leonard [ Look Magazine], interviewer, photocopied transcript with letter from George B. Leonard dated 4 December 1969
41 11 "W.E.B. DuBois and the Black Messianic Vision," typescript with holograph corrections and note by Vincent Harding "article for AHA;" additional corrected drafts; letter and typescript of "DuBois and the ‘School of Service'" from Richard Brody, 1969
41 12 Eulogy for Slater King, holograph manuscript with corrections, ca. 1969
41 13 Introduction to Lerone Bennett's The Challenge of Blackness, March 1970
41 14 New York Times essay regarding 1970 elections, rough draft, notes, background material, 1970
41 15 "The Negro and Other Minority Groups," lecture by Vincent Harding, bibliography with brief biography of Harding included and holograph lecture notes on cover sheet and, ca. 1970
41 16 Untitled sermon, Morris Brown Chapel, photocopied transcript, 4 April 1971
41 17 "White History, Negro History, Black History," transcript of SRS course lecture, June 1971
41 18 "A New Black Man: The Meaning of Malcolm for the 70s" with "The Democracy That Never Was," "Turning Point: Towards a Black Independence," "The King of Jazz Is Ours," "Agnew in Africa: What Is the Real Deal," "The Collapse of the American Republic (I), (II)," "Attica: the Revolution That Was/ The Revolution That Is To Be," "The American State vs. Black People," "Black Reflections on 1971," articles for Black World Views, 1971
41 19 Transcription of speech at ASNLH Colloquium on Black Studies, ca. 1971 [incomplete]
41 20 "The Last Years of Martin Luther King, Jr.," grant proposal to the Southern Investigative Research Project, 30 September 1973 [includes biographical information on Vincent Harding]
41 21 "The Vocation of the Black Scholar and the Struggles of the Black Community," essay based on public lecture in Atlanta in July 1971, 1973
41 22 "Martin Luther King and the Struggle for Black Education," Part I, typescript, 5 pp, ca. 1973
41 23 Letter to the Atlanta Constitution editor regarding front page story concerning police chief, John Inman, 21 May 1974
41 24 Notes regarding speech for Third Annual SEEK Post Commencement Luncheon and Awards Ceremony, Queens College [NY], 4 June 1974
41 25 IBW newsletter article written in reply to Atlanta Constitution attack on the Institute of the Black World, holograph manuscript with revisions, 1974
41 26 "The Vocation of the Black Scholar and the Struggles of the Black Community," ["final copy for IBW"], photocopied typescript with holograph corrections, 1970s
Undated writings
42 1 "Beyond Chaos: Black History and the Search for the New Land," photocopied transcript, 38 pp., undated
42 2 "The Black College in a Time of Revolution," photocopied typescript, undated
42 3 "Black Radicalism in America, 1800-1967: An Exploratory Essay," undated
42 4 "Forword/Afterword for M. Walker's BP [Black Paper]" typescript with holograph corrections, undated
42 5 "The Gift of Blackness," photocopied typescript, undated
42 6 "The ‘ought' in Race," undated
42 7 Review of Ordeal of Faith: the Crisis of Church-Going America, 1865-1900 by Francis P. Weisenburger for The Christian Century, undated The Christian Century, undated
42 8 Review of The Politics of God by Joseph Washington, typescript undated
42 9 "Saturation in the Humanities," undated
42 10 "The Task of the Mennonite Church in Establishing Racial Unity," typescript of address, undated
42 11 "To Black Students in the North: An Open Letter From the South," typescript with holograph corrections and notes, undated
42 12 Untitled paper regarding the education of children, combines a speech at the Hungry Club [Atlanta] and one delivered at Southwest High School [Atlanta], typescript with corrections, 13 August 19[??]
42 13 Untitled article regarding Negro religion in America, undated
42 14 Untitled article on peace, undated
42 15 Untitled newspaper column regarding the American Declaration of Independence, undated
42 16 "Uses of the Afro-American Past," [speech?], undated
42 17 Miscellaneous notes and drafts of letters, ca. early 1970s
42 18 Miscellaneous notes, 1970s
42 19 Notes regarding public school issues, ca. 1970s
42 20 Notes for address to Black businessmen's group, Clendenon's Restaurant [Atlanta], 1970
42 21 Notes for speech at Hungry Club [Atlanta], 8 November 1970
42 22 Notes regarding National Black Political Convention, 9 March 1972
42 23 Miscellaneous notes and inventory of personal library
42 24 Notes regarding speeches, Washington, D.C., 3 May 1973 and Detroit, 5 May 1973, typescript with holograph corrections and letter to Brother Diggs
42 25 Notes regarding The Guardians, 1973
42 26 Notes for "Introduction to S.R.Ward Volume," undated
42 27 Notes for SCLC convention speech, Charleston, South Carolina, October 19[??]
42 28 Notes, various dates