Series 2
Writings, 1860-1908
Boxes 8-13, OP7-17

Scope and Content Note

As an author and a newspaperman, Joel Chandler Harris wrote books, poems, short stories and essays, book reviews, introductions to other people's works, letters to editors, editorials, newspaper columns and a play. This series contains examples of each, either in Harris's handwriting, type, or copies from newspapers and magazines.

Drafts or partial drafts of Harris's books and book length manuscripts and a box of publishers' page proofs begin the writing series. Some of the drafts included here are fairly clean with few corrections made on the page and with wording closely resembling that found in the published versions of the story. An example of this is the manuscript copy of Aaron in the Wildwoods. Other drafts reveal what was probably Harris's usual method of writing stories and novels -- he drafted and redrafted, revised chapter order, changed section titles, and added and removed pages. The draft of The Shadow Between His Shoulder Blades contains a completed copy as well as several false starts and partial drafts. All of these drafts, including the completed one, differ from the published version. In fact, the serialized novel, which appeared in The Saturday Evening Post and was published by Small, Maynard and Company, is told by Billy Sanders, a character who does not appear in the drafts. There are also two manuscripts which were never finished: "Qua: A Romance of Revolution" and "Gems of Southern Poetry." A third manuscript, "The Romance of Rockville," was serialized in Atlanta Constitution but never published in book form. Page proofs follow at the end of the manuscripts.

The series contains nine sets of book reviews written for the Uncle Remus Magazine and unidentified periodicals. Those appearing in the former were published under the pseudonym "Anne McFarland." With one exception, these are typescripts or published copies. These are arranged in alphabetical order according to the title of Harris's review.

Editorials included in the series were written primarily for The Saturday Evening Post and the Uncle Remus Magazine, the editorials address the "Negro problem," responsibilities of newspapers and their editors, American business interests, and human virtues among other topics. Most were written in the late 1890s and the early 1900s. Editorials written for the Uncle Remus Magazine were generally labeled "Mr. Billy Sanders' Views."

Harris wrote the introductions and prefaces to eight books authored mostly by fellow Southerners. This section of writings contains drafts for three of these introductions and a short introductory essay written for The Book of Fun and Frolick, which Harris edited. A signed penciled draft introducing fellow Constitution editor Frank L. Stanton's Song of the Soil is here, as well as false starts, partial drafts and final drafts for the introductions to Fun and Frolic and two other volumes.

The series also includes ten letters Harris sent to editors of The Century, Atlanta Constitution, The Critic, The Nation, The News, and the New York Evening Post are filed here. Topics include the Congressional debate over the proposed copyright bill of the 1880s, general commentary on Georgia politician Thomas E. Watson, sanitation in Atlanta, and national prosperity. Most of these are in Harris's handwriting; some are also signed. The letters date from the 1880s to the 1900s.

From 1862 to 1900, Harris was in the newspaper business. In the course of those years, he wrote many editorials, paragraphs, news reports, poems and stories for publication. The series includes loose clippings and two scrapbooks of columns Harris wrote for the Savannah Morning News and Atlanta Constitution. Reprints of columns and articles which appeared in other Georgia papers and paragraphs are also found in the scrapbooks. They probably date from the 1870s, while the columns found in the folders were written in the following two decades. The scrapbooks contain some of Harris's earliest writings and document his rising reputation as a newspaperman. Some of his original retellings of plantation stories can be found here.

The oldest items in the Harris collection are a notebook and an essay Harris wrote while still a young boy. The notebook dates from the 1860s and is filled with short essays, poems, stories and copies of letters to editors. Harris apparently used the journal to practice his writing skills. Topics mentioned in the notebook vary but common themes are the Civil War and the South. Several entries are signed and some are dated. Poems and letters originally laid in this notebook have been moved to the first folder of the Poetry section of Writings and to the first folder of General Correspondence in Subseries 1.3. A second folder contains a boyhood essay Harris wrote on "The Elephants" at the Eatonton Male Academy in September 1858. Fourteen essays written by fellow students on the same date on similar topics are also filed here.

Parts of two drafts plus several false starts and rejected pages of "Herndon Wood: A Plantation Comedy" reveal Harris's attempts at playwriting. Written in the 1880s or 1890s, the play was never published or produced. There are outlines included in the drafts which give the setting, characters, and dialog for two to four acts. The play concerns life in Georgia in the Reconstruction days of 1869.

As a young man, Joel Chandler Harris was very interested in writing and reading poetry. Indeed, in the 1860s he began collecting copies of poems by Southerners for a book he planned to compile entitled "Gems of Southern Poetry" (See Books and Book-Length Manuscripts). By mid-life, Harris had grown more interested in other types of writings; most of his later poems were actually Uncle Remus rhymes in dialect. These folders contain poems he wrote from his youth to 1905. Handwritten and typed drafts as well as copies of poems which appeared in magazines and newspapers are filed here.

The collection also includes short stories and nonfiction essays from 1880 to 1908 that are divided into manuscript and published sections. The manuscript versions include both early drafts which were greatly revised before publication and final, clean drafts. Several are unfinished and untitled.

The published works are articles Harris wrote which appeared in national magazines or as reprints in Emory University publications. Some of the articles are segments of serialized novels or books composed of three or four short stories which were later published in book form. Copies of articles appearing in the Uncle Remus Magazine are not in this section.

The miscellaneous and fragmentary writings include unidentified fragments, three travel letters about a trip Harris took, and programs, advertisements and pamphlets which contain short paragraphs and stories written by Harris.

Arrangement Note

Arranged by record type.

Restrictions on Access

Special restrictions apply: Due to the fragile nature of the originals, researchers are required to use the microfilm copy.

Microfilm copy [see content details below]
Box Folder Content
MF6 Writings, OP1
MF7 Writings, OP1
MF8 Writings, Box 8 and OP9
MF9 Writings, OP9-10
MF10 Writings, OP10-11
MF11 Writings, OP11-12
MF12 Writings, OP12-13
MF13 Writings, OP13
MF14 Writings, OP14
MF15 Writings, Box 9 and OP15
MF16 Writings, OP15-16 and Box 10 (folders 1-4)
MF17 Writings, Box 11-12
MF18 Writings, Box 13 and OP16
MF19 Writings, OP16-17
Books and Book-Length Manuscripts
OP7 2-5 Aaron in the Wildwoods
OP7 6 The Bishop and the Boogerman
OP7 7 The Chronicles of Aunt Minervy Ann
OP7 8 Daddy Jake, the Runaway
OP7 9 Evening Tales (by Frederick Ortoli, translated by JCH)
OP7 10 Free Joe and Other Georgian Sketches
OP8 1 Gabriel Tolliver, Chapters 2, 3-4, 6
OP8 2 Gabriel Tolliver, Chapters 7, 8, 9, 10
OP8 3 Gabriel Tolliver, Chapters 12, 13, 15, 16, 17
OP8 4 Gabriel Tolliver, Chapters 18, 19, 21, 23, 24
OP8 5 Gabriel Tolliver, Chapters 25, 26, notes and fragments
OP8 6-9 Gabriel Tolliver, Chapters, Drafts
8 1 "Gems of Southern Poetry," Listing of clippings and letters according to Harris's original arrangement
8 2 "Gems of Southern Poetry," Barrick, J.R. (9 items)
8 3 "Gems of Southern Poetry," Bigby, Mary C. (8 items)
8 4 "Gems of Southern Poetry," Blount, Annie R. (3 items)
8 5 "Gems of Southern Poetry," Boner, John H. (2 items)
8 6 "Gems of Southern Poetry," Bryan, Mary E. (6 items)
8 7 "Gems of Southern Poetry," Davidson, James Wood (11 items)
8 8 "Gems of Southern Poetry," Flash, Henry Lynden (13 items)
8 9 "Gems of Southern Poetry," Hayne, Paul H. (6 items)
8 10 "Gems of Southern Poetry," Hill, Theodore H. (1 item)
8 11 "Gems of Southern Poetry," Randall, James R. (3 items)
8 12 "Gems of Southern Poetry," Requier, A.J. (7 items)
8 13 "Gems of Southern Poetry," Roath, David L. (2 items)
8 14 "Gems of Southern Poetry," Sass, George Herbert (2 items)
8 15 "Gems of Southern Poetry," Thompson, James Maurice (5 items)
8 16 "Gems of Southern Poetry," Thompson, John R. (3 items)
8 17 "Gems of Southern Poetry," Timrod, Henry (3 items)
8 18 "Gems of Southern Poetry," Watson, A.R. (11 items)
8 19 "Gems of Southern Poetry," Miscellaneous Poets (22 items)
8 20 "Gems of Southern Poetry," Miscellaneous Poets (25 items)
8 21 "Gems of Southern Poetry," Miscellaneous Poets (22 items)
8 22 "Gems of Southern Poetry," Miscellaneous poets and newspaper columns (24 items)
OP9 1-4 Little Mr. Thimblefinger
OP9 5-8 A Little Union Scout
OP10 1-2 A Little Union Scout
OP10 3-5 The Making of a Statesman
OP10 6 Mingo and Other Sketches
OP10 7-8 Mr. Rabbit at Home
OP10 9 Nights with Uncle Remus
OP10 10 On the Wing of Occasions
OP11 1-2 On the Wing of Occasions
OP11 3-4 Plantation Pageants
OP11 5-9 "Qua: A Romance of Revolution"
OP12 1 "The Romance of Rockville"
OP12 2-3 The Shadow Between His Shoulder Blades
OP12 4-5 Sister Jane
OP12 6-8 Stories of Georgia
OP13 1-5 Stories of Georgia
OP13 6-11 The Story of Aaron
OP14 1-6 Tales of the Home Folks in Peace and War
OP14 7 The Tar Baby and Other Rhymes of Uncle Remus
OP14 8 Told by Uncle Remus
OP14 9 Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit
OP14 10 Uncle Remus and His Friends
OP14 11 Uncle Remus and the Little Boy
8 23 Uncle Remus: His Songs and His Sayings, Chapters 6, 7 and 8, [variant title: "Mr.
OP14 12 Wally Wanderoon
Books and Book-Length Manuscripts: Proofs
9 1 Proofs: Balaam and His Masters (incomplete)
9 2-4 Proofs: Little Mr. Thimblefinger
9 5 Proofs: Mingo and Other Sketches
9 6-7 Proofs: Mr. Rabbit at Home
9 8 Proofs: Plantation Pageants
9 9-10 Proofs: Sister Jane
9 11-12 Proofs: The Story of Aaron (incomplete)
9 13 Proofs: The Tar Baby and Other Rhymes Told by Uncle Remus
9 14 Proofs: Uncle Remus and the Little Boy (incomplete)
9 15-16 Proofs: Uncle Remus: His Songs and His Sayings (introduction and early pages)
9 17 Proofs: Uncle Remus Returns
9 18 Proofs: Unidentified Introduction (2)
Book Reviews
9 19 "Another Jungle Book"
9 20 "In the Matter of Provinciality and a Word About Henry James" by Anne McFarland
9 21 "The Old Gentlemen of the Black Stock"
9 22 "Some Belated Book Notes" by Anne McFarland
9 23 "The Story of Sentimental Tommy"
9 24 "Three of Last Year's Books" by Anne McFarland
9 25 "Two New England Books" by Anne McFarland
9 26 "Two Notable Books" by Anne McFarland
9 27 Two untitled reviews (one is of Twain's Following the Equator)
OP15 1 "The Abolition of the Soul"
OP15 2 "At the Sign of the Wren's Nest"
OP15 3 "The Blue-Jay in Vaudeville"
OP15 4 "Books and Critics"
OP15 5 "Cheap Criticism of Dear Beliefs"
OP15 6 "An Editor Must Have a Purpose"
OP15 7 "Famous Georgians"
OP15 8 "Haeckel's Unguessed Riddle" (draft and published version)
OP15 9 "The Hornet With a Stimulating Sting" (draft and published version)
OP15 10 "Houses and Homes"
OP15 11 "In the Matter of Belief"
OP15 12 "Knowing Your Neighbors" (2 drafts)
OP15 13 "Little Children on the Snap-Bean Farm
OP15 14 "Mr. Billy Sanders' Views" (6 editorials)
OP15 15 "The Negro Problem"
OP15 16 "The Old Letter Box"
OP15 17 "On the Newspaper Habit"
OP15 18 "Our Old Friend the Moon"
OP15 19 "The Philosophy of Failure"
OP15 20 "Philpo and the King"
OP15 21 "The Poor Man's Choice"
OP15 22 "Progress in the Best and Highest Sense"
OP15 23 "The Prophets of Ruin and the People" (draft and published version)
OP15 24 "The Responsibilities of an Editor"
OP15 25 "The Safeguard of Our Business Interests" (draft and published versions)
OP15 26 "Santa Claus and the Fairies"
OP15 27 "The Story of Flash"
OP15 28 "To Our Old and New Subscribers"
OP15 29 Untitled (Re: the forthcoming Uncle Remus magazine)
OP15 30 to Howard Weeden's Bandana Ballads
OP15 30 to The Book of Fun and Frolic (Harris, ed.)
OP15 30 to Frank L. Stanton's Songs of the Soil
OP15 30 to vol. 8 of The Complete Works of Eugene Field
Letters to Editors
OP15 31 10 letters to The Century, The Constitution, The Critic, The Nation, The News, The New York Evening PostThe Constitution, The Critic, The Nation, The News, The New York Evening Post
OP15 32 "Herndon Wood"
OP16 1-2 "Herndon Wood"
Newspaper Columns - Scrapbooks
10 1 Scrapbook 1, Part 1
10 2 Scrapbook 1, Part 2
10 3 Scrapbook 1, Part 3
10 4 Scrapbook 2
11 1-5 Newspaper columns
Notebooks and Boyhood Essays
11 6 1861 notebook
11 7 Essays written in 1858 at Eatonton Male Academy
11 8 From Boyhood Notebook, circa 1861
11 9 "Advice for Writers for the Daily Press"
11 10 "A Ballad"
11 11 "Boyhood Verses by Joel Chandler Harris: 'I Saw Her Today'"
11 12 "Dashes Here and There"
11 13 "A Home Chorus"
11 14 "I Saw Her Today"
11 14 "The Old and the New"
11 15 "The Plantation Song"
11 15 "A Revival Hymn"
11 16 "The Sad, Sad Tale of the Tattling Sparrow"
11 17 "A Song in the Night - To Essie"
11 18 "Two Plantation Songs: 'Hog Feeder's Song' and 'A Negro Love Song'"
11 19 "Uncle Remus, Poet: 'Juliette'"
11 20 "An Uncle Remus Rhyme: 'Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby' (2 versions)
11 21 "An Uncle Remus Rhyme: "Brer Rabbit's Gigglin' Place"
11 22 "An Uncle Remus Rhyme: "A Fashion of the Swamp" (draft and published version)
11 23 "An Uncle Remus Rhyme: "De 'Gator an' de Rabbit Gizzard"
11 24 "An Uncle Remus Rhyme: "The Hard-Headed Woman and the Dinner Pot" and
11 24 "An Uncle Remus Rhyme: "Why the Frog Has No Tail"
11 25 "An Uncle Remus Rhyme: "Hog-Killin' Time" (draft and published version)
11 26 "An Uncle Remus Rhyme: "It's Good to be Old if You Know How to Do"
11 27 "An Uncle Remus Rhyme: "Mr. Rabbit and His Big Boo-Hoo" (draft and published version)
11 28 "An Uncle Remus Rhyme: "Mr. Rabbit Run Fur - Mr. Rabbit Run Fas"
11 29 "An Uncle Remus Rhyme: "Mr. Sun Takes a Holiday" (2 drafts and published version)
11 30 "An Uncle Remus Rhyme: "Two Tales in One - One Tale in Two"
11 31 "An Uncle Remus Rhyme: "Why the Buzzard's Head is Bald"
11 32 "An Uncle Remus Rhyme: "You Can Hear Me Calling From Over the Hill'"
11 33 "Whence Marshallest Thou Thy Legions"
11 34 "Yo Gal's a Neat Gal, But My Gal's Sweet"
11 35 Untitled Poems (10)
11 36 Poems (clippings)
Shorter Works - Published
12 1 "An Accidental Author"
12 2 "De Appile-Tree"
12 3 "Aunt Fountain's Prisoner"
12 4 "Azalia" (VI, VII, VIII)
12 5 "A Baby in the Siege"
12 6 "Billy Boring and the Drum: A Chapter From the Reminiscences of Mr. Billy Sanders"
12 7 "A Bold Deserter"
12 8 "Brer Deer an' King Sun's Daughter"
12 9 "Brother Rabbit and Brother Bull-Frog"
12 10 "Brother Rabbit and the Gizzard-Eater"
12 11 "Brother Rabbit Conquers Brother Lion"
12 12 "Brother Rabbit's Cradle: An Uncle Remus Story"
12 13 "Brother Rabbit's Laughing Place"
12 14 "A Child of Christmas: A Christmas Tale of North and South"
12 15 "Free Joe and the Rest of the World"
12 16 "How Whalebone Caused a Wedding"
12 17 "In the Order of Providence"
12 18 "Joel Chandler Harris Writes Interestingly of the Warm Springs of Meriwether County, Georgia"
12 19 "The Kidnapping of President Lincoln" (4 parts)
12 20 "Little Compton"
12 21 "Little Miss Johns: A Christmas Tale of North and South" (I, II)
12 22 "A Little Union Scout" (I-XII, conclusion)
12 23 "The Making of a Statesman" (I, II)
12 24 "Miss Irene"
12 25 "Mr. Billy Sanders, Detective"
12 26 "Mr. Cow and Brother Buzzard"
13 1 "The Mystery of the Red Fox"
13 2 "The Negro as the South Sees Him: Part I The Old Time Darky"
13 3 "The Negro of Today"
13 4 "The Negro Problem: Can the South Solve It -- and How?"
13 5-6 "Nights with Uncle Remus"
13 7 "Progress and the Performing Bear: The Parable of Lazenby, Who Could Whip Any Man Except His Wife"
13 8 "Qua: A Romance of the Revolution"
13 9 "A Rainy Day With Uncle Remus" (I, XV)
13 10 "Rosalie"
13 11-12 "The Sea Island Hurricanes: The Devastation and the Relief"
13 13 "Seven Tales of Uncle Remus"
13 14 "A Shadow Between the Shoulder Blades: From the Reminiscences of Mr. Billy Sanders of Gerogia" (I, III)
13 15 "Taily-Po"
13 16 "Three Uncle Remus Stories: Legends of the Old Plantation"
13 17 "Trouble on Lost Mountain"
13 18 "The Troubles of Martin Coy"
13 19 "Two Little Tales, As Told by Uncle Remus"
13 20 "Two Plantation Stories, Written Expressly for Easter"
13 21 "Uncle Remus's Little Red Speckle Steer"
13 22 "Uncle Remus on Putnam County"
13 23 "Uncle Remus Ha'nt"
13 24 "An Uncollected Uncle Remus Sketch"
13 25 "The Whims of Captain McCarthy" (I-III)
13 26 "Why the Confederacy Failed"
Shorter Works - Manuscripts
OP16 3 "Aaron"
OP16 3 "The American Type"
OP16 4 "The Colonel's Substitute," "The Major's Substitute" (both unfinished)
OP16 5 "Cousin Annie Crafton"
OP16 6 "Free Polly"
OP16 7 "Gray Goose: A Romance of Revolution"
OP16 7 "Literary Career of JCH"
OP16 8 "Miss Irene"
OP16 9 "Miss Little Sally"
OP16 10 "Mr. Billy Sanders, Detective"
OP16 10 "Mr. Sanders to a Boston Capitalist"
OP16 11 "The Mystery of the Red Fox"
OP16 12 "One of Life's Little Tangles"
OP16 13 "A Piece of Folly"
OP16 13 "A Plot for a Play"
OP16 13 "Progress and the Performing Bears"
OP16 14 "The Reconstruction of Mr. Billy Sanders"
OP16 15 "Rosalie"
OP16 16 "Seven Tales of Uncle Remus"
OP17 1 "The Story of the Sea Island Hurricanes"
OP17 2 "Tale of a Town"
OP17 2 "The Whaley Whirlpool"
OP17 3 Untitled and unfinished short stories
Miscellaneous Writings
OP17 4 "A Message From Atlanta's Immortals" (includes "Uncle Remus" by Joel Chandler Harris, "Wearying' for You," by Frank L. Stanton, and "Dobbs," by Henry W. Grady [printed]
OP17 5 "Darkey Drolleries" - by "Uncle Remus" (published in England, 1883) [printed]
OP17 6 Program, "On the Occasion of Mark Twain's 70th Birthday" (Harris, p. 6) [printed]
OP17 7 "Testimonial to Hunnicutt's Rheumatic Cure" [printed]
OP17 8 "Travel Letters," (mss. I, II, III)
OP17 9 Fragments and unidentified pieces
OP17 10 Unidentified and collected pieces