Series 3
Writings, 1887-1940
Boxes 13

Scope and Content Note

This series contains examples of Emily Harrison's work as a student, educator and journalist. Although the items here must only be a small portion of her total writings, they document some of her activities and demonstrate how she combined her interest in education with her skill as a journalist. The writings are arranged by type of document, but there is a rough chronological order as well.

Some of Harrison's earliest writings include an 1887 composition describing the Piedmont Exposition held in Atlanta that year. An inveterate journal keeper, Harrison recorded her thoughts about her travels, her teaching experiences, her plans for the future and her spiritual growth. The collection holds journals or fragments of journals for 1889, 1899, 1905-1907, 1939, 1940. [For journals kept during her European tour of 1908/1909, see Series 4. See also Series 6 for journals covering her work in Czeckoslovakia.]

Harrison belonged, along with her mother and aunt, to the Every Saturday Club and to the History Class of 1908, both of which were groups of women who met for study and discussion. [Interestingly, records in another collection show that in 1972 she was still an active member of a similar group, the History Class of 1884.] Some of the papers that Emily Harrison prepared for these groups are included in the writings series. Series 3 also contains short stories and articles on various subjects. These manuscripts address matters such as the role of women, the meaning of work, child labor, the importance of nature, and the cultivation of the mind. [See also Series 1, Personal Papers, and Series 5, Education, for other writings.]

Arrangement Note

Arranged by record type.

Box Folder Content
13 1 Composition books, 1887, 1889, undated
13 2 Journal, 1891
13 3 Journal fragments, 1889, 1891, 1899, 1905, 1907, 1939, 1940, and undated
13 4 Ledger: Expenses of Emily H. Stewart and Emily Harrison on European tour, 1891-1892
13 5 Student Papers, 1917-1918
13 6 Literary Notes
13 7-8 Stories
13 9-10 Articles, 1896-1909?, and undated
13 11 Articles, re women
13 12 Articles, re Irene Ashby and Child Labor Legislation in the South
13 13 Speech, re Negroes vs. foreigners in the South
13 14 Speech, re Daughters of the American Revolution
13 15 Papers on India, The 1908 History Class, 1924/1925
13 16 Papers by unidentified authors