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Subseries 2.1
Writings about Seamus Heaney, 1972-2002
Boxes 65 - 67

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Box Folder Content
65 1 Anonymous, "All I Believe That Happened There Was Revision: Selected Poems 1965-1975 and New Selected Poems, 1966-1987," essay, photocopied typescript New Selected Poems, 1966-1987," essay, photocopied typescript
65 2 Anonymous, Bibliographies of writings by Seamus Heaney
65 3 Anonymous, Draft blurb for Redress of Poetry, photocopied typescript
65 4 Anonymous, Introduction of Seamus Heaney for awarding of honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, Chestnut Hill College, photocopied typescript, 10 May 1986
65 5 Anonymous, "Memento," poem for Seamus and Marie Heaney, holograph manuscript
65 6 Anonymous, "On the Visit of Mr. Seamus Heaney, 23.10.72," poem, typescript
65 7 Anonymous, "191 Strand Road," poem for Marie and Seamus Heaney, photocopied typescript, 1979
65 8 Anonymous, "The Potato Bard, An Inner Émigré's Reading of Seamus Heaney's Selected Poems 1965-1975," photocopied typescript, 1995
65 9 Anonymous, "Raspberry-Picking," poem for Seamus Heaney, photocopied typescript
65 10 Anonymous, "IX Seamus Heaney," photocopied typescript
65 11 Anonymous, "Seamus Heaney- Personal Profile" photocopied typescript with letter, 1988
65 12 Anonymous, "Sweeney Astray, Part 1: Seamus Heaney's translation of the Irish Epic Buile Suibhne," essay, photocopied typescript
65 13 Anonymous, Untitled article on the poetry of Seamus Heaney, photocopied typescript with revisions
65 14 Anonymous, Untitled article [fragment] on Heaney's poetry, includes bibliography, photocopied typescript
65 15 Anonymous, Untitled poem "for Seamus and Marie on their anniversary," typescript, signed, 6 August 1999
65 16 Anonymous, Welcome speech for Seamus Heaney Edinburgh Lectures: 3 February 2001, photocopied typescript with holograph notes
65 17 Alcorn, Roy, "Union," poem, typescript, 1972
65 18 Barnes, Alan, "Seamus Heaney: The Poet and 'the troubles,'" photocopied typescript with letter from the author
65 19 Bartha, Michel, translator, "Le Suiveur," translation into French of Seamus Heaney's "The Follower," photocopied typescript with holograph notes
65 20 Boylan, Patricia, "A Poem," (September 1997 at the Kerlin Gallery), photocopied typescript
65 21 Buttel, Robert, "Seamus Heaney," biography submitted for DLB: British Poets, 21 March 1983, photocopied typescript
65 22 Buttel, Robert, "Seamus Heaney," photocopied typescript, pp. 1-66a
65 23 Cleary, A.A., Untitled article regarding Field Day Publications, [includes discussion of Heaney's "Open Letter" and "Sweeney Astray"] incomplete, photocopied typescript
65 24 Colome, Pura Lopez, translator, "El Nivel," translation into Spanish of Seamus Heaney's The Spirit Level, photocopied typescript
65 25 Cooper, Glenda Patton, "To Seamus Heaney," poem, photocopied typescript, sighed by author, 1987
65 26 Cotter, Aoife, "Heaney's Visit," poem," In remembrance of Seamus Heaney's visit to Muckross on Tuesday 31 January 1995, photocopied typescript
66 1 Desmond, John, "Another Light," poem for Seamus Heaney, photocopied typescript, 1999
66 2 Desmond, John F., "From Ireland to the World: Seamus Heaney's Journeys to Imagined Places," typescript with some revisions
66 3 Doocey, Roberta A., "Seamus Heaney: The Apprenticeship of a Poet," student paper, photocopied typescript, 1978
66 4 Durcan, Paul, "For Seamus Heaney on His 50th Birthday," poem, typescript with note from the author, 13 April 1989
66 5 Feeney, Mary, translator, "L'Homme de Tollund" translation into French of Seamus Heaney's "Tollund Man" from Wintering Out and "Nord," translation of Heaney's "North" from the collection North, typescript North, typescript
66 6 Fitzpatrick, Mary, "An Act of Union- The Poetry of Seamus Heaney," student paper, photocopied typescript with two letters, 1984
66 7 Frear, Graham S., "Black House," poem written for Seamus Heaney after reading the Spirit Level, typescript with note from author
66 8 French, Elaine Warren, "An Ode to Seamus Heaney," poem, photocopied typescript
66 9 Gewanter, David, "Legislators of Poetry" (tentative title), review of The Government of the Tongue by Seamus Heaney, and Poetry and the World by Robert Pinsky photocopied typescript Poetry and the World by Robert Pinsky photocopied typescript
66 10 Golden, Virginia, "Homage," holograph poem about Seamus Heaney with illustration, 1983
66 11 Graecen, Robert, "Sunday Sequence," a note on Seamus Heaney for Radio Ulster (BBC), photocopied typescript, 1995
66 12 Groupe d'Estudes et de Recherche Britanniques de l'Universite de Bordeaux III, translation into French of "From the Republic of Conscience" by Seamus Heaney, typescript with photocopied English poem
66 13 Haffenden, John, "Seamus Heaney and the Feminine Sensibility," essay, carbon copy with letter, 1979
66 14 Hamblin, Robert "What I Would Have Said to Seamus Heaney," poem, photocopied typescript
66 15 Hay, Colleen, "Irish Girl: Inspired," poem, typescript, 2002
66 16 Henigan, Julie, "Sweeney in Glen Bolcain," poem "after Seamus Heaney's 'Sweeney Astray,'" photocopied typescript
66 17 Hennedy, Hugh, "By Way of Seamus and Aideen," and "Essay of Emendation," poems, photocopied typescript
66 18 Hildebidle, John, "Troubles," poem for Seamus Heaney, typescript, signed
66 19 Hill, Annette, "'The Music of What Happens:' Religious Faith in Seamus Heaney's 'Seeing Things'" student paper, photocopied typescript
66 20 Hingerty, Kay, "Ulster Youth Theatre's 'Stations' based around Seamus Heaney's 'Station Island,'" typescript for newspaper article with published article, 1990
66 21 Hinton, Brian [?], "Chapter Two: Legend as Archetype: the Poetry of Seamus Heaney," Ph.D. dissertation, photocopied typescript, 1981
66 22 Hobsbaum, Philip, interview on Seamus Heaney's Wintering Out, interviewer: [?] O'Mahony, 19 November [??]
66 23 Hong, Julie, "To Be Silent Is to be No One: The Maturation of Heaney's Speaker from 'Punishment' to 'Oysters,'" student paper, 2002
66 24 Huyghebaert, Marianne, "Seamus among the Shades: A Translation and an Analysis of Seamus Heaney's 'Station Island,'" dissertation, photocopied typescript, 1988
66 25 Jagger, Helen, "The Poetry of Seamus Heaney," photocopied typescript
66 26 Kearney, Richard, "Heaney and Homecoming: A Modernist Perspective," photocopied typescript with revisions
66 27 Kearney, Richard, "Ireland's communities- From the Global to the Local," [mentions Seamus Heaney], photocopied typescript
66 28 Kearney, Richard, "Thought and Poetry: Martin Heidegger and Seamus Heaney," photocopied typescript
66 29 Kelly, H.A., "Seamus Heaney's Erratic Sweeney," typescript with letter from author, 1985
66 30 Killiam, Paul, "Villanelle for an Ovum Churner," poem, typescript
66 31 Kobiernicki, Leszek, article on Field Work, photocopied typescript
66 32 Macrae, A.D.F., speech about Heaney, typescript, June 1990
67 1 McDiarmid, Lucy, " The Government of the Tongue: The 1986 T.S. Eliot Memorial Lectures and Other Critical Writings," review, 1989
67 2 McEvoy, Iris, "Seamus Heaney," typescript, 1996
67 3 McGrail, Steven [?], "Steven McGrail & Seamus Heaney," unedited poem, typescript
67 4 Meir, Colin, "Territorial Epics: Recent Narrative Verse by Seamus Heaney and John Montague," photocopied typescript, 1985
67 5 Menashe, Samuel, collection of poems inscribed "For Seamus Heaney, Unshaken," typescript, 1984
67 6 Morgan, Calvert A., "The 1997 Common Wealth Awards," (Seamus Heaney, recipient of the Literature Award), photocopied script, 5 April 1997
67 7 Morrison, Blake, "Seamus Heaney," for Methuen Contemporary Writers Series, carbon typescript with holograph corrections
67 8 Murphy, Gerry, "Pushkin's Arion (after Heaney)," poem, photocopied typescript, 2000
67 9 Niven [?], Untitled poem regarding Seamus Heaney's poetry, 12 November 2000
67 10 Nohrnberg, Peter C.L., "Poetry of the Deliberate: Seamus Heaney's North," dissertation, 1995
67 11 O'Brien, Darcy, "Seamus Heaney and Dante," photocopied typescript with revisions and letter from the author, 1992
67 12 O'Brien, Darcy, "Seamus Heaney and Wordsworth, A Correspondent Breeze," photocopied typescript with revisions
67 13 O'Shea, Helen, Transcript of interview with Seamus Heaney, photocopied typescript, 1 October 1979 with published article from Quadrant, September 1981
67 14 Parini, Jay, "Island," poem for Seamus and Marie Heaney, signed, photocopied typescript
67 15 Parini, Jay, "Seamus Heaney: The Ground Possessed," photocopied typescript and photocopy of published article from The Southern Review, ca. 1979
67 16 Parker, Michael, Seamus Heaney: the Making of the Poet, chapter 5: "Quickenings 1975-1984," photocopied typescript with notes
67 17 de Petris, Carla, "Heaney and Dante: the Road from Pisa to Lough Derg," photocopied typescript
67 18 Pratt, Charles, Introduction of Seamus Heaney at Phillips Exeter Academy reading, 15 May 1985, photocopied typescript
67 19 Radford, Colin, address delivered at Queen's University [Belfast] to honor Seamus Heaney [recipient of Doctor of Literature, honoris causa), 7 July 1982, typescript with revisions and note
67 20 Regan, Jennifer, "Romantic Ireland's Dead and Gone, But at a Party at the Carlyle Hotel the Poetic Tradition Lives On," poem, photocopied typescript
67 21 Rosen, Michael J., review of Station Island with letter from the author, photocopied typescript, 1985
67 22 Routley, Nicholas, "Like Snow," five songs for baritone and piano to poems by Seamus Heaney and Robert Graves, photocopied music score
67 23 Ryan, Peter, Transcript of interview with Seamus Heaney at Cambridge Poetry Festival, typescript with letter from interviewer, 1977
67 24 Savant, John, "Rats!" poem for Seamus Heaney, typescript
67 25 Scanlan, Thomas J.," The Music of What Happens: The Voice of Seamus Heaney," honors paper [Harvard College], photocopied typescript, 1982
67 26 Scott, Leslie, "Northman," poem for Seamus Heaney, photocopied typescript
67 27 Sharkey, Patricia, "On Hearing Heaney Read 'The Beseiged City,'" poem, photocopied typescript
67 28 Silverlight, [John?], "Heaney profile," typescript with holograph revisions
67 29 Simmons, James, "After Eden," poem inscribed for Seamus and Marie, signed and dated Oct. 19
67 30 Skarstedt, Sonja A., "The Pen as Spade" poem for Seamus Heaney, typescript 1991
67 31 Sleigh, Tom, "Free Bloody Birds," essay on poetry of Frank Bidart, Robert Pinsky and Seamus Heaney, photocopied typescript with holograph note from author to Seamus Heaney
67 32 Steele, Peter, "The Forty-Five," poem for Seamus Heaney, typescript
67 33 Sutter, Barton, "The Outhouse," poem for Seamus Heaney, typescript
67 34 [W?], Danny, pre-publication review of Seamus Heaney's Beowulf: A New Translation, photocopied typescript with note from author
67 35 Watson, G.W., review of The Redress of Poetry: Oxford Lectures by Seamus Heaney, typescript, 1995
67 36 Wright, John, Letter to the Editor [ The New Republic?] regarding review by Seamus Heaney ( The Collected Letters of Dylan Thomas), August 1986 photocopied holograph The Collected Letters of Dylan Thomas), August 1986 photocopied holograph