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Series 11
Artwork, circa 1960-1996
OP 17-41 and 45-47

Scope and Content Note

The series consists of artwork collected by Anthony Hecht and includes woodcuts by Michael Spafford (from his "Labors of Hercules" series), lithographs and prints by Aubrey Schwartz, and prints by Jack Zajac. Also included are several woodcuts by Leonard Baskin created for Gehenna Press projects.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Box Folder Content
OP45 - Baskin, Leonard, Death, like Clint Eastwood, Riding into Town, woodcut, circa 1998
OP46 - Baskin, Leonard, "For Evan from Leonard," signed woodcut, no date
OP17 - Baskin, Leonard, Gehenna Press woodcut of Hugh McDiarmid with text of "The Eemis Stane," 1967
OP18 - Baskin, Leonard, Gehenna Press Florilegium woodcuts (10), 1996
OP47 - Baskin, Leonard, untitled signed woodcut, no date
OP19 - Schwartz, Aubrey, "Chipmunk," signed lithograph, no date
OP20 - Schwartz, Aubrey, "Crocodile," signed lithograph, no date
OP21 - Schwartz, Aubrey, "Porcupine," signed lithograph, no date
OP22 - Spafford, Michael, "Hercules and Antaeus," signed woodcut, no date
OP23 - Spafford, Michael, "Hercules and Cerebus," signed woodcut, no date
OP24 - Spafford, Michael, "Hercules and the Ceryneian Hind," signed woodcut, no date
OP25 - Spafford, Michael, "Hercules and the Erymanthian Boar," signed woodcut, no date
OP26 - Spafford, Michael, "Hercules and the Lirnean Hydra," signed woodcut, no date
OP27 - Spafford, Michael, "Hercules and the Mad Bull of Crete," signed woodcut, no date
OP28 - Spafford, Michael, "Hercules and Mares of Diomedes," signed woodcut, no date
OP29 - Spafford, Michael, "Hercules and the Nemian Lion," signed woodcut, no date
OP30 - Spafford, Michael, "Hercules and the Stymphian Birds," signed woodcut, no date
OP31 - Spafford, Michael, "Hercules Slaying Hippolyte," signed woodcut, no date
OP32 - Spafford, Michael, "Icarus," signed woodcut, no date
OP33 - Spafford, Michael, "Leda and the Swan," signed woodcut, no date
OP34 - Spafford, Michael, "Perseus and Medusa," signed artist's proof, 1971
OP35 - Spafford, Michael, "Perseus and Medusa," signed woodcut, no date
OP36 - Suttman, Paul, signed apple relief on paper, 1968
OP37-41 - Zajac, Jack, five prints depicting the deposition of Christ from the cross, no date