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Subseries 3.2
Other writings
Boxes 116-145

Scope and Content Note

The subseries consists of typescripts and proofs of general writings sent to Anthony Hecht by other authors. Many of the writings are accompanied by correspondence requesting Hecht's evaluation of the work, and a significant number of the authors sent their writings over a span of many years. Authors represented include William Arrowsmith, Joseph Brodsky, Dennis Donoghue, Maxine Kumin, Brad Leithauser, David Mason, Timothy Murphy, and Jon Stallworthy.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Box Folder Content
116 1 Anonymous, "Amigos," TS
116 2 Anonymous, "The Clipper Ship Explorer," TS
116 3 Anonymous, "Delphinium," TS
116 4 Anonymous, "Going Out To Slop the Hogs in the Rain, I Think of an Old Zen Proverb," TS
116 5 Anonymous, "Jason, Joanna, and Adam," MS
116 6 Anonymous, "The Litrajure of Everyday Life," for Anthony and Rar Hecht, TS
116 7 Anonymous, "Natavity," TS
116 8 Anonymous, Thirteen poems, TS
116 9 Anonymous, Untitled poem draft, copy
116 10 Anonymous, Untitled poem, proof
116 11 Anonymous, Untitled poem, galley proofs
116 12 Anonymous, "Who Ever Heard of Doctor John Keats:" photocopied TS
116 13 Anonymous, [translator?], Yom Kippur: 'Arvit, fragment, photocopied TS
116 14 Aaron, Jonathan, Auras, TS with TLS
116 15 Aaron, Jonathan, "The Results of Research," photocopied TS with TLS
116 16 Aaron, Jonathan, Second Sight, photocopied TS with introduction by Hecht,
116 17 Aaron, Jonathan, Second Sight, proofs, and "The Children's Crusade," TS
116 18 Aaron, Jonathan, The Voice from Paxos, TS with TLS
116 19 Aaron, Jonathan, Years Later, TS
116 20 Abeni, Damiano, translator, Nine poems translated into Italian, TS
116 21 Aberg, William, The Listening Chamber, galley proofs with TLS
116 22 Aberg, William, "Poem for John My Brother," "Nightfire," "Holy Light," "Choices," TS with TLS [2]
116 23 Aberg, William, Poems, TS
116 24 Ackerman, Diane, I Praise My Destroyer, advance uncorrected proof with TLS
116 25 Ackroyd, Peter, T.S. Eliot: A Life, advance uncorrected proof
116 26 Alfred, William, translator, "Abraham: Towneley Plays IV," TS
116 27 Ali, Agha Shahid, Ghazals, TS
116 28 Ali, Agha Shahid, "I Dream I Am at the Ghat of the Only World," TS
116 29 Ali, Agha Shahid, Rooms Are Never Finished, TS with TLS from Hecht
116 30 Ammons, A.R., Garbage, uncorrected proof
117 1 Anderson, Daniel, Five poems, TS with TLS
117 2 Anderson, Daniel, "A Literary Life," TS with TLS
117 3 Anderson, Jon, The Milky Way: Poems 1967-1982, uncorrected proofs with TLS
117 4 Arrowsmith, William, translator, Cuttlefish Bones (1920-1927) by Eugenio Montalo, uncorrected proof
117 5 Arrowsmith, William, "Eros in Terre Haute: Eliot's 'Lune de Miel,'" photocopied TS with TLS
117 6 Arrowsmith, William, "Grave Prattle: Eliot's 'Le Directeur,'" TS with TLS
117 7 Arrowsmith, William, translator, The Occasions by Eugenio Montale, uncorrected proofs
117 8 Arrowsmith, William, translator, Satura, 1962-1970 by Eugene Montalo, uncorrected proof with TLS
117 9 Arrowsmith, William, translator, The Storm by Eugenio Montale, photocopied TS
117 10 Arrowsmith, William, translator, The Storm and Other Things by Eugenio Montale, uncorrected proof
117 11 Auster, Paul, editor, The Random House Book of Twentieth-Century French Poetry with Translations by American and British Poets, uncorrected proof
118 1 Baeda, Eamon, Venetian Woods, review copy with TLS
118 2 Balk, Christianne, Bindweed, TS with TLS from the author and Henri Cole and citation by Anthony Hecht
118 3 Balk, Christianne, Bindweed, photocopied TS with TLS
118 4 Balk, Christianne, "Storm," "Aminals, Disappearing," Road to Marshfield Lake," and other poems, TS with ALS
118 5 Barber, C. L., "The Form of Faustus' Fortunes Good or Bad," TS
118 6 Bell, Marvin, A Probable Volume of Dreams, with TS statement by Anthony Hecht, final proofs [?]
118 7 Berryman, John, Love & Fame, uncorrected proof
118 8 Blakeley, Diann, Farewell, My Lovelies, TS with ANS
118 9 Bloom, Harold, How to Read and Why, uncorrected advance proof
118 10 Bloom, Harold, The Western Canon: the Books and School of the Ages, uncorrected proof with TS of Hecht's comments
118 11 Blumenthal, Michael, Days We Would Rather Know, unrevised proofs with ANs
118 12 Bogin, Magda, translator, Selected Poems of Salvador Espriu, uncorrected proof with TLS
119 1 Boland, Evan, Outside History: Selected Poems, 1980-1990, uncorrected proof
119 2 Bolt, Thomas, collection of poems for Red Leaves, TS with TLS
119 3 Bolt, Thomas, You Must Change Your Life, photocopied TS
119 4 Bolt, Thomas, You must Change Your Life, TS with TNS
119 5 Bolt, Thomas, Eleven poems, TS with author's vita
119 6 Bond, Bruce, Radiography, proof with TLS
119 7 Bornstein, George, editor, Under the Moon: The Unpublished Early Poetry by W.B. Yeats, uncorrected advance proof with TLS
119 8 Bowers, Edgar, Collected Poems, page proofs with TLS
119 9 Brodsky, Joseph, translator, "Findesiecle," by Joseph Brodsky, TS
119 10 Brodsky, Joseph, "History of the XXth Century: A Roadshow," TS with holograph revisions
119 11 Brodsky, Joseph, A Part of Speech, galley proofs
119 12 Brodsky, Joseph, "Roman Elegies," photocopied TS with revisions and TLS
119 13 Brodsky, Joseph, untitled poem, two drafts, with AN
119 14 Brodsky, Joseph, Watermark, uncorrected proof with TLS
119 15 Brown, Ashley, "George Herbert: a Poet for Our Time," photocopied TS
119 16 Brown, Clarence and W.S. Merwin, translators, Selected Poems of Osip Mandelstam, uncorrected proofs
120 1 Brown, N. O., "Daphne or Metamorphosis," TS
120 2 Brown, N. O., "Rome: A Psychoanalytic Study," TS
120 3 Buechner, Frederick, Godric, uncorrected proof
120 4 Casson, Canon Lloyd, "Trinity Church Hour Program on WQXR--November 5, 1989" photocopied TS
120 5 Chappell, Fred, editor, A New Pleiade: Selected Poems, Seven American Poets, advance uncorrected proof
120 6 Chase, Lyn, "To the Bean," photocopied TS
120 7 Cherry, Kelly, God's Loud Hand, advance uncorrected proofs
120 8 Christopher, Nicholas, The Creation of the Night Sky, uncorrected proof
120 9 Christopher, Nicholas, Crossing the Equator, TS [1 of 2]
120 10 Christopher, Nicholas, Crossing the Equator, TS [2 of 2]
120 11 Christopher, Nicholas, "The Customs Inspector," photocopied TS with TLS
120 12 Christopher, Nicholas, Desperate Characters, typescript with TLS
120 13 Christopher, Nicholas,"14 Rue Serpentine," TS
120 14 Christopher, Nicholas, In the Year of the Comet, unrevised proof with TLS
121 1 Christopher, Nicholas, Mars and Venus, TS
121 2 Christopher, Nicholas, On Tour with Rita, photocopied TS with TLS from Gerald Freund and TL from Anthony Hecht
121 3 Christopher, Nicholas, On Tour with Rita, uncorrected proof
121 4 Christopher, Nicholas, A Short History of the Island of Butterflies, TS with project description
121 5 Christopher, Nicholas, A Short History of the Island of Butterflies, TS with TLS and vita
121 6 Christopher, Nicholas, A Short History of the Island of Butterflies, unrevised proofs
121 7 Christopher, Nicholas, "Sunday, Looking Westward," "Voyages," TS with resume
122 1 Clampitt, Amy, The Kingfisher, uncorrected proof
122 2 Clampitt, Amy, A Silence Opens, uncorrected proof with TNS
122 3 Clampitt, Amy, Westward, uncorrected proof with TLS
122 4 Clampitt, Amy, What the Light Was Like, uncorrected proof with TLS
122 5 Collins, Eddie, Crushed Flowers, photocopied TS with ALS
122 6 Cook, Eleanor [?], Prose fragment regarding "Twelfth Morning" by Elizabeth Bishop, TS
122 7 Corn, Alfred, A Call in the Midst of the Crowd, unrevised proof with TLS
122 8 Corn, Alfred, The Metamorphoses of Metaphor: Essays in Poetry and Fiction, unrevised proofs
122 9 Corn, Alfred, "Musical Sacrifice," TS
122 10 Corn, Alfred, Notes from a Child of Paradise, unrevised proofs
122 11 Corn, Alfred, English translation of "The Conservatory" by Maria Temkina withMaria Temkina's Russian translation of "Peripeteia," by Anthony Hecht and TLS
122 12 Corn, Alfred, The West Door, TS
122 13 Crase, Douglas, The Revisionist, uncorrected bound proofs with TLS
122 14 Creal, Margaret, The Man Who Sold Prayers, uncorrected proof with TLS
123 1 Davenport-Hines, Richard, Auden, bound proof
123 2 Davies W. Robertson, Remarks made as recipient of doctor of humane letters degree at University of Rochester commencement, 8 May 1983, photocopied TS
123 3 Davis, Dick, Belonging: Poems 1996-2000, TS with Tls
123 4 Davison, Peter, The Fading Smile, uncorrected proof
123 5 Davison, Peter, editor, Night Music: Poems of L.E. Sissman, advance reading copy
123 6 Dennis, Carl, Signs and Wonders, photocopied page proofs with TLS
123 7 Dennis, Carl, Veneer World, TS with TLS
123 8 Deutch, Richard, "The Teenager Talks to the Virgin," "Thomas's Complaint," photocopied TS with TLS
123 9 Dittberner, Colleen M. "Man," "The Renaissance of 'Ulysses and the Siren,'" TS with vita
123 10 Donoghue, Denis, The Old Moderns: Essays on Literature and Theory, uncorrected proof
123 11 Donoghue, Denis, The Practice of Reading, uncorrected proof with holograph notes and form
124 1 Donoghue, Denis, Walter Pater: Lover of Strange Souls, uncorrected draft
124 2 Donnelly, Susan, Seven poems, TS with TLS
124 3 Drury, John, Burning the Aspern Papers, TS with TNS
124 4 Edgar, Stephen, Ten poems, TS with TLS
124 5 Eff, Alex High and Les Kaydman, arrangers, "A Very Short Birthday Song for Siberian Baritone and Left Shoe," original score
124 6 Elliott, George, From Berkley Hills, uncorrected proof
124 7 Elliott, George P., Michael the God, TS
124 8 Ellmann, Richard, a long the riverrun: selected essays by Richard Ellmann, uncorrected proof with Hecht's holograph notes
124 9 Epstein, Daniel Mark, The Boy in the Well and Other Poems, uncorrected proof with TLS
124 10 Fagles, Robert, translator, Homer: The Illiad, proof of pages 28-29 of introduction
124 11 Fagles, Robert, translator, The Iliad, Homer, unrevised proofs
125 1 Fagles, Robert, translator, The Odyssey, Homer, uncorrected proof
125 2 Fairchild, B.H., Early Occult Memory Systems of the Lower Midwest, TS with TLS
125 3 Farr, Judith, I Never Came to You in White, a Novel, advance manuscript copy with TLS
125 4 Feldman, Irving, All of Us Here, unrevised proofs with ALS
125 5 Ferry, David, translator, The Odes of Horace, uncorrected proof
125 6 Fitzgerald, Robert, translation of Virgil's Aeneid, book III, TS
125 7 Fitzgerald, Robert, translation of Homer's Iliad, book III, TS
126 1 Flint, Roland, Resuming Green: Selected Poems 1965-1982, uncorrected proof with TLS
126 2 Furley, William D., One Green Bottle, photocopied TS with ALS
126 3 Ganzer, Carol, "A Few Final Words," TS
141 4 Gardons, S.S., Remains, holograph copy with ALS from W. D. Snodgrass
126 5 Gehman, Christian, Beloved Gravely, uncorrected proof with TLS
126 6 Gibian, George, translator, " Paradise Lost," "The Poet's Mistress by Jaroslav Siefert, TS with TLS
126 7 Glassi, Jonathan, Morning Run, TS with TLS
126 8 Goodheart, Eugene, "On Judicial Criticism: a Confirmation Between Modern and Victorian Views," photocopied TS
126 9 Gorczynski, Renata, translator, Tremor: Selected Poems by Adam Zagajewski, uncorrected page proof
126 10 Graves, Paul and Carol Ueland, translators, Selected Poetry of Aleksandr Kushner, TS
126 11 Greagh, Patrick, translator, poems by Andrea Zanzotto, photocopied TS
126 12 Greger, D[eborah], Twelve poems, photocopied TS
126 13 Grennan, Eamon, What Light Is There & Other Poems, advance uncorrected page proof with TLS
126 14 Gross, John, Shylock: A Legend and Its Legacy, advance uncorrected reader's proofs with TLS
126 15 Gross, Kenneth, Shakespeare's Noise, Introduction and Chapter 3, TS
127 1 Haberman, Daniel, The Lug of Days to Come, TS with holograph notes and TLS
127 2 Halpern, Daniel, Seasonal Rights, unrevised proofs with TLS
127 3 Hamilton, Ian, Robert Lowell: a Biography, uncorrected proof
127 4 Hardin, Glenn, Fifteen poems, TS with TLS
127 5 Harding, Marlene, "Recollections II: Portrait of a Smith College Failure," TS
127 6 Harrison, Jeffrey, Feeding the Fire, TS with ALS
127 7 Harrison, Jeffrey, The Singing Underneath, photocopied page proofs
127 8 Harrison, Jeffrey, The Singing Underneath, proofs
127 9 Harrison, Joe, "Dante in Erebus," and "Not Playing Possum," TS with ALS
127 10 Harrison, Joseph, The Fly in the Ointment, TS
127 11 Harrison, Joseph, Someone Else's Name, TS
127 12 Hartnett, David, House of the Moon, TS with TLS
127 13 Hayward, Max and Jon Stallworthy, translators, "A Poem by Ossip Mandelstam," MS
127 14 Haxton, Brooks, Dominion, uncorrected proof with TLS
127 15 Haxton, Brooks, Traveling Company, uncorrected proof with TLS
128 1 Heaney, Seamus, Finders Keepers: Selected Prose, 1971-2001, bound uncorrected proof
128 2 Heaney, Seamus, The Haw Lantern, uncorrected proof
128 3 Hecht, Jennifer M., Twelve poems, TS with TLS
128 4 Hecht, Roger, Juvenile poem, first line: "Did you Ever See a Daddy Walking," MS
128 5 Hine, Daryl, Postscripts, uncorrected proof
128 6 Hirsch, Edward, Wild Gratitude, uncorrected proof
128 7 Hirshfield, Jane, translator, In the Dark Moon: Love Poems by Ono No Kamachi and Izumi Shikibu, bound proof
128 8 Hollander, John, Untitled prose, photocopied TS with TLS
128 9 Hollander, John, Tales Told of the Fathers, proofs
129 1 Hoy, Cyrus, "Playing King: Thomas Mann's Enhanced Realm," TS with TLS
129 2 Huff, Tobert, "To a Violet," "Late Show," and "In Bellingham, Washington on the Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II 1968," TS
129 3 Impastato, David, editor, Upholding Mystery: An Anthology of Contemporary Christian Poetry, advance uncorrected proof with TLS
129 4 Johnston, Charles, translator, Eugene Onegin by Alexander Pushkin, unrevised proof with TLS
129 5 Justice, Donald, "Couplets Concerning Time,"
129 6 Justice, Donald, Selected Poems of Donald Justice, galley proofs
129 7 Kalstone, David, Becoming a Poet: Elizabeth Bishop with Marianne Moore and Robert Lowell, uncorrected proof with holograph notations
129 8 Kaminsky, Ilya, From the Province of Gratitude, TS
129 9 Kaminsky, Ilya, From the Province of Gratitude, TS with TLS
129 10 Kaminsky, Ilya, Musica Humana, galleys
129 11 Kaminsky, Ilya, A Soul's Noise, unfinished draft, TS with TLS
130 1 Keens, William, "Dear Anyone," and "Skull House, Heart Flower," TS
130 2 Kemal, Daud, "An Ode to Death, and "On Crossing a Bridge," TS
130 3 Kirchwey, Karl, Those I Guard, uncorrected proof
130 4 Korth, Victoria, "The Return of Odysseus," TS
130 5 Kopelke, Kendra, "Letter to a Young Girl," TS
130 6 Kumin, Maxine, "Prothalamion," TS with TLS fragment
130 7 Kumin, Maxine, "Purgatory," carbon TS
130 8 Kurzweil, Arthur P., untitled poem, TS
130 9 Kutschied, Tim, "The Waiting Room," and "Sanctuary," TS
130 10 Kyle, Carol A., "A Riddle for the New Year: Affirmation in the Poetry of W. S. Merwin," TS
130 11 Lake, Paul, "The Gift," and "The Hitchhikers," TS
130 12 Lea, Sidney, The Floating Candles, TS
130 13 Lea Sidney, Prayer for the Little City, TS with ALS
130 14 Lehman, David, "Spontaneous Combustion," "Wystan Hugh Auden: A Villanelle," and "The Square Poot of Minue One," photocopied TS
130 15 Le Zotte, Ann Claremont, untitled poetry collection, TS
130 16 Leithauser, Brad, "At Greg's," TS with TLS
- - Leithauser, Brad, "Between Leaps" and "Additional Bats" [See series 1.1, Leithauser, January 4, 1980]
- - Leithauser, Brad, "Birches" [see Series 1.1, Leithauser, November 10 1979]
130 17 Leithauser, Brad, Cats of the Temple, uncorrected proof with TLS
- - Leithauser, Brad, "Floating Light in Tokyo" and "On a Seaside Mountain" [See series 1.1, Leithauser, March 21, 1982]
130 18 Leithauser, Brad, Forty-four poems, TS with many holograph notes
- - Leithauser, Brad, "From Coffin Point, South Carolina," "Odd Carnivores" and "Angel" [See Series 1.1, Leithauser, May 1, 1979]
- - Leithauser, Brad, "Hesitancy" [See Series 1.1, Leithauser, May 20, 1982]
130 19 Leithauser, Brad, Hundreds of Fireflies, uncorrected proof
130 20 Leithauser, Brad, Hundreds of Fireflies, page proofs
- - Leithauser, Brad, "A Hypselosaurus Egg" [See Series 1.1, Leithauser, postmark October 5, 1977]
- - Leithauser, Brad, "In a Museum: Fossilized Raindrops" [See Series 1.1, Leithauser, postmarked December 15, 1978]
- - Leithauser, Brad, "In Minako Wada's House" [See Series 1.1, Leithauser, July 12, 1981]
- - Leithauser, Brad, "Integer" [See Series 1.1, Leithauser, December 19, 1980]
130 21 Leithauser, Brad, Lettered Creatures, TS with drawings by Mark Leithauser
- - Leithauser, Brad, "Miniature" and "The Return to a Cabin" [See Series 1.1, Leithauser, August 18, 1978]
- - Leithauser, Brad, "Möbius Strip" and "The Ghost of a Ghost" [See Series 1.1, Leithauser, April 10, 1981]
- - Leithauser, Brad, "A Needle Bed" and "A Michigan Ghosttown" [See Series 1.1, Leithauser, July 2, 1980]
130 22 Leithauser, Brad, The Odd Last Thing She Did, uncorrected proof
130 23 Leithauser, Brad, review of The Letters of Evelyn Waugh, edited by Mark Amory, photocopied TS
130 24 Leithauser, Brad, "Richard Wilbur at Sixty", and "Two Suspensions," TS with TLS and resumes
- - Leithauser, Brad, "A Rock with a View: Mazatlan, Mexico" and "The Man of the Hour" [See Series 1.1, Leithauser, February 11, 1978]
130 25 Leithauser, Brad, A Seaside Mountain, TS
130 26 Leithauser, Brad, Six poems, TS and proofs
130 27 Leithauser, Brad, Three poems, TS
- - Leithauser, Brad, "The Tigers of Nanzen-Ji" [See Series 1.1, Leithauser, August 4, 1982]
130 28 Leithauser, Brad, translations of "Rain," and "A Soldier of Urbina," by Jorges Luis Borges with TLS and printed matter
- - Leithauser, Brad, "Trauma" and review of Mark Amory's The Letters of Evelyn Waugh [See Series 1.1, Leithauser, November 7, 1980]
130 29 Leithauser, Brad, Two stories and four poems with TLS
- - Leithauser, Brad, "Two Summer Jobs" [See Series 1.1, Leithauser, February 24, 1980]
- - Leithauser, Brad, "Unrequited Love: A Thumbnail Sketch" [See Series 1.1, Leithauser, April 13, 1980]
130 30 Levin, Phyllis, Temples and Fields, bound proof with TLS
130 31 Levinsky, Frieda L., "Bard of Avon," TS
130 32 Lukasik, Gail, "The Marsh King's Daughter, "TS
130 33 Lynn, Kenneth, untitled poem, TS
131 1 McCauley, Robie, "The Flossenburg Story," TS
131 2 McClatchy, J.D., "His Enamel," TS
131 3 McClatchy, J.D., "An Interview with John Hollander," TS
131 4 McClatchy, J.D., "The Luna Moth," TS
131 5 McClatchy, J.D., "Mario and the Magician," [Libretto after the story by Thomas Mann], TS with ALS
131 6 McClatchy, J.D., The Rest of the Way, uncorrected proof
131 7 McClatchy, J.D., Stars Principal, TS with TLS and notes
131 8 McClatchy, J.D., "Two Death, Two Lives, TS with photocopied article
131 9 McClatchy, J.D., "Weeds,"
131 10 McConkey, James, The Tree House Confessions, uncorrected page proofs
131 11 McDonald, William L., "A Note to Hadrian" and "Hadrian Orders the First Batavians to Swim the Danube," TS
131 12 McPherson, Sandra, Patron Happiness, uncorrected page proofs
131 13 McQuilkin, Rennie, "The Rev. Robert Walker Skates" and "Rendezvous in a Country Churchyard," photocopied TS
131 14 McQuilkin, Rennie, "Twelve," "Peter Farr," and "Mark's Used Parts," TS
131 15 Macoubrie, John, "De Bellay in Rome," TS
131 16 Melanga, Gerald, "Nostra Signora di Lorento," TSS
131 17 Malarga, Gerard, "The 3rd Avenue E," TS
131 18 Martin, Charles, "On the Interpretation of Dreams," and "Dialogue of Stone and Steam," TS
131 19 Martin, Charles, Starting from Sleep, TS [1 of 2]
131 20 Martin, Charles, Starting from Sleep, TS [2 of 2]
131 21 Marx, Leo, "Robert Frost at Play, review of Frost: A Literary Life Reconsidered by William H. Pritchard, proof with editorial markings
132 1 Mason, David, "Achilles in No Man's Land," TS
132 2 Mason, David, Arrivals, TS with TLS
- - Mason, David, "Auden and the Heterogeneous Long Poem," TS [see David Mason "The Civitas of Sound: Auden's Paul Bunyan and New Year Letter," TS et al] New Year Letter," TS et al]
132 3 Mason, David, "Chatwin's Ashes," typescript with TLS and photocopied letter from Hecht
132 4 Mason, David, "The Civitas of Sound: Auden's Paul Bunyan and New Year Letter," TS, et al New Year Letter," TS, et al
132 5 Mason, David, The Country I Remember: A Narrative, TS
132 6 Mason, David, The Country I Remember, TS with TLS
132 7 Mason, David, The Country I Remember, proofs with TLS
132 8 Mason, David, Eight poems, TS
132 9 Mason, David, Eleven poems, TS
132 10 Mason, David, Eleven poems, typescript with TLS
- - Mason, David, "Gustav," proof [See David Mason "The Civitas of Sound: Auden's Paul Bunyan and New Year Letter," TS, et al] New Year Letter," TS, et al]
132 11 Mason, David, "In Praise of Artifice," author's proof
132 12 Mason, David, "Letter from Turkey," TS
132 13 Mason, David, "Letter to Waterville," "Letter to No Address," "Half a Song," TS with proofs of "Louis Simpson's Singular Charm" and TLS
132 14 Mason, David, Ludlow: a Novel, TS [1 of 2]
132 15 Mason, David, Ludlow: a Novel, TS [2 of 2]
132 16 Mason, David, One of the Missing, TS
- - Mason, David, "Spooning," proof [See David Mason "The Civitas of Sound: Auden's Paul Bunyan and New Year Letter," TS, et al] New Year Letter," TS, et al]
132 17 Mason, David, "Stories and Lines," author's proof with ALS
132 18 Mason, David, "The Rhyme of Work" and "Elegy," proofs with TLS and offprints
132 19 Mason, David, translator, Six poems by Yiorgos Chouliaras and two poems by C.P. Carafy, TS
132 20 Mason, David, Twelve poems, TS with TLS
133 1 Matthews, Nieves Hayat, Five poems, TS
133 2 Maxwell, Glyn, "Mr. F Gets Fit," TS
133 3 Maxwell, Glyn, The Nerve, advance uncorrected proof
133 4 Maxwell, Glyn, The Nerve, galleys
133 5 Mehigan, Joshua, The Optimist, TS with TLS
133 6 Merchant, Preston, "Degas in New Orleans," "The Knife Throwers Daughter," and "The Tattooed Lady, TS
133 7 Meredith, William, "His Plans for Old Age," TSS
133 8 Meredith, William, Partial Accounts: New and Selected Poems, uncorrected proof
133 9 Merrill, James, Collected Poems, edited by J.D. McClatchy and Stephen Yenser, photocopied galleys [1 of 9]
133 10 Merrill, James, Collected Poems, edited by J.D. McClatchy and Stephen Yenser, photocopied galleys [2 of 9]
133 11 Merrill, James, Collected Poems, edited by J.D. McClatchy and Stephen Yenser, photocopied galleys [3 of 9]
133 12 Merrill, James, Collected Poems, edited by J.D. McClatchy and Stephen Yenser, photocopied galleys [4 of 9]
133 13 Merrill, James, Collected Poems, edited by J.D. McClatchy and Stephen Yenser, photocopied galleys [5 of 9]
133 14 Merrill, James, Collected Poems, edited by J.D. McClatchy and Stephen Yenser, photocopied galleys [6 of 9]
134 1 Merrill, James, Collected Poems, edited by J.D. McClatchy and Stephen Yenser, photocopied galleys [7 of 9]
134 2 Merrill, James, Collected Poems, edited by J.D. McClatchy and Stephen Yenser, photocopied galleys [8 of 9]
134 3 Merrill, James, Collected Poems, edited by J.D. McClatchy and Stephen Yenser, photocopied galleys [9 of 9]
134 4 Merrill, James, "164 East 72nd Street," TS with ANS
134 5 Merrill, James, A Scattering of Salts, uncorrected proof
134 6 Merwin, W.S., The Carrier of Ladders, page proofs
134 7 Merwin, W.S., The Folding Cliffs: a Narrative, uncorrected proof
134 8 Merwin, W.S., The Lost Upland, uncorrected proof
134 9 Merwin, W.S., translator, "Translations from [?]" TS
135 1 Meyers, Jeffrey, editor, Robert Lowell: Interviews and Memoirs, advance proofs
135 2 Michelson, Richard, "Head of a Man Beneath a Woman's Breast," [from Battles and Lullabies], TS
135 3 Miller, Brett C., Elizabeth Bishop: Life and the Memory of It, uncorrected page proofs
135 4 Mitchell, Stephen and Chana Bloch, translators, The Selected Poetry of Yehuda Amichia, uncorrected proof with TLS
135 5 Moffett, Judith, "Going to Press," TS
135 6 Morgan, Frederick, The One Abiding, pre-publication review copy with TLS
135 7 Morgan, Frederick, Untitled poetry collection, TS [1 of 2]
135 8 Morgan, Frederick, Untitled poetry collection, TS [2 of 2]
136 1 Morris, Herbert, "After the Reading," TS
136 2 Morris, Herbert, Dream Palace, uncorrected proof with TLS
136 3 Morris, Herbert, The Little Voices of the Pears, uncorrected proof with TLS
136 4 Morris, Herbert, Peru, uncorrected proof with TLS and clippings
136 5 Morris, Herbert, What Was Lost, uncorrected typescript with TLS from publishe
136 6 Morris, John N., The Glass Houses, galley proof
136 7 Murphy, Timothy, Classic Jokes: A Verse Anthology, TS with TNS
136 8 Murphy, Timothy, "Colorado," TS
136 9 Murphy, Timothy, Eight poems, ALS
136 10 Murphy, Timothy, Fourteen poems, TS copies with ALS
136 11 Murphy, Timothy, New Poems, TS
136 12 Murphy, Timothy, Requited: a memoir in prose and verse, first draft, TS
136 13 Murphy, Timothy, Fifteen poems, TS copies
136 14 Murphy, Timothy, "The Talisman," TS with ALS
136 15 Murphy, Timothy, Thirteen poems, MS and TS
136 16 Murphy, Timothy, Very Far North, introduction, TS
136 16 Murphy, Timothy, Very Far North, three drafts, TS
136 18 Murphy, Timothy, The Watch, TS with poem and published article
136 19 Murphy, Timothy and Alan Sullivan, translators, "The Worm-hoard," TS
136 20 Murray, Les, Subhuman Redneck Poems, uncorrected proof
137 1 Nemerov, Howard, "To David, About his Education," TS
137 2 Nims, John Frederick, "The Six Cornered Snowflake," TS with ALS
137 3 Nims, John Frederick, "Water Music," photocopied proofs with revisions
137 4 Nims, John Frederick, Zany in Denim, advance proofs with TLS
137 5 Ostriker, Alicia, "Art and Truth in Millions of Strange Shadows," TS with TLS
137 6 Ostriker, Alicia, "Birdcall," "To Kill the Dove," and "The Bride," TS with TLS
137 7 Ostriker, Alicia, Seven poems, TS with TLS
137 8 Ostriker, Alicia, Sixteen poems, TS with TLS
137 9 Ostriker, Alicia, Three poems, photocopied TS
137 10 Ostriker, Alicia, A Woman Under the Surface: Poems and Prose-Poems, photocopied TS with TLS
137 11 Otashevsky, Eugene, "I found My Thrill," and "The Unraveller," TS with TLS
137 12 Paolinelli, Robert W., "Poem for Julia," TS
137 13 Patterson, Don, Selected Poems, TS with TLS
137 14 Pelikan, Jary, "Contexts of Creativity: an Inventory Report," TS with memorandum from John C. Broderick
137 15 Perlman, Ed, "The Thorne," TS
137 16 Pies, Ronald, "Borderline," TS
137 17 Pollitt, Katha, Antarctic Traveller, uncorrected proof
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