Series 2
Subject files, 1964-1974
Boxes 3-8 (folder 1)

Scope and Content Note

The series consists of subject files relating to Herbers' work at the New York Times from 1964-1974. The subjects include civil rights, the Nieman Fellowship, suburban growth, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Robert F. Kennedy's presidential campaign in 1968, Nixon's presidency, and Ford's presidency. The civil rights material includes Herbers' research and drafts for articles concerning the 1965 Civil Rights Act, housing and discrimination, civil rights conferences, voting issues particularly in Mississippi, school desegregation, the displacement of black teachers, and left wing movement's relations to civil rights.

The civil rights material provides an interesting and journalistic view of civil rights and race relations in the United States during the 1960's. Materials include statements from the Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee(SNCC) and Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and those of John Lewis. Also included is a report by the Southern Regional Council on southern school desegregation, a report by Hubert Humphrey on the coordination of civil rights activities in the federal government (1965), guidelines for enforcing the 15th Amendment by the Attorney General's Office (1965), and a memorandum supporting the challenge by African Americans to the seating of Mississippi congressman (1965).

The Nieman Fellowship material includes congratulatory letters upon Herbers' winning a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard, as well as materials he submitted in his application. The suburban growth section consists of three folders of impressions and notes Herbers took while touring cities and suburban areas in 1969 and the early 1970's sponsored by the National Urban League. The material includes information on the history of suburban development in the United States.

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) material contains Herbers' research concerning the power and changing nature of the Office of Management and Budget during the years of Nixon's presidency. The material contains evidence supporting Herbers' thesis that the OMB ran the government during the Watergate years. imarily consists of White House press releases, pool reports, and newspaper articles, particularly concerning Ford's travels to Asia and Siberia.

The Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) campaign section includes many speeches of Robert F. Kennedy, press releases during the 1968 presidential campaign and drafts of articles by Herbers. The Nixon presidency material primarily consists of draft articles by Herbers on Nixon, as well as many speeches, press releases, and pool reports following Nixon's presidency. Some of the material includes a report published by the Indochina Peace Campaign on a conspiracy to suppress dissent at the President's public appearances, Watergate Special Prosecution force status report in 1974, many press releases and pool reports on Nixon's 1974 Middle East trip, and research on the growing power of the presidency. The Ford section pr

Civil rights
Box Folder Content
3 1 Civil Rights Act of 1965 and enforcement, 1964-1966
3 2 Civil Rights Symposium, University of Texas, 1973
3 3 Community Relations Service, 1965
3 4 Hospitals and Civil Rights Act of 1965
3 5 Housing and Civil Rights Act of 1965, 1965
3 6 Housing and Civil Rights Act of 1965, 1971-1973
3 7 King, Martin Luther Jr., 1965-1966
3 8 Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, 1965
3 9 Left Wing and civil rights, 1965
3 10 Mississippi politics, 1965
3 11 School desegregation, 1967-1969
3 12 Teachers and civil rights, 1965
3 13 Voting rights, 1966
Nieman Fellowship
4 1 Nieman Fellowship materials, 1960
Suburban growth
4 2 Tour of Cities, 1969
4 3 Notes of New York Times reporters on a tour of suburban growth, 1971
4 4 Herbers' notebook on travels, undated and hard to read
Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
4 5 Working paper on Office of Management and Budget for the New York Times Magazine, 1970-1974
4 6 Office of Management and Budget research, 1970-1974
Robert F. Kennedy 1968 presidential campaign
5 1-5 Materials and articles, 1967-1968
Nixon presidency
6 1-4 Research and materials on power of Nixon's presidency, 1970-1974
6 5 Correspondence to Herbers praising, responding, and criticizing Herbers' Nixon articles, 1973
6 6 Materials on the appointment of Alexander Haig to assistant to the president
6 7 Press releases, 1970-1972
6 8 Press releases, 1973
6 9 Press releases, 1974 January-March
6 10 Press releases, 1974 April-December
7 1 Pool reports trip to Europe and Russia, 1974
7 2 Middle East trip, 1974
7 3 Pool reports Middle East trip, 1974 June 10-13
7 4 Pool reports Middle East trip, 1974 June 14-15
7 5 Pool reports Middle East trip, 1974 June 16-18
7 6 Middle East trip, Herbers' drafts of articles and other information
7 7 Nixon's trip to Belgium and Russia, 1974 June and July
7 8 Nixon political cartoon poster; Herbers' reporter's notebook
Ford presidency
7 9 Press releases, 1974 August-October
7 10 Press releases, 1974 November
7 11 Press releases, 1974-1975 December
8 1 Ford's Asia and Siberia trip 1974
8 2 Ford's travels in Asia 1974