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Series 14
Printed materials on microfilm
Box 138 and 147; MF 1-54

Scope and Content Note

This series contains the microfilm of printed material (book title pages, journals, reprints, and clippings) from the Herty library which was filmed by Emory University. The originals were then returned to the American Chemical Society for disposition.

Clippings on microfilm (chronological and alphabetical arrangement)
Box Folder Content
MF1 1902-1926
MF2 1927-1934
MF3 1935-1938 March
MF4 Subject groups: A-Germany [general]
MF5 Subject groups: Germany [general]-Research
MF6 Subject groups: Russia-Z
MF7 Scrapbook: 1901-1920
MF8 Scrapbook: 1917-1931
MF9 Miscellaneous clippings: 1894-1930
MF10 Miscellaneous clippings: 1931-1940
Journals on microfilm (alphabetical arrangement)
MF11 Journals
MF12 Journals
MF13 Journals
MF14 Journals
MF15 Journals
MF16 Journals
MF17 Journals
MF18 Journals
MF19 Journals
MF20 Journals
MF21 Journals
MF22 Journals
MF23 Journals
MF24 Journals
MF25 Journals
MF26 Journals
MF27 Journals
MF28 Journals
MF29 Journals
MF30 Journals
Reprints on microfilm (alphabetical arrangement)
MF31 Abbot-Bigelow, W.D.
MF32 Bingham-Canadian Journal
MF33 Carhart-Dublin
MF34 Dudley-Ford
MF35 Forester-Henry, A.V.
MR36 Herty-Hunter
MF37 Isakovics-Kendall, J.
MF38 Keys-Lewis, G.
MR39 Lewis, P.A.-Menge
MF40 Menzies-Parsons
MF41 Patterson-Richardson, T.W.
MF42 Richardson, G.M.-Smith, Alexander
MF43 Smith, Edgar-Turrentine
MF44 Valenz-Wells, T.H.
MF45 Werner, A-West
MF46 Wheeler-Ziegler
Monographs on microfilm (alphabetical arrangement)
MF47 Monographs
MF48 Monographs
MF49 Monographs
MF50 Monographs
MF51 Monographs
MF52 Monographs
MF53 Monographs
Title pages of books on microfilm (alphabetical arrangement)
MF54 Title pages of books
Files relating to microfilm, Herty library, and papers
138 1 Guide to clippings on microfilm
138 2 List of journals on microfilm
138 3 Index to reprints on microfilm
138 4 List of title pages of books on microfilm
138 5 List of monographs on microfilm
138 6 List of books in Herty papers
138 7 List of other books weeded from Herty papers
147 - Microfilm reels