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Series 6
Industrial progress and national defense, 1912-1938
Boxes 64-95

Scope and Content Note

One of the important concerns of Herty's career was the development and protection of the American chemical industry, particularly the synthetic organic chemical industry. It was his major concern between 1915 and 1926. During this time he served as president of the American Chemical Society (ACS) (1915-1916), as editor of the Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (1917-1921), and as president of the Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association (SOCMA) (1921-1926). Herty promoted the growth of the American chemical industry not merely as an end in itself, but as a necessity for the national defense. This series includes papers about industrial progress and national defense. Most of the papers are from the years 1915-1928.

Subseries 6.1, Industrial Progress, deals with Herty's activities relating to the development of American chemical industry. Industrial Progress and National Defense (Subseries 6.2) deals with Herty's work with those chemical industries directly related to national defense and to the war. Subseries 6.3, National Defense, concerns Herty's promotion of the U. S. Chemical Warfare Service, his work for the Naval Consulting Board, and other war-related activities.

Arrangement Note

Organized into three subseries: (6.1) Industrial Progress, (6.2) Industrial Progress and National Defense, and (6.3) National Defense.

Description of Subseries