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Title: Hill-Hoffman South Carolina documents collection, 1766-1833
Call Number:Manuscript Collection No. 455
Extent: 1 oversized papers folder (OP)
Abstract:Collection of 18th and early 19th century documents from South Carolina concerned with land, mortgages, declarations of debts, judgments, releases, agreements and other legal papers.
Language:Materials entirely in English.

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Gift, 1964.


[after identification of item(s)], Hill-Hoffman South Carolina documents collection, Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library, Emory University.


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The collection consists of 17 documents created in South Carolina between 1765 and 1833. Papers were originally collected by the brother of the donors, Robert Edward Lee, of Elberton, Georgia, who died Februbary 18, 1964. The documents are concerned with land, mortgages, declarations of debts, judgments, releases, agreements and other legal papers. Among the prominent South Carolinians whose names are contained in these documents as sellers, buyers, debtors, renters, heirs, plaintiffs, defendants, attorneys, judges or witnesses are: Charles Banks, Dan Smith, Daniel, Solomon, Sarah and Elizabeth Legare, Enos and Amey Reeves, Mary and Samuel Hayward, Simon and Rebekah Theus, Langdon Chaves, Josiah Taylor, John D. Rivers, Lionel H. Kennedy, Nathaniel Brown, Philip Porcher, Mary, Stephen, Paul, William and Isaac Mazych, Plowden Weston, William Moultrie, Henry Bradley, John Drayton, Lt. Gov. William Bull,, Henry and Sarah Middleton, John McKenzie, Mathew Roche, Thomas Burton, Robert Weaver, Robert Pringle and John Julius Pringle, William Thompson, William Lenox, Richard Singleton, J. Ward, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, Joseph Purcell, John and Miles Brewton, Thomas Loughton Smith, Thomas Harvey, and John Colcock.

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OP1 - Release and releases of Inheritance to a Lot of Land in the village of Washington probably part of Charleston, S. C. Sold by the heirs Daniel Legare to Charles Banks; May 1, 1798, with affidavits of release appended signed by the various heirs, Solomon Legare, Enos Reeves, Simeon Theus, Samuel Hayward, Rebekah Theus, Amey Reeves, Mary Hayward, and Sarah Legare. The widow, Elizabeth Legare, signed the main document only.
OP1 - Release to a Lot of Land in the village of Washington [the same lot described in OP1]. Sold by Charles Banks to Langdon Cheves; September 22, 1807. Signed by Charles Banks, Witnesses: Josiah Taylor and John D. Rivers.
OP1 - Agreement to Lease and Farm - Let a tract of land in the Village of Washington on Charleston neck, about 15 acres by Langdon Cheves to Lionel H. Kennedy, for seven years beginning January 1, 1833; August 1, 1833. Signed by Langdon Cheves and Lionel H. Kennedy.
OP1 - Judgment (Final) by Shackelford and Lupton against Nathaniel Brown for a debt and "Thirty seven Pounds, one Shilling and 2 pence current money" damages. Judgment signed January 2, 1767. [apparently a fragment]
OP1 - Lease to Precede a Release. "Rent of Pepper Corn" paid by Langdon Cheves to Charles Banks. [Part of the same transaction as the Release of the following day, See OP2]; September 21, 1807, South Carolina.
OP1 - Declaration of Debt by Mary Mazyck, Philip Porcher, the elder and Philip Porcher, the younger, Stephen Mazyck, Paul Mazyck, William Mazyck, Isaac Mazyck and Plowden Weston, Executrix and Executors of the last will and testament of Isaac Mazyck, deceased, for Eleven thousand and three hundred and Fifty Pounds lawful money of the (then) Province (now state) of South Carolina, against William Moultrie, including damages. Signed by Pringle, Plaintiff's Attorney. Filed July 30, 1790.
OP1 - Land grant. By the State of South Carolina to Henry Bradley of 960 acres in Charleston District, St. Stephens Parish. Signed by John Drayton, Lieut. Governor, December 1, 1800, Surveyed November 29, 1800, with Plot and Surveyor's description attached.
OP1 - Bill in Chancery. Filed March 10, 1770. Bill of Complaint addressed to Lt. Gov. William Bull and to the members of his Majesty's Council sitting in the Court of Chancery, by Henry Middleton of Charles Town, heir of Sarah Middleton late of Goose Creek for recovery of debts owed to the late Sarah Middleton by John McKenzie and Mathew Roche, merchants, with a list of bonds with amounts, dates and conditions of payment, and with citations of Acts of the General Assembly for the relief of Insolvent Persons, and citing various acts and transactions of McKenzie and Roche and the interest of the creditors in them. Signed by Rutledge [Council Clerk?] and by General Pinckney, 9 pp., 5 pieces.
OP1 - Copy of Bond of Debt owed by Thomas Burton of Peedee, Province of South Carolina to Robert Weaver of Peedee, Merchant, for "Nine hundred and Eighty pounds 14/10d good and lawful money." Signed by Thomas Burton. Filed August 11, 1766.
OP1 - Declaration of Debt and Judgment by Confession Robert Weaver against Thomas Burton. Filed August 11, 1766. Judgment signed August 11, 1766. Charles Pinckney, Attorney for the Plaintiff, Robert Williams, Attorney for the Defendant. Judgment signed by Robert Pringle.
OP1 - Writ for Debt. Executors of Isaac Mazyck against William Moultrie, Senior. Filed July 30, 1790. Signed by Robert Pringle, Plaintiff's Attorney.
OP1 - Copy of Bond for Debt by William Moultrie, Senior to Isaac Mazyck. Filed July 30, 1790 by Pringle. [The original Bond was signed October l9, 1775 for the sum of 3,749 pounds, 17 shillings and 4 pence lawful money of the Province.]
OP1 - Declaration of Suit for Debt by William Thompson and William Lenox against Richard Singleton "in the sum of one hundred and eleven pounds six shillings and three pence halfpenny Sterling." Filed September 12, 1785. Plaintiff's Attorney: J. Ward; Dependant's Attorney: Charles Cotesworth Pinckney.
OP1 - Judgment by Default. Executrix and Executors of Isaac Mazyk against William Moultrie, Senior, Robert Pringle, Attorney for Plaintiff. Judgment signed Sept. 18, 1790.
OP1 - Plan and Description of a Lot of land between Huger and Congress Sts, Washington Village, Charleston Neck, "lately sold by the said [Executors of the late Daniel Legare Esq.] to Mr. Charles Banks. Certified May 22, 1798 by Joseph Purcell.
OP1 - Declaration of Suit for Debt, Miles Brewton and Thomas Loughton Smith against Thomas Herwey. Filed May 17, 1768. Suit for recovery of 3,272 pounds on a bond dated October 1, 1766 at Charleston. Judgment signed May 17, 1768. Pinckney, Attorney for the Plaintiff; Colcock, Attorney for the Defendant, Robert Pringle, Judge?
OP1 - Copy of Bond of Debt of Miles Brewton and Thomas Loughton Smith, merchant of Charleston against Thomas Hervey. Filed May 17, 1768. Debt in the amount of 3,272 pounds. Sealed and delivered in the presence of John Brewton. Signed on back "Pinckney."