Subseries 2.4
Boxes 87-115; OP8-10

Scope and Content Note

This subseries consists of prose written by Hughes, in manuscript (MS), typescript (TS) and galley formats. Apart from his few short stories, Hughes wrote a number of introductions to other people's works as well as to his own, and many of those forewords are represented here. He also spent many years as an occasional book reviewer, often for the Listener and New Statesman, producing essays on an eclectic selection of texts. Not only does this collection include the manuscripts used in preparation of his selected prose, Winter Pollen (1994), but also many older manuscripts of uncollected essays. Of particular note in the prose subseries are the drafts of his 1991 volume on Shakespeare, Shakespeare and the Goddess of Complete Being, in which one can see the development of his ideas on Shakespeare in detail. For ease of reference, Keith Sagar's classification numbers have been inserted in brackets next to many entries, particularly for sections (3) and (4) (from Ted Hughes: A Bibliography, 1946 – 1995 (2nd edition, 1998)). Because of Hughes' propensity to reuse paper, cross-references are used to note locations of related materials in other parts of the collection.

Arrangement Note

The subseries is divided into five sections: (2.4a) Uncollected short stories; (2.4b) Book-length prose; (2.4c) Introductions and forewords, and (2.4d) Essays, reviews, talks.

Description of Subseries