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Series 4
Speeches, lectures, articles, 1940s, 1960s, 1970s
Box 21

Box Folder Content
21 1 "Social Workers and Ministers," speech to Indianapolis Ministerial Association, 1942
21 2 "Institutional Dimensions of Community Power," speech/lecture, 1963
21 3 Hunter speeches, 1964: Housing, welfare, and "The Politics of Poverty"
21 4 Hunter speeches, 1965: To University of California students on "Oakland Power Structure," To Mexican American Leadership Conference on "Establishments, Power Structures and Policy Making"
21 5 Hunter speeches, 1966: To various community groups on Oakland, To the Institute for Policy Studies on "The Changing Southern Power Structure"
21 6 Hunter speeches, 1967: "Oakland as a Physical, Economic and Moral Community" to the Law-Clergy Consultation; "Rebuilding Metropolitan Areas" to the Pacific School of Religion; "Economic Power Structures" to the American Sociological Association
21 7 Hunter speeches, 1968: "A Systems Approach in the Analysis of Power Data," to the Southwestern Political Science Association; "Ghettos and Power" to the Institute for Urban Environment, Columbia University; Other speeches on Bay area development
21 8 Hunter speeches, 1969: "Computer Use in the Study of Power," to University of Texas; "The Economic Power Structure of Oakland," and "Power and Processes of Capitalization"
21 9 Hunter lecture, 1971: "Power to Which People?", to the University of Indiana Horizons of Knowledge lecture series
21 10 Hunter lecture, 1979: "Experiential Studies of Power," presented to Heintz Festscrift Institute, 1979
21 11-12 "Doggie Diner Lecture Notes for Free University of Berkeley," other pieces, late 60s
21 13 Miscellaneous speeches, lectures, articles, 1960s
21 14-16 Printed materials
21 17 "Soviet Power Structure," speech by a Polish sociologists to the International Political Science Association, 1980