Series 7
Scrapbook pages
Box 77 and OP 46-62, 110-111

Scope and Content Note

The series contains loose scrapbook pages and artwork collected by Delilah Jackson. The original compliers of the scrapbook pages are unknown. The pages contain newspaper clippings, photographs, and a few pieces of correspondence. Most are in very poor condition and extremely fragile. They are arranged by subject. The artwork in the series consists of watercolor drawings and sketches. Some of the materials are photographic copies made of original works.

Arrangement Note

Arranged by format, then in alphabetical order.

Box Folder Content
OP110 Abdo, Naiff J.
OP46 Brown, James Milton
OP47 Brown, Judith
OP48 Buck and Bubbles [autographed drawing of]
OP111 Praino, Alan Drew [drawing of Chu Berry]
OP49 Unidentified
Scrapbook pages
OP50 Bailey, Bill
OP51 Blackbirds
OP52 Bruce, Mary [1]
77 31 Bruce, Mary [2]
77 32 Crackshot, Hackley
OP53 Gibbs, Arthur
OP54 Provincetown Players
OP55 Tondeleyo
OP56 Unidentified [1]
77 33 Unidentified [2]
OP57 Wade, Percy, Four Flash Devils
OP58 Wade, Percy, Four Flash Devils
OP59 Wade, Percy
OP60 Wade, Percy
OP61 Wade, Percy
OP62 Wade, Percy