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Series 1
Personal papers, 1937-1981
Boxes 1-3

Scope and Content Note

This series includes a small amount of personal correspondence; a typescript of Jaffe's unpublished autobiography (1978); articles by and about Jaffe, a large number of miscellaneous notes (handwritten and typed) by Jaffe; materials pertaining to Jaffe's indictment (1950-1951) for contempt of the U.S. Senate; and a virtually complete set of bank statements for 1974-1980.

Jaffe's personal correspondence spans the years from 1938 to 1981. This correspondence is filed chronologically with the exception of the Philip Jaffe-Earl Browder correspondence which is arranged in a small, separate chronological sequence. A small portion of the Philip Jaffe-Mark Gayn correspondence was received with the original collection, and these items are filed in their proper chronological places. More extensive Jaffe-Gayn correspondence (1946-1980) was received as an addition to the collection, and this material is located in Subseries 14.1 Collected Material - Gayn correspondence. Correspondence with other individuals may be found in other series throughout the collection.

Topics covered in the personal correspondence include Jaffe's articles on a loan program for China (1937); analyses of Japanese power (1941, 1945); Amerasia; appearances before the Loyalty Board on John Stewart Service; Earl Browder and Jacques Duclos; and general politics. Much of Jaffe's personal correspondence has been lost; details concerning this lost correspondence may be found in the Note on Provenance and Arrangement and in Appendix I, Description of Papers Discarded After Philip Jaffe's Death (in collection file).

All of Jaffe's published articles are included here except those which deal specifically with Agnes Smedley and Anna Louise Strong. Materials on Smedley and Strong are located in Series 2, Subject Files on Individuals; information concerning lost Smedley and Strong correspondence may be found in the Note on Provenance and Arrangement.

Correspondence and Writings
Box Folder Content
1 1 General, 1937-1954 (55 letters)
1 2 General, 1955-1981 and n.d. (34 letters)
1 3 Earl Browder, 1944-1970 (16 letters, originals and copies)
1 4 Lydia Gifford (Bryn Mawr College), 1944-1945; Raymond Rockwell (Colgate University), 1944-1945; and Walter Lacqueur and Survey staff, 1964-1965 (41 letters)
1 5 Autobiography: Drafts for introduction with printed item: "The Amerasia Case...," 1979
1 6-9 Autobiography: chapters 1-13 and epilogue
1 10 Articles and book reviews by Jaffe, 1937-1979
1 11 Drafts of writings by Jaffe
1 12 Drafts of writings by Jaffe
Articles and Clippings; Materials re Contempt of U.S. Senate
2 1 Jaffe-Bittelman exchange, 1947
2 2-3 Clippings re Jaffe or his books
2 4 Miscellaneous notes by Jaffe, undated [Includes: lists of names; notes on Solomon Abramovich Lozovsky; notes on the 1930's, Earl Browder, general U.S. politics; notes on India, European countries; China Today, introductions; and miscellaneous items; it appears that many of these notations were directed toward his 1975 book and his unpublished autobiography]
2 5 Browder notes on Jaffe manuscript, 1947 (3 pages of original typed notes on "America: The Uneasy Victor")
2 6-7 Contempt of U.S. Senate: Documents relating to indictment (1951)
2 8 Contempt of U.S. Senate: Senate reports on the Amerasia case and Jaffe
2 9 Contempt of U.S. Senate: Excerpts from Congressional Record
2 10 Letters and other items given to Jaffe
2 11 Receipts, statements, insurance policies
2 12 Court summonses: Philip and Agnes Jaffe, 1952
2 13 Publications list, Borzoi Books biographical sketch
2 14 Photograph of Jaffe and others, 24 January 1945
Financial Records
3 1 Bank statements, July - August 1968 and credit slip, December 24, 1959
3 2-7 Bank statements, 1974-1979
3 8 Bank statements, January-September and November 1980
3 9 Bank deposit slips (complete for 1974 and 1975, 5 for 1968, 1 for 1969, 3 for 1976 and l for 1977)