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Series 11
Photographs, currency and stamps, ca. 1920-1950 ca. 1920-1950
Boxes 51-57; OP1

Scope and Content Note

This series is composed of photographs which were taken by or for Jaffe or were collected by him for personal or publication reasons. The photographs, arranged in three series, bulk in the period 1937-1940, and date from ca. 1920 to ca. 1950.

Subseries 11.1 includes photographs taken in China by Jaffe, Agnes Smedley and others. The first group of photographs in the subseries (Boxes 51 - 54) are photographs which are the documentation of Jaffe's 1937 trip to China, especially his June 1937 visit to Yenan, capital of the former Soviet region, headquarters for the Eighth Route Army following the Long March of 1934, and center of the Chinese Communist Movement. Shortly after the Jaffe group left Yenan, war was declared between China and Japan; Yenan remained the wartime capital for eight years.

Jaffe was accompanied on this trip by his wife Agnes, journalists Owen Lattimore (then editor of Pacific Affairs; and organizer of the trip) and T.A. Bisson (of the Foreign Policy Association, in China on a Rockefeller Foundation fellowship), and a driver, Swedish mechanic Effie Hill. Each of the five took photographs during their trip to Yenan and back (June 17-27). Journalists Agnes Smedley and Peggy (Helen Foster) Snow, already in Yenan when the Jaffe party arrived, were also photo-documenting the visit. It is therefore difficult to be certain who took which photographs. The photographs have been filed in chronological order according to the events that they document. Included are photographs of Yenan's "Big Four"-Mamo Tse-Tung, Chu Teh, Chou En-lai, and Po Ku as well as the Eighth Route Army on maneuvers, classes of the Resist-Japan Military and Political University, and the city of Yenan itself.

This subseries also includes photographs of China, 1937 - ca. 1941 (Boxes 54-55) which were apparently taken by Agnes Smedley who had come to Yenan in January, 1937. Until Smedley left China in the summer of 1941, she periodically sent 35 mm photographic negatives with explanatory notes (some of which are in this collection) to Jaffe for publication and forwarding to others. Her photographs document the life of the men and women of the Eighth Route Army in Yenan as well as on the march to the north Shansi front in late 1937. The subseries is completed with Smedley's photographs of pages of the reports of Chu The and Liu Peh-chen to the 2nd All-China Soviet Congress, Shiukiu (undated).

Subseries 11.2 consists of personal photographs, some of which were taken by the Jaffes aboard the ocean liner Empress of Russia during their 1937 round-the-world tour which included the previously described visit to China. Also found here are photographs of the Jaffes at their Roxbury, N.J., home with friends, and a portrait of the Earl Browder family.

Subseries 11.3 includes photographs which were apparently collected by Jaffe in his role as editor of Amerasia and China Today. Of notes are photographs of portions of the trial before the Military Tribunal for the Far East of Japanese prime minister (1941-1944) Tojo who was hanged as a war criminal in 1948. Also found here are photographs of a 1947 May Day protest in Japan taken by Mark Gayn, and photographs of Chinese and Japanese political figures, ca. 1916-1947.

Photographs in this series include positive prints positive enlargements, positive contact prints, and negatives of various sizes (Box 56a-b). Refer to Note on Photograph/Negative Format (Appendix II: in collection file) for further information on the physical form of items and on reproduction of material from the series.

Special sources for this note include T.A. Bisson's Yenan in June 1937: Talks with the Communist Leaders (Berkeley: University of California, 1973), Helen Foster Snow's autobiography, My China Years (Morrow, 1984), Phillip Jaffe's article "China's Communists Told Me" (New Masses, 12 October. 1937) and Agnes Smedley's China Fights Back (London: V. Gollanez Ltd., 1938).

Arrangement Note

Organized into four subseries: (11.1) Photographs: China, (11.2) Photographs: Personal, (11.3) Photographs: Collected negatives, (11.4) Currency and Stamps

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