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Series 2
Subject files on individuals
Boxes 4-12

Scope and Content Note

This series includes materials on twenty-seven individuals, arranged alphabetically by name. Jaffe had personal contact with most of these people, but he knew a few, including John Carter Vincent and Walter Cannon, only by reputation. This series includes correspondence, clippings, published and unpublished manuscripts, notes made by Gary Ulmen for Jaffe, and Jaffe's own draft chapters on many of the subjects for his unpublished autobiography. The folders relating to Chi Ch'ao-ting, Hugh Deane, and "Manuel Gomez" are of particular interest.

Included is a copy of the page proofs of Chi Ch'ao-ting's Wartime Economic Development in China (Institute of Pacific Relations, 1940). Chi, who had married Agnes Jaffe's second cousin, Harriet Levine, in the late 1920's asked the Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR) not to proceed with publications because the manuscript was highly critical of the Kuomintang (KMT). Chi had become an IPR fellow in the late 1930's, and by 1940 he was no longer playing the role of Communist organizer but was working for the KMT. Unbeknownst to anyone (except perhaps to Jaffe), Chi continued to do secret work for the Chinese Communists while in the employ of the KMT, a situation that was acknowledged only at the time of Chi's death in 1963 in Peking.

The Hugh Deane files contain correspondence between Jaffe and Deane, mostly between 1945 and 1950 when Deane was based in Japan and was in Jaffe's employ. Nearly all of Deane's letters from this period contain information on the political climate in Japan, particularly the prospects of Japan's left-wing parties. The letters are supplemented by numbered reports. The reports included in this section were attached to letters from Deane; many more reports (October 1946-August 1947) are filed in Series 4, Japan: American Occupation, and in Series 5, Other Asian Countries: Korea.

The items on "Manuel Gomez" (a pseudonym), including correspondence and a transcript of an interview with "Gomez," represent only a small portion of the material which passed through Jaffe's hands and eventually came back into his possession. "Gomez," a former Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA) operative, wanted to protect his real name and identity but was quite willing to discuss his former life with scholars. He, therefore, received all of his "Gomez" mail through Jaffe and answered all questions by the same route. Materials to, from, or in any way identifying "Gomez" were removed from the files before shipment to Emory (as stipulated in the agreement) and kept in Jaffe's desk in his office. After Jaffe's death, Gary Ulmen personally destroyed all of these items, which apparently included a good deal of correspondence. The small number of items preserved in this collection had been kept in Jaffe's apartment.

Especially extensive files concern Ruth Fischer (including no original material but containing an extensive set of photocopies of her journal, "The Network"), Anna Louise Strong (including not only her writings but drafts of Jaffe's 1964 article about her), and Evgeny Varga (an expatriate Hungarian economist whose book, Changes in the Economics of Capitalism as a Result of the Second World War, 1946, was severely criticized in the Soviet Union and is represented here by translations, notes and critiques). Other persons prominently represented in these subject files are Koji Arioshi, Norman Bethune, Joseph Freeman, Alfred Kohlberg, Owen Lattimore, E. Herbert Norman, Agnes Smedley, Edgar Snow, and Joseph Starobin.

Box Folder Content
4 1 Arioshi: Articles by, circa 1945 (typescripts, 3 items)
4 2 Arioshi: Materials transmitted by, 1944-45 (?) and 1946 [Includes "Autobiography of Sanzo Nosaka" possibly done by Arioshi, 1945-46, 165 pages, typescript]
4 3 Arioshi: Jaffe notes and article, 1977
4 4 "Asiaticus": Articles by, 1935-41 and undated
4 5 Norman Bethune: Letters, 1938 (6 items)
4 6 Norman Bethune: Jaffe chapter; correspondence re Bethune, 1970-72 (10 items)
4 7 Norman Bethune: Articles about and by, 1937-78 (7 items)
4 8 Norman Bethune: Miscellaneous materials about and by, 1972-75 (4 items)
4 9 Mikhail Borodin: Clippings and letter, 1964 and 1969
4 10 Dr. Walter Cannon: Correspondence, 1944 (3 items)
4 11-12 Chi Ch'ao-ting: Wartime Economic Development in China (IPR, 1940) by Chi (electrostatic copies of page proofs)
5 1 Chi Ch'ao-ting: Articles and pamphlets, 1929-39 (7 items) [R. Doonping was pseudonym of Chi]
5 2 Chi Ch'ao-ting: 1927 Congress Against Colonial Depression and Imperialism [Includes official proceedings in German (photocopy); Jaffe's handwritten notes; Manuel Gomez speech in German (photocopy); and handwritten translation]
5 3 Chi Ch'ao-ting: Correspondence with Howard Boorman on Chi, 1965 (4 items); Boorman biography of Chi
5 4 Chi Ch'ao-ting: Typed excerpts from 1940 book
5 5 Chi Ch'ao-ting: Miscellaneous printed and typed materials, 1964-mid-1970's (5 items) [Includes Jaffe's writings about Chi]
5 6 Chiang K'ai Shek: Materials re China's Destiny, 1943-47 (5 items)
5 7 John Paton Davies: Clippings and notes by Jaffe, 1953-75 (13 items)
5 8 Hugh Deane: Correspondence and reports, 1941-1947 (38 items) [contains 27 Deane letters, 3 Jaffe letters, 7 reports, and 1 manuscript]
5 9 Hugh Deane: Correspondence and reports, 1948-1950 [contains 23 Deane letters, 4 reports, 7 Jaffe letters, 3 related letters]
5 10 Frederick V. Field: Miscellaneous clippings
5 11 Ruth Fischer: Writings, 1948, 1949, 1952 (3 items)
5 12 Ruth Fischer: Transcript of seminar, Harvard Russian Research Center, 1952
5 13 Ruth Fischer: Jaffe notes and draft manuscripts on Fische [At least one manuscript (typed draft of "The Divisions in the German Communist Party") probably written by Jaffe's assistant, Gary Ulmen]
6 1 Ruth Fischer: Jaffe unpublished ms., "Ruth Fischer, Double Agent," with corrections and notes
6 2 Ruth Fischer: Typed excerpts from Fischer's writings (24 pages) [Probably done by Ulmen for Jaffe's 1975 book]
6 3-6 Ruth Fischer: Newsletter, "The Network," January 1944-December 1945
6 7 Ruth Fischer: Newsletter, "The Network," miscellaneous articles, 1944
6 8 Ruth Fischer: The Russian State Party - Newsletter of Contemporary Communism, March 1946-January 1947 [edited by Fisher]
6 9 Ruth Fischer: Miscellaneous materials on Fischer and her brother Gerhart Eisler, 1947-1977 (3 items)
6 10-11 Joseph Freeman: Letters and literary pieces, 1953-1963 [Items here include letters, short stories and poems sent to Agnes and Philip Jaffe; some poems written especially for the Jaffe's, others typed carbons]
6 12 Joseph Freeman: Published works, 1933, 1955, and 1965 (3 items)
7 1 Joseph Freeman: Jaffe correspondence on Freeman, 1976-77 (11 items)
7 2 Miscellaneous materials, 1965, 1974 and 1976 (6 items) [includes Jaffe's notes on Freeman's letters]
7 3 Manuel Gomez: Correspondence and Jaffe interview, 1965 ( 5 items)|
7 4 Manuel Gomez: Transcript of taped interview, photocopy, tapes 1-6
7 5 Manuel Gomez: Transcript of taped interview, photocopy, tapes 7-13
7 6 Manuel Gomez: Transcript of taped interview, photocopy, tapes 14-22 [tape 21 - blank]
7 7 Manuel Gomez: Transcript of taped interview, photocopy, tapes 23-28
7 8 Alfred Kohlberg: Reports on China, 1943, 1944 (3 items)
7 9 Alfred Kohlberg: Letters on China relief organizations, 1943-1947
7 10 Alfred Kohlberg: Kohlberg vs. the IPR, miscellaneous letters and documents, 1944-1947
7 11 Alfred Kohlberg: Miscellaneous letters and clippings, 1942-46, 1960
7 12 Owen Lattimore: Articles, statements and other materials by Lattimore, 1940-79 (7 items)
7 13 Owen Lattimore: Statement to McCarran Committee, February 26, 1952
7 14 Owen Lattimore: U.S. vs. Owen Lattimore, court documents, 1952, 1954, 1955 (3 items)
8 1 Owen Lattimore: Articles on Lattimore, 1952-56
8 2 Owen Lattimore: Typed excerpts from writings on and by Lattimore
8 3 Owen Lattimore: Jaffe draft chapter and notes on Lattimore
8 4 Owen Lattimore: Clippings, 1950
8 5 Owen Lattimore: Clippings, 1951-55, 1966-74
8 6 Owen Lattimore: Miscellaneous typed and printed materials (3 items)
8 7-8 E. Herbert Norman: Articles on Norman, 1957-1977
8 9 E. Herbert Norman: Jaffe draft chapter and notes
8 10 E. Herbert Norman: Jaffe correspondence on Norman, 1978-79 (5 items, with Roger Bowen)
8 11 E. Herbert Norman: U.S. Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, testimony relating to Norman, 1951, and 1957 12 Clippings and newspaper pieces on Norman, 1951-77
9 1 Andrew Roth: Correspondence, 1953-55 (7 items)
9 2 Andrew Roth: Writings (5 items; typescripts and 1 printed item)
9 3 John Stewart Service: Clippings and writings on and by Service, 1951-76 (5 items)
9 4 John Stewart Service: Jaffe draft chapters and excerpts from writings on and by Service
9 5 Agnes Smedley: Correspondence and articles sent to Jaffe by Smedley, mid-1930's (9 items) [Includes articles by Chinese and others sent through Smedley, and a corrected transcript (carbon), "A Talk with Peng Teh-huai," by Smedley, n.d.]
9 6 Agnes Smedley: Translations of journal, "Red China" (sent by Smedley, 1934)
9 7 Agnes Smedley: Materials on and by Smedley, 1932-75 (5 items)
9 8 Agnes Smedley: Jaffe draft chapters and notes on Smedley
9 9 Edgar Snow: Correspondence, 1937-56 (8 items)
9 10 Edgar Snow: Articles by Snow, 1938-47 (5 items)
9 11 Edgar Snow: Articles on or by Snow, 1948-74
9 12 Edgar Snow: Jaffe notes and typed excerpts from Snow's writings
9 13 Edgar Snow: Clippings on and by Snow, 1937-73
10 1 Joseph Starobin: Correspondence, 1968-71 (13 items)
10 2 Joseph Starobin: Jaffe notes on Starobin ms., American "Communism in Crisis"
10 3 Joseph Starobin: Reviews of "American Communism in Crisis"
10 4 Joseph Starobin: Miscellaneous clippings on Starobin, 1972-76
10 5 Anna Louise Strong: Correspondence by and about Strong, 1947, 1950-51, 1957, and 1970 (11 items)
10 6 Anna Louise Strong: Typed manuscripts re China, 1974, (5 items)
10 7 Anna Louise Strong: Drafts and reprint of "The Thought of Mao Tse-Tung" (1947)
10 8-9 Anna Louise Strong: "Four Families," by Chen Po-ta [A manuscript, in 7 parts (carbon copies obviously from different typewriter, holograph corrections) given to Strong by the author, with accompanying letter from Strong to Jaffe]
10 10 Anna Louise Strong: Clippings on and by Strong, 1949,1955-60, 1964-68
10 11 Anna Louise Strong: Jaffe notes
10 12 Anna Louise Strong: Jaffe drafts, "Outline for an Article on Anna Louise Strong and 'The Thought of Mao Tse-tung'"
10 13 Anna Louise Strong: Jaffe outline and drafts of "Peking, Moscow and the Strange Case of Anna Louise Strong"
10 14 Anna Louise Strong: More drafts of "The Strange Case"
11 1 Anna Louise Strong: Jaffe draft chapters on Strong for autobiography
11 2 Anna Louise Strong: Jaffe articles on Strong (published)
11 3 Anna Louise Strong: Memoir articles
11 4 Anna Louise Strong: Miscellaneous materials on and by Strong [Includes notes by Mark Gayn on visit with Strong and other Americans living in China]
11 5 John Leighton Stuart: Letters, 1935, 1938 and 1940-41 (7 items)
11 6 Mme. Sun Yat-sen (Soong Ching-ling): Letters and messages from Mme. Sun; clippings on Mme. Sun, 1935-44 (5 items)
11 7 Evgeny Varga: Miscellaneous writings, 1940-70 (7 items)
11 8-12 Evgeny Varga: Changes in the Economics of Capitalism as a Result of the Second World War, 1946 (typed translation form Russian, 387 pages; and notes from the book's thesis)
12 1 Evgeny Varga: Soviet critique of Varga, 1947-48 [translated from the original Russian]
12 2 Evgeny Varga: Soviet critique of Varga, 1949
12 3 Evgeny Varga: Jaffe drafts on Varga (2 items)
12 4 Evgeny Varga: Jaffe notes and typed excerpts from Varga's 1946 book
12 5 Evgeny Varga: Jaffe typed excerpts from writings on Varga
12 6 Evgeny Varga: Analysis of Varga controversy, 1950
12 7 Evgeny Varga: Miscellaneous clippings, 1947-49 and 1970-71
12 8 Evgeny Varga: Miscellaneous articles on general economics, 1946-48 (9 items)
12 9 Evgeny Varga: Miscellaneous articles on related political issues, 1948-49
12 10 John Carter Vincent: Clippings, 1950-51
12 11 Henry Wallace: Writings, 1942-47 (?)
12 12 Henry Wallace: 1948 election materials (3 items)
12 13 Henry Wallace: Jaffe notes on Wallace; Earl Browder analyses of Wallace and the Progressive Party, 1948
12 14 Henry Wallace: Clippings on Wallace, 1947-76; book reviews, 1961-1977