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Subseries 3.1
Prominent Chinese
Boxes 13-14 (folder 6)

Mao Tse-tung
Box Folder Content
13 1 Speeches, 1934-47 (10 items): "For the Revolutionary Victory Throughout the Whole Territory of China," 1934 (carbon); "How to Change the Way We Study," 1941 (typed, corrected original); Chapter 1, "Financial and Economic Problems of the Border Region," June 1942 (typed, corrected original); "Our Task in 1945," 15 December 1944 (carbon); Excerpts from Hsin Jua Jih Pao, Chungking of "Our Task in 1945" carbon; "Economic Work to be Mastered in Two or Three Years," 10 January 1945 (carbon); "China Needs Democracy and Unity," 1944 (typed copy) reprinted in Political Affairs, January 1945; "American Intervention in China," June 1946 (typed original); "Present Situation and Our Task," given 25 December 1947 (mimeographed); "Report by Mao Tse-tung to the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party," transcript of February 1948 from broadcast in Northern Shensi on 1 January 1948 (mimeographed)
13 2 Michael Lindsay comparison of 2 translations of "On the New Democracy" (6 items) [Includes Jaffe notes and two pieces of correspondence]
13 3 "General Problems of Guerilla War," 1938; and "The War of Endurance," 1942 (translation by Y. Y. Hsu?)
13 4 The Chinese Revolution and the Communist Party of China, 1939-1949 editions
13 5 Selections from Mao's works by J. Arthur Steiner (142 pp.), 1952
13 6-7 Selections from Mao's works compiled by the Joint Publications Research Service, February 1970 and June 1970
13 8-9 "Miscellany of Mao Tse-tung Thought," from the Joint Publications Research Service, February. 1974 (ca. 290 pp.)
13 10 Miscellaneous Materials on and by Mao (5 items) [Includes a typed copy of Nym Wales interview with Mao, with typed notes by Chi Ch'oa-ting; 2 short articles on Mao's poetry and his writings on guerilla war; 1959 Hsinhua (China) news release; and Ulmen notes on Russian book, "Pages of a Political Biography of Mao Tse-tung"]
Interviews, Articles, Analyses
14 1 Communists: general interviews and articles, 1938-54 Materials by: Wei Cheu, Wang Ming, Mao, Liu Shao-chi, Liu Hsiao, and Chen Chia-Kang Materials on: Mao, Lo, Fu, and Chu Teh
14 2 Non-Communists: general interviews and articles, 1945-46 and 1954-55 Materials on: Fu Tso-yi, General Tai Li, Ho Ying-chin, Tu Yeuh-sheng, T. V. Soong, Hu Shih, Chang Kuo-tao
14 3 Non-Communists: Wang Ching-wei speeches, 1939 (3 items)
14 4 Robert North manuscript: Kuomingtang and Chinese Leaders (ca. 1950)
14 5 Communist leaders: biographies by Koji Arioshi, mid-1940's [All are typed originals except where noted. Individuals covered are: Chou En-lai, Ho Lung (2 pieces), Hsu Hsing-chien, Jen Pe-shih, Li Li-san, Lian Cheng-shih, Lin Pian, Lui Po-cheng, Lin Po-chu, Lui Shao-chi (2 pieces), Lu Ting-yi, Mao Tse-tung (1 typed original and 1 corrected carbon), Nieh Yun-cheng, Peng Teh-huai, Su Yu, Tung Pi-Wu, Want Chen, Wang Cheng, Wu-cheng, Yang Shang-kun, Yeh Ch'ien-ying, and Chien Yi]
14 6 Chinese Communist Party leadership: lists and correspondence by Arioshi, 1946