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Series 5
Other Asian countries
Boxes 29-31

Scope and Content Note

Materials on Korea and India dominate this series, which contains reports, articles, clippings and other materials from Korea, India, Malaya, Indonesia, Tibet, Indochina, and the Philippines. Included among the Korea materials are Hugh Deane's original reports to Jaffe, sent at one to ten day intervals in May and June, 1948. Topics covered are the atmosphere in Seoul, a trip to the 38th parallel, election day, and general political observations. Other Hugh Deane correspondence and reports may be found in Series 2, Subject Files on Individuals: Deane, and in Series 4, Japan: American Occupation. Typescripts of Mark Gayn reports from Korea may be found here as well. Other Mark Gayn materials are in Series 1, Personal Papers: General Correspondence, in Series 4, Japan: American Occupation, and in Series 14.1, Collected Material: Gayn Correspondence. Materials from Korea are filed first, followed by materials from India, from other Asian countries, and relating to Asia in general.

Box Folder Content
29 1 General political analyses, 1943-45 (typescripts, carbon and original)
29 2 Political leaders: biographies and lists, 1945-1946? (typescripts)
29 3 Educational system: reports sent from Hugh Deane, 1948 (author unknown)
29 4 Supreme Commander, Allied Powers press releases, 1946
29 5 Reporters' notes and articles: Mark Gayn reports including "Searchlight on Korea" series, 1946-47(?) (typescripts)
29 6 Reporters' notes and articles: Hugh Deane, "Korea Notes," May-June 1948
29 7 Reporters' Notes and Articles: Hugh Deane, miscellaneous reports, 1947-1948 (typescripts, carbon, and originals)
29 8 Reporters' notes and articles: From reports, May-June 1947 (3 original typescripts)
29 9 Ralph Izard, "Struggle for Korea" (1946-47) (typescript, carbon, ca. 200 pp.)
29 10 Miscellaneous reports and charts, 1940's; clippings, 1972 [Includes hand-drawn charts of the composition of the Central People's Committee of the People's Republic, with notes by Jaffe, 1946]
29 11 General reports and analyses: before 1945
29 12 General reports and analyses: after 1945
29 13 General articles from journals, 1954-62
29 14 Biographies of prominent Indians (ca. 70 biographies)
29 15 Jaffe notes and correspondence, 1945-54 (5 items)
30 1 Articles on Indian princes (late 1940's?, typescripts
30 2 Materials on the Communist Parties of India and Nepal, 1943-61 (5 items)
30 3 K. M. Ashraf, "The Destruction of Moslem Culture, 1764-1867" (typescript, original with corrections; 157 pp.)
30 4 Minroo R. Masani, "The Communist Movement in India" (1952-53?) (typescript, carbon with corrections, ca. 200 pp.
30 5 Minroo R. Masani, "The Communist Movement..." (drafts, notes, letter)
30 6 Clippings, 1945-63 [Clippings primarily from Indian newspapers; large number of items from U.S. papers on Indian government's crackdown in 1959 on Communists in Kerala]
30 7 Miscellaneous collected materials: articles, excerpts from the Indian press, bibliography, statements from early Indian Communist groups, etc. 1929-55
30 8 "The Communist Party of Malaya," 1947 (typescript, author unknown) "The Communist Struggle in Malaya," 1954 (mimeograph, 146 pp.)
31 1-2 Harry Goldberg, "The Downfall of Sukarno and 'Guided Democracy,'" vol. I, 1966 (ca. 150 pp. and vol. II, 1966-67 (ca. 150 pp.)
31 3 Clippings, articles by Harry Goldberg, pamphlet, 1966-67
31 4 Harry Goldberg article, 1966
31 5 Clippings and miscellany, 1944-45 and 1954-55
31 6 Ms. on the Philippine Communists (PKP), Chapter IX, (1972?)
31 7-8 "Report on the Philippines" (typed manuscript)
Communism in Asia
31 9 Materials on the Empire Communist Parties Conference, 1947
31 10 Miscellaneous articles and magazines, 1952-65
31 11 "Marxism-Leninism on the Path to Social Revolution in Asia" (n.d., author unknown, 89 pp.)