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Series 6
The USSR and European Communism
Boxes 32-34

Scope and Content Note

This series includes a large number of typescripts, printed items and clippings on Soviet and European Communism from the United States and other English-language sources and from the Soviet Union. Related printed materials can be found in Series 12, Pamphlets and Journals. Also of interest are the small number of items - correspondence, reports and other materials from The National Council on American-Soviet Friendship of which Jaffe was at one time National Secretary. Soviet-related materials are arranged first, followed by materials about European Communism and Communist Parties.

The USSR: Soviet Publications
Box Folder Content
32 1 General materials from the Current Digest of the Soviet Press, 1953-66
32 2 Northern Translation Service, 1957-59 (miscellaneous issues, 8 items)
32 3 Soviet publications, 1959-72
32 4-10 V.P. Potemkin, ed., A History of Diplomacy, 1947 (typed translation)
The USSR: Historical Materials, Analyses
33 1 Lenin's letters to Inessa Armand (1949 translation)
33 2 Pamphlets by Stalin (1929) and Dmitroff (1935-36)
33 3 Khrushchev's secret speech and article on speech, 1956
33 4 Miscellaneous official writings, 1947-1963
33 5 Articles by non-Soviet Communist and pro-Communist writers, 1936-1963
33 6 Analyses: General articles, 1953-1964
33 7 Analyses: Articles on the arts in the USSR, 1954-1963
33 8 Analyses: Articles and book reviews, 1947-1964 (clippings)
33 9 National Council on American-Soviet Friendship: miscellaneous materials, 1942 and 1946 [Nearly all materials deal with the contempt citation from the House Committee on Un-American Activities that was brought against the National Council's Chairman and Executive Director, Corliss Lamont and Richard Monford respectively]
33 10 Materials on Walter Krivitsky, 1941 and 1966 (photocopies)
33 11 Ms. by Ulmen for Jaffe, "The Cold War and Its Conflicts" (1970-1975)
33 12 Ulmen: Typed notes on various books for Jaffe, 1970-1975?
33 13 Jaffe: Handwritten notes
33 14 General clippings re Cold War, 1947-1972; small number of clippings, most from 1963
33 15 Miscellaneous collected materials re foreign relations and Cold War, 1958-1971
European Communist Parties
34 1 Articles on comparative communism, 1952-61
34 2 General articles and clippings, 1963-72
34 3 Cominform meeting of 1947: Russian book on the 1947 Information Meeting (1948; 305 pp., photocopy)
34 4 Cominform meeting of 1947: Translation of book on Information Meeting (typescript; with corrections by translator and instructions by G. Ulmen)
34 5 Cominform meeting of 1947: Eugenio Reale, "Avec Jacques Duclos Au Banc Des Accuses" (1958)
34 6 Cominform meeting of 1947: Eugenio Reale, With Jacques Duclos in the Defendant's Dock (translation by Ulmen for Jaffe)
34 7 Ulmen notes on the Cominform meeting of 1947 for Jaffe