Series 9
Photographs, 1935-1983
Box 127

Scope and Content Note

This series contains photographs from Killens's college days through his years as an established writer and public figure, ranging from the 1930s until the 1980s. The images include group photos of Killens with students and other writers and photos of other people. Many of the photos of Killens come from his days at Fisk University. There are also a number of photos from Morris Brown College.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Photographs featuring Killens
Box Folder Content
127 1 Killens, John O. with BJ Ashanti, Brenda Connor-Bey, Doris Jean Austin, Arthur Flowers, and unidentified student, Bronx Community College, undated
127 2 Killens, John O. with David Driskell, S. von Windbush, and Donald "Dante" Graham, undated
127 3 Killens, John O. with Frank Silvera, Frank Hercules, Sarah Fobis, unidentified Fisk teacher, Grace Killens, and Julian Mayfield, dinner party, 1966
127 4 Killens, John O. with LeRoi Jones, Fisk University, photographed by Edgar O. Mandeville, 1967
127 5 Killens, John O. with Lerone Bennett, Fisk University, July 1967
127 6 Killens, John O. with Ron Milner, John Henrik Clarke, Lerone Bennett, Amiri Baraka, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Margaret Danner, undated
127 7 Killens, John O. with Ron Milner, Ronald Fair, President James Lawson, and Donald "Dante" Graham, Black Writers Conference at Fisk University, April 1967
General photographs
127 8 La Grone, Roy E., May 3, 1983
127 9 Morris Brown College, Dietary Club, 1935-1936
127 10 Morris Brown College, Junior class, 1935-1936
127 11 Morris Brown College, Kraque Club, 1935-1936
127 12 Morris Brown College, La Selectee, 1935-1936
127 13 Morris Brown College, Men's Glee Club, 1936
127 14 Morris Brown College, Ohio Group, 1935-1936
127 15 Morris Brown College, Sophomore class, 1935-1936
127 16 Morris Brown College, unidentified students, 1935-1936
127 17 Robeson, Paul, with unidentified actors, undated
127 18 Robeson, Paul, with unidentified soldiers, undated
127 19 Wexler Brothers Productions, unidentified actors, undated