Series 2
Box 1; OP 1

Events - Alabama
Box Folder Content
OP1 1 Outdoor Klan gathering, Selma, Alabama, September 12, 1924
Events, Kansas
1 3 Klan gathering; purchased from Topeka, Kansas, [postcard]
Events, Virginia
1 4 Klan parade
Events , Washington, DC
1 5 Klansmen and women near a truck announcing Klan speaker from Atlanta, Georgia, at Cleveland Park
1 6 Gathering of the Klans, Pennsylvania Avenue, August 8, 1925, [see also Newspapers series]
1 6 Gathering of the Klans, John W. Daniel Klan of Lynchburg, Virginia, group portrait, August 8, 1925
Portraits, Individual members
1 7 C. Kendrick and J.S. McFall, posing in front a picture of themselves as young men, dressed in uniform while on a raid, 1921
1 8 John Milton Barnes' sons, near Somerset, Kentucky, [ca. 1910] [postcard]. (The robe his son is wearing is in the memorabilia series.)
1 9 Teenage boy poses in Klan robes alone and with two women (4 images)
OP1 1 Woman in Klan robes [aquired in West Virginia at an auction]
Portraits - Klan leaders
1 10 John Howard, Grand Dragon of the National Knight of the Ku Klux Klan of South Carolina [postcard]
1 10 Robert M. Shelton, Imperial Wizard, United Klans of America, Alabama [postcard]
OP1 1 Eldon L. Edwards, Imperial Wizard, USK [print, appears to be autographed]
Portraits - Groups, location not identified
1 11 Joe Azbell with a group of Klan members
1 11 Group portrait of Klansmen on a dirt road