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Subseries 4.1
Photographs, circa 1876-1970
Boxes 40 and 85-97, and OP19, OP22, OP23, and OP26

Arrangement Note

Arranged into groups by photographic format, then in alphabetical order by subject.

Cabinet Cards
Box Folder Content
92 27 Businesses: Fagan's Junk Store (Brooklyn, New York), circa 1885-1890

Photographer: Merchants Photo Company

92 28 Families: Portrait of a father holding his two children, circa 1890-1895

Photographer: Edmonson (Norwalk, Ohio)

89 1 Men: Casey Logan, circa 1893

Photograph inscribed on verso: "45 years porter in Bank of Kentucky." Identified by Langmuir as having been formerly enslaved.

89 2 Racial stereotype: "Negro Heaven" and "A Southern Outrage," circa 1885

Photographer: Kennedy S. Law (Hot Springs, Arkansas)

92 29 Military: Signed portrait of Captain Charles Taylor, circa 1895

Photographer: Hayden Studio (Charlotte, North Carolina)

92 30 Music: Perry George Lowery in uniform holding a cornet (Ohio), circa 1900

Photographer: Hamilton Studio (Muskegon, Michigan)

92 31 Nannies: African American mammy holding white child, 1900

Inscribed on verso: "For my Godmother with much love, Jessica Macnabb age 6 months. Knickerbocker, Texas." Photographer: Ragsdale Studio (San Angelo, Texas)

92 32 Nannies: Maggie [?], an African American mammy, with her three white charges identified as Daisy Haywood Mosely, Nicholas Smith Mosely, and James Alexander Mosely Jr., circa 1908

Photographer: Brock (Asheville, North Carolina)

Carte de Visite
92 33 Buildings: Lincoln University (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), 1867

Photographer: F. S. Keeler (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

90 16 Men: Ferdinand Schavers, 1882

Civil War veteran and "first selected body guard of President Abraham Lincoln."

40 43 Men: William Piper, 1876

Mentioned in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet Jacobs. Photographer: George F. Parlow (New Bedford, Massachusetts)

87 13 Politics and politicians: Hiram Rhodes Revels, circa 1862-1865
90 17 Religion: L.C. Chambers (Reverend), circa 1865

Photographer: Parlor Gallery (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

90 18 Theatre: Thomas Dilward, circa 1880 [2 items]

Dilward was a performer with drawfism known as "Japanese Tommy." One photograph by H. Burrows (Liverpool, England)

89 3 Women: Susan Baker King Taylor, circa 1869
85 44 Unidentified photographs of outdoor scenes, circa 1900

Three photographs, one of South Carolina, one of Florida, and one completely unidentified.

85 1 Advertising: Ivory Soap, circa 1930
85 2 Advertising: Lux Soap Flakes, circa 1930
85 3 Advertising: Putnam Home Made Brooder, circa 1910
85 45 Advertising: Woman advertising underwear or related product, circa 1945
92 34 Africa: Firestone Rubber Plantation (Cape Palmas, Liberia), 1926 [1 of 2]

Photographs document local people and the area of the plantation, as well as the white men who were on the construction and surveying crew. Includes photograph of the Russwurm Monument to slavery.

93 1 Africa: Firestone Rubber Plantation (Cape Palmas, Liberia), 1926 [2 of 2]
93 2 Africa: Two Muslim people praying at a mosque in Algeria, circa 1890-1910

Photographer: Alexandre Bougault

85 46 Art: James Van Der Zee and a group of unidentified people on a summertime excursion to the Bronx (New York), circa 1925
93 3 Barbers/beauticians: Augusta Harris, beauty operator at St. Clair Beauty Shop (San Antonio, Texas), 1940

Signed portrait. Includes newspaper clipping about her return to work after an extended trip.

85 47 Barbers/beauticians: Moderne Beauty Salon staff standing outside storefront, circa 1940
OP19 7 Barbers/beauticians: National Beauty Culturists League (Chicago, Illinois), graduating class, 1954
97 1 Buildings: Segregated neighborhood on Crosseley Avenue in Wyoming, Ohio, 1946
89 4 Buildings: Train station (Oklahoma?) with segregated waiting rooms (two men and a boy standing outside), undated
85 48 Businesses: Hale Brothers New Store (Cleveland, Ohio), furniture movers, circa 1920
OP19 4 Businesses: Half Moon Hotel (Coney Island, New York), staff, 1928
85 49 Businesses: Leo and Mike Lazare grocery store (Memphis, Tennessee)

Photographer: Hitchings Commercial Photographers

87 14 Businesses: Newsstand (Kansas City, Missouri), circa 1947
93 4 Businesses: Powell Funeral Home (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), 1927-1971

Includes two promotional calendars. Photographs by Smith's Photo Service (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) and Malcolm Poindexter, Jr. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

85 50 Businesses: Savannah Electric Company banquet, 1946 December
85 4 Caricature: Banned figurine, 1950
93 5 Children: African American boy shining the shoes of a white boy of similar age, circa 1910-1915
93 6 Children: White child and Black boy next to a Christmas tree, circa 1912
93 7 Children-Groups: Group of Black children posed and holding cameras, circa 1920

Photographer: Lollar's Studio (Birmingham, Alabama)

90 19 Circus/Side show: Richard Charles and Woogie Lucas as Princess Sahloo and Wago, Hubert's Museum, circa 1950
85 51 Comedy: Gordon C. Collins, comedian, dancer, and producer (Chilcothe, Missouri), undated
87 15 Comedy: Tim Moore, publicty still for "Rarin' to Go," 1924

Inscribed from Moore to Lucille Hegamin. Photographer: BERT

OP26 1 Dance: Supper club dancers at the Cotton Club (New York City, New York), circa 1935

Photographer: Rene Colbert (New York City, New York)

87 16 Disc jockeys/radio: KCOH (Houston, Texas), unidentified disc jockey, 1958
87 17 Disc Jockeys/radio: King Biscuit Time, KFFA 1360 (Helena, Arkansas), circa 1950

Includes Sonny Boy white corn meal sack

93 8 Education: Alabama State Normal School (Montgomery, Alabama), 1929
90 20 Education: Albion Academy (Franklinton, North Carolina), unidentified graduating class, undated
OP23 2 Education: Apex Beauty School graduation, 1949

Photographer: A. Hansen (New York, New York)

89 5 Education: Ballard Normal School (Macon, Georgia), circa 1920
90 21 Education: Class photograph, children are holding letters that spell Abraham Lincoln, 1924

Photographer: "Mr. Robertson, a white man"

90 22 Education: Ella J. Rice, 1954

Rice is pictured teaching a class of white children. Clipping on back of photo discusses desegregation of the school system. Photographer: Associated Press

90 23 Education: Fifth Street Primary School (Columbia, Pennsylvania), undated

Photographer: Joseph Hess (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

90 24 Education: Girl and boy reading a book together at Arlington Library (Cleveland, Ohio), 1966

Photographer: Ray Majestic, Chief Photographer, The Plain Dealer

OP22 1 Education: Harlem Public School #89 (New York, New York), class photo, 1923

Photographer: S. Gardner

89 6 Education: Kingfisher Separate Normal School (Oklahoma), 1913

Photographer: Bryant Normal Photo

85 52 Education: Malcolm X College (Chicago, Illinois), circa 1970 [1]
85 53 Education: Malcolm X College (Chicago, Illinois), circa 1970 [2]
85 54 Education: Malcolm X College (Chicago, Illinois), circa 1970 [3]
86 1 Education: Malcolm X College (Chicago, Illinois), circa 1970 [4]
86 2 Education: Malcolm X College (Chicago, Illinois), circa 1970 [5]
86 3 Education: Malcolm X College (Chicago, Illinois), circa 1970 [6]
93 9 Education: Santee School for colored children (South Carolina), 1937
89 7 Education: Schofield Normal and Industrial School (Aiken, South Carolina), 1883
OP26 2 Education: Selma University student body and graduates, 1936-1937

Photographer: Lindsay Studios (Jackson and Meridian, Mississippi)

87 19 Education: Students and teachers in classroom, circa 1895
93 10 Education: Students and teachers in a classroom, circa 1910

Photographer: Worthington Studio (Chicago, Illinois)

87 20 Education: Teacher's convention (Greenville, Texas), 1912

Photographer: L. Armstrong

93 11 Education: Texas College graduates (Tyler, Texas), circa 1925
OP19 3 Education: Unidentified girls' school with sign reading "I Will, I Can, I Wish," group photo, undated
85 8 Education: Virginia Normal and Industrial Institute, composite photograph, 1917 June
85 5 Expositions: American Negro Exposition (Chicago, Illinois), 1940
85 6 Expositions: "The Sun Shines Bright," tableau photograph of group listening to a banjo player, 1910

Possibly staged for a national exposition. Photographer: William, Rau (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

85 7 Exposititons: "Old Time Cabin," tableau portrait, undated

Possibly a promotional photograph for a national exposition. Photographer: Frances Benjamin Johnston

87 21 Families: Francis White Hughes, family photographs, circa 1920-1960 [1 of 2]
87 22 Families: Francis White Hughes, family photgraphs, circa 1920-1960 [2 of 2]
86 4 Families: The Freemans (Morton, Pennsylvania), 1905
85 9 Families: The Johnsons, an interracial family in Tatum's, Oklahoma, 1905
89 8 Families: Lightfoot family (Bowling Green, Kentucky and Indianapolis, Indiana), circa 1900-1940
93 12 Families: Portraits of the Conwell family and friends (Detroit, Michigan), 1942 [1 of 2]

Photographer: Allen E. Cole (Cleveland, Ohio)

93 13 Families: Portraits of the Conwell family and friends (Detroit, Michigan), 1942 [2 of 2]
OP19 1 Families: Unidentified family portrait, circa 1940-1945

Portrait depicts a mother and four children. Photographer: Gitchell's Studio (Charlottesville, Virginia)

93 14 Families: Unidentified family portrait, circa 1950

Portrait depicts a mother, father, daughter, and two sons sitting underneath a sign that reads "our home."

OP19 8 Groups: Group of three white photographers taking photographs of African Americans in a rural setting, circa 1912
93 15 Groups: Photographs by Rochelle Metcalfe and others (San Francisco, California), circa 1970s-1990s [1 of 14]

Rochelle Metcalfe was a photographer and columnist for the Sun Reporter and other Black newspapers. The photographs document Black life in San Francisco. Set includes photographs by Metcalfe and others. This folder consists mainly of photographs of music events. Includes letter from Senator Milton Marks to Metcalfe. Includes photograph by Roscoe Farmer, Jr.

94 1 Groups: Photographs by Rochelle Metcalfe and others (San Francisco, California), circa 1970s-1990s [2 of 14]

Music events.

94 2 Groups: Photographs by Rochelle Metcalfe and others (San Francisco, California), circa 1970s-1990s [3 of 14]

Mainly social gatherings and fashion events. Includes photo of Marcia Ann Gillespie. Includes photograph taken by George Newman for Roscoe Studio (San Francisco, California).

94 3 Groups: Photographs by Rochelle Metcalfe and others (San Francisco, California), circa 1970s-1990s [4 of 14]

Social gatherings, African American cultural events, and fashion shows. Includes photographs by Arthur R. Francis, (San Francisco, California), Heidi Reeve, and Roscoe Farmer, Jr.

94 4 Groups: Photographs by Rochelle Metcalfe and others (San Francisco, California), circa 1970s-1990s [5 of 14]

Music events and social gatherings.

94 5 Groups: Photographs by Rochelle Metcalfe and others (San Francisco, California), circa 1970s-1990s [6 of 14]

Music events and social gatherings. Includes photographs of Koko Taylor, Ashford & Simpson, Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, Oscar Peterson, and Martin Wyatt.

94 6 Groups: Photographs by Rochelle Metcalfe and others (San Francisco, California), circa 1970s-1990s [7 of 14]

Music events and social gatherings. Includes photographs of Shuggie Otis.

95 1 Groups: Photographs by Rochelle Metcalfe and others (San Francisco, California), circa 1970s-1990s [8 of 14]

Black history events, celebrations, dances, music events, sporting events, and famous figures and activists. Includes photographs of Edwin Moses, Cecil Williams, Jesse Jackson, Nate Thurmond, Willie Brown, Rosie Gaines, and GLIDE Memorial Church. Includes photographs taken by John D. Morris, M. P. (San Francisco, California) and Roscoe Farmer, Jr. (Roscoe Studio, San Francisco, California).

95 2 Groups: Photographs by Rochelle Metcalfe and others (San Francisco, California), circa 1970s-1990s [9 of 14]

Fashion shows, parties, and Black cultural events. Includes photographs taken by Everett Johnson and Arthur R. Francis (San Francisco, California).

95 3 Groups: Photographs by Rochelle Metcalfe and others (San Francisco, California), circa 1970s-1990s [10 of 14]
95 4 Groups: Photographs by Rochelle Metcalfe and others (San Francisco, California), circa 1970s-1990s [11 of 14]
95 5 Groups: Photographs by Rochelle Metcalfe and others (San Francisco, California), circa 1970s-1990s [12 of 14]

Musicians, music events, and dances. Includes photograph of Maxine Howard. Includes photographs taken by Maria Bainer and Roscoe Farmer, Jr. (Roscoe Studio, San Francisco, California).

95 6 Groups: Photographs by Rochelle Metcalfe and others (San Francisco, California), circa 1970s-1990s [13 of 14]
95 7 Groups: Photographs by Rochelle Metcalfe and others (San Francisco, California), circa 1970s-1990s [14 of 14]
OP26 3 Groups: Unidentified group of men and women, 1922 [Photographer: Paul Poole Studio (Atlanta, Georgia). Image appears in Black Atlanta in the Roaring Twenties by Herman Mason]
86 5 Groups: Unidentified group of people displaced by flooding (Cleveland, Mississippi), 1927
90 25 Groups: Women dressed in white and black dresses, holding bouquets and other items, undated

Photographer: D. Freeman (Washington, D.C.)

89 9 Groups: Women preparing lime for morter with overseer (Africa), circa 1870

Inscription on verso of photograph identifes women as enslaved.

88 1 Medical: "F.H.T.S. Night Nurses," 1912
88 2 Medical: Henry Rutherford Butler, circa 1896-1964

Includes correspondence

OP19 10 Medical: Mossell, Nathan Francis, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine graduating class photograph, 1882
96 1 Medical: Signed portrait of Albert A. Tennant, M. D., circa 1905

Photographer: Geo. O. Brown (Richmond, Virginia)

89 10 Men: Cleve McDowell (Oxford, Mississippi), 1963

McDowell was the second African American to enroll at the University of Mississippi. Newspaper clipping about his enrollment is adhered to verso of the photograph.

85 10 Men: Fred Jones, undated

Photographer: Cripss (Aiken, South Carolina)

85 11 Men: Graduates of Lincoln University (Pennsylvania), undated
85 12 Men: Man lying on the ground in a park with the legs of two other men holding him down; they are surrounded by musicians and others, circa 1960s

Photographer: Hal Yaeger (New York, New York)

85 13 Men: Matthew Henson, polar explorer, 1929
96 2 Men: Signed portrait of John Owens Luton, a college graduate from Alabama, circa 1930

Includes Luton's calling card and an invitation to the State Normal High School graduation. Photographer: Vithana Studios (New York, New York)

96 3 Men: Unidentified man pointing to sign that reads "Colored Restrooms," 1955
OP22 11 Men: Unidentified man sitting thoughtfully (rubbing his chin with his hand) at a piano, undated
89 11 Men: Wilbur Brassfield, undated

Photograph inscribed: "Keep a song in your soul."

96 4 Military: Art print of General Sheridan and cavalry generals at Dinwiddie Court House, Virginia, 1865

Albumen print after the artwork of James E. Taylor, circa 1910. Publisher: C. O. Buckingham (Washington, D.C.)

86 6 Military: Chaplain John R. Dungee, United States Army, circa 1945
86 7 Military: Charles Jackson French, 1942

Photographer: Acme Newspictures, Inc.

85 14 Military: Colonel Benjamin Davis, Sr., 369th Infantry, Camp Smith, New York, 1938
86 8 Military: George Rodgers, military policeman, undated

Includes presidential certificate honoring Rodgers' memory and service.

96 5 Military: Lieutenant Commander Samuel L. Gravely, Jr., United States Navy, 1962

Gravely was the first African American man to command a United States warship

96 6 Military: Photograph of the Battle of the Crater painting by John Adams Elder

Photographer: C. R. Rees (Petersburg, Virginia)

85 15 Military: Post-World War II parade, 1945
85 16 Military: Private George Daniels, circa 1944

Photograph includes "A Soldier's Prayer" inscribed on the front.

89 12 Military: Soldiers, 24th Division, United States Army (South Korea), 1950

Press caption adhered to verso of the photograph.

88 4 Military: Sherman W. White, Jr. (Lieutenant) and family, 1941-1942, 1986
85 17 Military: Spanish American War, unidentified cooks and teamsters, possibly in Tennessee, 1898
85 18 Military: Unidentified band, circa 1944

Band member nicknames are inscribed on the front of the photograph.

OP22 2 Military: United States Air Force, 3817 Base Service Squadron, 1949
96 7 Military: United States invasion of Haiti (Port au Prince, Milot, Cap-Haitien, and elsewhere in Haiti), 1914-1923

Includes postcards; most items inscribed on verso.

88 5 Military: War Camp Community Service (WCCS) Girls Division (Washington, D.C.), 1919

Photographer: Daniel Freeman Photo Studio

96 8 Military: World War II and Korean War (Fort Campbell, Kentucky; MacDill Field, Florida; Hoquiam, Washington; Yangpyeong, South Korea, and elsewhere in South Korea), 1944-1952 [1 of 2]
96 9 Military: World War II and Korean War (Fort Campbell, Kentucky; MacDill Field, Florida; Hoquiam, Washington; Yangpyeong, South Korea, and elsewhere in South Korea), 1944-1952 [2 of 2]
OP19 5 Minstrels/black face: Georgia Minstrels, circa 1915

Photographer: Bert's Studio [Bert E. Weatherwax] (Kansas City, Missouri)

85 19 Music: Chuck Berry, promotional image for "Maybellene," 1955
86 9 Music: The Glenarm Branch YMCA Youth Band (Denver, Colorado), circa 1910

Includes 1924 brochure.

96 10 Music: Jazz musicians, singers, and dancers at the Sunset Lounge (West Palm Beach, Florida), circa 1953

Photographer: Lee Brian

90 26 Music: Male singer and piano player performing for all white patrons in a bar, undated
OP26 4 Music: Metropolitan Negro Choral Union, "Chorus of 1000 Voices," Madison Square Garden (New York, New York), 1931

Photographer: Standard Flashlight Co. (New York, New York)

88 7 Music: The Mississippi Four, WDGY (Minneapolis, Minnesota), circa 1939
96 11 Music: Orphan boys' school band with sign, "We are struggling to be better boys! Help us!," circa 1910
86 10 Music: Peter Smith and His Knoxville, Tennessee Band, undated
90 27 Music: Robinson's Syncopators, undated
88 6 Music: Roland Hayes, undated

Includes sheet music for "Water Boy: A Negro Convict Song," 1922

96 12 Music: Stevie Wonder, first appearance at the Apollo Theater (Harlem, New York City, New York), 1962

Photographer: attributed to William "Popsie" Randolph

90 28 Music: Two femal adults and two female children with musical instruments, undated
96 13 Nannies: Black mammies with their white charges, circa 1915

Two photographs inscribed on verso: "Alberta and Bo."

96 14 Nannies: Black mammies with their white charges, circa 1940s
86 11 Nannies: Unidentified nanny holding baby, circa 1910
86 12 Nightclubs: Fifth Avenue Ballroom (Chicago, Illinois), circa 1950
88 8 Nightclubs: Fifith Avenue Ballroom (Chicago, Illinois), circa 1954
86 13 Occupations: Attendant at furniture display, unidentified man, circa 1890
86 14 Occupations: Bartender holding sack of money, unidentified man, undated

Photographer: Brantley's of Nashville

86 15 Occupations: Brickyard workers, unidentified (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), circa 1910
85 20 Occupations: Chauffeur, unidentified, (Baltimore, Maryland), circa 1915-1920

Photographer: Nolan and Zimmerman

86 16 Occupations: Chef, Allen Jones, undated
86 17 Occupations: "Le Chef Francais," unidentified chef aboard shipt, circa 1900
85 21 Occupations: Chef and waiter, unidentified, railway hotel in the South, 1918
86 18 Occupations: Cook, unidentified man, undated [1]
86 19 Occupations: Cook, unidentified man, undated [2]

Three photographs of the same man, one of which also includes a second cook or waitress.

85 22 Occupations: Cooking barbeque, unidentified men, circa 1920

Photographer: Julius Kruter

85 23 Occupations: Cooking barbeque for a picnic, unidentified people, circa 1910
86 20 Occupations: Cooks, unidentified men, undated
85 24 Occupations: The Council de L'Ordre de Avocate (Haiti), circa 1938-1939

Photographer: Henry Stark

86 21 Occupations: Delivery truck driver, unidentified (Media, Pennsylvania), circa 1940
86 22 Occupations: Diner staff, unidentified, circa 1950s
86 23 Occupations: Food service or domestic worker holding a kitten, unidentified woman, undated
85 25 Occupations: Food service worker, unidentified, circa 1910
96 15 Occupations: Hotel attendant and drivers for Haddon Hall-Chalfonte (Atlantic City, New Jersey), circa 1915
85 26 Occupations: Hotel waiters and dishwashers, unidentified, circa 1915
86 24 Occupations: Hotel waitstaff, unidentified (New York, New York), circa 1945
86 25 Occupations: Hotel worker in uniform, unidentified woman (Atlanta, Georgia), circa 1910

Photographer: McDonnell

86 26 Occupations: Housekeeper, unidentified, 1919
86 27 Occupations: Institutional waitstaff, unidentified, circa 1900
85 27 Occupations: Maids, unidentified, "Youngest Aviator" annual baby parade, 1915

Photographer: George Cole

86 28 Occupations: Medical attendants, unidentified, Bennett College (Greensboro, North Carolina), circa 1920
88 9 Occupations: "Peet and the Stable Boys" (Jamaica, New York), circa 1910

Photographer: C.A. Purchase

85 28 Occupations: Photographer, Clarke (Memphis, Tennessee), self portrait, circa 1940s
85 29 Occupations: Police man, unidentified (Atlantic City, New Jersey), 1940
88 10 Occupations: Pullman porter inside a train station, circa 1910
85 30 Occupations: Pullman porter/waiter, unidentified, Norfolk and Western Rarilroad dining car, 1896
88 11 Occupations: Pullman porters, The Senator, circa 1930

Photographer: Jacob W. Wolf

85 31 Occupations: Railroad workers and engineers, unidentified, circa 1900
96 16 Occupations: Three restaurant employees next to large barrel that reads "Liberty Root Beer," circa 1915
96 17 Occupations: Two Black farmers plowing behind an ox in a field, circa 1920

Inscription: "This is the way they plow in Georgia, they were getting the soil ready for rice. I was out on the road and a Negro says to me How much would the lady charge to get my picture taken. He said I got a nickle and that he often wanted his picture taken. The cow's name was Billy and Billy didn't like that."

86 29 Occupations: Various, undated

Photographs in this folder appear to have been removed from the same photo album and depict a furniture maker, clothing maker, lathe operator, wood worker, printer, and brick layers. The location and the men in the photographs are unidentified.

86 30 Occupations: Waiter, unidentified, serving a table of white women, circa 1900
86 32 Occupations: Waiters and restaurant attendants, unidentified, circa 1940 [13 photographs]
86 31 Occupations: Waiters or cooks, unidentified, undated
96 18 Organizations: African American Boy Scouts, Troop 14 (Orange, New Jersey), 1969-1975

Includes photographs by DuValier Studio and Quality Photo Studio

96 19 Organizations: Beau Brummel Social Club (Kansas City, Missouri) group photograph, 1946

Photographer: Robert L. Anderson

OP19 11 Organizations: The Big Smoker, 25th annual stag dinner (Orange, New Jersey), 1963 November 15

Photographer: Central Photo Flash (New York, New York). James Farmer was guest speaker.

96 20 Organizations: Chi Rho Gamma chapter of Gradale Sorority (Baltimore, Maryland) posing at a dance party, 1954

Includes flyer for the sock hop

96 21 Organizations: Convention headquarters of the Supreme Camp of the American Woodsman, circa 1950
89 13 Organizations: Cosmopolitan Club 25 (Wisconsin), undated
89 14 Organizations: Freemasons, group photo including G. W. Turner, unidentified lodge (Seattle, Washington), undated
96 22 Organizations: La Bonnie's Social Club (Harlem, New York City, New York), 1945

Photographer: Smalls Art Photo Studio (New York City, New York)

86 33 Organizations: Order of ODD Fellows, undated
96 23 Organizations: Order of Odd Fellows dressed in ritualistic regalia, circa 1920
OP19 2 Organizations: The Tuxedo Club (Cleveland, Ohio), banquet, 1931 June 12
90 29 Organizations: United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners Local 2066 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

On verson: Wannamaker Kennedy

85 32 Organizations: Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA), business course, 1906

Photographer: Strain (?)

89 15 Politics and politicians: Progressive Party, campaign event, 1948

Photographer: Kraman Studio (Vineland, New Jersey)

88 12 Press photographs: Formerly enslaved individuals, 1967-1974

Photographer: Ricardo Ferro

97 2 Racial stereotype: Photograph trade card of scenes of Africa, 1867

Italian advertisement for Liebig's meat extract on verso. Publisher: Liebig

85 33 Religion: Bethel A.M.E. Church (Detroit, Michigan), 1925
90 30 Religion: C.C. Dunlop (Reverend), undated

Pastor of Bethel A.M.E. Church (West Chester, Pennsylvania)

88 13 Religion: C.R. Walker (Revernd), with congregants in caps and gowns, Central Baptist Church (Harlem, New York, New York), circa 1945

Photographer: Bill Loeser

85 34 Religion: Edward Clayton Martin, "The Shoeless Prophet," circa 1929

Martin was a follower of Father Divine.

89 16 Religion: First African Methodist Episcopal Church (Seattle, Washington), choir, circa 1940-1943
97 3 Religion: Interior of an African American church with large painting of Jesus depicted as a Black man on wall behind pulpit, circa 1950
86 34 Religion: "A Little Child Shall Set Them Free," children's Sunday school (British Guyana), circa 1910

Photographer: Verwayen

89 17 Religion: M. L. Kennedy (Harlem, New York, New York), 1940

Photographer: A. Hansen

97 4 Religion: Ministers Junius C. Austin and Herman Gore (Cairo, Egypt), 1934
97 5 Religion: Officers (identified) and deacons of the First Baptist Church (Frankford, Kentucky), circa 1933-1936

One photo by Cusick Studio (Frankfort, Kentucky). Includes certificate presented to church member in appreciation of a donation.

86 35 Religion: Preacher, Maurice Naccache (New York, New York), undated
85 35 Religion: Professor J.A. Tomlinson, praying to the Goddess of Numbers (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), 1934
89 18 Religion: Puget Sound African Methodist Episcopal Conference (Everett, Washington), 1908
97 6 Religion: Reverend C. Moore, circa 1915
97 7 Religion: Reverend Daniel Brooks of the Methodist Episcopal Church (High Point, North Carolina), circa 1910

Brooks was the founder and first minister of the Brooks Memorial Church (High Point, North Carolina).

97 8 Religion: Reverend E. W. Jones (Chattanooga, Tennessee) of Friendship P. B. Church (Bridgeport, Alabama), 1920
86 36 Religion: Reverend G.M. Griffin, Pastor Thomson Circuit, C.M.E. Church (Thomson, Georgia), undated
97 9 Religion: Reverend Hammons of Sampson Chapel (Indianapolis, Indiana), 1901
85 36 Religion: Reverend Kemp, 1918-1919

Includes a copy of his "Baseball Sermon."

97 10 Religion: Reverend R. Tillman of New Bethel Baptist Church (Dayton, Ohio), 1931

Inscribed on verso: "Mailed to me by Elder G. T. Ward from Dayton, Ohio."

97 11 Religion: Reverend S. A. Snuggs, B. D. (Newport News, Virginia), circa 1920
90 31 Religion: Robert Burke (Reverend), undated

Divinity student at Lincoln University

85 37 Religion: Sufi Adbul Hamid (Eugene Brown), 1936

News report of his death adhered to verso of photograph.

86 37 Religion: Unidentified congregation (?), undated
86 38 Religion: Unidentified priest, circa 1935
97 12 Slave quarters: Rear view of slave quarters at the home of George Washington (Mount Vernon, Virginia), 1901
90 32 Sports: A. Morris, track and field, undated
97 13 Sports: African American trainer next to white jockey S. O'Donnell astride his horse Mike Hall at Agua Caliente Race Track (Tijuana, Mexico), 1931
97 14 Sports: Basketball player Don Barksdale, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), 1947
90 33 Sports: Bob Grier, undated

Grier was the first African American man to play football in the Sugar Bowl.

85 38 Sports: Ed Gordon, gold medalist, long jump, 1932
88 14 Sports: Engel Stadium (Chattanooga, Tennessee), "colored entrance," 1952
97 15 Sports: Football player Jimmy Johnson, cornerback for the San Francisco 49ers
97 16 Sports: Football player Nat Northington, tailback, signing a football grant-in-aid with the University of Kentucky (Lexington, Kentucky), 1965

Photographer: Associated Press

97 17 Sports: Football player Ron Sayers at Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois), 1969

Photographer: Joe Kordick with the Chicago Sun-Times. Newspaper clipping attached to verso.

97 18 Sports: Fred Williamson, Frank Gifford, and Howard Cosell on NFL Monday Night Football, 1974

Photographer: American Broadcasting Company

97 19 Sports: Hosea Richardson, first African American jockey in Florida, 1951
97 20 Sports: Joe Louis, photograph, undated
85 39 Sports: Josh Gibson, "The Black Babe Ruth," 1940
97 21 Sports: Shaw University (Raleigh, North Carolina) college football team, circa 1925
86 39 Sports: Unidentified college football team, circa 1940s

Photographer: Charles Stewart, Jr. (Chicago, Illinois)

85 40 Theatre: Actors in classical costume, 1915

Photographer: Clarke

88 15 Theatre: Gertrude Saunders, circa 1929
88 16 Theatre: Shelton LeRoy Brooks, 1921
OP26 5 Theatre: Theatrical photograph of a white actor portraying Abraham Lincoln, with his arm around a young Black boy portraying an enslaved person, circa 1940
85 41 Theatre: Theodore Pankey, vaudeville performer, circa 1910-1915
88 17 Women: "Artistic Portrait of a Pensive Young Woman," circa 1920

Photographer: Arthur P. Bedou

90 34 Women: Gretchen Branche, 1933

Headshot for Lew Leslie's "Blackbirds 1933." Photographer: De Barron (New York, New York)

89 19 Women: Nancy Freeman, 1892

Identified by Langmuir as having been formerly enslaved.

90 35 Women: Two unidentified women, one appears to be wearing an apron, circa 1900
85 42 Women: Unidentified woman, circa 1925

Photographer: Vithana Studios (Harlem, New York)

89 20 Women: Unidentified woman on graduation day from Keith School (Chicago, Illinois), 1932
97 22 Women: Unidentified woman with a camera taking pictures at an event, circa 1950

Photographer: American Candid Photo (Spaulding Avenue, Los Angeles, California)

Photograph Albums
97 23 Education: Photo albums of integrated classes at Douglas School (Peoria, Illinois), 1940-1942

Photographer: Robertson and Goetz Studio

97 24 Families/groups: Photo album of an African American family, their car, and an African American baseball team, circa 1940s

Photographer: Pearlsen's Photo Service (Laurens, South Carolina)

97 25 Agriculture: "Old-time Cotton Press" building (Tarboro, North Carolina?), circa 1915
97 26 Barbers/beauticians: Two women and children posing in front of the Metropolitan Hair Store (Central Avenue, Los Angeles, California), circa 1910

Text below store sign reads "J. H. Cuffee Prop."

88 18 Buildings: Amanda Smith Industrial Home (Harvey, Illinois), circa 1899-1917

Includes letter from Smith to Mrs. Burdette

86 40 Businesses: The Matthews Hotel (Akron, Ohio), circa 1930s

Photograph depicts staff in front of hotel building.

86 41 Businesses: Mrs. Butler's Lunch Room, undated
97 27 Education: Haines Normal Institute (Augusta, Georgia), class photo, Georgia-Carolina State Fair, and the M.M.C. Club of Women, 1913-1914
88 19 Medical: "Dr. Herben's Study" (New York, New York), circa 1915
97 28 Men: Young man posing in cowboy costume at a studio, circa 1915
97 29 Military: James Long, United States Navy, 1919

Photographer: C. B. Wagoner (Phoebus, Buckroe Beach, Virginia)

86 42 Military: World War I, Gendarmes Haitian, circa 1914-1918
86 43 Military: World War I, unidentified soldiers, circa 1914-1918 [3 postcards]
86 44 Music: Antioch Female Gospel Singers, undated

Photographer: Pasadena Photo Studio (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

88 20 Music: Jenkins Negro Orphanage Band (Charleston, South Carolina), circa 1905
89 21 Music: Louis Jordan with unidentified group, undated

Postcard inscribed: "To Mrs. and Mrs. Black Panther, Wilbur Brassfield"

86 45 Music: Southern Lighthouse Singers, undated
86 46 Music: The Southernaires, undated
86 47 Music: Unidentified gospel group, 1923
86 48 Music: Unidentified gospel groups, undated [2 postcards]
86 49 Occupations: Cook (?), Vernetta Sewell (Saratoga Springs, New York), undated
86 50 Occupations: Dentist, Dr. E.O. Massey (St. Louis, Missouri), 1934
86 51 Occupations: Disc Jockey, "Geneial Gene," WGIV (Birmingham, Alabama), 1951

Autographed postcard

86 52 Occupations: Disc Jockey, Jack Holmes, WLOW (Savannah, Georgia), undated

Autographed postcard

86 53 Occupations: Disc Jockey, Milt Nixon, Dave Riddick, and Bob King, WRAP (Norolk, Virginia), undated
86 54 Occupations: Disc Jockey, Paul Motley, KFSC (Denver, Colorado), undated
86 55 Occupations: English-speaking guide at Luxor, Mohamed Abouti, 1929
86 56 Occupations: Painter, unidentified, undated

Photograph labeled "Dry-As-A-Hoss"

86 57 Occupations: Undertaker, B. Wanzo (Toldedo, Ohio), 1920

Wanzo was the first African American undertaker in Toledo.

96 24 Organizations: Order of Odd Fellows dressed in ritualistic regalia, circa 1910
88 21 Organizations: Phillis Wheatley Association (Cleveland, Ohio), circa 1910
86 58 Patriotic: Black nurses carrying flag in parade, circa 1917
86 59 Patriotic: Fall River, Massachusetts Fourth of July parade float, 1914
97 30 Portraits: Sarah and Solomon posing at photo studio, circa 1910
97 31 Racial stereotype: Four men wearing costumes depicting various racial stereotypes, standing at the entrance of the Midget Studio (Columbus, Ohio), circa 1915

Inscribed on verso: "Smith boys."

97 32 Racial stereotype: Postcard salesman's sample set of "Dixieland" postcards, circa 1930-1965

Publisher: Asheville Postcard Company (Asheville, North Carolina)

97 33 Racial stereotype: "Uncle Rastus" postcard and private mailing card, circa 1910

Publisher: Detroit Publishing Company

88 22 Religion: A.M.E. Church (Boston, Massachusetts), circa 1915
89 21 Religion: Brother Welch, pastor (Malvern, Arkansas), circa 1910
86 60 Religion: Children outside Galilee Mission Restaurant and Reading Club (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), circa 1915
86 61 Religion: "Deacon Kelsey in a typical singing post, Lewis Turpentine Still and Plantation, Brooksville, Florida," undated
86 62 Religion: Group baptism (New Bern, North Carolina), 1907
97 34 Religion: John W. Barney, twelve-year-old minister (Tampa, Florida), circa 1940
97 35 Religion: L. L. Grasty, female evangelist (North Carolina?), circa 191
88 23 Religion: National Campground (West Middlesex, Pennsylvania), undated

One postcard has a letter on the verso

86 63 Religion: Reverend T.H. Harris, undated
86 64 Religion: Unidentified preachers, undated [4 postcards]
87 1 Agriculture and leisure in the South, circa 1875 [10 photographs]

Photographer: Kilburn Brothers (Littleton, New Hampshire)

90 37 Theatre: Two unidentified male performers, undated

Photographer: Louie Langley (Atlantic City, New Jersey)

90 38 Theatre: Unidentified male performer, undated

Photographer: Wilkie's Photograph Gallery (New York, New York)