Fannie Lee Leverette scrapbooks, circa 1900-1948

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Leverette, Fannie Lee.
Title: Fannie Lee Leverette scrapbooks, circa 1900-1948
Call Number:Manuscript Collection No.135
Extent: 1 microfilm reel (MF)
Abstract:Microfilm copy of four scrapbooks kept by Georgia public school teacher and journalist Fannie Lee Leverette which include letters, photographs, clippings, and memorabilia documenting Miss Leverette's personal life and professional career.
Language:Materials entirely in English.

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Loaned for reproduction, 1978.


[after identification of item(s)], Fannie Lee Leverette scrapbooks, Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library, Emory University.


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Collection Description

Biographical Note

Fannie Lee Leverette (circa 1869-1956), a public school teacher and journalist, was born in Eatonton, Putnam County, Georgia. Leverette was the daughter of Frank Leverette and Mary Ella Wyatt Leverette. She was educated in the public schools of Eatonton and at Wesleyan College, and taught in the public schools of Eatonton (circa l904-1914), Social Circle (circa 1915-circa 1924), and Thomson (circa 1925-circa 1940). She also served as assistant editor of the Eatonton Messenger and as Eatonton correspondent for the Macon Telegraph, the Atlanta Journal, the Savannah Morning News, and the Augusta Chronicle.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of a microfilm copy of four scrapbooks kept by Fannie Lee Leverette from 1900-1948. The scrapbooks include letters, photographs, clippings, and memorabilia documenting Miss Leverette's personal life and professional career. Major portions of the scrapbooks relate to Eatonton, Miss Leverette's home, and to Thomson and Social Circle. Included are letters, articles, and photographs relating to the family of Joel Chandler Harris, of Eatonton houses and people, and articles by Miss Leverette about the history of Eatonton.

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Container List

Scrapbook 1
Box Folder Content
MF1 1 Photo and clippings re Fannie Lee Leverette (page 2)
MF1 1 Photos of people and places in Eatonton (page 5)
MF1 1 Poems, photos (page 7-8)
MF1 1 FLL's "biography" (page 10)
MF1 1 Information about Eatonton, friends, and family (pages 11-13)
MF1 1 Postcards and notes re Joel Chandler Harris and family (pages 15-16)
MF1 1 Letters and articles re Gov. John M. Slaton (page 17)
MF1 1 FLL articles re Eatonton (pages 23-25)
MF1 1 Articles re Eatonton (pages 27-29)
MF1 1 Eatonton (pages 31-32)
MF1 1 Western trip (pages 33-36)
MF1 1 FLL newspaper articles (pages 37-38)
MF1 1 Photos and notes re Social Circle, Ga. (page 40)
MF1 1 Postcard views of Eatonton (page 44)
MF1 1 Family photos (pages 49-53)
MF1 1 Letter from Joel Chandler Harris, Jr. (December 6, 1948) (insert) (page 54)
MF1 1 Leverette article re William H. Seward's connection with Putnam County (page 56)
MF1 1 Leverette article on Joel Chandler Harris's mother (page 60)
MF1 1 Photos, etc. re Turnwold and JCH (pages 61-66)
MF1 1 Letter of JCH to FLL, April 15, 1901 (page 63)
MF1 1 Letter of "Essie" LaRose Harris, August 4, 1918 (page 64)
MF1 1 Article and 3 letters of Esther LaRose Harris (page 65)
MF1 1 Georgia's historic highways (page 71)
MF1 1 Georgia Press trip (pages 76-79)
MF1 1 Unveiling of monument to Uncle Remus in Eatonton; article of death of FLL's mother (page 81)
MF1 1 Personal and family photos, history, and genealogy (page 83-)
Scrapbook 2
MF1 2 Postcards and clippings re history of Georgia and the Confederacy
MF1 2 Letter, March 24, 1930, from Evelyn Harris (page 7)
MF1 2 Two notes (1918 and 1922) from Esther LaRose Harris (pages 7-8)
MF1 2 Photos and postcards from FLL's Texas trip with article by FLL on Mirabeau Lamar (page 10)
MF1 2 “Around and About Atlanta" by FLL (page 30)
MF1 2 "A Woman's View of the World of Politics" by FLL (page 31)
MF1 2 Article on Georgia plantation "Hilltops" by FLL (page 33)
MF1 2 Article (by Susan Myrick) about James 0. Cooper, Conductor on the Central of Georgia Railroad between Eatonton and Macon for 45 years (page 40)
MF1 2 "Some Remembrances of Judge John M. Dooly, An Early Georgian," by FLL (page 46)
MF1 2 Article on William H. Crawford, by FLL (page 48)
MF1 2 Articles on Putnam County history (pages 51-57)
MF1 2 Article on George M. Troup; note (June 22, 1914) from M. L. Brittain (page 60)
MF1 2 "Oldest Road in Georgia" (page 64)
Scrapbook 3 (Pages not numbered; mainly FLL's teaching career in Thomson, Ga.)
MF1 3 Family photographs, poems
MF1 3 Two letters of M. D. Collins, State superintendent of schools, July 8 and September 9, 1940
MF1 3 Clippings about and letter (May 22, 1940) from Congressman Cal Vinson
MF1 3 Letter from James A. Farley, November 23, 1940
MF1 3 Letter from Lucien Harris, December 1, 1948
MF1 3 Letter from James A. Farley, December 27, 1940, and autographed photo
MF1 3 Letter from Julian LaRose Harris, December 6, 1948
MF1 3 Photograph of Captain John S. Reid of Eatonton
MF1 3 Letter from James M. Cox, January 20, 1941
MF1 3 Family and personal photographs
MF1 3 Photographs of students from Thomson
MF1 3 Photographs of black servants
MF1 3 Photographs of Thomson, Ga.
MF1 3 Photograph and story re Leverette home in Eatonton
MF1 3 Reminiscences of "Grandma Mary" Harris
MF1 3 "Mental Album" of FLL
MF1 3 FLL's genealogy
MF1 3 Record of "family tragedies", including deaths of several family members at hands of their servants
MF1 3 Photographs of Eatonton and Thomson
MF1 3 Photographs re Thomas E. Watson
MF1 3 Photos re T. C. Martie of Thomson
MF1 3 Photos of Augusta
Scrapbook 4 (Pages not numbered)
MF1 4 Clippings by and about FLL
MF1 4 Christmas and greeting cards
MF1 4 Photos of Maggie Adam Harvey, mother of Leland Harvey, photo and article re Margery Harris Leonard Barber;
MF1 4 Letters from President Woodrow Wilson (November 14, 1912), Governor John M. Slaton (September 15, 1913), Sarah Grant Slaton, (February 6, 1914), and Esther LaRose Harris (July 27, 1889)
MF1 4 Photos of Rock Eagle Park near Eatonton
MF1 4 Photos of parents and home in Eatonton, and letter (November 20, 1935) from Martha Berry
MF1 4 Photos of students, Cousin Frances Hearn, and servant, and letter from W. P. Collins
MF1 4 Testimonials re teaching of Fannie Lee Leverette
MF1 4 Photos and cards from her students, photos of Thomson schools
MF1 4 Family and personal photos
MF1 4 Photos of Eatonton and Thomson and Social Circle
MF1 4 Photos of the Knox Hotel in Thomson
MF1 4 Photos of Eatonton, family, friends, black servants
MF1 4 Photo of Eatonton group with airplane, "The Butterfly," in 1911
MF1 4 Photos of Thomson
MF1 4 Photos of "Hickory Hill"
MF1 4 Letters from Carl Vinson