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Title: Literary miscellany collection, circa 1795-1995
Call Number:Manuscript Collection No. 1381
Extent: 1.5 linear feet (3 boxes), 1 oversized papers box (OP), 1 bound volume (BV), and AV Masters: 0.25 linear feet (1 box)
Abstract:This artificial collection is comprised of individual manuscripts or small collections of material relating to poets, novelists, and other authors.
Language:Materials entirely in English.

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Special restrictions apply: Use copies have not been made for some audiovisual material in this collection. Researchers must contact the Rose Library in advance for access to this material.

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Gift, prior to 1955, with subsequent additions.


[after identification of item(s)], Literary miscellany collection, Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library, Emory University.


Initially arranged and described at the folder level by Sarah Quigley, December 2016 and July 2017.

This collection contains material that was originally part of Miscellaneous Collections A-B and D-E. In 2016-2017, these collections were discontinued and the contents dispersed amongst other collections by subject or provenance to improve accessibility. Box 1 and Box 2, folders 1-31 were originally part of Miscellaneous Collection E, Literary manuscripts. Some materials in box 3 were originally part of Miscellaneous Collections A-B and D.

The Rose Library continues to acquire material for this collection from multiple sources and regularly adds new items.

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Collection Description

Scope and Content Note

This artificial collection is comprised of individual manuscripts or small collections of material relating to poets, novelists, and other authors. Most items are letters between authors and their associates, though there are some literary works as well. Authors in the collection are primarily British and American and include Edwin Arnold, Robert Burns, Flannery O'Connor, Paul Francis Farmer, William Miller, and J. Francis Turner among others.

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Arranged in alphabetical order.

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3 1 Aldrich, Tomas Bailey (1836-1907), letter to "Dear Sir," 1886 March 1
1 1 Alexander, Samuel (1859-1938), letter to "Dear Montague," undated

Alexander was a philosopher and professor at Manchester University. The letter is concerned with "art...and 'sex theory.'"

1 2 Allmond, Marcus Blakey (1851-1909), "Agricola, an Idyl," typed copy of poem including title page made 1934 April

Includes biographical note.

3 2 Arnold, Edwin (1832-1904), letter from Amelia Arnold to unidentified "sir," 1906 July 29

Letter discusses Sir Edwin Arnold and his friendship with his sister-in-law and gives a glimpse at the personal side of Arnold in his later years.

1 3 Arnold, Edwin (1832-1904, London?), letter to unidentified person, 1900 October 6

Letter concerns Eastern music; was originally found in a book by Edwin Arnold in the Rose Library.

1 4 Arnold, Edwin (1832-1904), manuscript of "Muhammad's Journey to Heaven" from Pearls of the Faith, circa 1883

Edwin Arnold was born and educated in England. He spent several years in India as the principal of the government Sanskrit college at Poona before returning to England in 1861 and joining the staff of the Daily Telegraph. He was better known for his poetry than his journalism.

1 5 Arnold, Matthew, letter to Rennell Rodd, 1887 June 29

Letter concerns Arnold reading Rodd's poetry.

1 6 Avary, Myrta Lockett (1857-1946), writings, broadsides, and correspondence, undated

Included are "Addenda (Final) Memoirs," a piece beginning "A recent article in the FORUM...," two drafts of one beginning "India's indifference...," "Memoirs of His Mother," "Memoirs Addenda," "Relations with the Christian Herald," "Success Magazine," "The Way Opener," "Visit to Atlanta," and one piece beginning "My employer laid a letter on my desk...." There are also three promotional broadsides for Dixie After the War and her Joel Chandler Harris pamphlet.

3 3 Bates, Katharine Lee (Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts), letter to (?) Durant, 1909 November 29
1 7 Belloc, Bessie Rayner, letter to her cousin Dr. Francis Orme, 1900 October 10
3 4 Benelli, Sem (Zoagli, Italy), letter to George Raffalovich, 1924 February 27

Letter in Italian. Benelli writes that he has agreed, apparently with reluctance and at Mussolini's insistence, to be a candidate for Parliament. He invites Raffalovich to visit him and responds to an inquiry about Tignola with criticism of Frezzolini and says the latter has never understood his work.

3 5 Bennett, Arnold (1867-1931), letter to George Doran, 1930 December 9

Also includes clipping with photograph of Bennett.

1 8 Black Sun Press, broadside, 1955
1 9 Boner, John Henry (1845-1903), "In the Organ Loft (To a Poetess)," holograph poem, undated
1 10 Bright, John (1811-1889; London, England), letter to H. F. Jordan (Boston, Massachusetts), 1881 March 24
3 6 Broxap, Ernest, letter to Cann Hughes (Manchester, England), 1923 January 6

Removed from Woodruff Library copy of The Place Names of Lancashire. See also: Tait, James, letter to Cann Hughes, 1923 October 1.

3 7 Bryant, William Cullen (New York, New York), letter to Richard D. Arnold (Doctor), 1843 August

Letter conveying a "homoeopathic pharmacopoeia." Bryant explains the numbering on the vials and explains the use of the contents. Also includes a photograph of Bryant as an old man.

3 8 Buck, Pearl S., autographed invitation to her 77th birthday party, 1969 June 25
1 11 Bulwer, Sir William Henry Lytton (?), letter to unidentified recipient, undated

Letter of regret declining invitation.

3 46 Bulwer-Lytton, Edward (England), letters and photograph, circa 1834-1859
1 12 Burns, Robert (1759-1796), manuscript of poem "Forlorn, My Love," undated
1 13 Burns, Robert (1759-1796), supplemental materials for "Forlorn, My Love," undated
3 9 Caldwell, Taylor, letter to Mary V. Elzemeyer (Buffalo, New York), 1969 October 19
1 14 Carman, Bliss (Cambridge, Massachusetts?), letter to Howard Pyle, 1984 April 30

Letter originally found in volume of Carman's Poems during cataloging.

OP1 2 Chesney, Maude C. (Topeka, Kansas), autobiographical poetry scrapbook, 1874-1899

The scrapbook contains numerous manuscript poems by Chesney as well as photographs and images cut from books or magazines.

2 33 Coleridge, Sarah F., letter to Edward Moxon (?), 1843 December 5
3 41 Correspondence about and transcribed poems by May M. Duffee sent to Miss Willie Spann, Jackson, Mississippi, 1949
3 10 Cotterell, Geoffrey, autograph and clipping, 1951
1 15 Crosby Editions, broadside, 1932
1 16 Cullen, John (Oxford, Mississippi), correspondence with King Gustav VI of Sweden, 1950 December

Photocopies. Letter to King Gustav thanks him for giving a literary prize to William Faulkner and invites him to a hunting party in Mississippi. Response is from "His Majesty's Private Secretary," Erik Sjoqvist

1 17 Davies, Rhys (1901-1978; Wales), letters to Reginald Addyes-Scott, Esq. (England), 1944 December 23 and 31

Comments on Elizabeth Dyers A Well Full of Fables?

3 42 "Days of 1960," poem typescript, annotated, possibly by Derek Mahon, undated
1 18 De Nervaud, Marie V., letter to James Shields (Philadelphia), 1929 January 15
1 19 Dickens, Charles (1812-1870; London, England), letter to Henry Glassford Bell (Edinburgh, Scotland), 1857 November 11
1 20 Dobson, Austin (1840-1921; Ealing, London, England), letter to "My dear G.," 1907 March 5

Letter concerns comparing recent editions of the "Burney Diary" with the first edition "to ascertain what is new."

1 21 Dresser, H. E. (London, England), letter to Elliot Stock, Esq., 1872 December 6

Dresser was a British Ornithologist and co-author with R. B. Sharpe, Librarian to the Zoological Society of London, of A History of the Birds of Europe Including all the Species Inhabiting the Western Paleartic Region.

3 11 Dykes, James Oswald, letter from J. Matheson (?), 1886 September 7

Matheson reports seeing, in the "old Church of Wensley," in Yorkshire, a brass effigy of a former rector who died in 1603 named Oswaldus Dykes.

3 43 "Eight Important Modern Poets," Harper and Brothers catalog, undated
1 22 English, Thomas Dunn (1819-1902), typed first stanza of "Ben Bolt," 1895 March 11

Also includes photograph of English

1 23 Evans, Margaret Florence, typescript of "The High History of the Holy Graal," poem, undated

Former Emory student.

1 24 Farmer, Paul Francis (1903-), correspondence, 1959-1979

Farmer was a Georgia scholar and educator who wrote the first chapter, "Introducing American Literature," in The United States in Literature, a high school English textbook. He received a Master's Degree in English from Emory University, then served as adviser to the student newspaper The Tatler at Boys' High School (Atlanta, Georgia), as a coordinator of language arts for the Atlanta Public Schools, and as a consultant in the teaching of English at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Some of these letters are from literary figures that Farmer contacted in preparation of his introduction to The United States in Literature while others are personal. Correspondents include Conrad Potter Aiken, Oxford University Press, Erskine Caldwell, Willa Sibert Cather, Thomas Hopkins English, Esther Forbes, Cornerlia Forbes, Bryan MacMahon, Flannery O'Connor, Conrad Richter, Archibald Hamilton Rutledge, Willaim Saroyan, Cosette Saroyan, Karl Jay Shapiro, Jesse Stuart, and Robert Penn Warren.

1 25 Farmer, Paul Francis (1903-), James Knight correspondence, 1935-1936

Knight was editor of The Tatler, the student newspaper of Boys' High School (Atlanta, Georgia) in the 1930s. These letters are from authors from whom Knight solicited literary manuscripts for publication in the paper. Correspondents include Raimundo DeOvies, John Eldridge Drewry, Charles Benedict Driscoll, Daniel Whitehead Hicky, Oscar Bane Keeler, Olin Miller, Angelo Patri, and Anderson McLaren Scruggs.

3 12 Fisher, Herbert (1865-1940; Oxford, England), letter to "Dear Sir," 1903 March 18

Letter is written on mourning stationery and regards his The Medieval Empire.

1 26 Forster, John (1812-1876), letter to Kenyon, undated
1 27 Fowles, John, letter to Myra Blumberg, 1972 July 13 with reply from Elizabeth Thomas, 1972 October 16

Letter regards Fowels reviewing books for a weekly periodical.

1 28 French, Samuel Gibbs (1818-1910; Laurel Hill, Virginia), letter to Colonel W. E. Mickle, 1906 May 15

French was an American historian and author of Two Wars. Letter points out an error in the use of the word "emancipated" in a forthcoming Historical Society bulletin.

1 29 Furniss, Harry (1854-1925; Dublin, Ireland), letter to J. Walsh, 1879 August 26

Letter concerns a block he has done for Mr. Walsh.

3 13 Gable, Martin D., letter to Guy Lyle (Atlanta, Georgia), 1972 September 11

Includes letter of transmittal to Emory Library.

1 30 Gardiner, Marguerite Power Farmer, Countess of Blessington (1789-1849), letter to Mr. Bentley, undated

Letter asks Bentley to send copies of "The Repealers."

3 44 Gilman, Charlotte Perkins Stetson, "Universal Family," trade card she designed for Kendall Manufacturing Company, Providence, Rhode Island, circa 1881
1 31 Godwin, Parke (1916-1904), letter to "Dear Sir," 1893 February 24
1 32 Gordon, Caroline, letter to Minna Martin, 1968 March 12

Letter removed from Rose Library copy of Penhally by Caroline Gordon.

1 33 Gordon, Caroline, letter to Mrs. Barrow, undated
3 14 Gosse, Sir Edmund (1849-1928), letter from unidentified person to Mrs. LeBland (?) regarding Gosse, 1927 November 11

Letter concerns the letter-writer's inability to attend a function with Sir Edmund Gosse.

3 15 Guedalla, Philip, autograph, 1933 February 6
3 16 Hale, Edward Everett (Roxbury, Massachusetts), letter to "Dear Sir," 1902 June 30
3 17 Hale, Edward Everett, unaddressed note on Lend a Hand Society letterhead, 1907 November 6
1 34 Halliwell, J.O. (1820-1889), letter to unknown person, 1865 September 22
1 35 Harris, Bernice (Kelly), letter to Margarette, undated

Letter refers to a play written by Harris entitled "Pates Siding," and includes a program for the play.

1 36 Harrison, Constance (1843-1920), letter to Mr. Carey of Carey and Lee (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), undated
3 18 Heitland, William Emerton, letters to E.R. Pease (Carnefield, Cambridge, England), 1921-1922

[Letters concern Heitland's book Agricola. Removed from Woodruff Library copy of Agricola.]

1 37 Hill, Geoffrey, poetry reading program, 1982 February 17
1 38 Holmes, Oliver Wendell (1809-1894; Beverly Farms), letter to "Dear Miss Reed," 1894 August 31
3 19 Holmes, Oliver Wendell (1841-1935), letter to "My Dear Sir," 1882 May 21
1 39 Hoskins, William George (1908-1992), five letters to Richard Henry Tawney, 1947-1949

Letter asks Tawney's help in preparing Hoskins' study of the open field village of Wisgton Magna, The Midland Peasant, for publication and discusses other research in Leicestershire and Devonshire.

3 20 House, Edward M. (New York, New York), letter to Margaret Jemison (Atlanta, Georgia), 1927 October 17

Responding to Jemison's request for a book plate for Emory Library's collection.

1 40 Howells, William Dean (1837-1920), letter to Mr. Douglas with typed, corrected transcription, 1895 February 27

Found in Rose Library copy of William Cooper Howells Recollection of Life in Ohio.

3 47 Huysmans, J.K., letters and manuscripts about Huysmans, circa 1950s
3 48 Huysmans, J.K., letter to unidentified man, undated
3 49 Jefferies, Richard (England), letters and manuscripts, undated
3 21 Johnson, Robert Underwood (1853-1937), letter to Edmund Clarence Stedman (New York, New York), 1889 March 21
1 41 Jones, Charles Edgeworth (1867-1931), "Three and Out," 1891 February 3 and "Extract from my Tribute on Professor Herbert B. Adams' 40th Birthday," 1890 April 16
3 22 Kytle, Elizabeth Larisey, letter to Rebecca Gershon, 1958 September 7
2 30 Le Gallienne, Richard, autograph signed manuscript of The Shop of Dreams, undated
1 42 Le Gallienne, Richard, letter to Conrad W. Cooke, 1893 October 10

Letter concerns Cooke's acceptance to the Odd Volumes Club.

3 23 Lewis, Joseph, letter to James Vick, 1967 April 21
3 24 Lindsay, Vachel, autographed postal envelope postmarked Springfield, Illinois, 1915
3 25 London, Jack, canceled check to Western Union (San Francisco, California), 1910 April 12
1 43 Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth (1807-1882; Cambridge, Massachusetts), letter to John C. Langston (Bolingbroke, Georgia), 1881 March 23

Langston graduated from Emory College (Oxford, Georgia) in 1878. He is the author of a book of poems, published in 1880, for which this letter is a note of thanks for a copy sent to Longfellow.

3 26 Mackaye, Percy, autograph, 1934 May 3

According to the original finding aid, this item was removed from the "Harris papers," but there's no information about which Harris papers.

AV1 1 Mahon, Derek, "The Poetry Nonsense," produced and directed by Roger Greene, 2010 [original: compact disc]
1 44 Mannin, Ethel Edith, letters and notes to Alan George Delgado, 1933-1936

Letters discuss books Mannin had read, films, and social gatherings.

1 45 Martineau, Harriet (1802-1876), letter to Mr. Lucas, undated
1 46 Maugham, W. Somerset (1874-1965; Villa Mauresque, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France), letter to Henry L. Bowden (Atlanta, Georgia), 1962 May 19
1 47 McCarthy, Justin (1930-1912; London, England), letter to Dr. Ward, 1887 October 14

McCarthy was an Irish novelist and statesman.

1 47 McCarthy, Justin (1930-1912; Kent, England), letter to the editor of The Independent, 1896 December 12

Letter regarding payment for an article.

3 27 McCutcheon, George Bar (New York, New York), letter to Margaret Jemison (Atlanta, Georgia), 1927 October 19

Responding to Jemison's request for a bookplate to be added to Emory Library's collection.

3 50 Mencken, H.L., letter to Crowninshield, 1933 December 5

Letter is in regards to editing and publishing.

3 51 Mencken, H.L. and Sara Haardt Mencken, letters to Phoebe Gilkyson, circa 1929-1930

Also included are the Menckens' wedding invitation and calling card.

1 48 Miller, William (1869-1957), letters, 1911-1939

Miller is the author of The Dickens Student and Collector (1946). Correspondents include William Glyde Wilkins, Percy T. Carden, and W. Walter Crotch.

2 1 Mitford, George (1787-1855), letter to Archdeacon Groomer (?), undated

Letter is sending poems of Mary Russell Mitford; poems not included here.

3 28 Mitford, Jessica (Oakland, California), letter to Peter G. Dayton (Atlanta, Georgia), 1970 July 20

Thank you letter for copy of Dayton's request that the Post Office Department investigate the "Famous Writers School."

2 2 Montgomery, Roselle Mercier, "Notre Dame," poem with tinted picture of "L'Abside de Notre Dame," undated
2 3 Moore, Adrianne Harp, "Pictures from the Past," undated

Reminiscences about the author's family and forebears in Florida.

2 4 Moore, Merrill (1903-1957; Boston, Massachusetts), letter to the manager of Elder's Book Store (Nashville, Tennessee), 1954 July 9
OP1 1 Moore, Merrill (1903-1957), portrait, undated
2 5 Morley, Christopher, correspondence with Helen Rose (Seybold) Saul, 1934

Letters found in Rose Library copy of Morley's Where the Blue Begins.

3 29 Novikov, Olga Alekseevna (1840-1925), Russian pamphleteer, letters, circa 1870-1880

Letters in French. Correspondents include Josef Ignaz von Dollinger (1799-1890), German historian and theologian; Marquis Gaston Alexandre Auguste de Gallifet (1830-1909), French general and one-time Minister of War in the Third French Republic; Bishop Joseph George Strossmayer (1915-1905), Roman Catholic prelate and advocate of Balkan slave nationalism; Louis Adolphe Theirs (1797-1877), founder of the Third French Republic; and Countess C. A. Tolstoy, member of the Russian Imperial Court and cousin of Leo Tolstoy. Includes article printed from JSTOR about two of the letters.

2 6 Oemler, Marie Conway (1879-1932), two letters to Harvey Smith, Jr., 1926 August-September
2 6 Oemler, Marie Conway (1879-1932), letter from J.N. Oemler, 1926 July 25
3 30 Olin, Stephen (Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut), letter to Thomas E. Bond (New York, New York), 1844 November 7

Letter regards Olin's concern that his writings are misunderstood and states that he has written nothing which "can justly offend anybody north or south." Also includes biographical clipping.

3 52 Oliphant, Margaret Wilson (Windsor, England), letters, undated
2 31 The Orpheum Group, "The Wanderers," play script (based on the stories of Eudora Welty), undated
3 31 Osler, Sir William (Oxford, England), letter to Clarence E. Boyd (Oxford, Georgia), 1916 December 5

Letter congratulates Boyd "on so good a bit of work," referring to Public Libraries in Ancient Rome. Also includes letter of transmittal from Osler to Emory library.

2 7 Page, Thomas Nelson (1853-1922; Jekyll Island, Brunswick, Georgia), letter to Colonel G. N. Saussy (Hawkinsville, Georgia), 1903 March 26

Photocopy. Letter is concerned with the accuracy of statistics about the Civil War and the publication of an unidentified address.

3 32 Palgrave, Gifford (St. Thomas, Virgin Islands), letter to Grove (?), 1874 July 24

Letter discusses the author's travels in the West Indies and an article being published that he had written about St. Thomas.

2 8 Payn, James (1830-1898), letter to Mr. Tinsley, undated

Letter enclosing "the last slip but one of "A Country Family."

2 8 Payn, James (1830-1898), letter to Mr. --good, undated

Letter concerns another letter Payn is sending to Jim Harper.

3 33 Pickthall, Marmaduke (Sussex, England), letter to George Raffalovich, 1922 January 29

The letter thanks Raffalovich for Christmas card and letters and comments briefly on his furlough in England and plans to return to Bombay.

2 9 Planche, James Robinson (1796-1880), letter to Mr. Websters, undated
2 10 Potter, Dean, "Holiday Greetings from Cream Hollow Farm," Spiral Press, 1949
3 45 Ridgely, Torrance, letter to Lois and letter from Mary H. Wilson to Miss Elwell, 1920

These letters were found in Granny Maumee by Ridgely Torrance, 1917, first edition, held by the Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives & Rare Book Library

2 11 Ritchie, Anna Cora Ogden Mowatt (1819-1870), note to unknown person, undated
2 12 Russell, Irwin (1853-1879), "A Bit of Clover," poem, undated
2 13 Russell, Sir William Howard (1820-1907), letter to "Dear Sir," 1894 February 27
2 14 Sarton, May, "Nostalgia for India," Elm Press print, 1995
2 15 Seeger, Elsie Adams (Paris, France), letter to Mr. W. Adolphe Roberts, 1921 June 6

Seeger was the mother of Alan Seeger (1888-1916), American soldier and poet. Letter thanks Roberts for a tribute to Alan. Also includes another letter to Roberts, possibly from Alan's father, thanking Roberts for a book containing a sonnet to Alan, 1922 January 17.

3 34 Shaw, Henry Wheeler (1818-1885), letter of Josh Billings (pseudonym of Shaw) to Hathaway (St. Joseph, Missouri), 1874 February 27

Response to invitation from Hathaway to appear in St. Louis. Letter also includes descriptions of the trip Shaw is currently on with his wife and other appearances he had recently made.

3 35 Spender, John Alfred (1862-1942), letters and article, 1910-1937

Correspondents include Sir Graham John Bower (1848-1933), statesman and colonial administrator of South Africa; Sir Arthur Ernest Watson (1880-1969), English journalist and managing editor of Newcastle's Daily Telegraph; and Thomas Clarke, editor and director London News Chronicle. The Bower correspondence concerns free trade and tariff policies, as well as other financial and political issues. The Watson correspondence concerns Watson's decision to leave Fleet Street and the politics of India. The Clarke correspondence regard the political situation in Egypt. The article by Spender is about country living.

2 16 Stallings, Laurence (1894-1968; Yanceyville, North Carolina), letter to Camille Hilsman (Atlanta, Georgia), 1931 July 27

Letter regards purchase of an artificial leg.

2 17 Steele, Wilbur Daniel (Paris, France), letter to Philip Moeller, 1921 June 16

Also includes Steele's card with "Introducing my friend Mr. Moeller" on verso and a drawing by Steele's son Thurston. All items originally found in a copy of Land's End and Other Stories during cataloging.

2 18 Stoddard, Charles Warren (1843-1909; Monterey, California), letters to Mr. Mosher, 1907 October 1 and 15
2 19 Stopes, Maries (1880-1958), letter to Sir Hugh Walpole, 1939 May 23

Letter asks his help for "our greatest writer of sonnets."

3 36 Tait, James (1863-1944), letter to Cann Hughes (Manchester, England), 1923 October 1

Removed from Woodruff Library copy of The Place Names of Lancashire. See also: Broxap, Ernest, letter to Cann Hughes, 1923 January 6.

3 37 Taylor, Harvey, segments of Redbook serial "Ann Vickers" by Sinclair Lewis with notes by Taylor, 1932-1933

Removed from Rose Library copy of Ann Vickers.

3 38 Thackery, William Makepeace, autograph on engraving of Sir Robert Peel, undated

Also includes autograph of Peel.

2 20 Thompson, John Reuben (1823-1873), letter to A.H.H. Dawson, undated
2 21 Thomson, James (1834-1882), letter to Leslie Stephen, Esq., 1882 March 2
2 22 Turner, Frederick J. (Baltimore, Maryland), notes written to Turner thanking him for copies of his pamphlet, "The Character and Influences of the Indian Trade in Wisconsin," 1891-1892

Turner was a professor of history at Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, Maryland). Correspondents include Wilhelm Wattenbach, John Fiske, Lucien Carr, William Elliot Griffis, Ernest Alexander Cruikshank, and William Babcock Weeden. Also included is a notice of the pamphlet's publication.

2 23 Unidentified author, "The Gardener of Sidon," libretto, undated

Originally from the library of Arthur Murphy.

2 32 Unidentified author, journal of prose, poetry and sketches, circa 1826-1830
3 39 Van Dyke, Henry, postcard to "Professor Covington" (Princeton, New Jersey), 1906 January 5
BV1 - Vinding, Lotus (Selma, California), photograph album and scrapbook, circa 1929

Album contains inscription and program mentions of William Everson, poet also known as "Brother Antonious," who was in the 1931 graduating class at Selma Union High School with Lotus Vinding.

2 24 Walker, Richard (1791-1870), letter to the editor of the Gentleman's Magazine, 1839 June 4

Letter presents copy of The Dove; or Passages of Cosmography by Richard Zouche to the editor. Letter was removed from Rose Library's copy of this work.

3 40 Warner, Charles D., autograph, undated
2 25 Weir, Edith, letter to Lady Huntingdon, 1954 January 15

Letter on Bronte Society stationery concerns the merits of Mr. Malham-Dembleby's posthumous work about Charlotte Bronte and the authenticity of "the old Cowan Bridge prospectus" being discussed by "Dame Myra."

2 26 Whittier, John Greenleaf (1807-1892), ten letters and a note to Mary Lyman Phelps (Orange County, Florida), 1876-1890
2 27 Wilson, Augusta Evans (Mobile, Alabama), letter to William Stokes Wyman, undated

Letter thanks Wyman for defending her latest book following poor reviews in Alabama.

2 28 Wolseley, Garnet Joseph (1833-1913), letter to W. Sheowring, Esq., 1890 February 20

Regretful declension of invitation.

2 29 Wordsworth, William (1770-1850), letter to Leo, 1848 September

Letter refers to a missing section of a note sent from Leo.

3 53 Yonge, Charlotte (Elderfield, Otterborne, Winchester, England), letters, circa 1875-1891