Series 1
Personal papers, 1955-2014
Boxes 1 - 2 and OP1

Scope and Content Note

The series consists of Almena Lomax's personal papers dating from 1955-2011. The correspondence is predominantly personal in nature. This includes editorial correspondence, dating from the 1960s through the 1990s, pertaining to Lomax's efforts to publish her novels and short stories. The series also contains a small amount of family correspondence, some of which includes commentary about her fictional writings. Of particular interest are several letters signed by notable politicians, including Robert F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, George McGovern, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan. Also included in the series is correspondence from the early 1970s in which readers comment on articles written by Lomax that were published in the San Francisco Examiner. In addition, the series contains materials pertaining to a class action lawsuit filed by Lomax against the Los Angeles Times in 1977. The files document a complaint filed by Lomax with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in 1972, alleging that the Los Angeles Times had practiced racial discrimination in hiring by refusing to hire Lomax, as well as the subsequent U.S. District Court case, Lomax v. Los Angeles Times. These records include correspondence relating to the EEOC complaint and case, Lomax's deposition, and other supporting documents. The series also contains a small amount of material pertaining to three of Lomax's children, Melanie E. Lomax, Michele Lomax, and Michael Lomax, as well as Lomax's siblings, Clifford Davis and Gwendolyn Davis Collier. The series includes a few photographs as well.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Box Folder Content
1 1 Building inspection report of 1215 Romney Drive, Pasadena, California, 2000
1 2 Correspondence, no date
1 3 Correspondence, 1963-1969
1 4 Correspondence, 1970-1983
1 5 Correspondence, 1990-2007
1 6 Correspondence fragments, no date
1 7 Davis, Cliff, autopsy report and medical examiner's office case file, 2011
1 8 Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company, history of, 1974
1 9 Graphoanalysis of Lomax's handwriting, 1981
1 10 Lomax, Almena Davis, Clifford Davis, and Gwendolyn Davis, school attendance records, Chicago, Illinois, 1973
1 11 Lomax, Mark, index of selected California Eagle articles by Almena Davis, 2014
1 12 Lomax, Melanie, autopsy report, 2006
1 13 Lomax, Melanie, legal records, Willie Williams v. City of Los Angeles and the Board of Police Commissioners, 1995
1 14 Lomax, Melanie, Los Angeles branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), 1984-1987
1 15 Lomax, Melanie, philosophy class assignment, San Francisco State University, no date
1 16 Lomax, Michael, untitled speech, circa 1985
1 17 Lomax, Michele, "Another View of Martin Luther King and the Rights Struggle," essay, circa 1980
1 18 Lomax, Michele, "'The Armor of a Righteous Cause': Contemporary American Political Trials--Angela Davis; Huey Newton and Bob Seale; New York v. Lumumba Shakur; and the Sleepy Lagoon Murder Mystery," essay, no date
1 19 Lomax, Michele, "A Remembrance of Riot, Relocation, Revolution, and Residence," essay, no date
1 20 Lomax v. Los Angeles Times, correspondence, no date
1 21 Lomax v. Los Angeles Times, correspondence, 1966-1977
1 22 Lomax v. Los Angeles Times, deposition of Lomax, volume II, February 8, 1977
2 1 Lomax v. Los Angeles Times, deposition of Lomax, volume III, February 15, 1977
2 2 Lomax v. Los Angeles Times, exhibits, 1973-1977
2 3 Lomax v. Los Angeles Times, press releases, circa 1976
2 4 Lomax v. Los Angeles Times, supporting documents, circa 1972-1977
2 5 Notes, no date
OP1 1 Photograph of Almena and Lucius Lomax, circa 1950s
2 6 Photograph of Almena and Lucius Lomax with Judge Stanley Mosk and Mr. and Mrs. Loren Miller, circa 1955
2 7 Photograph of Hisaye Yamomoto, staff member of the Los Angeles Tribune, no date
2 8 Photograph of an unidentified woman, no date
2 9 Resume, circa 1970