Subseries 2.1
Book-length works, 1956-2007
Boxes 3 - 25 and OP1-OP3

Scope and Content Note

The subseries consists of drafts and other materials relating to three book-length works written by Lomax. The works include two novels, The Ten Most Wanted White Men and Masters and Sons, as well as a novelized account of Lomax's life entitled The Women of Montgomery. None of the works was ever published. There was no original order to the writings when the collection was received. Complete typescript drafts are the most complete versions of the work found in the collection, although these drafts may be missing pages and may not be the final version of the novel. Incomplete typescript drafts include groupings of chapters that were stapled or clipped together, or for which the original order was reconstructed based on the formatting, footers, or style of annotations. Each complete and incomplete typescript draft was assigned an arbitrary number; these numbers do not reflect the chronological order in which the drafts were created, as the bulk of the materials are undated. Separate chapter drafts include complete and partial chapter drafts that were found separately and not grouped together with other chapters. Some of the drafts were edited by Almena Lomax's daughter, Melanie Lomax.

Arrangement Note

Organized into three subseries: (2.1a) The Ten Most Wanted White Men, (2.1b) Masters and Sons, and (2.1c) The Women of Montgomery.

Description of Subseries