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Subseries 3.1
Boxes 44-46: folders 1-4; OP5

Box Folder Content
44 1 Adcock, Fleur: "Bodnath," "A Day in October," "External Service,," "Flying Back," "Midnight Call," "Naxal," The Scenic Route, contents page; "Pupation," Untitled ["The hailstorm was in my head"], Untitled ["Abandoning all my principles"], Untitled ["Their new puppy chases buffaloes"]
44 2 Boland, Eavan: "Chardin's 'Back From the Market'," "The Botanic Gardens," "Conversation with an Inspector of Taxes about Poetry," "Mirages," "Migration," "The Poets," "The Pilgrim," "Requiem for a Personal Friend," "Shakespeare," "After the Deluge," "The Time He Changed," "The War Horse," "Anon.," "For Naoise at Four," "Sisters," "Cyclist with Cut Branches," "Fons Bandusiae," "Yeats in Civil War"
44 3 Carson, Ciaran: "The Patchwork Quilt," "Snow," "Smithfield" [x2]
44 4 Carson, Ciaran: Belfast Confetti, typescript [photocopy]
44 5 Carson, Douglas, "In Memoriam J.M.M.," "In Memoriam Sam Hanna Bell," "Barbour Ward"
44 6 Dhomhnaill, Nuala Ní: "Fear," "An Sceach Gheal," "Man / Sex Object," "Titim I ngrá," "From the Plague Journal," "The Three Musicians," "Santa Lucia's First Communion," "Dán Baeg an Earriaigh Bhig"
44 7 Dunn, Douglas: "The City," "The Apple Tree"
44 8 Enright, D.J.: "The Question of Lust," "Midstream," "What the Martian learnt from the Underground"
44 9 Fenton, James: Children in Exile TS
44 10 Harrison, Tony: "The Act"
44 11 Heaney, Seamus: "Servant Boy," "Incertus," "The Grauballe Man," Untitled ["This evening the cuckoo and the corncrake"], "At a Potato Digging," "The Schoolbag" [x2], "In Memoriam Francis Ledwidge," "A Casualty," "A Postcard from North Antrim," "Leavings," "A Drink of Water," "The Other Sort," "The Backward Look," "A New Song," "Bog Queen," "Kinship," "Ugolino," "Exposure," "Thaw," "Poet's Twilight," "Prelude in Glanmore," "The Poet Crowned," "The Train," "Remembering Forecasts," "A Dream of Jealousy," "A Pillowed Head," "Glanmore Revisited" ["1. Lustral Sonnet," "2. Scrabble," "3. Scene Shifts," "4. 1973."], "Resin," "The Settle Bed," From Lightenings, "4. Squarings," "Casting and Gathering," "Man and Boy," "Wheels within Wheels," "Seeing Things," "The Golden Bough," "The Ash Plant," "The Pitchfork," "Scrabble," "Undine," "The Given Note," "The Wife's Tale," "Dawn," "The Last Mummer," "Medallion," "Moving In," "First Calf," "The Barn," "Trout," "Waterfall," "The Perch," "The Bookcase," "The Thatcher," "Orchard Song," "The Other Side" [fragment]
44 12 Heaney, Seamus: Door Into the Dark, proofs
44 13 Heaney, Seamus: Wintering Out, early TS
44 14 Heaney, Seamus: Wintering Out, TS
44 15 Hobsbaum, Philip: "Up Shit Creek"
44 16 Hughes, Glyn: "Age"
44 17 Jamie, Kathleen: Jizzen TS
44 18 Kennelly, Brendan: "Woman in a doorway," "To imitate the sun," "The Adventure of Learning" [photocopy]
44 19 [Longley, Michael]: translations by Christine Pagnoulle, "Blessures," Kindertotenlieder," "Le Papillon Blanc," "L'industrie du lin," "En quittant Inishmore"
44 20 McGuckian, Medbh: On Ballycastle Beach, typescript [photocopy]
44 21 MacIntyre, Tom: "Connemara," "Swift to Vanessa," "Aisling," "Father," "Excursion to Emhain Macha," "Drumlin Prayer"
44 22 Mahon, Derek: "Between High Tide and Low," "Consolations of Philosophy," "A Dying Art," "Homecoming," "Some Day," "Resurrection," "Legacies," "The Graduate in Metal Box," "Suburban Walk," "The Snow Party," "Kreutzer Sonata," "Man and Bird," "The Poets," "Book Ends," "In Carrowdore Churchyard," "Recalling Aran" [x2], "Canadian Pacific" [x2], "Design for a Grecian Urn," The Joycentenary Ode," "My Wicked Uncle" [x2], "An Unborn Child,""Glengormley," "In Retirement," Untitled ["Now that the postal strike is over"], "The OutsideWorld," "Epitaph for an Old Fascist," "Epitaph for Robert J. Flaherty," "A Disused Shed in Co. Wexford," Goodbye to the Trees," "C.P. Cavafy's Alexandria," "Four Versions of Cavafy," "The Charles River in January" [x2], "Opening Time" [with "Design for a Grecian Urn"], "Preface to a Love Poem," "A Refusal to Mourn," Autobiographies ["1. The Home Front," "2. The Lost Girls," "3. The Last Resort," "4. The Bicycle"], "Toronto," "Exit Molloy," "Fire-King," "Ovid in Tomis," "The Andean Flute," "The Dawn Chorus," "The Woods," "Beyond Howth Head," "The Poets Lie where they Fell," "At Swift's Hospital," "The World Is Everything That is the Case," "Rathlin Island," "The Snow Party," list of poems; "Epigram" ["Between High Tide and Low"], "1 Corinthians 13," "What will Remain," "In Woburn Walk," "Leisure American Style," Gramsci's Ashes; Untitled ["These bright directions you have lost"]
44 23 Mahon, Derek: The Chimeras
45 1 Mahon, Derek: High Time with ALS, 31 July 1984
45 2 Mahon, Derek: Hunt By Night, original typescript with holograph corrections by Derek Mahon
45 3 Meehan, Paula: "It is all I ever wanted"
45 4 Montague, John: "Outside Armagh Jail," "Sunny Jim"
45 5 Muldoon, Paul: "Immram" [x2], "From Strength to Strength," "The High Chair," "Beaver," "The Bald Patch," "A Trifle," "The Hands," "Blewits," "Mary Farl Powers Pink Spotted Torso," "Big Foot," "Aftermath," "The Frog," "Love Poem," "Yellow Ragwort," "The Earthquake," "Bridal," "Lord Hawhaw," "Gifts," "Fix," "Making the Move," "Mushrooms," "Mink," "Sky-Woman," "Emily," "Edward Kienholz The State Hospital," "Glanders," "The Destroying Angel," "Rabies," "The Fox," Untitled ["The Great Auk and the Little Auk"], "Wolves," "Bears," "Emily," "Pandas," "Anthrax," "The Wishbone," "Caprice des Dieux," "Sylvia," "Toxophilus," "Other Women," "Tibet," "Excitable Boy," "Early Warning," "International Departures," "from The Hopewell Haiku" ["Good Friday . . ."] The State Hospital," "Glanders," "The Destroying Angel," "Rabies," "The Fox," Untitled ["The Great Auk and the Little Auk"], "Wolves," "Bears," "Emily," "Pandas," "Anthrax," "The Wishbone," "Caprice des Dieux," "Sylvia," "Toxophilus," "Other Women," "Tibet," "Excitable Boy," "Early Warning," "International Departures," "from The Hopewell Haiku" ["Good Friday . . ."]
45 6 Muldoon, Paul: Quoof, typescript
45 7 O'Driscoll, Dennis: "Song," "Halloween," "Home," "The Cow"
45 8 Ormsby, Frank: "The Kensico Dam," "Deadlock," "The Earthquake," "On Not Hearing the American Nightjar," "Small World," "Fireflies," "Colin Middleton: 'Lagan, Annadale'"
45 9 Ormsby, Frank: ed. The Hip Flask, photocopied proofs
OP5 1 Raine, Craig: "A Walk in the Country," photocopied proof with MS note from Raine
45 10 Raine, Craig: "Words on the Page"
45 11 Simmons, James: "Poor Tom," "Intruder on Station Island"
45 12 Tinley, Bill: "Casualty"
45 13 Unidentified poems by others
45 14 A Life's Span, TS of Irish poetry reading / anthology
45 15 Collected mimeographed poems by others
45 16 Other poems
46 1 Other poems
46 2 Other poems
46 3 Translations (French) of Michael Longley's poetry by unknown
46 4 Miscellaneous poetry forwarded to Michael Longley by Douglas Carson