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Subseries 3.3
Other writings
Box 47: folders 5-48 - Box 48; OP5

Box Folder Content
47 5 Bell, Sam Hanna, "Modern Irish History, People and Events: Wood's Ha'Pence" [radio script]
47 6 Boitano, Piero?, "Joyce and After: Mythical Shadows of the Irish Ulysses"
47 7 Boyle, John, "Bird Alone: Irish Prose Fiction since James Joyce"
47 8 Brennan, Mark, "Sarah" [script]
OP5 1 Carson, Ciaran, "Belfast Notes"
47 9 Carson, Douglas, "Modern Irish History, People and Events: The Clare Election," [radio script]
47 10 Carson, Douglas, "Modern Irish History, People and Events: Covenant Day," [radio script]
47 11 Dawe, Gerald, review of Ireland and the English Crisis by Tom Paulin
47 12 Glendinning, Robin, "Letter from Ulster," [radio script]
47 13 Glendinning, Robin, "The Man in Black" [script]
47 14 Gorman, Damian, "My Da, Your Da" [script]
47 15 Heaney, Seamus, "Exploration" [radio script]
47 16 Heaney, Seamus, "Here in Ulster: 'Everyman'" [radio script]
47 17 Heaney, Seamus, "People at Work: 'Poet'" [radio script]
47 18 Heaney, Seamus, "The Sense of the Past" [lecture; x2]
47 19 Heaney, Seamus, "Shifting an Emphasis: the lyric poetry of Robert Frost"
47 20 [Heaney, Seamus], "The Two Voices of 'Ploughman'"
47 21 Hobsbaum, Philip, "The Critics at the Harmonium: Blackmur and Winters on Stevens"
47 22 Johnston, Jennifer, "The Names" [radio script]
47 23 Kavanagh, Patrick, The Great Hunger [script by Tom MacIntyre]
47 24 Leonard, Tom, "The Moment of Innocence, and the Moment of Experience: The Poetry of Thomas O'Brien"
47 25 Lewis, Helen, untitled [autobiographical]
47 26 McCaughan, Michael, "Displayed in Mortal Light" [photography; with an introduction by Michael Longley]
47 27 McGahern, John, "The Stoat"
47 28 [McGuckian, Medbh], "Thought for the Day: Medbh McGuckian," [three radio scripts]
48 1 McGuinness, Frank, "Caoin: A Song for Nine Voices" [script]
48 2 Mahon, Derek, "A Ghostly Rumble Among the Drums" [photocopy]
48 3 Mahon, Derek, "Patrick Kavanagh"
48 4 Mahon, Derek, "A View from the Long Grass"
48 5 Martin, Angus, "Dead Ringers"
48 6 Mathews, Aidan, "Trojans" [script]
48 7 Morgan, Jeffrey, "A short note of apology for being a portraitist"
OP5 1 Newson, George, music for "My Dancing Days Are Over," "Songs of Love," and "From The New Divan"
48 8 Parker, Stewart, "Dramatis Personae" [John Malone Memorial Lecture]
48 9 Pinder, R. F., "A Briton as a Nazi Slave"
48 10 Pirrie, Jill, Pushkin Prizes talk 15 November 1997
48 11 Robb, John, The Departitioning of Ulster
48 12 Rodgers, W.R., "Memorandum on Literature and Writers in Northern Ireland"
48 13 Sutcliff, Rosemary, "Modern Irish History, People and Events: The Hanging of Henry Joy," [radio script]
48 14 Sutcliff, Rosemary, "Today and Yesterday in Northern Ireland: 'The Children of Lir,'" [radio script]
48 15 Sweeney, Matthew, "Children's Poet"
48 16 Tannahill, Anne, "Blackstaff Press: Publishing 'A Local Row'"
48 17 [Unidentified], "Causeway," [radio script]
48 18 [Unidentified], "Education: The Poets' Picture"
48 19 [Unidentified], "January" [chapter]
48 20 [Unidentified], "Joyce Cary- The Writer and His Theme, by Barbara Fisher"
48 21 [Unidentified], "The Locked Door"
48 22 [Unidentified], "The Poetry of Francis Ledwidge"
48 23 [Unidentified], "Schoolboy" [film script]
48 24 [Unidentified], incomplete script
48 25 Miscellaneous Writings by Others
48 26 Prose forwarded to Michael Longley by Douglas Carson
48 27 Unidentified fragments