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Series 8
Belfast Group sheets
Box 60

Scope and Content Note

In the early 1960s, the poet Philip Hobsbaum founded in Belfast an informal writers' group where the participants could read and discuss each other's work. Poems and, in some cases, short stories that were being presented at these meetings were customarily mimeographed and distributed to those attending. These "group sheets" make up a distinct series, and include early work by Seamus Heaney, Derek Mahon, Paul Muldoon, and Michael Longley, among others.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order by author.

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Belfast Group sheets may also be found in the Irish Literary Miscellany.

Box Folder Content
60 1 Dugdale, Norman: "Terminus", "A Question of Identity", "A Self-Portrait", "Salmon-Leap: Mayo", "On a Recent Happy Event", "Saturday", "N.W.S", "Autopsy on the Fifth Decade" [2 copies] Dugdale, Norman:
60 2 Harvey, W.J.: "The Poem in October", "Reading Drayton in October", "Hart Crane", "Sea-Side Song", "Leni Riefenstahl's Olympiad: 1936", "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", "Arriving at Larne: Seasick" Harvey, W.J.:
60 3 Heaney, Seamus, April 27, 1965: "Boy Driving his Father to Confession", "To A Wine Jar", "On Hogarth's Engraving 'Pit Ticket for the Royal Sport'", "Synge on Aran", "Blackberry-Picking", "Saint Francis and the Birds", "At a Potato Digging" Heaney, Seamus,
60 4 Heaney, Seamus: "Icon", "Limbo", "Wedding Day", "The Last Mummer", "High Street, Belfast, 1786", "Tweed", "Dawn", "Bye-Child" Heaney, Seamus:
60 5 Heaney, Seamus: "Digging", "Death of a Naturalist", "Storm on the Island", "Soliloquy for an Old Resident", "Writer and Teacher", "Young Bachelor", "Scaffolding" [2 copies] Heaney, Seamus:
60 6 Heaney, Seamus: "A Lough Neagh Sequence" ["1. Vision", "2. The Coming", "3. Bait", "4. Setting", "5. Lifting", "6. The Going", "7. Coda"] [2 copies] Heaney, Seamus:
60 7 Heaney, Seamus: "At Ardboe Point", "Good-Night", "The Crowing Man", "Shore Woman", "Yank", "A Winter's Tale" Heaney, Seamus:
60 8 Heaney, Seamus: "The Diviner", "Gravities", "Ancestral Photograph", "For the Commander of 'The Eliza'", "Personal Helicon", "Girls Bathing, Galway, 1965", "The Salmon Fisher to the Salmon" [3 copies, 1 with holograph notes] Heaney, Seamus:
60 9 Heaney, Seamus: "Elegy for an Unborn Child", "Triptych for the Easter Battlers", "Homage to Pieter Brueghel", "Persephone", "Rookery", "Requiem for the Irish Rebels", "The Peninsula", "Orange Drums, Tyrone 1966" [2 copies, 1 with holograph notes] Heaney, Seamus:
60 10 Heaney, Seamus, Michael Longley, and Brendan Kennelly: "Death of a Naturalist", "Lovers on Aran", "Follower", "Elegy for a Still-Born Child", "Personal Helicon", "Antaeus", "The After-Child", "The Blind Man", "Marlowe", "The Good", "Light Dying", "The Dummies", "The Osprey", "The Hebrides", "Elegy for Fats Waller", "Dr Johnson Dying", "Gathering Mushrooms", "Persephone" Heaney, Seamus, Michael Longley, and Brendan Kennelly:
60 11 Longley, Michael: "A Headstone", "Man Friday" "Out of the Sea" ["1. Seahorses," "2. Bikini Atoll"], "Homage to Buster Keaton", "Fanny Hill", "Klondike", "Journey out of Essex", "Barracuda" [6 copies, 3 with holograph notes] Longley, Michael:
60 12 Longley, Michael: "Circe", "The Ornithological Section", "Orpheus", "A Personal Statement", "The Centaurs", "The Housewife's Testament", "Christopher at Birth" [3 copies, 1 with holograph notes] Longley, Michael:
60 13 Longley, Michael: "Altera Cithera", "Three Posthumous Pieces", "The Island", "Casualty", "Badger", "Hedgehog", "Kingfisher", "Robin", "The Adulterer" [3 copies] Longley, Michael:
60 14 Longley, Michael: "Emily Dickinson", "The Osprey", "In Memoriam", "Christopher at Birth", "Gathering Mushrooms", "Persephone", "Dr. Johnson on the Hebrides", "Remembrance Day", "Man Friday" Longley, Michael:
60 15 Longley, Michael: "Dr. Johnson on the Hebrides", "Leaving Inishmore", "Camouflage", "Persephone", "To Derek Mahon", "A Working Holiday", "Words for Jazz Perhaps" [1. Elegy for Fats Waller, 2. Billie Holiday, 3. Bud Freeman in Belfast, 4. To Bessie Smith] Longley, Michael:
60 16 Longley, Michael: "No Continuing City", "A Slight Adultery", "The Journey", "To Edna", "Her Mime of the Lame Seagull", "The Hebrides" [with holograph corrections] Longley, Michael:
60 17 Longley, Michael: "In Memoriam", "Christopher at Birth", "Freeze-Up", "Saint Francis to the Birds", "Elegy for Fats Waller", "Epithalamion", "En Route" [with holograph corrections] Longley, Michael:
60 18 Longley, Michael: "Gathering Mushrooms", "To Bix Beiderbecke", "Nausicaa", "The Freemartin", "Narcissus", "Dr. Johnson Dying", "In a Convent Cemetery", "Remembrance Day" Longley, Michael:
60 19 Longley, Michael: "To the Poets", "Mountain Swim", "A Nativity", "Miscarriage", "The North", "Lares", "Caravan" [2 copies, 1 with holograph corrections] Longley, Michael:
60 20 McGurk, Tom, December 1, [n.y.] group meeting: "The Magi", "A.D. 1969", "A Tribute to Patrick Kavanagh", "On a World War I Photograph", [text missing] "Going Up" McGurk, Tom, December 1, [n.y.] group meeting:
60 21 McGurk, Tom: "First-Born", "Kavanagh's Arrival", "Heartman - still beating strong!", "Big Ned", "A Parable of Stoney Ground", "Myxomatosis 1955", "The Empty Pages", and "Henry IX" McGurk, Tom:
60 22 Mahon, Derek: "Poem in Belfast", "In Carrowdore Churchyard", "My Wicked Uncle", "Canadian Pacific", "Famous Last Words", "As God Is My Judge", "The Poets Lie Where They Fell" Mahon, Derek:
60 23 Muldoon, Paul: "Wind and Tree", "Hedges in Winter", "Cuckoo Corn", "Siesta", "Vampire", "Grass Widow", "The Indians on Alcatraz", and "The Electric Orchard" Muldoon, Paul:
60 24 Muldoon, Paul: "Stillborn", "Snail", "January", "Poem at Eighteen", "Hawk", "Hedgehog", "Seanchas", "Unborn", "Leaving the Island" Muldoon, Paul:
60 25 Terry, Arthur: "A Small War", "The Appointment", "The Sisters", "Told After Brueghel", and "Caesar" [with holograph correction] Terry, Arthur:
60 26 Terry, Arthur: "Beginnings", "Untitled ["On Sunday evenings in the poor quarter"]", "Time Was", and "My Skeleton" [2 copies] Terry, Arthur:
60 27 Terry, Arthur: "By Natural Piety" Terry, Arthur:
60 28 Possible group sheets