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Subseries 2.1b
Uncollected poems
Box 22 (folder 34) - 23 (folder 6), 62, and 67

Box Folder Content
62 30 "Adlon Café"
22 34 "After Cavafy," MS
22 35 "Amour de Loin," TS [partial translation of Jaufré Rudel]
22 36 "Anabasis," TS
22 37 "Anti-Tractatus," MS
62 31 Arts Centre
22 38 "Autumn Day," MS and TS
22 39 "Barbara" (after Prévert), MS and TS
22 40 "Beyond the Pale," proof
22 41 "Breath Tanka," TS
22 42 "Choruses from 'The Bacchae,'" MS and TS
22 43 "A Christmas Carol," MS and TS
22 44 "The Clifden Road," TS
22 45 "The Coastguard House," TS
62 32 "Complaint of the Organist of Notre Dame de Nice"
32 33 "A Country Kitchen (for Seamus Heaney)"
22 46 "Day and Night," TS
22 47 "Decadent Ball," TS [translation of D'Adoré Floupette]
22 48 "Dirigibles," MS and TS
22 49 "Dove(s); A Dove (Homage to Elizabeth Bishop)," TS
22 50 "Driving in Ulster," MS and TS
22 51 "Drying Out," MS and TS
22 52 "The Dying Mermaid," MS and TS [See also Subseries 2.1a, Somewhere the Wave, "The Lady from the Sea"]
22 53 "Elevation," photocopy with corrections
22 54 "Fall-Out," MS
62 34 "Flowers and Featers"
22 55 "From Winds" (after Saint-John Perse), TS
62 35 "Gare du Nord"
22a 1 "Goethe's Orphic Words," TS [variant title: "Goethe on Orphic Wisdom"]
22a 2 "Grand Central," TS
22a 3 "Hiroshima," MS and TS
22a 4 "L'Hiver qui Vient," MS and TS
22a 5 "Homage to Paul Éluard," TS
22a 6 "Hotel Columbus," MS and TS
22a 7 "The Houses of Corr an Chait," MS and TS
22a 8 "Jack Holland," TS
22a 9 "Kafka's Sirens," TS [includes photocopy of Franz Kafka's "The Silence of the Sirens" with annotations by Mahon]
22a 10 "La Dolce Vita," TS
- - "The Last Bard" [See "Swift's Dublin"]
22a 11 "London Rain," MS and TS
22a 12 "The Long Goodbye," MS
22a 13 "Louis and Sam," TS
22a 14 "Mary Barbour," MS and TS
22a 15 "A Midsummer Night's Dream," MS
22a 16 "A Morning Star," TS
22a 17 "The Mountains of Egypt," TS
22a 18 "Nacht und Träume," MS and TS [variant title: "Scream Dream"]
22a 19 "A New Watch," TS
22a 20 "New York Laundry," TS
22a 21 "Nightwood," TS
22a 22 "Night and Day," TS
22a 23 "Niobe," MS and TS
22a 24 "No Incinerator," TS
22a 25 "Ode to Björk," TS
22a 26 "On Belgian Cuisine," [Baudelaire translation], TS
22a 27 "Patrick Kavanagh," TS
22a 28 "Petrarch's Lament," TS
22a 29 "The Petrified Forest," MS and TS
22a 30 "The Pine-Wood Notebook," [Ponge translation], MS and TS
22a 31 "A Place," MS and TS
22a 32 "XLIX Poison," MS and TS [translation of Baudelaire]
22a 33 "Portrait of a Woman (Pompeii)," MS and TS
62 36 "Rain Shadows"
22a 34 "Radio Times," TS
22a 35 "Recognition," MS and TS
22a 36 "Sand and Stars," MS and TS
22a 37 "Sandy Cove," MS notes
22a 38 "Sappho's Lyre," MS
22a 39 "Sea-Coast of Bohemia," TS
22a 40 "The Sea House," TS
62 37 "Seaplanes"
22a 41 "A Silent House," TS [variant title: "Rincurran Cottage"]
22a 42 "Six Clerihews for Oscar Wilde," MS and TS
22a 43 "Some Sunny Day," TS
22a 44 "Squares," MS
22a 45 "The Statues," MS and TS
22a 46 "Sun Song," TS
22a 47 "Survivor," MS
22a 48 "Swift's Dublin" and "The Last Bard," TS
22a 49 "Times have changed," TS
22a 50 "To an 'Old Friend,'" TS
22a 51 "To Aunt Louise," TS and photograph
22a 52 "To the Voice of Kathleen Ferrier," TS
22a 53 "Towards the Light," TS
22a 54 "Two Poems by Dino Campana," MS and TS
22a 55 "Two Poems by Mathieu Bénézet," TS
22a 56 "Two Traditions," TS
22a 57 "Ursula's Place," MS and TS
22a 58 "Washington Sq.," TS
62 38 "Wave Song"
22a 59 "Wind and Wave," MS and TS
22a 60 "Window in Fiesole," MS and TS
22a 61 "Winter Sunset" (after Laforgue), TS
22a 62 "Dawn, and the brightest sun," TS
22a 63 "A first garden then", TS
22a 64 "Grave and resourceful, visibly reserved," TS
22a 65 "I showed up in an era," MS and TS
22a 66 "I walk alone in the spring wood," TS
22a 67 "I watch you sleeping while the sun rises," MS and TS
22a 68 "Immured in her dark tower," TS
22a 69 "In my seashaken house," TS
22a 70 "On the final capes of exile I raise my hand for the last time," TS
22a 71 "Presently industrial suburbs", MS
22a 72 "Pygmalion, having watched the Propoetides," MS
22a 73 "They live the hours as others live the years," TS
22a 74 "Turf fires still glowing in our cindery grates," TS
22a 75 "Walpurgisnacht at noon under the low ceiling," MS and TS
22a 76 Three translations by DM of poems by Denis Rizal, TS
23 1 Fragments and notes
23 2 Notes
23 3 Notes
23 4 Notes, 2000-2006
62 39 Notes, circa 2012-2014
23 5 Notebooks
23 6 Notebook, circa 2000
62 40 Notebook, circa 2012-2014
67 32 Notebook, circa 2015-2017