Subseries 14.2
Writings about McGill
Boxes 105-106

Scope and Content Note

Subseries 14.2 contains writings about Ralph McGill that were given to the library by several different sources. Writings by Calvin Logue were given by him at different times during the early 1980's. The writings include theses and honors papers first, arranged chronologically by date written, followed by Logue's dissertation, and lastly by other writings, mainly those of Calvin Logue. [For additional information on writings on Ralph McGill by Calvin McLeod Logue see Series 14.6]

Theses and honors papers
Box Folder Content
105 1 "Atlanta Politics and the Sit-in Movement, 1960-1961" by Stanley Seburn Jones, Jr., Harvard College, 1971 April 1 (Master's Thesis, photocopy)
105 2 "Ralph Emerson McGill: His Thoughts Concerning the Eisenhower Years" by Joseph Vincent Siry, Emory University, 1971 (Honor's Thesis, photocopy)
105 3 "Running on the Fence: Ralph McGill's Strategy in Five Civil Rights Crises" by Carolyn Ann Marvin, University of Texas at Austin, 1974 May (Master's Thesis, photocopy)
105 4 "Ralph McGill and Race Relations: The Predicament of a Southern Moderate" by Arturo S. Bagley, Emory University, 1987 (Honor's Paper)
Dissertation: "A Historical Analysis of the Speech Theory and Practice of Ralph McGill" by Calvin McLeod Logue, Louisiana State University, 1967 May (typescript)
105 5 Acknowledgements, Table of Contents, List of Figures, Abstract
105 6 Chapter I
105 7 Chapter II
105 8 Chapter III
105 9 Chapter IV
105 10 Chapter V
105 11 Chapter VI
105 12 Chapter VII
105 13 Bibliography
105 14 Appendix
Other writings
106 1 Writings on Ralph McGill by Calvin McLeod Logue, 1968-1969, no date
106 2 Ralph McGill: Editor and Publisher by Calvin McLeod Logue: Clippings; correspondence; announcement; printer's copy of title page, table of contents (photocopied)
106 3 Ralph McGill: Rebecca Gershon-Calvin McLeod Logue interview: Transcript (photocopy)
106 4 "A Most Genuine Human Being" by William Gordon: Typescript, no date
106 5 "The Effect of Religious Precepts on the Writing of Ralph McGill" by Albert D. Friday, no date (photocopy)