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Subseries 2.2
Box 25: Folder 46 - Box 27: Folder 12

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order by title.

Box Folder Content
25 46 "21 Cloneen," TS and proof [with ANS, undated, from Ciaran Carson]
25 47 "And Cry Jesus to the Mice," MS and TS
25 48 "As Prisoned Birds," TS
25 49 Autobiographical notes, MS
25 50 "Bawling Across the Hearthrug," [re: Paul Durcan and Seán Dunne] MS and TS
25 51 "Belfast," TS
25 52 Biographical notes on Anne Devlin and Jennifer Johnston, TS
25 53 "Birds and Their Masters" [re: Eavan Boland], TS
25 54 "A Birthday Letter," MS
25 55 "The Bounty and the Malice," [review of Jo Slade's The Vigilant One] TS
25 56 "Cheshire Cat" [review of Norman Dugdale's Running Repairs; The Selected Roy McFadden, ed. John Boyd; Padraid Fiacc's Odour of Blood; and Tom Paulin's Liberty Tree], MS The Selected Roy McFadden, ed. John Boyd; Padraid Fiacc's Odour of Blood; and Tom Paulin's Liberty Tree], MS
25 57 "County Down," TS
25 58 "The Dancehall of the Mind," [review of two anthologies of Irish poetry: Pillas of the Horse and Silver Apples, Golden Apples] MS Silver Apples, Golden Apples] MS
25 59 "Don't Talk to Me About Dance" [review of Rita Ann Higgins's Philomena's Revenge] TS
25 60 "Freya's Party," MS
25 61 "Full of Consciousness" [review of Rita Kelly's Fare Well--Beir Beannacht] MS and TS
25 62 "Gardener Outside the Walls" [review of Francis Stuart's We Have Kept the Faith] MS and TS
25 63 Gothic Influence on Nineteenth Century Anglo-Irish Fiction [written by McGuckian as "Maeve T.P. McCaughan"], Dissertation for M.A. at Queens University, Belfast, 1973, TS [ 1 of 2]
25 64 Gothic Influence on Nineteenth Century Anglo-Irish Fiction, TS [ 2 of 2]
26 1 "Half a Full Moon," TS [variant title: "Twins"] [with TLS, 17 June 2000, from Brendan Barrington]
26 2 "The Hawk and I," [review of Francis Stuart's We Have Kept the Faith] TS
26 3 "Helen's Story-A War Story," MS
26 4 "Holy Family Parish is the story of my childhood," MS and TS
26 5 Horsepower, Pass By! A Study of the Car in the Poetry of Seamus Heaney, TS and notes
26 6 "A House of Female Habitation," [review of The Faber Book of Twentieth-Century Women's Poetry] TS
26 7 "How being Irish has influenced me as a writer and a woman," MS and TS
26 8 "How Precious Also Are Thy Thoughts Unto Me" [review of Marina Tsvetaeva's Art in the Light of Conscience], TS and proof
26 9 "The Idea of an Anglo-Irish Poetic Tradition," MS [MS notes by Heaney]
26 10 "Inching In," [review of John Hughes's Something in Particular] MS
26 11 "Irish Women Poets and Nationalism," MS and TS
26 12 "It's Six Miles from Bangor[?] to Donaghadee," MS
- - "Jack's Holm," proof [See Subseries 2.1: Shelmalier, "Home Daughter"]
26 13 "A Kind of English" [review of Amy Clampitt's The Kingfisher], MS
26 14 "Ladies' Night Apostles," [review of Word of Mouth] TS
26 15 "Like Yeats: Rhetorical Questions," MS
26 16 "Making a Meal of It," [review of Tom Paulin's Walking a Line] TS
26 17 "My Sense of Identity," TS
26 18 "A Notebook of Women Writers," MS and TS
26 19 "On Moortown," [re: Ted Hughes] MS
26 20 "On River," [re: Ted Hughes] MS
26 21 "On the Back of the Swallow," [re: Danny Morrison] MS and TS
26 22 "P.J.," MS
26 23 "Patrick Kavanagh: An Appraisal," TS
26 24 "A Picture Two Lives Deep," [review of Sara Berkeley's Penn] MS
26 25 "Pilgrimage in Long Shorts," [review of Frank Ormsby's A Northern Spring] MS and TS
26 26 Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl [autobiographical novel], MS
26 27 Presentation: "How Far Can Creative Writing Be Taught?," MS
26 28 Radio Script: "The Wreck of the Hesperus," MS and TS
26 29 Radio Script: Untitled, MS and TS
26 30 "Rathlin Road," MS and TS
26 31 "Re-inventing Our History" [review of Moyra Donaldson's Snakeskin Stilettos], TS
26 32 "Rescuers and White Cloaks: Diary, 1968-69," TS
26 33 Review of Nuala Archer's Between Swilly and Sewanee, MS
26 34 Review of Cammy Thomas's Cathedral of Wish, MS and TS
26 35 Review of Brian Walker and Alf McCreary's Degrees of Excellence: The Story of Queen's, Belfast 1845-1995, TS
26 36 Review of Audrey Scales's The Ephemeral Isle, MS
26 37 Review of Robert McLiam Wilson's Eureka Street, TS
26 38 Review of Alice Milligan's The Harper of the Only God: Selected Poems, TS
26 39 Review of Lives of Irish Artists, ed. Dr. Brian P. Kennedy, TS
26 40 Review of Siobhan Campbell's The Permanent Wave and Josephine Balmer's Classical Women Poets, MS and TS Classical Women Poets, MS and TS
26 41 Review of Seamus Deane's Reading in the Dark, TS
26 42 Review of John Montague's and Ted Hughes's Selected Poems, TS
26 43 Review of Moyra Donaldson's Snakeskin Stilettos, TS
26 44 "Skrimshadering, Or Not the Rupert Bear School" [review of Faber Book of Political Verse] MS and TS
26 45 "Something of a Mystery" [review of John Booth's Jack B. Yeats: A Vision of Ireland] MS and TS
26 46 "The State of Poetry," TS
26 47 "Summer Books 1991," MS and TS
26 48 "Surreal Ireland," MS
26 49 "The Sweet of Pillage," TS
26 50 "Teaching Poetry and Poetry for Pleasure," MS
26 51 "That Obvious Thing That Nobody Does" [review of Ruth Carr's There Is a House, Padraic Fiacc's Semper Vacare, and Ciaran Carson's The Ballad of HMS Belfast], MS and TS Semper Vacare, and Ciaran Carson's The Ballad of HMS Belfast], MS and TS
26 52 "To Pour is To Fill," [review of Lionel Shriver's The Female of the Species] MS
26 53 "Who Was Who?," [review of Anne Ulry Colman's A Dictionary of 19th Century Irish Women Poets] MS and TS
26 54 "Women Are Trousers," TS
27 1 "Women in Anglo-Irish Literature," MS
27 2 "Your thoughts about how your own work connects with this tradition of women writers," TS
27 3 Untitled [article on Michael Longley and religion], MS
27 4 Untitled: "The first summer we went to sea," MS
27 5 Untitled: "I had a friendship," MS
27 6 Untitled: "I suppose my own personal development," MS
27 7 Untitled: "I was thinking today about the hunger strike," MS
27 8 Untitled: "It was something," MS
27 9 Untitled [summary of research at the Irish Institute], TS
27 10 Untitled prose, MS
27 11 Miscellaneous fragments
27 12 Miscellaneous fragments