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Subseries 3.3
Poems by others
Box 34 - Box 38

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order by author.

Box Folder Content
34 1 Agee, Chris, "Thistledown," "Mandelstam," "Burning Cedar," "Peredelkind," "Offing," and "From Summer Grapes," TS [with TLS, 29 November 1999, from Chris Agee]
34 2 Art et Gwenaël, "L'Exclu" and "Abhainn an Átha 'La Rivière du Gué,'" TS
34 3 Carson, Ciaran, Poetry fragments, MS
34 4 Carson, Ciaran, "Belleek," "The Bomb Disposal," "Engraving from a Child's Encyclopedia," "The New Estate," "Stations," "To a Married Sister," TS
34 5 Carson, Ciaran, "Smithfield," "Summer of 1955," "Gifts," "Africa," "The Rosary Rally," TS [with ALS, undated, from Ciaran Carson]
34 6 Cartarescu, Mircea, "The Beastm" "When You Need Love," "Little Elegy," TS [with TLS, 12 June 1993, from Cartarescu to Dennis]
34 7 Connor, Noel, illustrations accompanying poems for Confounded Language: Nine Poems by Nine Irish Writers, Bloodaxe Books, 1991
34 8 Curtin, Claire, "Gertrude in Transit" and "Closing the Season with Gertrude," TS
- - Dickinson, Emily, "There's Been A Death...," proof [See Subseries 2.1: On Ballycastle Beach, "What Does Early Mean?"]
34 9 Drexel, John, "More of a Departure," TS
34 10 Drexel, John, "From a Dictionary of Lost Causes," "Starting from Anywhere," "Keeping to Myself," "Ovid's Pibroch," "Commutations (II)," "Reassurance," "Astrologies," Photocopies and TS
34 11 Drexel, John, "Virginia Woolf at Giggleswick," TS
34 12 Duinker, Arjen, "Equivalents" and "Rounded Up and Rounded Down," fax
34 13 Fitzgerald, Anne, "Asylum Seekers," "Sanctuary," "Out of This World," "No True Road," "Misadventure," "Death of a Friendship," "Home," "Remote Control," TS
34 14 Fitzpatrick, Jackie, "Christmas in Jail," MS
34 15 Gallagher, Tess, "All of Us There," "Bannfoot," "Mere Mere," "Renaissance," "Diary," "Canada," "Boa Island," "Indenture," "Mapping," "Samhain," "The Aspective State," TS
34 16 Gallagher, Tess, "Cougar Meat," TS
34 17 Gallagher, Tess, "The Story of a Citizen," TS
34 18 Gallagher, Tess, untitled
34 19 Gerhardt, Ida, "De Teruggewezen Gave" and "Verwachting," TS
- - Higgins, Rita Ann, "The Flute Girl's Dialogue," proof [See Subseries 2.1: Shelmalier, "The Plague Song"]
34 20 Hughes, Art, "Lament," "The Magpie," "The Mer-Lady's Lexicon," "A Remarkable Revelation," "Salutation for an Unbaptised Mer-Child," "The Pink Lily," "Armchair," "Morning," "An Eye of Light," "A Gift," "Morning Haze," "The Spell," TS
34 21 Kantchev, Nikolai, Night-Watchman of the Dawn
34 22 Kantchev, Nikolai, Selected Poems
34 23 Kennelly, Brendan, extracts from The Book of Judas (proof copy)
34 24 Larmour, Miles, Tieyms! A Poem in Three Parts
34 25 Lojek, Helen, "Distance," TS
34 26 Longley, Michael, "The Flock," "Night Time," "Broken Dishes," "The War Graves," "The Altar-Cloth," "The Evening Star," "A Carol," TS
34 27 Longley, Michael, "The Iron Bird," "The Exhibit," "Persephone," TS
34 28 Longley, Michael, "January 12, 1996," "The Choughs," "The Evening Star," "The Mustard Tin," "The White Swallow," "San Rocco," "The Bullet Hole," "Pascoli's Portrait," "The Waterfall," "The Shaker Barn," TS
34 29 Longley, Michael, "The Quilt," "The Design," "The Snow Leopard," "A Sprig of Bay," "The Daffodils," "The Mustard Tin," "Birds & Flowers," "The Waterfall" [from The Weather in Japan], TS
34 30 Longley, Michael, "The Sunburst," "The Yellow Teapot," "The Hut," "Remembering the Poets," "The Eleven Plus," "Lone Wolf," TS
34 31 Mahon, Derek, "Brecht in Svendborg," TS
34 32 Mac Lochlainn, Gearóid, "Mo Chara ar Chuairt," "Rogha an File," "Newgrange," "Cainteoir Dúchais Eile," TS and photocopies [with TLS, 24 January 2000, from Gearóid Mac Lochlainn]
34 33 McBreen, Joan, "Bog-Cotton," TS
34 34 McBreen, Joan, "Hibernus" and "Willows," TS
34 35 McBreen, Joan, "One for Sorrow," TS
34 36 McBreen, Joan, "What We Have to Offer," TS
34 37 McBreen, Joan, "The Wisteria in the Courtyard of Dromore House," "The Half-Heard Lament," "The Bible Garden," TS
34 38 McBreen, Joan, The Woman in the Yellow Dress, with 2 loose poems and a note asking for McGuckian's help
35 1 McGuigan, J., "Gunfire," MS
35 2 McMahan, Trevor, "The Fool's Soliloquy," TS
35 3 Mead, Jane, Concerning That Prayer I Cannot Make
- - Montague, John, "Windharp," Proof [See Subseries 2.1: Portrait of Joanna, "Tulips" (OP1/1)]
35 4 Morrison, D.G., "Reflections," TS
35 5 Morrissey, Sinéad, "China," TS
- - Muldoon, Paul, "Duffy's Circus," Proof [See Subseries 2.1: The Flower Master and Other Poems, "The Flower Master" (OP1/1)]
35 6 Ní Dhomhnaill, Nuala, "TOIRCHEAS I-VI," TS
35 7 Ó Conghalaigh, Tarlac, Miscellaneous poetry, MS and TS
35 8 O'Connor, Clairr, untitled
35 9 O'Connor Clairr, When You Need Them, TS
35 10 O'Hagan, Felim, "Child of the North," "Her Struggle in His Story," "A History of Prisoners," "Whose Guilt for Four Innocents?" TS
35 11 O'Hagan, Sheila, The Peacock Eye
35 12 Richards, Peter, Oubliette, TS [with TLS, 8 September 2000, from Brian Henry]
35 13 Ross, Bernadette, Private Words in Public
35 14 Ryder, Joe, "Alzheimer's," TS
35 15 Sewell, Frank, Miscellaneous Poetry, TS [includes "TV Poets!," "A file such as I," "A poet's instructions to his latest," "Café Mozart," "Crumlin-," "Encounter," "Everything changes although it's stone," "Falling out," "Hands on a beach," "In Milltown Graveyard," "I still wear the watch you bought me," "I've had it," "Lift," "Madame Elena, 30th Avenue," "Miaow-hoot, hoot-miaow," "Nothing I got from you that wasn't broken," "Not knowing where you stand," "Old people," "Once upon a time," "The life-restoring Art in, between," "Pain you can depend on," "Rebel songs," "River deep, mountain high," "STOP!," "Surprise," "Too much," "The Muse," "The poet hides his tail in company," "TO MY LOVE WITH ALL MY LOVE FOREVER," "UnIrish poetry," "Walking the dog," "When exactly was it," and "Your pelt pyjamas"]
35 16 Simmons, James, "Ballycastle," TS
35 17 Simmons, Janice Fitzpatrick, Atlantic Shallows
35 18 Simmons, Janice Fitzpatrick, "For Medbh," TS
35 19 Simmons, Janice Fitzpatrick, "November 1993," TS
35 20 Simmons, Janice Fitzpatrick, Settler
35 21 Takahashi, Mutsuo, Beyond the Hedge: New and Selected Poems, translated by Mitsuko Ohno and Frank Sewell, TS
35 22 Taylor, Pat, "The Poet," TS
35 23 Thill, Hans, Miscellaneous poetry, TS [with TLS, 3 December 1997 and 21 April 1999, from Hans Thill]
35 24 Wichert, Sabine, Deposits, TS
35 25 Wichert, Sabine, Tin Drum Country
35 26 Wyley, Edna, "Diary of a Fatman," TS
36 1-8 Unsorted poems by others
37 1-7 Unsorted poems by others
38 1-6 Unsorted poems by others