Series 2
Boxes 16 - 23; BV 1

Scope and Content Note

The series consists of manuscript and typescript copies of writings by Kelly Miller and writings by others from 1916-1939. Kelly Miller's writings include articles for periodicals including letters to the editor, open letters to public officials including President Woodrow Wilson, and open letters to presidents of Howard University. Writings also include poems, book reviews, speeches, and a manuscript draft of a collection of unpublished and previously published essays entitled "Is the Color Line Crumbling?" Writings chronicle Miller's perception and coverage of national and global affairs including analysis of presidential policies and administrations (1917-1939), the New Deal, constitutional law and interpretation, political parties, race and politics, Jim Crow, lynching, the Garvey Movement, African American voting patterns, African American migration, African Americans in Higher Education, Christianity in the United States, and prohibition. Analysis of international issues includes discussion of the role of the United States in the League of Nations, American imperialism, racism in Europe and the Americas, and the Sino-Japanese War. Writings by others consist of articles, speeches, and one radio transcript, and address such topics as college life and curricula, primary and secondary education, race and education, and the New Deal. The radio transcript concerns James Bland, an African American musician who was the subject of a research article by Miller. Published writings by Miller are located in Series 4: Printed Material.

Arrangement Note

Organized into two subseries: (2.1) Writings by Miller and (2.2.) Writings by Others. Titled and dated typescripts located in the writings series are ordered chronologically. Untitled and undated writings and incomplete drafts are arranged alphabetically.

Description of Subseries