M'KENDREE, WILLIAM, 1757-1835.
William M'Kendree papers, 1790-1855

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Creator: M'Kendree, William, 1757-1835.
Title: William M'Kendree papers, 1790-1855
Call Number:Manuscript Collection No. 34
Extent: .5 linear feet (1 box) and 1 oversized papers box (OP)
Abstract:Papers of William M'Kendree, Methodist bishop, including correspondence, legal documents, reports, biographical material, a notebook, and resolutions.
Language:Materials entirely in English.

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Biographical Note

William M'Kendree, the first American-born Methodist bishop, was born July 6, 1757, in King William County, Virginia, and died March 5, 1835, in Sumner County, Tennessee. He converted to Methodism (circa 1776), became a deacon (1790) and elder (1791) of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and served in various circuits in Virginia, except for his service in South Carolina (1793) and in Baltimore (1798). He became a leader in the trans-Allegheny revival movement when he served as superintendent of the Western Conference, the partially settled territory beyond the Allegheny Mountains (1800-1808). He was ordained a bishop (1808) and was closely associated with Bishop Asbury. M'Kendree introduced the practice of Episcopal addresses at Conference.

William M'Kendree, the first American-born Methodist bishop, was born July 6, 1757, in King William County, Virginia, and died March 5, 1835, in Sumner County, Tennessee. He converted to Methodism (circa 1776), became a deacon (1790) and elder (1791) of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and served in various circuits in Virginia, except for his service in South Carolina (1793) and in Baltimore (1798). He became a leader in the trans-Allegheny revival movement when he served as superintendent of the Western Conference, the partially settled territory beyond the Allegheny Mountains (1800-1808). He was ordained a bishop (1808) and was closely associated with Bishop Asbury. M'Kendree introduced the practice of Episcopal addresses at Conference.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of the papers of William M'Kendree from 1790-1855. The papers include correspondence, legal documents, reports, biographical material, a notebook, and resolutions. Letters are mostly to M'Kendree from other church leaders, missionaries, and laypersons; some are from M'Kendree. Topics include slavery, the rivalry between Canadian and U.S. Methodists, British missionaries, the slander charge and controversy surrounding the Methodist clergyman Jesse Lee, and missionary work with Native American Indians. Legal papers include a copy of an 1801 Maryland law authorizing the building of a Methodist meeting house in Chestertown, affidavits concerning M'Kendree's bequest of land to establish a "literary institute," and a statement giving Canadian land to the Methodist Episcopal Church. There is a short autobiography by M'Kendree from his birth through 1800. The notebook contains a list of remedies and religious verses.

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Correspondence and records
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1 1 1790, June 15, M'Kendree, Deacon ordination certificate
1 1 1790, December 20, M'Kendree, Elder ordination certificate
1 1 1801, Copy of laws of Maryland, Volume 3, p. 36 – 1801. An act to authorize the persons therein nam'd to build a Methodist Meeting House on the public ground in Chester Town, in Kent County
OP1 1 1808, May 18, M'Kendree Bishop ordination certificate, signed by Francis Asbury and others
1 1 1810, February 8, Bruce, Philip. Report to M'Kendree on the Virginia Conference. Concerns the charge that the bishops had abused their power in the Genesee Conference. Some of the debate that followed is included.
1 1 1810, M'Kendree (Baltimore) to unaddressed – "Dear Brethren." Concerns the Genesee Conference. Badly mutilated.
1 1 1810, May 23, Ward, Francis, secretary. Report of the Special Committee of the New York annual conference on the case of the Genesee Conference. The conference voted to support the constitutionality of all work of the Genesee Conference.
1 1 1810, July 21, Dorsey, Daniel, Laurence Riley, Roger Benton, et. al. To the Bishops and Conference held in Lyons July 20, 1810. Expresses the wish of the signers that the conference be held in Lyons.
1 1 1811, January 14, Roszel, S.G. (Georgetown, D.C.) to M'Kendree (Raighley [Raleigh], North Carolina). Expresses thanks for a favor of M'Kendree and tells that Reverend Jesse Lee, who is antagonistic toward M'Kendree and the conference, will be at the Virginia Conference.
1 1 1811, February 11, "Jesse Lee" to M'Kendree. Asks the bishop to read something which the writer had handed him previously. "What I want is this, that you read it, and point out to me any error, or improper statement therein, that I may alter it. The writing is a letter to you but not addressed by name."
1 1 1811, February 17, Hitt, D. to M'Kendree. Personal letter; badly mutilated
1 1 1811, February ?. The Introduction, Progress, and Termination of the Genesee Conference held in Raleigh, February, 1811
1 1 1811, September 9, Johnston, M., John Widrey, et. Al. (Picqua, Miami County, Ohio) to "The Patrons and Friends of Religion, and the instruction and Education of Youth." Requests that funds be raised by contribution for the erection of a Methodist meeting house.
1 1 1811, September 11, Johnston, J.W. (Piqua, Miami County, Ohio) to the Bishop of the Methodist Church (at the conference to be held at Cincinnati). Concerns a proposed Indian school.
1 1 1812, February 25, Bruce, Philip, John Buxton, Samuel Garrard, et.al. (Committee on Virginia Conference). Report of the committee that reconvened concerning the slander case of Brother Jesse Lee.
1 1 1812, February 27, Douglass, Thomas L., secretary, (Richmond) to M'Kendree (Richmond, Virginia). Wrapper which contained official papers concerning the Lee case.
1 1 1812, [Tabb?], Miss Mary M. (Toddsbury) to M'Kendree (Conference, New York). Expresses the writer's love and admiration in Christ for the bishop. She dwells mostly on her desire to see him either here or in eternity.
1 2 1814, February 15, Hitt, D. (New York) to M'Kendree (Norfolk, Va.). Expresses his disappointment in not having heard from M'Kendree recently. He also tells about various ministers and where they are.
1 2 1814, April 24, Jennings, Sam K. (Baltimore) to M'Kendree (Gallatin, Sumner County, Tenn.). Concerns a school for prospective ministers and schoolteachers.
1 2 1814, April 26, Coate, Michael (Lumberton, N. J.) to M'Kendree (c/o Thomas Carpenter,New York). Concerned with his travels since the conference in Philadelphia with special emphasis on the illness of Asbury. (Coate says "well; "we" probably was referring to Asbury, William Smith and himself.)
1 2 1814, April 30, Bond, John M. (Michael Coate's, Burlington County, N. J.) to M'Kendree (New York). Concerns Asbury's illness.
1 2 1814, May 2, Sargent, Thomas (Philadelphia) to M'Kendree (c/o Thomas Carpenter, New York). Concerns Asbury's illness.
1 2 1814, May 3 Wilkins, Henry [Baltimore] to M'Kendree (New York). Concerns an epidemic.
1 2 1814, May 4, Sargent, Thomas (Philadelphia) to M'Kendree (New York).
1 2 1814, May 7, Sargent, Thomas (Philadelphia) to M'Kendree (New York). Concerns Asbury's illness.
1 2 1814, May 9, Sargent, Thomas (Philadelphia) to M'Kendree (New York). Concerns Asbury's illness.
1 2 1814, May 12 Sargent, Thomas (Philadelphia) to M'Kendree (New York). Concerns Asbury's illness.
1 2 1814, May 26, Hitt, D. (Lumberton, N. J.) to M'Kendree (Fore Street, Portland Me.) to be forwarded to the conference at Durham). Concerns Asbury's illness.
1 2 1814, June ?, Pearce, M., H. Ryan, M. Case, et. al. The committee "appointed to examine into the state of our church in the province of Canada." (Elizabethtown, Upper Canada). Report of the Genesee Annual Conference on Canadian affairs
1 3 1815, March 22, Giles, Charles (Paris) to M'Kendree (Philadelphia). Relates general news with special emphasis on the illness and surprise recovery of Preacher Abraham Leppett?
1 3 1815, October 10, Sawyer, Joseph (Montreal). Testimony concerning Brother Ryan's conduct at Montreal.
1 3 1815, October 11, Otis, Yrastus (Montreal). Further testimony of Mr. Ryan's behavior.
1 3 1815, ?, Binney, A., secretary, to E. Hedding. Extracts from the Journal of the New England Conference for the year 1815. Attested by A. Fillmore.
1 3 1816, February Mission Committee (New Chapels London) to Bishop Asbury. Extract of a letter concerning the rift at the Montreal Conference. Page 3 is a copy of a proposition submitted by Black and Bennett to the delegates of the Annual American Methodist conferences assembled in Baltimore, Md., May 19, 1816.
1 3 1816, May 1 "Your brother and fellow labourer" to the "General Conference to be holden in Baltimore." Concerns the duties of the conference members.
1 3 1816, "A rep. of Gen. Conf. 1816 to Brit. Conf. on Canada Affairs, Conf. of Safety on Episcopacy." First 12 pages are model legal papers. Next comes "The copy of papers from general conference" which contains church business with special emphasis on Asbury's death and the impaired health of M'Kendree. In addition there is a copy of an address to the London Methodist Missionary Society, dated Baltimore, May 22, 1816; unsigned, it mentions Asbury's death and states a decision not to comply with the suggestions offered by their "British Brethren" concerning the Canadian affairs
1 4 1817, January 25, Jones, Peter (Cornwall) to Rev. William Case (Brockville, Upper Canada. Mentions conflict with Mr. Pope, the British missionary.
1 4 1817, February 4, Ferguson, Arra, secretary, William Case, Stephen Canger, et. al. (Upper Canada, Bay Quintie Circuit) to the London Methodist Missionary Society. Concerns the Canadian situation. On the last page are comments dated February 15, 1817 and signed by A. Prindel, Samuel Hick, et.al. They endorse the sentiments of the preceding paper.
1 4 1817, February 15, Shinn, Rev. Asa to Bishops and members of the Baltimore Annual Conference. Copy of a letter in defense of his book which is being criticized. Copy attested by Beverley Waugh, Bishop
1 4 1817, March 17, Missionaries in Canada (Montreal) to "the Committee." Copy of an extract from a letter. Discusses the spread of Methodism in Canada and mentions the hope that Canada might be made a separate division.
1 4 1817, March 17, Case, W. (Hamilton, St. Laurence Circuit [Ontario]) to M'Kendree (Philadelphia, Pa.). Tells of trouble and friction caused by the British preacher.
1 4 1817, April 17, Reynolds, John (Urbana) to Rev. William Burke (Cincinnati, Ohio). Letter of recommendation for a Mr. Nathaniel Pinchard.
1 4 1817, April 18, Pinchard, Nathaniel (Urbana) to Rev. William Burke (Cincinnati, Ohio). Concerns the station of missionary teacher for which he has been recommended.
1 4 1817, May 25, Roys, Evan and J. Bailey (Cornwall) to Rev. William Case, Presiding Elder, Lower Canada District. Concerns the split of the church in Canada.
1 4 1817, May 29, Roszel, Stephen (Baltimore) to M'Kendree (Middlebury, Vt.). Circular and note announcing the forthcoming publication of a biography of Asbury.
1 4 1817, July 12, George, Bishop [Enoch] (Matilda) toW. Pope. Copy of a letter concerning the Canadian situation.
1 4 1817, July 12, M'Kendree (Baltimore) to John Emory (Philadelphia). Concerns a visit Brother McAlaster is to make; M'Kendree suggests that Emory meet with McAlaster while he is there.
1 4 1817, July 15, Cox, Luther J. (Baltimore) to M'Kendree. Personal letter.
1 4 1817, July 21, George, Bishop [Enoch] (Montreal) to Messrs. Booth and Pope.
1 4 1817, July ?, Webster, I. J. and (Cornwell). Testimony concerning Mr. Pope.
1 5 1817, August 1, [Kennedy, William M.] (Youngsville, S. C. ) to M'Kendree Zanesville Ohio). Concerns Mr. Myers and a Mississippi tour.
1 5 1817, August 7, Collins, John to M'Kendree (Zanesville). Concerns a horse for the bishop.
1 5 1817 August 9, Gaultin, J., and J. Bunting (Sheffield) to M'Kendree. Copy of a letter from the British conference in answer to one written by M'Kendree to the conference.
1 5 1817, August 12, Talley, Alexander (Edgefield, S. C. District 7) to the Reverends M'Kendree, Enoch George and Robert R. Roberts (Zanesville, Ohio). Reports the progress of Methodism in South Carolina.
1 5 1817, August 15, Kinston, J., Luther Cox, and James Harison (Baltimore) to M'Kendree Zanesville Ohio). About the Asbury Educational Society.
1 5 1817, August 16, Shinn, Asa to M'Kendree (Ohio). A personal letter in which Shinn refers to his love for his religious work.
1 5 1817, August 25, Harris, Nathaniel (Lexington) to M'Kendree. Requests the appointment of Bishop Cloud to the Lexington circuit.
1 5 1817, August 27, Hitt, D. (Lancaster, Penn.) to M'Kendree (Zanesville, Ohio). Concerns Hitt's activities in the circuits during the past weeks.
1 5 1817, August 31, Scott, Thomas (Chillicothe, Ohio) to M'Kendree (Zanesville, Ohio). Relates personal feelings concerning Scott's religious life and his preparation for the hereafter. Included are requested appointments for several church officials.
1 5 1817, September 1, Collins, John to M'Kendree (Zanesville, Ohio). Related the conversions Collins has lately witnessed.
1 5 1817, September 25, McLean, John, George Eagleson, and Samuel Nixon (Lebanon) to M'Kendree (Zanesville). Requests that either Rev. Collins or Waterman be appointed there.
1 6 1817, October 6, Jones, Peter (Cornwall) to Rev. John Reynolds (Bellville, Upper Canada). Explains a situation concerning the alleged failure of a British missionary in the Cornwall area to perform his duties. Attested by John Bailey and Evan Roys.
1 6 1817, November 6, Reynolds, John (Bellville) to Rev. William Case. Concerns the Canadian situation.
1 6 1817, December 13, Kennorly, J. (near Winchester, Va.) to M'Kendree (Louisville) Tells of progress of Methodism in Virginia.
1 6 1817, December 16, Ellis, Ira (Pittsylvania [C. H.] to M'Kendree (Louisville, Ga.). Concerns a successor to Bishop Cannon.
1 6 1817, December 25, Douglass, T. L. (Nashville) to Bishops M'Kendree, George, and Roberts (Norfolk, Va.). Concerns the attitude of the conference toward slavery.
1 6 1817, December 31, Wilkins, H. (Baltimore) to M'Kendree (Louisville, Georgia). Personal letter.
1 7 1818, January 12, Roszel, S. G. ((Baltimore) to M'Kendree (Augusta, Georgia). Personal letter.
1 7 1818, January 12, Bangs, N. (Montreal). Copy of a letter from Bishop George to Richard McGinnis dated "New York, October 3, 1817." Concerns the missions in Canada.
1 7 1818, January 21, Bryan, S. (Charleston) to M'Kendree (Augusta, Georgia). Concerns quarrels with Brother Kennedy.
1 7 1818, February 9, Ruark, Shadrach, to Edward Tiffin (Chillicothe). Summons to appear at the Methodist meeting house to answer to some charges contained in a handbill Tiffin had written.
1 7 1818, March 13, Ruark, Shadrach, to Edward Tiffin (Chillicothe). A repetition of the above summons.
1 7 1818, June 28, Sargent, Thomas (Philadelphia) to M'Kendree (Steubenville, Ohio). Tells of an incident at his conference.
1 8 1818, July 14, Lakin, B. to M'Kendree. Concerns his declining health. Mutilated.
1 8 1818, July 30, Hitt, D. to M'Kendree Steubenville, Ohio). Answer to a letter written by M'Kendree.
1 8 1818, July ?, Tiffin, Edward, to M'Kendree ("Not at Judge Scott's"). Envelope.
1 8 1818, July ?, Tiffin, Edward (Chillicothe) to M'Kendree. Explains the circumstances of his expulsion.
1 8 1818, July ?, Case, W., H. Ryan, M. Pearce,, and J. Soule., signers. Report on Canadian affairs at the Genesee Conference.
1 8 1818, August 29, Dunham, Darius, copier, [Adelphi town] to Rev. Johnson (Kingston). A copy of a report concerning the Quarterly conference at Bay Quintie Circuit.
1 8 1818, September 9, M'Kendree (the Western Woods between the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers). Reprimand for certain actions.
1 8 1818, September 24, Overstreet, J. H. (Mount Zion near Louisville) to M'Kendree (General Superintendent of the Methodist Episcopal Church Nashville, Tenn.). Overstreet is attempting to clear himself of the bad Impression which he feels M'Kendree has, due to certain happenings which he relates.
1 8 1818, September 25, Roszel, S. G. (Liberty-town, Md.) to M'Kendree Ford's P. 0. Miss. Mentions progress on a biography of Bishop Asbury.
1 8 1818, October 5, Roys, Evan (Cornwall) to ?. Concerns a visit from Mr. Pope.
1 8 1818, November 15, Harris, Nathaniel (Lexington) to Samuel Parker. Concerns an incident in which [M'Kendree] calls Parker -a rascal, etc.
1 8 1818, November 21, Detton, G. (in Kingston). Concerns the chapel at Matilda.
1 8 1818, November 22, Griffin, J. to M'Kendree "Away bill." Directions for M'Kendree from Pearl River to Wilkinson.
1 8 1818, ?, George, [Bishop Enoch] to the British Methodist conference. Copy of a letter discussing the unfortunate situation in Canada.
1 8 1818, ?, Roberts, Robert R. to William Case, (Utica, N. Y.). Address of the annual conference to the society in Canada
1 9 1819 February 10, Parker, Samuel (Natchez) to M'Kendree. Tells of his arrival in Natchez where he is to preach.
1 9 1819, February 25, McLean, Ann (Elizabethtown) to William Case. Concerns the rights to the Methodist Chapel in Montreal.
1 9 1819, April 11, Brown, William (Wolford) to Rev. William Case (Kingston). Concerns the Methodist chapel -in Quebec and whether it was to be given up "to us."
1 9 1819, April 17, Martin, Amos (Princetown). Testimony concerning the Canadian rift. A paragraph is added by Samuel Detlor.
1 9 1819, August 9, Banning, Anthony to M'Kendree. Concerns the Indian missions.
1 9 1819, December 5, Lewis, Henry (Edwardsburge, Upper Canada). Testimony of the efforts of the British Mr. Pope to cause discord in the Canadian circuits. Witnessed by his wife, Margaret.
1 9 1819, December 25, Bradshaw, John (Usnabruck). Testimony as to Mr. Pope's actions.
1 10 1820, January 1,Rose, John (Matilda, U. C.). Testimony as to the causes of the rift in Canada. Added are testimonies of Joseph Goold, and Mr. and Mrs. John VanCamp.
1 10 1820, January 3, Roys, Evan (Milla Rouche). Further testimony of Mr. Pope's attempts to lure members of the American Methodist Church to his own. Witnessed by his wife, Dorothy, and their children.
1 10 1820, January 10, Miles, Stephen (Kingston). Substance of a conversation between the Rev. James Booth and Stephen Miles in 1818.
1 10 1820, January 15, Address of Bay Quintie to the General Conference.
1 10 1820, January 21, Brouse, Joseph (South Gore Petit Nation). Testimony, concerning Mr. Pope.
1 10 1820, January 22, Case, William (Hope Smith brock Circuit) to the General conference in Baltimore. Expresses their loyalty to their American brethren.
1 10 1820, January 26, Sawyer, Joseph (Matilda) to J.G. Peal (Cornwall Circuit, Upper Canada). Concerns Sawyer's contacts with the English missionaries.
1 10 1820, January 26, Holmes, Ninian, Local Elder (Thames Circuit). "To the Bishops and Elders in General Conference assembled." Concerns the conditions in the circuit.
1 10 1820, January 29, Case, William (Hallowell) to the General Conference at Baltimore. Concerns the situation in Canada.
1 10 1820, February 1, Pennock, Samuel (Brockville). Testimony concerning the actions of Mr. Pope.
1 10 1820, February 5, The members of tile Upper Canada, Long Point circuit to the General Conference in Baltimore. Expresses the loyalty to the American Methodists.
1 10 1820, February 12, Hodges, Timothy Augusta Upper Canada). Testimony concerning the trouble caused by the British ministers.
1 10 1820, February 12, Wrapper for preceding testimony signed by William Case at Augusta.
1 10 1820, February 26, Burdock, Isaac, John Sutton, Thomas Wart, a committee of the Quarterly Meeting conference to the members of the General Conference at Baltimore.
1 11 1820, March 4, Members of the Quarterly meeting Conference (Upper Canada Niagra Circuit) to the General Conference at Baltimore. Concerns tile problem of the British missionaries.
1 11 1820, March 13, McKenney, T. L. (Office of Indian Trade, Georgetown D.C.) to M'Kendree. About Indian missions.
1 11 1820, March 13, M'Kendree (Georgetown) to T. L. McKenney. Concerns the Indians
1 11 1820, March 18, members of the Ancaster circuit (Ancaster, Upper Canada) to the members of tile General Conference. Statement concerns the British missionaries.
1 11 1820, March 27, George, Enoch to M'Kendree. Concerns his loss of money and opinion of M'Kendree's health.
1 12 1820, April 2, Puffen, Isaac (Kingston) to Rev. William Case. Contains oaths which all preachers in Canada should take, or be fined ?40.
1 12 1820, April 22, Puffen, Isaac (Kingston) to Rev. William Case (Baltimore City Md.). Concerns the methods the British missionaries used to rid Canada of the American preachers.
1 12 1820, April 24, Sargent, Thomas (Philadelphia) to M'Kendree (Baltimore). States some changes suggested at conference.
1 12 1820, April 27, Murdock, Joseph (near Kingston) to Rev. William Case. (Baltimore, Md.). Concerns the British missionaries.
1 12 1820, May 1, Stewards and Leaders of the Methodist Church in Montreal to the General Conference in Baltimore. Explains the situation in Montreal.
1 12 1820, May 1, Easton, Joseph, et.al. (Cornwall Circuit) to the General Conference (Baltimore). Concerns the activities of the British missionaries.
1 12 1820, May 1, The Address of the Quarterly Conference of the Augusta Circuit, Upper Canada to the members of the General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church (Baltimore).
1 12 1820, May 2, Reynolds, John (Rellville) to the General Conference (Baltimore). The conference approves the Ray Quintie Address.
1 12 1820, May 5, Bangs, D. (Baltimore). Concerns British missionaries. Badly mutilated.
1 12 1820, May 5, Roszel, Stephen G. (Pittsburg) to the Bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church (Pittsburg). Asks why a representative has not been appointed to attend the British Conference.
1 12 1820, May 12, Bangs, D. (Baltimore). Recommendation of several resolutions.
1 12 1820, May 22, M'Kendree to Bishops George and Roberts. Concerns an ordination.
1 12 1820, May ?, Extract from the Journals of the General Conference held in Baltimore. Concerns an appeal of William Burke.
1 12 1820, May ?, Notebook (?)"to the General Conference held at Baltimore."
1 13 1820, July 17, Roszel, S. G. (Baltimore) to M'Kendree (Charles Town, Virginia). Personal correspondence.
1 13 1820, August 23, Taylor, Joseph, and Richard Watson (Wesleyan Mission House, 77 Hatton Garden) to M'Kendree. A copy of instructions from the missionary committee in London. On the back is a letter from John Emory dated October 7, 1829. Tells why Emory cannot stop to visit M'Kendree.
1 13 1820, August. Copy of Resolutions of the British Conference on American affairs.
1 13 1820, October 4, Emory, John (New York) to M'Kendree. Tells of Emory's trip to England where he found out much about the British Conference. Includes report of trip to England.
1 13 1820, October 16, M'Kendree (Alexandria, D. C.). Copy of letter of transmittal of copy of the Resolutions of the British Conference and a copy of the letter M'Kendree wrote explaining the resolutions and expressing his feelings.
1 13 1820, November 4, M'Kendree (Norfolk, Va.) to Rev. Joshua Soule (New York). Concerns church work
1 14 1821, February 26, M'Kendree (Raleigh) to the Baltimore Annual Conference. He expresses his regret that he cannot be there.
1 14 1821, March 23, Waugh, R. (Baltimore to M'Kendree Virginia. Mr. Waugh, secretary of the conference. Answers the preceding letter. (There is an extra copy of this letter.)
1 14 1821, May 6, Soule, Joshua (New York) to M'Kendree (c/o. Abner Neal, Baltimore, Md.) Concerns certain resolutions affecting the constitution of the M. E. Church.
1 14 1821, May 7, M'Kendree (Georgetown) to T. L. McKenney. Concerns the engagement of William Capers as missionary to the Indians.
1 14 1821, May 8, McKenney, T. L. (Office of Indian trade, Georgetown, D. C.) to M'Kendree. Concerns Indian affairs.
1 14 1821, May 11, M'Kendree (Doctor Wilkins) to Bishop George. Concerns a proposed conference of the "Africans" in New York and Philadelphia.
1 14 1821, May 16, McKenney, T. L. (Georgetown) to M'Kendree. Tells of enclosed letters M'Kendree is to deliver.
1 14 1821, May 19, M'Kendree (Dr. Wilkins) to BP. George. [Copy] of a letter concerning a petition to the ensuing Congress.
1 14 1821, May ?, M'Kendree. Copy of an address to some of the conferences on Indian trading.
1 14 1821, June 19, Emory, [John] (Annapolis) to M'Kendree (Lebanon, Ohio). Concerns an address M'Kendree intends to make to the conference.
1 15 1821, August 25, Sutherland, A. (Steubenville) to M'Kendree (at conference, Ohio). Discusses the preference of Sutherland and his neighbors concerning a new preacher.
1 15 1821, September 6, M'Kendree to the Annual Conference in Lebanon. Statements concern the Presiding Elder question. Also a copy of a resolution which passed the Kentucky Conference during its last session. Also another address concerning the Presiding Elders.
1 15 1821, September 12, Springer, C., secretary, (Lebanon). Extract from the Journal of Ohio Annual Conference. About a mission and school for the Wyandot Indians.
1 15 1821, September 15, Ruter, M. (Cincinnati) to M'Kendree (Present). Concerns a "Seminary of learning."
1 15 1821, September 18, Adams, William, secretary. Extract from the Journals of the Kentucky Annual Conference held at Lexington, Ky.
1 15 1821, October 6, M'Kendree (Greensburg) to Rev. William M. Kennedy and L. Myers, Charleston, S. C. Concerns M'Kendree's activities at a conference.
1 15 1821, October 13, McGee, John et. al. Tennessee to M'Kendree. Concerns reorganization of certain circuits near the Tennessee - Kentucky border.
1 15 1821, November 4, Finley, J. B. (Sandusky, Upper Canada) to Rev. Joshua Soule (New York). Concerns his appointment as Indian missionary and teacher.
1 15 1821, November 14, Douglass, Thomas L., secretary. A copy of the journal of the Tennessee Annual Conference.
1 15 1821, November 24, M'Kendree (Georgia). Certificate showing transfer of Samuel Kennerly.
1 15 1821, December 8, Soule, Joshua (New York) to M'Kendree (Columbia, S. C.). Tells of problems current in the city, particularly the "African situation"
1 16 1822, January 17, Head, Jesse to M'Kendree (Gallatin, Tenn.). Defense of rumors against the writer's character.
1 16 1822, March 30, Ruter, M. (Cincinnati) to M'Kendree (Baltimore City). Concerns plans to establish a college.
1 16 1822, April 1, Finley, James B. (Sandusky Mission House) to M'Kendree (Baltimore). Concerns progress being made in the Sandusky area.
1 16 1822, May 15, M'Kendree to L. Garret. Concerns the support of the missions
1 16 1822, July 13, M'Kendree (Sharpsburg) to Rev. John Emo (Hagers Town, Md.). Concerns dissension over resolutions passed and suspended as unconstitutional at the General Conference.
1 16 1822, August 9 Emory, John (near Union Town) to M'Kendree. Expresses Emory's concern over the attitude M'Kendree now holds toward him.
1 16 1822, August 27, Capers, William to M'Kendree (Baltimore). Concerns difficulty with the Indian missions.
1 16 1822, September 6, McMahon, John to M'Kendree. Personal letter containing much religious phraseology.
1 16 1822, September 16, M'Kendree (Chillicothe) to Rev. John Emory. An answer to Mr. Emory's letter of August 9th.
1 16 1822, September 19, Roszel, Stephen G. (Baltimore) to M'Kendree (Lexington, Ky.). Carries further the misunderstandings between the two men.
1 16 1822, December 19, John Emory (Hagerstown) to M'Kendree.
1 16 1822, December 31, Winans, William (near Natchez, Miss.) to M'Kendree (Gallatin, W. Tenn.). Concerns a conference.
1 17 1823, January 7, Hitt, D. (Baltimore, Md.) to M'Kendree (Gallatin, Sumner County), Tenn.). Hitt gives a general report of conditions in places with which he is familiar. Mutilated.
1 17 1823, January 10, Finley, James B. (Ridgeville, Ohio) to M'Kendree (Lynchburg, Va.). Concerns money for a mission. On same paper as letter of March 22, 1823.
1 17 1823, March 3, Finley, James B. (Sandusky Mission House) to M'Kendree (Lynchburg,,Va.).
1 17 1823, March 4. Copy of a resolution passed at the Baltimore Conference.
1 17 1823, March 22, M'Kendree, (Lynchburg, Va.) to Thomas Sargent (Philadelphia). Concerns money for a mission. On same paper as letter of January 10 1823.
1 17 1823, April 3, Ward, James (Jefferson County, Ky.) to M'Kendree (Baltimore Conference, Md.) Mentions illness in Ward's family and discusses general business.
1 17 1823, April 12, Ruter, M. (Cincinnati) to M'Kendree (near Franklin, Tenn.). Contains general news of the church.
1 17 1823, April 15, Randall, Joshua to M'Kendree (Baltimore, Md.). Concerns an. accusation that the writer was preaching doctrines contrary to those of the Methodist Church and mentions an appeal.
1 17 1823, April 17, M'Kendree (Baltimore) to John Emory. Continues the misunderstanding. Attested by D. Hitt and probably in his hand.
1 17 1823, April 19, Emory, John (Baltimore) to M'Kendree. Requests that the two men forget their past differences and resume the friendship which once they valued.
1 17 1823, April 22, Sargent, Thomas (Philadelphia) to M'Kendree (Baltimore). Announces an appropriation of $300 for the Wyandot Mission.
1 17 1823, May 14, Sargent, Thomas (Philadelphia) to M'Kendree (Pittsburg). Tells of an appropriation of $200 for the mission.
1 17 1823, May ?, Emory, John (Centreville) to M'Kendree (Maysville, Ky.). Letter in answer to one written by M'Kendree in which he evidently turned down Emory's proposal to destroy the unpleasant correspondence which had passed between them and renew their friendship. Emory, in this letter, agrees that this cannot be done if M'Kendree still feels as his letter indicates. But he repeats his request that past differences be overlooked that people in their day or in later years will not read the correspondence and believe that they were too small to be Christians, much less men of the cloth.
1 17 1823, August 16, Mason, Thomas (New York) to M'Kendree (Urbana., Ohio). Concerns the missions.
1 17 1823, August 26, Hitt, D. (Fredericksburg. Va.) to.M'Kendree (Urbana, Ohio). Concerns progress in converting people.
1 17 1823, September 15, M'Kendree (West Union) to Thomas Worthington (Chillicothe, Ohio). Concerns tile recent conference.
1 17 1823, September 19, Harris, Nathaniel to M'Kendree. Expresses his regrets that he will be unable to attend the conference because of serious illness in his family
1 17 1823. A list of the members of the Kentucky annual Conference for 1823 and "a plan of the circuit
1 18 1824, April 10, Smith, Isaac (Fort Mitchell) to M'Kendree (Baltimore). Expresses wish to see M'Kendree but writer doubts if he will "on earth."
1 18 1824, May ?, M'Kendree (Baltimore) to ? "Copy to Thomas Sargent." Concerns an appropriation for the Creek Indian Mission.
1 18 1824, Sept 5, Finley, John P. (Chillicothe) to M'Kendree (Chillicothe, Ohio). Concerns the raising of funds for the Augusta College.
1 18 1824, November 22, Ruter, M. (Cincinnati, Ohio) to M'Kendree (Columbia, West Tennessee). Mentions Augusta College, Mutilated.
1 18 1825, March 24, Douglass, Thomas L. (At home) to M'Kendree (Fountainhead). Mentions a debt owed M'Kendree by Brother Moore, and a Methodist magazine entitled "Mutual Rights."
1 18 1825, May 18, Walker, Jesse (Sangamon County, Ill.) to M'Kendree. Relates his "travels and labours" since he saw M'Kendree last with special reference to his work with mission schools.
1 18 1825, December 16, M'Kendree (Mecklingburg, Va.) to Joshua Soule (Milledgeville, Ga.). Relates his travels and his work of the immediate past.
1 18 1826, June 24, M'Kendree (New York) to James B. Fenley. Concerns the importance of cooperation between the missions and the "parent society."
1 18 1826, July 1, Caine, Alexander (Baltimore) to M'Kendree. Contains inquiries about certain documents written by, Wesley; writer attacks the present church government, especially the order of bishops.
1 18 1826, July 18, Bangs, N. (New York) to M'Kendree (Baltimore). Concerns Brother Finley and the Indians.
1 18 1826, December 28, Bangs and Emory (New York) to M'Kendree (Augusta, Ga.). Offer their printing facilities for publication of a weekly newspaper.
1 19 1827, March 23, McKenney, Thomas L. (Department of War, Office of Indian Affairs) to Bishops M'Kendree, Roberts, and Soule. Concerns the unfortunate position of the Indians and contains an appeal for aid.
1 19 1827, March 26, McKenney (War department) to "Rev. Friends." Concerns a movement to help the Indians.
1 19 1827, March 26, Emory, John (New York) to M'Kendree (Baltimore). Invitation to preside at the anniversary meeting of the Bishops Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
1 19 1827, April 10, Hammit, William (Richmond, Va.) to M'Kendree (Baltimore). Concerns increase in church membership in Richmond since M'Kendree was there.
1 19 1828, May 7, Randell, Joshua (Pittsburg) to "Mr. President, and my honoured Fathers in the Gospel ministry." An appeal after being accused of deviation from the doctrines of Wesley and Fletcher.
1 19 1828, May 12, Smith, James (Philadelphia) to M'Kendree (Pittsburg, Pa.). Requests a postponement of his appeal. (Salutation is to the general conference.)
1 19 1828, May 12, Smith, James (Philadelphia) to M'Kendree (Pittsburg). Tells of request to general conference.
1 19 1828, June 9, Tydings, R. (Lexington, Ky.) to M'Kendree. Concerns efforts of certain persons to establish a Sabbath School union in opposition to the Methodist
1 19 1829, March 5, Stewards and Trustees of Baltimore to the Superintendents of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States. Tells of the "extinguishment of the church debt" and requests six new ministers.
1 19 1829, April 7, Legal trustees of Methodist Meeting House (Chester Town, Me.) "to the Preachers and members of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Chester Town." States that the undersigned are determined never to rescind their rights as trustees.
1 19 1829, May 29, M'Kendree (Georgetown) to Thomas Sargent (Philadelphia). Concerns funds and confusion over an appointment for Brother Smith of Chester Town
1 20 1830, March 24, Tooley, H. (Natchez, Miss.). Extract from Dr. Boothroyd's "Improved version of the New Testament." Concerned with baptism.
1 20 1830, April 2, M'Kendree (on board the Steam Boat, Nashville) to Thomas Sargent (Philadelphia). Tells of a boat trip to New Orleans and a visit there. Relates plans for a trip throughout the frontier.
1 20 1831, M'Kendree (Fountainhead, Sumner County) to Joshua Soule (Washington, D.C.). Concerns his failing health.
1 20 1831, April 3, Wilkins, Henry (Baltimore) to M'Kendree (Gallatin, Tenn.) Concerns revision of the Methodist Medical Book
1 20 1832, June 16, Wilkins, Henry (Maryland) to M'Kendree. Gives advice on preserving his health, including a diet.
1 20 1832, September 13, M'Kendree (Wheeling, Va.) to Thomas Sargent (Philadelphia) Concerns M'Kendree's illness.
1 20 1832, ?, Ostrander, D. [Chairman?] Report of the Committee on Canada affairs. A copy of the original. Thomas L. Douglass, sec.
1 20 1833, October 15, Taylor, L.C. et. al. (Clarksville, Tenn.) to M'Kendree (Tennessee Conference). Concerns the present state of the church in Clarksville.
1 20 1833, October 22, Wilkins, Henry (Baltimore County) to M'Kendree (Fountainhead, near Nashville, Tenn.). Reminds M'Kendree of his medical instruction
1 21 1834, February 15, Wilkins, Henry (Baltimore County) to M'Kendree (near Natchez) Concerns M'Kendree's health and contains advice.
1 21 1834, March 17, Tooley, H. (Natchez) to M'Kendree (near Woodville, Miss.). Concerns a trip. There seems to be a sermon on the back, Added by M'Kendree.
1 21 1834, April 26, Mitchell, Sam (Bellvi1le, Ill.) to M'Kendree (Winburns, P. 003 Sumner County, Tenn). Concerns an exchange of land.
1 21 1834, July 21, Morris, Thomas A., Chairman. The committee appointed by the Quarterly meeting conference of Cincinnati Station to devise a plan for carrying into effect a resolution of said quarterly conference. There are two additions to the paper: July 21, 1834; O. M. Spencer, sec. (Cincinnati). A report of the meeting of the official conference of the M. E. Church of Cincinnati. uly 31, 1834; Thomas Collins, chairman, and Joseph Trimble, sec. Record of the meeting of the male members of the M. E. Church in Cincinnati.
1 21 1834, Apr 19, Wilkins, H. (Baltimore County) to M'Kendree (Gallatin, Tenn. T. Concerns his health.
1 22 1842, Soule, Joshua, other bishops and law officials. Affidavit concerning M'Kendree's bequest of land for the establishment of a "literary institute."
1 22 1843, de Saint Anthoine, Hippolyte-Daniel (Paris, France) to M'Kendree .
1 22 1855, January 21, Pitts, T. G. (Edgefield, Tenn.) to Bishop Paine. Contains information on M'Kendree's family.
1 23 Extract from the Journals of the Ohio Annual Conference relating to the establishment of a mission school at Camp Meigs.
1 23 A "medicine notebook" inscribed with "M'Kendree." Faded date: October 25, [1792]. Contains a list of remedies. It appears as though the books have been joined for about three-fourths of it deals with what seems to be religious verse and songs.
1 23 Report on M'Kendree's address to the Virginia Conference.
1 23 Unsigned letter. "Dear Bishop." On back page: "Bishop Roberts. I suppose not to be published." Relates obstacles to useful duties put in the writer's path.
1 23 Undated autobiography of M'Kendree from his birth through 1800.
1 23 "Mon. 13th" M'Kendree to Soule. Postsript concerning several conferences.
1 23 Unsigned fragment: "The system, adopted by Mr. Wesley for the execution of discipline in America." A little of the history of Wesley and the Methodist Church in America.
1 23 Address to the General Conference on suspended resolutions.
1 23 Letter to the Annual Conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church concerning a change in government
1 23 Letter to the Rev. Bishops George and Roberts concerning a letter from Bishop George.
1 23 Bill for expenses for a youth who took yellow fever and died on a ship, Dumfries.
1 23 Letter undated, unaddressed, unsigned; Salutation: "Dear Sir concerning rumors of persecution of Methodists.
1 23 Copy of two resolutions passed by the Mississippi Annual Conference.
1 23 Letter concerning "the treatment I received at the last Baltimore and Philadelphia conferences."
1 23 Letter concerning a "mischievous paper gotten up in Philadelphia, denominated the Wesleyan Repository…its evident design was [to] effect a revolution in our system of church government."
1 23 Resolutions of the British Conference on American affairs. Praises work of Methodists in the United States, especially with the Indians.
1 23 Statement giving land in Canada to M. E. Church.
1 23 "To the Philadelphia, New York, New England, and Genesee Annual Conferences." Letter states that resolutions passed at the last general conference concerning the election of Presiding elders are an infringement on the Constitution of the M. W. Church. [Possibly written by Jesse Lee]
1 23 Statement requiring report on Brother Lee to be entered in the journal.
1 23 Letter to "Brother Lee" undated, unsigned Concerns Lee's opposition to the Superintendents in their appointments to the Genesee Conference.
1 23 "On Fraternity and its rejection in '48 and the mission of Methodism to the slaves."
1 23 Rev. Andrew Monroe's note of travel with M'Kendree.
1 23 March 12, Hoffman, [Sophia] (Alexandria) to M'Kendree (Baltimore). Invites M'Kendree to stay at the Hoffman home.