Series 4
Artwork, circa 1873-2003
Boxes 4 - 5 and 23; OP 1, 3, and 10

Scope and Content Note

The series consists of original artwork from circa 1873-2003, including a pen and ink sketch of Bram Stoker by an unknown artist, works by Pamela Colman Smith, drawings and a painting of Henry Irving, and a drawing of Hall Caine. One of the works by Pamela Coman Smith is a watercolor and pencil drawing of a woman on stage, which may be Ellen Terry. There is also a partial set of costume designs from an unidentified production of Dracula, including sketches for Wilhelmina (Mina; labeled as Willy on the sketch) Murray; Jonathan Harker; Arthur Holmwood, Lord Godalming; Dr. John Seward; and Renfield.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order by artist.

Processing Note

The costume designs were created after the first theatre production of Dracula in 1927 but the archivist was not able to determine which production they were made for and was not able to guess a date of creation based on style of clothing.

Box Folder Content
4 32 Allen, Ernie, "Recollections of a Great Actor, Sir Henry Irving as Mephistopheles," pen and ink drawing, undated
OP1 5 Blake (?), Dracula costume designs, undated
4 33 F.G.C., Henry Irving, pen and ink drawing, circa 1877-1878
4 34 Harcourt, Albert A., "Henry Irving Character Portrait," watercolor painting, 1873
OP3 8 Harker, Joseph, untitled watercolor of Middle Eastern street scene, 1911
4 35 May, Phil, caricature of unidentified man, pencil sketch, 1901 February 16
OP10 2 May, Phil, Henry Irving, framed pencil sketch, 1894
OP10 1 Rothstein, William (Sir), Henry Irving as Shylock, framed watercolor portrait, circa 1894
OP1 23 Schofield, F.E., "Sir Henry Irving," pen and ink drawing, 2003
4 36 Shirley-Fox, John, Hall Caine, pencil sketch, 1924 May 25
4 37 Smith, Pamela Colman, "Autumn Leaves," hand-colored print, 1905
4 38 Smith, Pamela Colman, Ellen Terry on stage (?), watercolor and pencil sketch, undated
5 1 Smith, Pamela Colman, hand-colored print of "Ellen Terry," by E. Harcourt Williams, 1907 [autographed by Smith and Williams]
5 2 Smith, Pamela Colman, "Recess," watercolor painting, circa 1910
5 3 Unidentified artist, "Bram Stoker Goes Fishing," pen and ink drawing, undated
OP3 9 Unidentified artist, "Bram Stoker," pencil sketch, undated
23 10 Unidentified artist, Ellen Terry, pen and ink drawing, undated
OP1 22 Unidentified artist, Henry Irving, memorial on cloth, 1905
5 4 Unidentified artist, Henry Irving, pen and ink drawing, 1888
OP1 24 Unidentified artist, Henry Irving in costume, pencil sketch, undated
23 11 Unidentified artist, Henry Irving, pen and ink drawing, undated
23 12 Unidentified artist, Rose Cullen as Venus, pen and ink drawing, undated
OP1 6 Unidentified artist, Savage Club menu artwork, circa 1895
23 13 Unidentified artists, pen and ink drawings, undated
OP1 7 Wright, Christopher, "Dracula," digital prints (?), 2008
5 5 Wrigley, Tim (?), Henry Irving, pencil sketch, undated