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Subseries 2.2
Dramatic works and lyrics, 1970s-2010s
Boxes 24-27, 74-77, 113, 117 and OP 166-167

Scope and Content Note

The subseries consists of dramatic works and lyrics composed by Muldoon from the 1970s through the 2010s. Because the dating of these materials is more tentative, they are arranged in alphabetical order, with the exception of Shining Brow and Bandanna, works that Muldoon collaborated on with Daron Hagen. The scripts have been divided into radio and television scripts for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Muldoon's independent dramatic work, and lyrics Muldoon composed with Rob Mathes for their band, Rackett.

Because Shining Brow and Bandanna are the most collaborative of Muldoon's works, and because their development spreads over an unusually large number of years, all of the related materials are in a single grouping. Within this grouping, the materials fall into four areas: (1) manuscript materials, (2) correspondence with Daron Hagen, (3) correspondence with others, and (4) miscellaneous publicity materials and clippings. The correspondence with Daron Hagen covers their work together on operas Shining Brow, Bandanna, Vera of Las Vegas, and on Muldoon Songs: The Waking Father. In addition, general correspondence with Daron Hagen appears in this subseries, as the bulk of their correspondence concerns their collaborative works.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Scripts: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Box Folder Content
24 1 The Battle of Cul Drimhne, uncorrected typescript
24 2 The Death of Finn, verse play, uncorrected photocopy typescript
24 3 A Far Cry (From the Moy), 2 typescript scripts (one corrected) and photocopy of filming outline with holograph notes
24 4 Monkeys, photocopy typescript script, with BBC contract, related correspondence, and promotional flyer
24 5 Today and Yesterday in Northern Ireland: The Voyage of Mael Duin, corrected typescript draft
24 6 Untitled typescript for radio play with some holograph corrections re: the Black Death
24 7 Untitled typescript for radio play re: autobiographical
24 8 Untitled verse play re: St. Patrick and Oisin, corrected typescript [1 of 2]
24 9 Untitled verse play re: St. Patrick and Oisin, corrected typescript, [2 of 2]
24 10 Fragment: final page of 1976 play on Oisin
74 1 Ambient Starlight, typescript
74 2 An American Tragedy, a treatment by Paul Muldoon based on the novel by Theodore Dreiser, typescript, June 1998
74 3 The Antient Concert, a chamber opera by Paul Muldoon and Daron Hagen, typescripts
113 The Antient Concert, 2004-2005
24 11 The Dead: Opera based on the short story by James Joyce, "Liberetto by Paul Muldoon, music by George Newson," photocopy of typescript with limited corrections [See also Field Day correspondence]
74 4 The Honey War, "A Musical by Warren Zevon and Paul Muldoon," complete typescript, 2002
74 5 The Honey War, "A Musical by Warren Zevon and Paul Muldoon," partial typescripts [1 of 2]
74 6 The Honey War, "A Musical by Warren Zevon and Paul Muldoon," partial typescripts [2 of 2]
74 7 The Honey War, "A Musical by Warren Zevon and Paul Muldoon," notes
24 12 Music of Chance, three partial typescript drafts with some holograph corrections
24 13 Music of Chance, corrected typescript (circa 75 pages)
24 14 The Music of Chance, lightly corrected early typescript, with paste-up pages (circa 115 pages)
24 15 The Music of Chance, later typescript with very minimal corrections (circa 99 pages)
24 16 The Music of Chance, legal correspondence (including multiple faxes), writer's agreement contracts, holograph notes re: screenplay deal
24 17 "An Opera in Two Acts," Music by Daron Aric Hagen, Words by Paul Muldoon, limited typescript and holograph notes, multiple blank pages [See also: Bandanna]
74 8 Our American Cousin, typescript
74 9 Sister Carrie, "Act One," typescripts and notes
74 10 Sister Carrie, a preliminary treatment by Paul Muldoon and Tobias Picker, typescript fragments, 1999
24 18 Six Honest Serving Men, lightly corrected typescript fragment
24 19 Ambient Starlight [variant title Six Honest Serving Men], typescript draft with holograph corrections
24 20 Six Honest Serving Men, photocopy of uncorrected typescript including Glossary
24 21 Six Honest Serving Men, uncorrected typescript in yellow binder
24 22 Six Honest Serving Men, page proofs
24 23 Vera of Las Vegas, corrected typescript of title page and Dramatis Personae list
74 11 Vera of Las Vegas: A Nightmare Cabaret Opera in One Act, by Daron Hagen, libretto by Paul Muldoon, typescript of title page and contents
74 12 Vera of Las Vegas, proofs, February 28, 2001
75 1 Vera of Las Vegas, typescript
Shining Brow (1993)
25 1 Shining Brow, fragment including "The Workmen's Chorus from "Shining Brow"
25 2 One page holograph note in Muldoon's hand
25 3 Photocopies of historical background
25 4 Loose and unsorted holograph notes
25 5 Typescript fragment
25 6 Typescript fragment with extensive corrections and holograph notes
25 7 Two corrected typescript fragments
25 8 Corrected typescript fragment with holograph notes
25 9 Typescript fragments with extensive holograph corrections
25 10 Writing tablet with holograph notes
25 11 Loose corrected typescript
25 12 Loose corrected typescript with manila envelope
25 13 Typescript with very minimal corrections (circa 158 pages)
25 14 Act One, "Version November 27, 1990," corrected typescript
25 15 Prologue and Act One, "January 20, 1991, NYC," typescript
25 16 Character List, Prologue, and Scene One, uncorrected typescript
25 17 Act Two typescript with holograph corrected by Muldoon and Hagen, labeled "Daron's Working Draft"
25 18 Act Two, corrected typescript
25 19 Act Two, corrected typescript
25 20 Act Two, Scene Four, multiple corrected typescripts
25 21 Act Two, multiple corrected typescripts for portion of second act
25 22 Act Two, Scene Three, corrected typescript fragment
25 23 Act Two, Scenes Two and Three, corrected typescript fragment with holograph notes
25 24 Act Two, Scenes Two and Three, corrected typescript
26 1 The Shining Brow, treatment, original typescript with single holograph correction and hand-written page numbers
26 2 Treatment, photocopy of typescript with single holograph correction
26 3 Treatment, photocopy of typescript with single holograph correction
26 4 Treatment, photocopy of typescript with single holograph correction
26 5 Treatment, photocopy of typescript with single holograph correction
26 6 Treatment, photocopy of typescript with single holograph correction
26 7 Synopsis/brief treatment, typescript
26 8 Treatment, photocopy of typescript with extensive holograph corrections, labeled "Master Copy"
26 9 "Working Libretto" for The Shining Brow, dated July 1, 1991, uncorrected typescript
26 10 Ribbon typescript in red binder with holograph corrections
26 11 Ribbon typescript in blue binder with holograph corrections
26 12 Page proofs with holograph corrections and letter to Charles Boyle re: revision
26 13 Photocopy of page proofs with holograph corrections
26 14 Photocopy of score by Daron Hagen
26 15 Ring-bound copy of piano/vocal score, labeled "Version #5," [1 of 2]
26 16 Ring-bound copy of piano/vocal score, labeled "Version #5," [2 of 2]
26 17 Ring-bound copy piano/vocal score, final copy(?)
27 1 The Shining Brow, notes to Hagen re: revisions, dated May 17, 1992
27 2 Photocopy proof of Act One (music and lyrics) with holograph corrections (pp. 1-44)
27 3 Photocopy proof of Act One (music and lyrics) with holograph corrections (pp. 45-81)
27 4 "Proof Reduction" of Act One Prologue, with light holograph corrections
27 5 "Taliesin: Choruses from Shining Brow," bound vocal score
Shining Brow: Daron Hagen correspondence
27 6 Correspondence, 1989-1991
27 7 Correspondence, 1992-1995
27 8 Miscellaneous Shining Brow correspondence
27 9 Miscellaneous Shining Brow correspondence, continued
27 10 Congratulatory notes from Madison, Wisconsin premiere of Shining Brow
27 11 Publicity materials, including programs, brochures, letters, and press release drafts
27 12 Miscellaneous clippings re: Shining Brow
27 13 Faber contract re: Shining Brow
27 14 "Muldoon Songs," photocopy of vocal score proofs with holograph corrections
27 15 The Waking Father, by Daron Aric Hagen, words by Paul Muldoon, photocopy dated 1994
Bandanna (1999)
75 2 "Prologue," typescript fragments
75 3 "Act I," typescript fragments
75 4 "Act II," typescript fragments and notes
75 5 "An Opera in Two Acts and a Prologue," partial typescripts
75 6 Complete typescript
75 7 Numbered typescript
75 8 "Paul Muldoon on Bandanna," typescript, 1998
75 9 Scene sketches, typescripts, 1997
OP25 4 Work copy, Hagen
OP25 5 Work copy, Muldoon
75 10 "Working Libretto," January 11, 1998
75 11 "Working Libretto," May 1998
75 12 Contracts, 1997-1999
75 13 Correspondence with Daron Hagen, 1997
76 1 Correspondence with Daron Hagen, January-February 1998
76 2 Correspondence with Daron Hagen, March 1998-July 2004
76 3 Correspondence with publishers, 1998-1999
76 4 Publicity, promotional material, and reviews, 1998-1999
Daron Hagen Correspondence, general
76 5 1995-1996, with proof of working copy of libretto, Vera of Las Vegas
76 6 Hagen, Daron, 1997-1999, with typescript of article, "Singing Along, With Paul," by Hagen about collaborating with Paul Muldoon
76 7 Hagen, Daron, 2000-2004, with typescript interview of Hagen, about collaborating with Muldoon on Bandanna
Rackett (band) [lyrics with Rob Mathes]
76 8 "Always Stay," "American Lives," and "Brighton Rock," typescripts
76 9 "Comeback," typescripts
76 10 "Come Close," typescripts
77 1 "Critical Mass," "Cry Baby Cry," and "Don't Try This at Home," typescripts
77 2 "Don't Think for a Minute" and "Enough of Me," typescripts
77 3 "Face Time," "Go Between," and "Going Through the Hoops," typescripts
77 4 "Hard Cheese and Sour Grapes," typescripts
77 5 "Head In," typescripts
77 6 "Her Name Is Jean," typescripts
77 7 "I Might Make Out with You," typescripts
77 8 "I Want to Get Down and Dirty," "Kickstart the Electra Glide," and "Like It Is," typescripts
77 9 "Meat and Drink," typescripts
77 10 "Need to Know," typescripts and notes
77 11 "(Now I've Put My) Faith in You," "Old Flames," "One Too Many," and "Only Thing," typescripts
77 12 "Over You," typescripts
77 13 "Pencil" and "Princeton Reverb," typescripts
77 14 "Rock Steady," typescripts
77 15 "Saab with Sandy," typescripts
77 16 "Standing Room Only," typescripts
77 17 "Take It as Gospel" and "Twice on Clay," typescripts
77 18 "Who Knew That My Love?", "Wrong Man," and "You Gotta Take Out Milt," typescripts
Other lyrics
117 One Hundred Years a Nation, 2016