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Subseries 3.1
Poetry, 1978-2004
Boxes 31, 85, 115, 117 and OP 10-11

Scope and Content Note

The subseries consists of poems written by other authors from 1978-2004, including Seamus Heaney, Ciaran Carson, Michael Longley and Tess Gallagher. Most files include an unpublished typescript, and some files include notes and supplementary art work.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order by author.

Box Folder Content
31 1 Badilla, Sergio, Selected Poems, circa 23 pp. with color art cover page
31 2 Carson, Ciaran, uncorrected typescripts of "At the Ulster Hall . . ." and "The Riddle of the Sands," with 27 pp. typescript of Letters From the Alphabet with minimal holograph corrections, July 25, 1994 - August 25, 1994
85 1 Carson, Ciaran, The Alexandrine Plan, uncorrected typescript translations, circa 1998
85 2 Donnelly, Susan, "Paul Muldoon Sneaks in a Sestina," circa November 2002
85 3 Entries to the W.B. Yeats Society of New York Poetry Competition, 2001, including winning entry, "Study (with Ocean)" by Cameron Gearen, second prize winning entry, "At the Merchant's House," by Zoe Anglessey and honorable mentions by unidentified authors
31 3 Gallagher, Tess, typescripts of "You Talk on Your Telephone; I Talk on Mine," "Second Sleep," "Crepes Flambeau," "The Wives of My Childhood" (with holograph corrections), "I Take Care of You: A Lantern Dashes By in the Grass," "The Hands of the Blindman," "I Save Your Coat But You Lose It Later," "Bird-Window-Flying," "Some With Wings, Some With Manes"
31 4 Haas, Philip and Belinda, Angels and Insects bound script, based on the novella by A.S. Byatt, November 30, 1993
115 Healy, "Garage Times," undated
31 5 Heaney, Seamus, typescripts of "Among the Whins" (with minimal holograph corrections), "Chekov on Sakhalin," "Country Roads" (with holograph corrections), "The Death of Orpheus" (photocopy with holograph corrections, "unfinished"), "The Easter House," "A Hazel Stick for My Daughter," "Holly," "In a Yard," and "Remembering Malibu"
31 6 Heaney, Seamus, typescript of "The Chestnut Tree"
31 7 Heaney, Seamus, typescript of sections from "Crossings"
31 8 Heaney, Seamus, typescript of "Lightenings"
31 9 Heaney, Seamus, "The Midnight Verdict" (An abridged version of "Cuirt and Mhean Oiche" (1780) from the Irish of Brian Merriman), photocopy of typescript with holograph corrections
31 10 Heaney, Seamus, "Orpheus and Eurydice," photocopy of typescript with holograph corrections
31 11 Heaney, Seamus, photocopy packet of mostly Spirit Level poems: including "The Rainstick," "To a Dutch Potter in Ireland," "Mint," "A Sofa in the Forties," "Keeping Going," "Diptych," "Poet's Chair," "At Banagher," and "Postscript"
31 12 Heaney, Seamus, photocopied typescript of [The Spirit Level]
31 13 Heaney, Seamus, photocopy packet of "Sweeney Astray," "Station Island," "Chekhov on Sakhalin," and "Home From Home," circa 35 typescript pages in manila folder
31 14 Heaney, Seamus, typescript of "Ugolino"
31 15 Heaney, Seamus, typescript of "A Villanelle for Marie," "A Kite for Michael and Christopher," "A Hank of Wool," "A Cart for Edward Gallagher," "A Deer in Glanmore," "Near Anahorish: A Visitation," "New Worlds," and "Late Offerings"
85 4 Heaney, Seamus, galley proof, Beowulf: A New Translation, circa 2001
85 5 Heaney, Seamus, galley proof, The Haw-Lantern, 1987
85 6 Heaney, Seamus, typescripts, "The Spot" and "Sophoclean," 2003
85 7 Heaney, Seamus, typescript fragment, "The Yellow Bittern," translation from Cathal Bui Mac Giolla Ghunna, 1996
31 16 Houston, Peyton, "Images of the Garden" and "Importance of the Unicorn," pamphlet from The Hudson Review
31 17 Kantor, Peter, photocopy packet of poems: includes "Beginning," "History," "As in a Cartoon Film," "Somewhere between the Budapest Hilton and a Liverpool Dock," "Follow Me," "What Do You Need to be Happy?" "On the Curb," "Inventory," "On a Jang Ci-June Saying," "Colour Beginning," "After the Coal-Stoppage," "Grandmother," "And Slowly Everything Took On a Different Shape," "Ayala," and "Encounter"
85 8 Keeley, Edmund, "The Man from Chios Called Homer," typescript translation from Semonides, 2004
31 18 Lewin, Marla, "The Voice of Paul Muldoon," typescript with holograph note
31 19 Lishan, Stuart, The Body Bestiary, circa 56 pages spiral bound typescript with holograph note on cover page
85 9 Longley, Edna, "Capercaillies," unpublished typescript, 1998
31 20 Longley, Michael, typescripts of "Communications" (signed and dated April 4, 1979) and "Home Ground" (signed and dated May 2,1978), "The Kiss," "Skara Brae," and "Poteen"
85 10 Longley, Michael, "Two Skunks," typescript, August 2001
31 28 Lumbbank Poetry Anthology, edited by Michael Longley and Paul Muldoon, June 1985
85 11 MacNeice, Louis, photocopied typescripts, "The Candlestick Maker," "Untitled," and "Ad Infinitum," undated
31 21 McGahern, John, typescripts of "The Beginning of an Idea" (21 pages) and "Doorways" (15 pages)
85 12 McSweeney, Joyelle, typescript, "Tea-Strainer," undated
31 22 [Montague, John (?)], "II: Peephole," typescript with single holograph correction
31 23 Ní Dhomhnaill, Nuala, "Finnegan Redivivus: The Corpse Talks Back," circa 15 page typescript of essay, with photocopy of poem "The Language Issue" (original Irish and Muldoon's translation) in Pharoh's Daughter
116 O'Casey, Sean, The Cooing of Doves, undated
117 Pulitzer Prize, undated

Folder contains "Good News Paul," by Ed Finn

31 24 Unidentified, 2 drawings of Muldoon, one dated May 16, 1987
31 25 Unidentified, "Carmen et Error," corrected typescript [possibly Muldoon]
31 26 Unidentified, "Mother Coats" and "Bridge Means"
31 27 Unidentified, "Rinsings civ," photocopy of typescript
OP1 7 Unidentified, "Come to me, if you are ailing . . ." holograph poem on cardboard
85 14 Unidentified author, "Aeriel," typescript, undated
85 15 Unidentified author, "Portrait" and "the Virgin at the Window," typescripts
85 16 Unidentified author, "Prized," typescript, undated