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Subseries 3.2
Theses and unpublished articles, essays, and interviews, 1939-2004
Boxes 32-34, 86-89, 116, 118

Scope and Content Note

The subseries consists primarily of writings about Muldoon's poetry from approximately 1987-2004, including theses, unpublished articles, and essays, as well as transcripts of interviews with Muldoon. Most files contain an original copy of the essay, article, or interview, with some files containing accompanying correspondence and cover letters. The subseries also includes a discussion on poetry between Louis MacNeice and F. R. Higgins from 1939 with notes written in the margins by Muldoon

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order by author.

Box Folder Content
86 1 Allen, Michael, typescript, "Pax Hibernica / Pax Americana: Rhyme and Reconciliation in Muldoon," undated
86 2 Barker, Sebastian, interview, "A Drink with Paul Muldoon," Long Group Poem Newsletter, typescripts and correspondence, 1997-1998
32 1 Barron, Patrick, typescript of interview with Muldoon with extensive holograph comments, answers, and corrections by Muldoon, with cover letter to P. Barron, August 31, 1994
32 2 Batten, Guinn, "Belfast Crack: Ciaran Carson's Parturient Partition," typescript of March 1992 Graduate Student Conference in Irish Studies paper
32 3 Batten, Guinn, "Dissent and Descent: Paul Muldoon's Family Romances," typescript essay, March 25, 1992, with cover letter
32 4 Batten, Guinn, The Orphaned Imagination: Home, Loss, and Melancholia in English Romantic Poetry," typescript of dissertation proposal with cover letter to Muldoon, July 1, 1992 [sic-93]
32 5 Batten, Guinn, "Romantic Melancholy and Contemporary Irish Poetry" (paper delivered at ACIS panel, 1993 MLA Conference) and "Professional Mourning and Poetic Melancholy" (preface to The Orphaned Imagination) both typescript essays enclosed with cover letter to Muldoon, April 28, 1994
86 3 Batten, Guinn, "Where All the Ladders Start: Identity, Ideology, and the Ghosts of the Subjected Body in Blake, Yeats and Muldoon," typescript, no date
86 4 Bellamy, Dawn, "'All would be swept away'? Generic development in Paul Muldoon's 'Yarrow,'" draft of Masters dissertation, September 2001
32 6 Benedetti, Sandrine, Paul Muldoon: Some Aspects of His Poetry, bound Master's thesis for Universite de Caen, Department of English and North American Studies, 1987
86 5 Bern, Megan, bachelors thesis, "'Singleminded Swervings,' Thematic Consideration by Volume of the Early Poetry of Paul Muldoon," 1997
86 6 Birkerts, Sven, "millennium questionnaire," interview with typed responses by Paul Muldoon, January 4, 2000
32 7 Blacking, John, "Myths About Man and Society," typescript
32 8 Bosch, Daniel, "Outpost of Progressivism," review of Madoc: A Mystery
86 7 Bolman, Christopher, typescript, "Communicating through Chaos: An Interpretation of the Inner Workings of Paul Muldoon's 'Symposium,'" May 12, 2003
32 9 Brandes, Randy, typescript of interview with Seamus Heaney at Emory University Ellmann Lectures (April 1988)
86 8 Breeze, Andrew, The Magic of Poetry was Transformation; It was Words Changing Shape, Meaning and Form, undated
86 9 Bruton, John, untitled lecture typescript on the Irish peace process, delivered September 25, 2001
32 10 Burt, Steve, typescript of Harvard University Bachelor's thesis chapter on Muldoon, with cover letter "November 13, 1993"
86 10 Buxton, Rachel, Never Quite Showing His Hand: Robert Frost and Paul Muldoon, undated
86 11 Cliff, Brian, biographical entry on Muldoon, unidentified publication, circa 2003
86 12 Cliff, Brian, doctoral dissertation, Communities of Difference in Contemporary Irish Literature, 2001
86 13 Cliff, Brian, Poetry "On the Cusp": The Manuscripts for Paul Muldoon's "7, Middagh Street," December 16, 1997
86 14 Cliff, Brian, interview with Muldoon, corrected transcript, no date
87 1 Contemporary Authors, biographical sketch of Muldoon included in the volume, corrected proof, February 1996
87 2 Corcoran, Neil, "A Languorous Cutting Edge: Muldoon vs. Heaney?", typescript, undated
87 3 Corcoran, Neil, typescripts and page proof of interview conducted with Muldoon at the 2000 Ulster Symposium, 2000-2004
32 11 Coulter, Anne, The Poetry of Paul Muldoon, spiral-bound Bachelor's thesis for Ulster Polytechnic, 1984
32 12 Crofts, Thomas, Neither One Thing or the Other: Metamorphosis as a Key to the Poetry of Paul Muldoon, typescript M.Phil. thesis for Trinity College, Dublin, 1992, with typescript of provisional outline
87 4 Drum, Meredith, interview with Muldoon, July 11, 1997
87 5 Editors, Lily. A Monthly Online Literary Review, typescript interview with Muldoon, December 17, 2003
87 6 Farrimond, Patrick, "Going with the Flow: Paul Muldoon and the Loss of Aesthetic Duty," undated
32 13 Gales, Christopher. Interview with Paul Muldoon (1980's?).
32 14 Gaudin, Elisabeth and Jacues Jouet, typescript packet of translations of 12 Quoof poems with several pieces of correspondence, including Muldoon's responses to their questions
87 7 Gauthier, Dominique, typescript essay, "'The Big House' by Paul Muldoon: The Approach of the Satirist," circa 1994
87 8 Gauthier, Dominique, typescript article, "Thèmes et variations: les mythologies américaines subversives du poète Paul Muldoon," February 1996
87 9 Gauthier, Dominique, typescript of interview with Muldoon, February 1996
87 10 Gering, August, To Sing of '98: The United Irishmen Rising and the Ballad Tradition in Heaney and Muldoon, summer, 1999
87 11 Greenlaw, Lavinia, typescripts of interview with Muldoon, November 2000-March 2001
87 12 Haffenden, John, conversation with Paul Muldoon (revised), no date
87 13 Hall, Donald; McHugh, Heather; Huntington, Cynthia; Muldoon, Paul; Simic, Charles; page proofs and corrections by Muldoon of transcribed discussion, published in Harpers Magazine, 1999
32 15 Hart, Michael, typescript of Muldoon's entry in Modern Irish Writers: A Bio-critical Sourcebook, with cover letter August 21, 1995
87 14 Hartley, George, typescript, "Rewriting the Conquest: The Poetics of Hegemony in Francisco X. Alarcón," undated
32 16 Heaney, Seamus, "The Poetry of Richard Murphy," offprint
87 15 Jones, Rodney, Ed Brunner, and Charles Fanning, Paul Muldoon interview, April 21, 1995
32 17 Keane, Patrick, "The Colereidgean 'One Life' in Muldoon's Madoc," typescript essay
33 1 Kendall, Tim, typescript of chapter on Annals, with bibliography fragments and acknowledgements draft
33 2 Kendall, Tim, typescript of chapter on The Prince of the Quotidian and Six Honest Serving MenSix Honest Serving Men
33 3 Kendall, Tim, early typescript of Paul Muldoon, with cover letter June 25, 1995 (1 of 2)
33 4 Kendall, Tim, early typescript of Paul Muldoon (2 of 2)
33 5 Kendall, Tim, "Fathers and Mothers: On Paul Muldoon's Life," typescript chapter
33 6 Kendall, Tim, "Paul Muldoon and the Art of Allusion," typescript
33 7 Kendall, Tim, "Paul Muldoon's 'Singleminded Swervings'" typescript of thesis chapter on Muldoon, with cover letter May 9, 1994
87 16 Ketteridge, Rob, script for television special, "Coming to Terms: Ireland, Artists and the Peace Process," featuring Muldoon, circa 2000
87 17 Koch, Kenneth, "About Paul Muldoon," undated
33 8 Kosters, Onno, "Making the Translation: vier vertalers op zoek naar een vertaling," bound typescript thesis in Dutch for Vrije University, Amsterdam, with cover letter June 17, 1990
33 9 Lloyd, Christian L., The Crisis of Style: The Poetry of Paul Muldoon, hardcover bound Master's thesis for University of Saskatchewan, with photocopy abstract, October 1990
87 18 McCarey, Peter, "How Duke Valentine Contrived," typescript, no date
33 10 McCurry, Jackie, Serious Mischief: Paul Muldoon's Poetry, typescript of unpublished book with cover letter November 4, 1994 [1 of 2]
33 11 McCurry, Jackie, Serious Mischief: Paul Muldoon's Poetry, typescript of unpublished book [2 of 2]
87 19 McCurry, Jacqueline, untitled typescript
87 20 McDonald, Peter, typescript of book chapter, "Paul Muldoon and the windlass-men," from Mistaken Identities: Poetry and Northern Ireland, 1997
34 1 Mac Giolla Léith, Caoimhín, "Translating Contemporary Irish Poetry Into English: The Case of Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill," photocopy of typescript with holograph corrections
34 2 McGrath, Niall, typescript of interview with Paul Muldoon at the John Hewitt International Festival, Co. Antrim, July 29, 1994
34 2a MacNeice, Louis and F. R. Higgins, " 'Tendencies in Modern Poetry,' a discussion broadcast from Northern Ireland," The Listener, 1939 (with Muldoon's handwritten notes)
87 21 Martin, Richard, typescript, preface to Muldoon translation of The Birds, circa 1999
88 1 Muldoon, Maureen, untitled novel, typescript, circa 2005 [1 of 2]
88 2 Muldoon, Maureen, untitled novel, typescript, circa 2005 [2 of 2]
88 3 Murphy, Shane, "Obliquity in the Poetry of Paul Muldoon and Medbh McGuckian," typescript, April 1997
88 4 Ni Dhomhnaill, Nuala, "A Ghostly Alhambra," unidentified translator, circa 1997
34 3 Noble, Jennifer, typescript of 1990 interview with Muldoon at Yeats Summer School, with two cover letters
116 O'Casey, Sean, The Cooing of Doves, undated
34 4 Ohno, Mitsuko, "In Different Voices: Contemporary Irish Woman Poets and Japan," offprint of essay on Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill's Pharoh's Daughter, March 1995
34 5 Parcerisas, Francesc, photocopy packet of poems and translations
88 5 Phillips, Ivan, Lord Muldoon: The Revision of Judgment, uncorrected typescript, circa 1998
88 6 Princeton creative writing students, "Memmo" parodying Paul Muldoon, 2001
88 7 Redmond, John, "Interview with Paul Muldoon," page proof with corrections, appears in Thumbscrew 4, Spring 1996
34 6 Richardson, James, "James Merrill: Room Within Rooms," typescript of essay for publication in Poetry, August 1993
34 7 Ross, Jean W., Interview with Muldoon with biographical sketch by Barbara Carlisle Bigelow
88 8 Rubin, Stan and Earl Ingersoll, "The Invention of the I: A Conversation with Paul Muldoon," typescript, 1996
88 9 Rytter, E. Eric, Native American Transformation and the Creative Imagination in Paul Muldoon's Aesthetic, August 8, 1997
34 8 Shinder, Jason, typescript of interview with Paul Muldoon for The Essential Byron
88 10 Schinder, Jason, "The Poet as Maverick: Paul Muldoon on Lord Byron," interview with Muldoon, undated
88 11 Sullivan, John, "An Elegy for Mourning: Paul Muldoon's The Annals of Chile," bachelors thesis, final copy 1997
88 12 Test, Mac, email interview with Muldoon, November 26, 2003
118 Twiddy, "Cancer and the Ethics of Representation in Paul Muldoon's Horse Latitudes," undated
88 13 Walsh, Patrick, unidentified typescript, undated
34 9 Waters, John, "Positioning Ireland in the Postmodernism Debates: On Avoiding the Inevitable," typescript with light holograph corrections
89 1 Wheeler, Susan, "Interview of Paul Muldoon," typescript
89 2 Williams, Jonathan, master's thesis typescript, untitled, August 5, 2003
34 10 Wills, Clair, Language, History and Sex in the Poetry of Paul Muldoon and Medbh McGuckian, typescript of 1989 dissertation for Queen's College (1 of 2)
34 11 Wills, Clair, Language, History and Sex in the Poetry of Paul Muldoon and Medbh McGuckian, typescript of 1989 dissertation for Queen's College (2 of 2)
34 12 Cathal [?], So Tantalizingly Out of Reach: An Introduction to the Poetry of Paul Muldoon, typescript with cover letter December 19
34 13 Unidentified author, 2 pages of faxed questions with four pages of Muldoon's typescript answers
34 14 Unidentified author, "'He Could Barely Tell One from the Other': The Borderland Disorders of Paul Muldoon," typescript
34 15 Unidentified author, typescript notes and musings (almost a journal) on Muldoon, beginning January 29, 1990 circa 78 pp.
34 16 Unidentified author, "Poetry from the North of Ireland: 1988"
89 3 Unidentified author, "The Annals of Chile," typescript review, October 1995
89 4 Unidentified author, "Bibliophile: Paul Muldoon," interview, no date
89 5 Unidentified author, "Hermes' Hands: Figuring Paul Muldoon," typescript essay, July 1997
89 6 Unidentified author, untitled essay on Muldoon's "Symposium," circa 1998
89 7 Unidentified author, interview with Muldoon, typescript, August 20, 2003
89 8 Unidentified author, interview with Muldoon, undated
89 9 Unidentified author, "Lesson: Identifying Native American sources in Paul Muldoon's 'The Indians on Alcatraz,'" undated
89 10 Unidentified author, "The Revision of Reading," undated
89 11 Unidentified author, Toppling the Omphalos: Paul Muldoon's Critique of Self and Place in the Poetry of Seamus Heaney, undated
89 12 Unidentified author, "'Two Streams Flowing Together': Paul Muldoon's Inscription of Native America'"
89 13 Unidentified author, typescript review of poetry by Gjertrud Schnackenberg, undated
89 14 Unidentified author, untitled typescript, April 1996
89 15 Unidentified author, typescript with various quotations and personal notes, undated
89 16 Unidentified author, untitled typescript, undated