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Title: New South miscellany collection, 1865-1914
Call Number:Manuscript Collection No. 49
Extent: 1 linear foot (2 boxes), 1 oversized papers box (OP), and AV Masters: .25 linear feet (1 box)
Abstract:The New South miscellany collection is an artificially created collection acquired through a number of small accessions.
Language:Materials entirely in English.

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Collection Description

Historical Note

The original use of the term "New South" was an attempt to describe the rise of a South after the Civil War which would no longer be dependent on now-outlawed slave labor or predominantly upon the raising of cotton, but rather a South which was also industrialized and part of a modern national economy. Henry W. Grady made this term popular in his articles and speeches as editor of the Atlanta Constitution.

Scope and Content Note

The New South miscellany collection is an artificially created collection acquired through a number of small accessions. Of particular interest in the collection are typescripts and audiocassette recordings relating to an oral history project documenting Jewish peddlers in the South (1890-1914) undertaken by Ruth Scheinberg, and the diary of John Michael Doyle from March 7, 1881 - March 1, 1883 which documents lighthouse construction on Parris Island, South Carolina, and one on the Southern East Coast for Cooper Manufacturing Company (Mount Vernon, Ohio).

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Boyle, Virginia Frazer, 1896
Box Folder Content
OP1 1 "Tennessee," Prize Centennial Ode, 1896
Dismukes, Edith C.
2 1 Vanderbilt University (Nashville, Tennessee) notebook, circa 1866
Doyle, John Michael. Papers, 1881-1883, 6 items
1 1 The major item is a photocopy of a typed transcript of the diary of John Michael Doyle, nephew of William Param Brooks (1832-1889). The diary begins March 7, 1881 and ends March 1, 1883. Doyle primarily reports on his lighthouse construction business for Cooper Manufacturing Company of Mount Vernon, Ohio. Doyle describes in detail two major building projects, one in Parris Island, South Carolina and one on the Southern East Coast. His diary also gives detailed descriptions of the country - mainly the South - through which he travelled, expresses his attitude about the Civil War, and tells news about his family and friends. There are also photocopies of two ALS from "Papa" to Theresa Doyle; two copies of a page of photocopied newspaper clippings, two re lighthouses and one obituary for his father James Doyle (1806-1881?); and one photocopy of a page from the diary to show Doyle's handwriting.
Drake, C. F., Family papers, 1868-1927, 6 items
1 2 A note from T. L. Holt (Macon, Ga.) to James Drake (Emory College, 1854) notifying him that he has been engaged to teach for the ensuing year, June 24, 1868; (2) Two clippings from the Nashville, Tennessee concerned with the "Drake Fortune," January 13, 1913; (3) Broadside by C. F. Drake (Weatherford, Texas) "'There's Honor Enough For Us All' But...," in which Drake pays tribute to the bravery of Lt. Gen. Robert Lee Bullard in the Second Battle of the Marne, November 14, 1918; (4) Photograph of Lt. Gen. Bullard inscribed to his "friend Mr. C. F. Drake, France, December 25, 1918;" (5) A warranty deed signed by C. F. Drake (Dallas County, Texas) conveying to his step-daughter, Mary Dunwoody (Burgess) Weir, all his books and bookcases, December 26, 1927; and (6) Envelope containing drawing in color of a Drake family coat of arms made by W. J. de Poincy for Mrs. Agnes Drake Holtzendorff.
Kirkpatrick, Walter A. Account book, 1910, 1 item
1 3 Personal account book and pocket diary for 1910 of Walter A. Kirkpatrick, civil engineer, of Jackson, Mississippi. Kirkpatrick discusses his activities and efforts in regard to water and sewer systems in towns and cities primarily in the South.
McCaudle, William H. (?) (Jackson, Mississippi)
2 2 Letter to General E.S. Butts (Vicksburg, Mississippi), 1892 October 6
McG--, J.S, 1 item
1 27 J.S. McG-- (Como, Mississippi) to "Dear Gozi," 1888 January 10

This folder contains material originally part of Miscellaneous Collection B, Letters and notes. In 2017 the Letters and notes collection was discontinued and the contents dispersed amongst other collections by subject or provenance to improve accessibility.

McLaws, Lafayette. Papers, 1866-1888, 5 items
1 4 (1) ADS, 1 p. McLaws as clerk of Superior Court certifies Joseph P. Carr as a notary public, Richmond County, Georgia, January 10, 1866; (2) ALS, 2 p. from McLaws to W. H. Tayler relating the initial plan put forth by Gen. Ulysses S. Grant for Georgia's re-entry into the Union and the reasons for its rejection, Savannah, Georgia, October 23, 1884; (3) ADS, 1 p., petition to the mayor placing McLaws name for the position of Chief of Police, signed by Henry Jackson and A. Denmark, Savannah, Georgia, February 1888; (4) ALS from McLaws stating that he has support for the position of Chief of Police of Savannah, n. p.; n. d.; (5) AL addressed to "Dear General" discussing a battle of the Civil War and who was in control of it, Savannah, Georgia, September 18, 1888.
McLurkin, C.A., 1 item
1 28 C.A. McLurkin (Hulsellville, South Carolina) to Lily (?), 1887 March 8

This folder contains material originally part of Miscellaneous Collection B, Letters and notes. In 2017 the Letters and notes collection was discontinued and the contents dispersed amongst other collections by subject or provenance to improve accessibility.

Mitchell, L. L. Letter, 1865, 1 item
1 5 Letter from W. W. Mitchell to Charles T. Ames, Esq.; ALS, September 26, 1865, 5 pages. Discusses the possibility of the two men forming a company to buy real estate in Georgia and to plant cotton particularly in the Atlanta and Macon areas.
Oral History of Jewish Peddlers in the South (1890-1914), conducted by Ruth D. Scheinberg, 11 items
1 26 List of interviews, Oral History of Jewish Peddlers in the South (1890-1914), 1980
AV1 - Engel, Michael (Birmingham, Alabama), interview with Mildred Nelson, granddaughter, October 15, 1979 and Davis, Isaac (Jacksonville, Florida), interview with Ruth David Scheinberg [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Davis, David (Yampolsky) (Atlanta, Georgia), interview with Dorothy Sablosly, daughter, October 27, 1979 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Floerscheim, Solomon (New Mexico), interview with Stanley Floerscheim, grandson, December 1979 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Gerson, Morris (Columbus, Georgia), interview with David Gerson, son, March 21, 1980 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Goldstein, Abraham (Milledgeville, Georgia), interview with Jacob Goldstein, son, March 26, 1980 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Greenberg, Charles ((Garbor) (Atlanta, Georgia), interview with Sol Greenberg, son, November 14, 1979 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Halpern, Samuel (Jacksonville, Florida), interview with Marvin Halpern, son, February 7, 1980 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Levy, Maurice, interview with Theresa Adigar (Bayou Sarah, Louisiana), daughter, November 2, 1979 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Mendel, Hyman (Atlanta, Georgia), interview with Simon Mendel (Atlanta, Georgia), son, February 21, 1980 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Prince, Isadore (Mobile, Alabama), interview with Rose Winer, daughter, February 15, 1980 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Schwartz, Sol (Miami, Florida), interview with Mrs. Clara Fine,daughter, December 2, 1979 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Silverman, Louis (Danville, Virginia), interview with Mrs. Helen Feagin, May 6, 1980 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Southern Jewish Peddlers (Atlanta, Georgia), interview with Ester Solomon, February 1980 [original: audio cassette]
AV1 - Winer, Hyman (Chattanooga, Tennessee), interview with Myer Winer, son, February 15, 1980 [original: audio cassette]
Sawyer, Charles O'Conor. Letter, 1867, 1 item
1 6 ALS, Charles O'Conor Sawyer to unknown, July 5, 1867, regarding books he had studied on Irish affairs and how they related to the American experience. Sawyer (b. January 22, 1804, New York City) was candidate for Lt. Governor of New York and senior counsel for Jefferson Davis. He was indicted for treason following the Civil War. He died in 1884 in Rhode Island.
Scheinberg, Ruth, The Pekl: Folk/Histories of Jewish Peddlers in the South 1890-1914, 12 items.
1 7 Typescript, corrected (photocopy) of "The Pekl: Folk/Histories of Jewish Peddlers in the South 1890-1914" written in August 1980. It contains an explanation of the terminology, background of the subject matter, and summaries of the interviews.
1 8 Engel, Michael, Atlanta, Georgia, October 15, 1970 (interview with Mildred Nelson, granddaughter)
1 9 Gershon, Morris, Columbus, Georgia, March 21, 1980 (interview with David Gerson, son)
1 10 Goldstein, Abraham, Milledgeville, Georgia, March 26, 1980 (interview with Jacob Goldstein, son)
1 11 Greenberg, Charles, Atlanta, Georgia, November 14, 1979 (interview with Sol Greenberg, son)
1 12 Halpern, Samuel, Jacksonville, Florida, February 7, 1980 (interview with Marvin Halpern, son)
1 13 Levy, Maurice, November 2, 1979 (interview with Theresa Adigar, daughter) and David Davis (Yampolsky), Atlanta, Georgia, October 27, 1979 (interview with Dorothy Sablosly, daughter)
1 14 Mendel, H., Atlanta, Georgia, February 21, 1980 (interview with Simon Mendel, son)
1 15 Prince, Isadore, Mobile, Alabama, February 15, 1980 (interview with Rose Winer, daughter) and Hyman Winer, Chattanooga, Tennessee, February 15, 1980 (interview with Myer Winer, son)
1 16 Schwartz, Sol, Miami, Florida, December 2, 1979 (interview with Clara Fine) and Solomon Floerschein, New Mexico, December 1979 (interview with Stanley Floerschein, son)
1 17 Silverman, Louis, Danville, Virginia, May 6, 1980 (interview with Mrs. Feagin)
1 18 Solomon, Esther, Southern Jewish Peddlers, Atlanta, Georgia, February 1980
South Carolina's Industrial Exhibition of February, 1882, Broadside, 1 item
1 19 Pamphlet announcing the Industrial Exhibition of 1882 held by the Agricultural Society of South Carolina in Charleston.
Taylor, Benjamin Taylor. Papers, 1890-1908, 7 items
1 20 Letters to Benjamin Franklin Taylor and one to his daughter Annie, three are from Wade Hampton and discuss the political situation relative to his losing his seat in the Senate, the others are general letters that pertain to political events in South Carolina, May 20, 1890 - January 10, 1908.
Townsend, Miles Sandusky. Papers, 5 items
1 21 Three letters, dated 1882-1891, from Miles Sandusky Townsend from Pulaski, Tennessee, to his wife, Nellie Cleesman Townsend regarding wills, remarriage, finances, education, Temperance, and children (Hobart, William P., and Lois). Two contemporary pieces by Mrs. Minna Martin, the donor, document the gift.
Williams, John
2 3 Letter to R.L. Pugh, 1866 April 10

Letter is written on pages of the New Orleans Price Current