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Subseries 7.1
Audio cassettes

Readings by O'Brien
Box Folder Content
AV2 - "Brother," from Lantern Slides, and excerpts from Time and Tide [original: audio cassette] Time and Tide [original: audio cassette]
AV2 - Answering machine messages and House of Splendid Isolation, July 1993 [original: microcassette]
Interviews with O'Brien
AV2 - "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl," 2 September 1985 [original: audio cassette]
AV2 - "O'Brien and Trevor," 22 May 1990 [original: audio cassette]
AV2 - "Writers' Bookshelves: Edna O'Brien," 31 October 1990 [original: audio cassette]
AV2 - "Public Radio Book Show," 30 December 1990 [original: audio cassette]
Other audiotapes
AV2 - "Johnny En Jones" [original: audio cassette]
AV2 - Philip Larkin's "Deception," read by Harold Pinter [original: audio cassette]