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Subseries 3.2
Prose by others
Boxes 53: folder 50 - 54: folder 18

Box Folder Content
53 50 Benson, Donald, "A Compelling Love for Life," TS
53 51 Brady, Liam, "The Relic," TS
- - Castleman, David, "On Isolation," TS [See Subseries 3.1, Castleman, David, "Without Dreams our World is Mindless Death," TS]
53 52 Chiodo, Nail, "The Insignificant Other," TS
53 53 DeSuze, Diane Burney, "Story #1," TS
53 54 Emanuel, Herzl, Diana and the Sculptor, TS
53 55 Fennell, Desmond, "The Fragility of Postwestern Civilisation," TS
54 1 Galioto, Salvatore, "A Visit with Roma and the Romans-Part II," TS
54 2 Hutchins, Patricia, "The Leesons," TS
54 3 Ivask, Astrid, "Coming Home," TS
54 4 James, Laurence, "From Ithaka to Tipperary," TS
54 5 Jenkins, Alan, untitled, TS
54 6 MacKay, Hugh Stanley, The Image of Kingship: Sovereignty in the Tales of the Tuatha De Danann, TS
54 7 McCarty, Thos. Vere, Behind the Icon, TS
54 8 McDermott, Eamon, "Cremations," TS
54 9 McIntyre, Tom, The Great Hunger, TS [stage adaptation of Patrick Kavanagh's The Great Hunger] The Great Hunger]
54 10 O'Kennedy, Percy, "Dropping a Clanger," TS
54 11 Russell, Peter, "Pian Di Sco," TS
- - Salabe, Giovanna, Prosa, TS [See Subseries 3.1, Poetry by Others, Salabe, Giovanna, Poesia] Poesia]
54 12 Salim, Ali, The Oedipus Comedy, TS
54 13 Shaheen, Mai, "A Mother's Tears," TS
54 14 Shoukri, Doris Enright-Clark, "A Reading of Beckett's Unamable: 'the man on duty,'" TS
54 15 Vesce, Thomas, The Human Alphabet, TS
Unidentified author
54 16 "Hounds, Heroes, and Hospitallers in Early Irish Myth and Story," TS
54 17 "The Precious Present," TS
54 18 "Tarafa 6th C.," TS