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Subseries 2.4
Ulsterman Publications
Box 15 - 16; OP1

Scope and Content Note

This subseries contains materials relevant to various projects or texts produced by Ulsterman Publications. As a small publishing operation in its own right, Ulsterman Publications produced The Honest Ulsterman as well as pamphlets or chapbooks for numerous younger poets. Subsections include typescripts and galley proofs of cover art for various pamphlets. Similarly, other subsections contain typescript mock-ups for two editions of The Honest Ulsterman and cover art for several other numbers of the magazine.

Ulsterman Publications pamphlets
Box Folder Content
15 1 Carson, Ciaran, The Lost Explorer, TS (1978) Carson, Ciaran,
15 2 Ormsby, Frank, Being Walked by a Dog, TS (1979)
15 3 Paulin, Tom, Personal Column, TS (1979) [unpublished] Paulin, Tom,
15 4 Peskett, William, A Killing in the Grove, TS (1977) Peskett, William,
Ulsterman Publications pamphlets, cover art
15 5 Ewart, Gavin, An Imaginary Love Affair [cover art proofs] Ewart, Gavin,
15 6 Johnstone, Robert, Our Lives Are Swiss [cover art proofs] Johnstone, Robert,
15 7 King, Patrick, Still Running [cover art proofs] King, Patrick,
15 8 Mahon, Derek, Light Music [cover art proofs] Mahon, Derek,
15 9 Marshall, Douglas, Upstairs Neighbours, [cover art proofs] Marshall, Douglas,
15 10 Peskett, William, Cleaning Stables [cover art proofs] Peskett, William,
15 11 Peskett, William, A Killing in the Grove [cover art proofs]
15 12 Smith, Ian Crichton, Poems for Donalda [cover art proofs] Smith, Ian Crichton,
15 13 List of pamphlets 1969-1971
The Honest Ulsterman selected editions
15 14 The Honest Ulsterman, number 73 [TS mock-up of Louis MacNeice supplement] Louis MacNeice supplement]
15 15 The Honest Ulsterman, number 85 [TS mock-up]
The Honest Ulsterman selected editions, cover art
15 16 The Honest Ulsterman, number 51 [cover art proofs]
15 17 The Honest Ulsterman, number 52 [cover art proofs]
15 18 The Honest Ulsterman, number 53 [cover art proofs]
15 19 The Honest Ulsterman, number 54 [cover art proofs]
15 20 The Honest Ulsterman, number 55 [cover art proofs]
OP1 4 The Honest Ulsterman, number 61 [cover art proofs]
15 21 The Honest Ulsterman, unknown number [cover art proofs]
15 22 The Honest Ulsterman, unknown number [cover art proofs]
15 23 The Honest Ulsterman, unknown number [cover art proofs]
The Honest Ulsterman miscellaneous materials
15 24 The Honest Ulsterman, original subscription book for numbers 1-82
15 25 Summary of contents, The Honest Ulsterman, numbers 1-78
16 1 Printer's block of cover image, number 37 [January / February 1973]
16 2 Printer's block of cover image, number 50 [Winter 1975]
16 3 Printer's block of unidentified man [undated]