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Series 3
Writings by Frank Ormsby, 1959-2004
Boxes 17-29 and 41-42; OP1-2

Scope and Content Note

The series for writings by Ormsby includes manuscript and typescript drafts as well as galley proofs of writing in poetry or prose. The series also contains the scripts used in the broadcasts of various radio-plays, readings, and lectures. Additionally, all materials related to books Ormsby edited are located here. This series shows the development of individual works or volumes up to the point of publication. Published items are then arranged in the printed material series.

The poetry subseries (3.1) contains notes, manuscript, and typescript drafts of published and unpublished poems from 1959 to 1995. The published works are arranged chronologically according to major volume. Under each volume's heading, the poems are listed alphabetically. These folders include manuscript (MS) and/or typescript (TS) versions of the poems. Note that brackets often include other relevant information regarding variant titles, dates of creation, or relationships to other works. Many works are cross-referenced with others. Drafts of different poems are included in the same folder when there is no way of separating the poems. In this case, a poem's title might be listed without a box or folder number. A note in brackets will then refer the reader to the relevant folder where the document in question can be found. Typescripts and proofs of entire volumes are included at the end of each volume's subsection to roughly demonstrate the chronological development of a published volume.

Ormsby's prose is collected in a distinct subseries (3.2) where works are then arranged by type. There are subsections for fiction, autobiographical prose, reviews, essays, speeches, and interviews. Notes after individual items indicate where and when the work was published if that information is available. Thus, many works are cross-referenced with the subseries for Ormsby's printed or published material. Because of the number of scripts and because Ormsby has been involved with broadcast presentations from 1970 to 1989, these are gathered in a separate subseries (3.3).

Materials in the subseries (3.4) pertaining to the anthologies edited by Ormsby are arranged chronologically, like the poetry, by individual book. All items relating to the production of a specific text are presented in an order that gestures to the stages in the book's production. This subseries contains varied materials including research notes or lists of works under consideration for inclusion, actual manuscript or typescript submissions, photocopied published texts, as well as Ormsby's drafts of tables of contents, forewords, introductions, and indexes.

Arrangement Note

Organized into four subseries: (3.1) Poetry by Frank Ormsby, (3.2) Prose by Frank Ormsby, (3.3) Scripts by Frank Ormsby, and (3.4) Works edited by Frank Ormsby.

Description of Subseries