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Series 4
Writings by others, circa 1971-2005
Box 30 and 42

Scope and Content Note

The poetry and prose writing by others collected here represents unpublished material that has been sent personally to Ormsby. As editor of The Honest Ulsterman, most of the unpublished writing sent to him was submitted for publication, and all such manuscript and typescript drafts are kept in The Honest Ulsterman submissions subseries. Many of the items in the writings by others series are actually worksheets from sessions of the Belfast Group attended by Ormsby during the 1971-1972 academic year.

Arrangement Note

Arranged alphabetically by author.

Box Folder Content
42 11 Akhmetov, Nizametdin, "My miracle blue," undated
42 12 Alderson, Sue Ann, "Wilderness," undated
42 13 Bleakney, Jean, The Ripple Tank Experiment, 1999
42 14 Boland, John, Brow Head, 1999
42 15 Brewer, Shirley J., "Firemen Rescue Jewerly and Other Wanderings," undated
42 16 Campbell, John, The Rose and the Blade: New & Selected Poems 1957-1997, 2005
42 17 Cardenal, Ernesto, "The Women From Cuá Arrived," undated
42 18 Carson, Conor, "Glory and Fame," "I Love You Elephants," and "Faith Healing," 1991
42 19 Cimino, Gloria, "Alchemy," undated
42 20 Crawford, Mairtín, Selected Poems, 2005
42 21 Delany-Ullman, Lorene, "Here Is My Handle, Here Is My Spout," Arachne," "Gestures Women Repeat," "Even Her Roses Bloomed," "The Place of Beginning," and "The Ritual of Stone Fruit," 1997
42 22 Dudek, Terri, "Egyptian Vegetable," undated
30 1 Dugdale, Norman: Belfast Group worksheet, circa 1972 [includes poems: "Terminus", "A Question of Identity", "A Self-Portrait", "Salmon-Leap: Mayo", "On a Recent Happy Event", "Saturday", "N.W.S.", "Autopsy on the Fifth Decade"] Dugdale, Norman: Belfast Group worksheet, circa
42 23 Errigal Writers Workgroup, 13 June 1998
42 24 Fitzpatrick-Simmons, Janice, Ghost Whiskey, 2005
42 25 Fleming Allen, Susan, "Solitude," "The Roll," "A Conversation Between Two Old Biddies," 1998
42 26 Gibbons, Hedy, "Birdsong," undated
42 27 Gillis, Alan, Somebody, Somewhere, 2004
42 28 Gorman, Sheila, "Deuteronomy I," undated
30 2 Heaney, Seamus: "The Tollund Man," [photocopy of TS with Ormsby's MS fragments on verso; dated November 1974]
42 29 Keenan, Paul, "Towards Utterance" and "Chirenjie and Other African Poems", undated
42 30 Kim Cheng, Boey, "Blue Note (For Win Pe)," "Day of No Name," "Requiem For A Mountaineer," "Letter To A Friend in Leh," "The Howrah Station," "Sudder Street, Calcutta," and "The Missionary," undated
42 31 MacIntyre, Tom, "Fabhalscéal," undated
30 3 MacLaverty, Bernard: Belfast Group worksheet, 30 November 1971 [includes the short story: "St. Paul Could Hit the Nail on the Head"] MacLaverty, Bernard: Belfast Group worksheet,
30 4 MacLaverty, Bernard: Belfast Group worksheet, 14 February 1972 [includes the short story: "The Deep End"] MacLaverty, Bernard: Belfast Group worksheet,
30 5 McGurk, Tom: Belfast Group worksheet, circa 1971-1972 [includes poems: "September Sibelius", "Protest", "The Son of the King of Moy", "Apologia in Memoriam", "Greetings", "Mise Eire", "Facts of Life"] McGurk, Tom: Belfast Group worksheet, circa
30 6 McMahon, Trevor: Belfast Group worksheet, 22 November 1971 [includes poems: "Moth", "Worm", "The Planter Speaks", "Old Man", "To Those Involved in Rigid Disciplines", "Rat Song", "The Fool's Soliloquy", "Poem as Mammoth"] McMahon, Trevor: Belfast Group worksheet,
42 32 Morrissey, Sinéad, The State of the Prisons, 2004
42 33 Newmann, Joan, "The Fosbury Hop," undated
30 7 O'Canainn, Thomas: Kindling, TS [undated collection of poems] O'Canainn, Thomas:
42 34 Ó Dúill, Gréagóir, Gone to Earth, 2004
42 35 Ó Dúill, Gréagóir, Traverse, 1998
42 36 O'Grady, Desmond, "Joseph Brodsky," undated
42 37 Roberts, Michelle, untitled, undated
42 38 Rumens, Carol, "Blue-Rail Blackmail," undated
42 39 Sonzogni, Marco, At the Year's Turning: An Anthology of Irish Poets Responding to Leopardi, 1998
42 40 Unknown author, "At a Loss" and "Gathering Mushrooms," undated
42 41 Unknown author, "Knorr (Dragon Ship)," undated
42 42 Unknown author, "Many Voices," 1997
42 43 Unknown author, "Mask," undated
42 44 Unknown author, "Patrick taught the Trinity to the Irish with a clover," undated
42 45 Weir, Heather, "The Hockey Rink," 1988
42 46 Zabolotsky, Nikolay, "In a field Somewhere Near Magadan," undated
42 47 Boey, Kim Cheng, "Going Home to Russia: Contemporary Irish Poetry Visits Russia," undated
30 8 Egan, Neil: "Above Electrolux the Moon," TS
42 48 Harte, Liam, "Aims and Rationale," Modern Irish Autobiography: Self, Nation and Society, undated
42 49 Higgin, Graham, "Crossing to the North," 1997
42 50 Interview of James Simmons by John Brown, undated
42 51 Interview of Padraic Fiacc by John Brown, undated
42 52 Interview of Robert Greacen by John Brown, undated
42 53 Interview of Roy McFadden by John Brown, undated
42 54 Kerry, Sam, "Irishness," undated
42 55 Unknown author, "Tuoist After 2000," undated