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Series 1
Subject file I, 1930-1965
Boxes 1-73; OP 1

Scope and Content Note

This series contains reference material that Palmer gathered for his own use between the 1930s and mid-1960s, covering a variety of topics relating to public housing and urban redevelopment in Europe, the United States, and, to a lesser extent, the Third World. The individual folders are arranged alphabetically. Material on urban planning is listed under "City and Town Planning," "Economic Policy and Planning," New Towns," and "Urban Redevelopment." Information about building methods is contained in folders labeled "Construction Industry." The largest single section, "Housing," provides material on housing legislation, slum clearance projects listed by cities, and general subjects (subdivided as Housing-finance, Housing management, etc.) Folders are also filed under names of individuals, names of private and public agencies, and names of countries. A small group of oversize items, arranged alphabetically, is filed in Boxes 70-73, and cross-reference notes in the regular alphabetical sequence identify the precise location of this oversized material. In order to locate miscellaneous folders of information not filed under the above headings, it is recommended that researchers utilize the index to the Palmer Collection located at the end of the inventory. Palmer himself maintained a card file as an index to material in this file series and as a reference guide to material on various subjects. This five-drawer card file is with the collection and is available for use.

Arrangement Note

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Box Folder Content
1 1 A: Correspondence and printed material
1 2 Action, Inc.: Miscellaneous material collected between 1956 and 1963 on Action. Inc., a private national organization devoted to improving the quality of urban life. [See also Box 70: folder 1 and additional folders in Series 4: Subject file II]
1 3 Adams Memorial-Saint Gaudens: Brochures and correspondence from the 1960s about the memorial to the wife of Henry Adams located at Rock Creek Cemetery.
1 4 Aged and Housing: A collection of articles and manuals prepared primarily during the 1960s, dealing with the design of homes for the elderly and disabled.
1 5 Agency for International Development: Assorted materials from 1961 and 1962 describing the various housing programs administered by the Agency for International Development, Department of State.
1 6 Albany Data and Correspondence: Correspondence between Palmer, municipal officials in Albany, Georgia, and outside consultants concerning the rebuilding of the city following the tornado of 1940. [See also Box 70: folder 2]
1 7 Alliance for Progress: Report of a 1962 national conference on "International Economic and Social Development."
1 8 Allotments: Two British bulletins, both 1939, describing the layout and proper cultivation of private gardens.
2 1 American Friends Service Committee: Correspondence and reference material from the 1950s on self-help housing projects in Philadelphia and Penn-Craft, Pennsylvania, and in Lorain, Ohio.
2 2 American Heritage: Correspondence during 1954 regarding Palmer's investment in the expanded American Heritage magazine. American Heritage magazine.
2 3 American Planning and Civic Association (1 of 2): Correspondence dealing with the association's 1951 conference in Miami, Florida; the resignation of Executive Director Charles A. Phelan in 1959; and financial problems during the late 1950s.
2 4 American Planning and Civic Association (2 of 2): General Correspondence between 1957 and 1962.
2 5 American Society of Planning Officials: Assorted issues of the ASPO newsletter published from 1944 and 1955.
2 6 Anderson, Clinton P.: Personal correspondence, 1948-1961.
2 7 Asia-Scott Report: Report of a trip through Asia during the late 1950s by John Scott for Time magazine.
2 8 Astor, Lord and Lady (1 of 2): Correspondence with Lord and Lady Astor from 1944 through the 1950s, containing information about the rebuilding of London and Plymouth following the destruction incurred by these cities during the World War II; the letters also include references to Palmer's Housing Mission to Great Britain in 1942. [See also Box 70: folder 3]
2 9 Astor, Lord and Lady (2 of 2)
2 10 Atlantic Monthly: Correspondence in 1936 with the editors of the Atlantic Monthly concerning Palmer's proposal to write an article on British town planning. Atlantic Monthly concerning Palmer's proposal to write an article on British town planning.
3 1 B: Correspondents
3 2 Balfour: Correspondence during the 1940s with Lord Balfour discussing Palmer's 1942 Housing Mission to Great Britain.
3 3 Barclay, Thomas S.: Personal correspondence, 1935.
3 4 Barton, Bruce: Personal correspondence, mostly 1939-1940.
3 5 Baruch, Bernard: Personal correspondence, 1940s and 1950s. [See also: Box 70: folder 4]
3 6 Bauer, Catherine: Correspondence during 1939 and two magazine articles about Bauer, both published in 1946.
3 7 Bauer, Richard: Correspondence with Austrian architect Richard Bauer and associates from the 1930s to the 1950s; Bauer was assisted by Palmer in coming to the United States in 1938, following the Nazi takeover of his home country. [See also: Box 70: folder 5]
3 8 Bennett, W. Tapley: Correspondence during the 1950s concerning European housing problems with W. Tapley Bennett, former ambassador to Portugal and the Dominican Republic.
3 9 Berg, Norman: Correspondence during 1945 and 1954; during the latter year, the letters deal with Palmer's desire to publish Adventures of a Slum Fighter with the Macmillan Company.
3 10 Berle, Adolph A., Jr.: Correspondence during the 1960s and miscellaneous material concerning the reconstruction of European industry following World War II.
3 11 Binns, Arthur W.: Correspondence in 1940 with and concerning Philadelphia realtor Arthur W. Binns.
3 12 Bookbinder, Hyman-U.N. Housing: Correspondence with Hyman Bookbinder during 1966 regarding a United Nations report on slum clearance.
3 13 Bowers, Claude G.: Personal correspondence, 1936-1955.
3 14 Braziers Park. School of Integrative Social Research. England: Reference material and correspondence during 1950 about the activities of the Braziers Park School of Integrative Social Research.
3 15 British War Housing-Report: [See also: Box 90: folder 1]
3 16 Brown, Lewis H.: Personal correspondence between 1934 and 1935 with Lewis Brown, President of the Johns-Manville Corporation.
3 17 Buell, Raymond Leslie: Personal correspondence between 1937 and 1942, and a pamphlet written by Buell in 1937 on the dangers of fascism.
3 18 Building and Loan Associations: A 1937 speech delivered by Palmer on the "Objectives of Public Housing and Their Effects upon Building and Loan Associations in a Community."
4 1 Building Societies-Great Britain: Information on British building societies during 1930s
4 2 Burning Tree Club: Personal correspondence during 1952 about the Burning Tree as well as membership rosters (1964 and 1965) for the club.
4 3 C: Correspondence and Printed Material
4 4 Cabot, Philip: One copy of a biographical sketch of Philip Cabot, 1872-1941, which was printed in 1942.
4 5 Callaway: Personal correspondence with the Callaway family from the 1940s through the 1960s. [See also: Box 70: folder 6]
4 6 Candler, John S. and Bishop Warren: Correspondence during the 1930s concerning politics and business conditions in Atlanta.
4 7 Chamber of Commerce-U.S.: Correspondence in the 1930s about various government relief measures, including the National Recovery Act.
4 8 Child Welfare and Housing: A 1936 government report on "Housing and Child Welfare."
4 9 Children-Care and Hygiene: Information on living conditions for children in England during the 1930s and 1940s. [See also: Box 70: folder 7]
4 10 Church and Housing: Magazine articles and pamphlets published during the 1960s dealing with the relationship between organized churches and housing reform.
5 1 Churchill, Winston: A 1944 newspaper article about Sir Winston Churchill.
5 2 Cities and Towns-U.S.: A 1942 report prepared by the American Municipal Association on the creation of capital reserves for cities.
5 3 City and Town Planning (1 of 2): Pamphlets, magazine articles, and correspondence with Sir Frederic J. Osborn, British planner, on the principles of city and town planning; all of this material dates from the 1940s. [See also: Box 70: folder 8]
5 4 City and Town Planning (2 of 2)
5 5 City and Town Planning—Atlanta: Reports and other background information on Atlanta planning efforts, primarily dealing with the 1950s. [See also: Box 70: folder 9]
5 6 City and Town Planning—Denver: A 1940 report issued by the Denver Planning Commission.
5 7 City and Town Planning-Garden City, N.Y.: An annual report, 1963, for Garden City, N.Y.
5 8 City and Town Planning—London: A 1960 publication of the London County Council
5 9 City and Town Planning—Syracuse: A 1943 Fortune article on urban planning in Syracuse, N.Y.
5 10 Civilian Defense: Information on British defense shelters during World War II. [See also: Box 70: folder 10]
5 11 Clas, A. R.: Personal correspondence, 1935-1936.
5 12 Coal Mines and Mining-Great Britain: A 1942 pamphlet dealing with regional planning and the British coal mining industry.
5 13 Codes, Building: Articles and one pamphlet from the 1940s on the subject of building codes.
OP1 1 Committee for Economic Recovery, "Home Sweet Home-A Fireside for Every Family," copy of report prepared for President Franklin D. Roosevelt, September 1935
5 14 Community Builders' Council: The Digest of Minutes for the year 1944.
6 1 Community Relations and Housing: Assorted reports, mainly prepared during the 1940s on the community effects of housing projects. [See also: Box 70: folder 11]
6 2 Construction Industry: Assorted documents printed during the 1940s, dealing with the U.S. construction industry.
6 3 Construction Industry-Equipment, Machinery, etc.: A 1930s company catalogue of construction equipment.
6 4 Construction Industry-Government Control: Various confidential reports on government regulation of the construction industry, 1941-1942. [See also: Box 70: folder 13]
6 5 Construction Industry-Great Britain: Reports on building activities in Great Britain during the 1940s and 1950s. [See also: Box 70: folder 13]
6 6 Construction Industry-Codes-Housing: Most of the material covers an investigation of Atlanta's housing industry by the Federal Justice Department in 1939.
6 7 Construction Industry-Housing-Methods: Reports and correspondence pertaining to construction methods in England and the United States, 1930s through 1950s.
6 8 Construction Industry-Housing-Plans (1 of 2): A 1939 report on Bergpolder Flats, a nine-story Dutch high-rise housing project.
7 1 Construction Industry-Housing-Plans (2 of 3): Reports prepared during the 1940s regarding the social consequences of building and public housing design. [See also: Box 70: folder 14]
7 2 Construction Industry-Housing-Plans (3 of 3)
7 3 Construction Industry-Safety Devices and Measures: A report ca. 1940, on economy and safety in British building design.
7 4 Construction Industry-Seasonal Unemployment: Articles from 1962 and a 1940s report on seasonal unemployment in the building industry.
7 5 Construction Industry-Statistics: Data on building activity in the United States, 1930s-1940s.
7 6 Construction Industry-Training: Reports and articles written during the 1940s on British and American construction training programs.
7 7 Construction Industry-Wages: A 1945 article on salaries for construction workers.
7 8 Contreras, Carlos: Correspondence during the 1940s with Carlos Contreras, Mexican city planner.
7 9 Cooperative Housing: Reports, pamphlets, articles, and correspondence from the 1930s to the 1960s, regarding American and European cooperative housing ventures, including a special memorandum (1942) outlining the origins, goals, and achievements of the National Housing Agency.
7 10 Coyle, David Cushman: Correspondence with David Coyle, former advisor to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, concerning political difficulties in achieving housing reform in the United States during the 1930s and 1940s.
8 1 Crawford, William H.: Correspondence during 1951 about William Crawford, a notable Georgian of the early nineteenth-century, and his home Woodlawn.
8 2 Cripps, Sir Stafford: Personal correspondence some of which pertains to Palmer's Special Housing Mission to Great Britain during 1942 and one page of a confidential memorandum (1942) about post-war British recovery plans.
8 3 D: Correspondents
8 4 Daiger, J. M.: Correspondence during 1934 about Palmer's inspection of European public housing.
8 5 Daniels, Jonathan (1 of 2): Personal correspondence during the 1940s and 1950s with Jonathan Daniels, editor of the News and Observer of Raleigh. North Carolina.
8 6 Daniels, Jonathan (2 of 2): Correspondence during the 1960s.
8 7 Decentralization-Government Agencies: Correspondence during World War II regarding the decentralization of United States government agencies. [See also: Box 70: folder 15]
8 8 Decentralization-Great Britain: Proposals regarding the post-war decentralization of population and industry in Great Britain. [See also: Box 70: folder 16]
8 9 Decentralization-Industrial (1 of 2): Correspondence, reports, and magazine articles outlining plans for the decentralization of industry in the United States and England following World War II. The folder includes a confidential report on this subject prepared for President Roosevelt. [See also: Box 70: folder 17]
8 10 Decentralization-Industrial (2 of 2)
8 11 Defense Agencies: Administrative handbooks prepared during World War II describing the operation and functions of various defense agencies.
9 1 Defense Housing [See also Series 2: Defense Housing]
9 2 Defense Production Act of 1950: One copy of the 1951 Congressional Record outlining the scope of the Defense Production Act.
9 3 Delano, Frederic A.: Newspaper articles and correspondence, mostly during the 1950s about urban developer Frederic Delano.
9 4 Del Mar, Roland H.: Personal correspondence, 1959-1960.
9 5 Democratic Advisory Committee (1 of 4): Correspondence, 1959-1960, with members of the Committee on Urban and Suburban Problems of the Democratic Advisory Council; Palmer was a member of the Committee.
9 6 Democratic Advisory Committee (2 of 4): Reports and policy statements issued by the Committee on Urban and Suburban Problems, 1959-1960. [See also: Box 71: folder 1]
9 7 Democratic Advisory Committee (3 of 4): Newspaper and magazine articles written during 1959 describing United States housing needs and the upcoming 1960 election. [See also: Box 71: folder 1]
9 8 Democratic Advisory Committee (4 of 4): Correspondence during 1960 with members of the Democratic Party, concerning the platform assembled by the Advisory Council.
9 9 Density-Housing: Reports on housing density in American cities (1935) and British housing policy (1941).
9 10 Deutsch, Maurice: Discussions of various methods to finance slum removal and housing construction, 1935-1936.
10 1 Differential Renting: American and British rent schedules used during the 1930s for public housing.
10 2 E: Correspondence and Printed Material
10 3 Early, Stephen: Correspondence between 1949 and 1952 with Stephen Early, former advisor to President Roosevelt.
10 4 Economic Conditions-Great Britain: Correspondence with Edward Weeks, 1949, of the Atlantic Monthly concerning an article that he had written on economic conditions in England.
10 5 Economic Conditions-U.S.-Economic Reports to the President: Copies of economic reports to the President, 1947, 1951, and 1952.
10 6 Economic Conditions and Housing: Assorted reports and pamphlets from 1930s, 1940s and 1960s.
10 7 Economic Policy and Planning in Australia: Correspondence during the 1930s.
10 8 Economic Policy and Planning in Europe: Miscellaneous information collected between the 1930s and 1950s.
10 9 Economic Policy and Planning in Great Britain (1 of 2): Mainly reports of post-war planning schemes prepared during the 1940s and 1950s.
11 1 Economic Policy and Planning in Great Britain (2 of 2)
11 2 Economic Policy and Planning-Lorwin on International Economic Development: 1942 report on worldwide economic planning authored by Lewis L. Lorwin.
11 3 Economic Policy and Planning in Mexico: Information pertaining to economic conditions in Mexico in 1938.
11 4 Economic Policy and Planning in New Zealand: One 1944 news report.
11 5 Economic Policy and Planning-Southern States (1 of 2): Reports covering economic developments in the South from the 1940s to the early 1960s.
11 6 Economic Policy and Planning-Southern States (2 of 2)
11 7 Economic Policy and Planning in Sweden: A 1944 report on Swedish labor.
11 8 Economic Policy and Planning-U.S. Laws and Legislation: Copies of legislation and petitions, 1930s and 40s.
12 1 Economic Policy and Planning in the U.S. (1 of 3): Assorted reports, 1945 and 1957.
12 2 Economic Policy and Planning in the U.S. (2 of 3): Pamphlets, newspaper articles, reports, and correspondence describing economic planning proposals prepared during and following World War II.
12 3 Economic Policy and Planning in the U.S. (3 of 3)
12 4 Economic Policy and Planning-U.S.-Proposed Legislation: Correspondence with government officials during the 1940s and 1950s.
12 5 Education and Housing: Assorted documents pertaining to a 1960 study of the learning difficulties affecting school children.
12 6 Education and Housing-"Building Atlanta's Future"-Experimental Textbook: One copy of the 1947 text of "Building Atlanta's Future."
13 1 Education and Housing-"Building Atlanta's Future"-Correspondence, 1946-1948: Correspondence regarding use of the completed text "Building Atlanta's Future" (1948) in the public school system; the book was developed by Palmer to increase young people's awareness of the social and physical aspects of the urban environment. [See also: Series 4: Subject file II, "Palmer-Rotarian Article-'A Real Estate Man and a Book'"]
13 2 Education and Housing-"Building Atlanta's Future"-Correspondence, 1949: Correspondence, January to July, 1949.
13 3 Education and Housing-"Building Atlanta's Future"-Correspondence, 1949-1957: Additional correspondence.
13 4 Education-Palmer Personal File-Visits to Atlanta Schools, 1961: Correspondence in 1961 about a speaking engagement at Southwest High School.
13 5 Edwards, A. Trystan: Correspondence during the 1930s and 1940s with A. Trystan Edwards, British town planner. The folder also includes two pamphlets and a report authored by Edwards on methods of slum clearance and urban planning.
13 6 Edward VIII, King of England: Assorted articles on Edward VIII from the 1930s, 1950s, and 1960s.
13 7 Einstein, Albert: One article written by Albert Einstein, ca. 1946 regarding the dangers of misusing atomic power.
13 8 Ellender, Allen J.: Personal correspondence, 1945.
13 9 Engle, N. H.: Correspondence during 1930s with N. H. Engle, Assistant Director of the U.S. Department of Commerce.
13 10 English-Speaking Union (1 of 3): Correspondence and reports pertaining to the English Speaking Union of the United States, 1949-1962.
14 1 English-Speaking Union (2 of 3): Correspondence and reports from 1961 to 1962; most of the material deals with the problems of fund raising and reorganization of the English-Speaking Union. [See also: Box 71: folder 2]
14 2 English-Speaking Union (3 of 3)
14 3 English-Speaking Union-Responses to February 26th (1962) Letter: Correspondence in 1962 regarding administrative changes in the English-Speaking Union.
14 4 English, Thomas H.: Correspondence between 1949 and 1967, a significant portion of which pertains to the writing of Palmer's Adventures of a Slum Fighter and his subsequent plan for a more complete biography.
14 5 Europe-1934-1952: Miscellaneous correspondence and travel notes from European trips, 1934-1952. [See also: Box 71: folder 3 and Series 4: Subject file II, "Palmer, Charles Forrest-Foreign Credentials and Contacts]
14 6 European Trip: Assorted records pertaining to foreign travel, 1947-1959.
14 7 Evacuation and Billeting: British plans for evacuation of urban areas during World War II.
14 8 F: Correspondence and Printed material
14 9 Feder, Ernst: Personal correspondence during the 1930s regarding Feder's flight from Germany to escape Nazi persecution.
15 1 Federal Agencies-Directory of Federal Statistical Agencies: A 1942 "Directory of Federal Statistical Agencies."
15 2 Federal Housing Agencies: Reports, correspondence, and articles about the creation of the National Defense Housing Department in 1941. [See also: Box 71: folder 4]
15 3 Fisher-Urban Land Institute: Correspondence in the 1930s and 1940s with E. Fisher, Director of the Institute for Urban Land Use and Housing Studies.
15 4 Ford, Edsel: Correspondence from 1920 to the early 1940s, dealing in part with public housing schemes and with Palmer's desire to have Ford locate an automobile plant in Chamblee, Georgia.
15 5 Foreign Economic Administration: Correspondence during the 1940s with FEA officials.
15 6 Foreign Policy Association: Correspondence about publications of the FPA, 1939-1940s.
15 7 Foreman, Clark: Three letters (1934) about Palmer's first tour of European housing.
15 8 Fortune Round Table No. 10-Lenox. Massachusetts-September 5-7, 1941: Correspondence, agenda, and notes for this Round Table discussion on the war-time economy and recovery plans; Palmer participated in the session.
16 1 Frankfurter, Felix: Correspondence, press reports, and magazine articles from the 1930s to the 1960s with and about Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter.
16 2 Frankfurter Memos: Recollections of Felix Frankfurter sent to Liva Baker during the 1960s; Baker was writing a biography of the Chief Justice.
16 3 Frazee, Susan Isabel: Personal correspondence with Susan Frazee and family friends, mainly between 1950 and 1960.
16 4 Freed, Allie: Correspondence during 1935-1937 with Allie Freed, Chairman of the Committee for Economic Recovery.
16 5 Full Employment Act of 1945: Correspondence and reports in both 1945 and 1946 about the FEA.
16 6 Full Employment Act of 1950: Correspondence pertaining to the FEA of 1950.
16 7 Furniture and Furnishings: Advertisements and information, primarily from the 1930s, on interior decoration, including a British report entitled "The Working Class Home: Its Furnishings and Equipment" (1937).
16 8 G: Correspondence and Printed Material
16 9 Galbraith, John Kenneth: Correspondence with Galbraith and copies of some of his public addresses, 1963-1966.
16 10 Garden Cities: Maps, reports, and articles, mainly from the 1930s on British Garden Cities principally Letchworth, Hampstead Garden, and Wythenshawe.
17 1 Garden Cities-Welwyn, England: Correspondence, reports, and a map of Welwyn Garden City, 1930s. [See also: Box 71, folder 5]
17 2 Georgia-Laws and Legislation-Including Correspondence with Governor Ellis Arnall: Correspondence revealing Palmer's role in drafting housing legislation for the state of Georgia during the 1940s.
17 3 Georgia-Laws and Legislation-Material on State Planning: Assorted material from the 1940s and 1950s pertaining to the formation of a state planning board.
17 4 Georgia Institute of Technology: Correspondence during 1952-1953 and 1963 with Howard Menhinick, Regents' Professor of City Planning at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
17 5 Gordon, W. J.: Personal correspondence. 1934.
17 6 Grady, Henry: Correspondence pertaining to the placement of a bust of Henry W. Grady at Grady High School, 1951.
17 7 Great Britain-Palmer Travels, 1936: Research notebook which includes both names and addresses of persons interviewed by Palmer in Great Britain during 1936 and their responses to questions about public housing and town planning.
17 8 Great Britain-Palmer Travels, Correspondence, 1936: Correspondence pertaining to Palmer's 1936 trip to England, including references to the history of planned garden cities, Palmer's films, and the financing of housing projects.
17 9 Great Britain-Palmer Travels, 1946-1948: Assorted correspondence and materials regarding European trips, 1946-1948.
Great Britain-Ministry of Works and Buildings Miscellaneous Reports [See: Box 71: folder 7]
Great Britain-Ministry of Works and Buildings-Report on Organization [See: Box 71: folder 6]
18 1 Great Britain-Palmer Travels, 1949-1953: Assorted correspondence and travel materials.
18 2 Great Britain-Film Showing, October 18, 1946-Connaught and London: Correspondence about and lists of the British viewers who saw Palmer's films in 1946.
18 3 Green, William: A letter written in 1936 regarding Palmer's testimony about public housing before the Wagner Senate Committee.
18 4 Greenbelt Towns: Magazine articles from the 1930s on Greenbelt Towns.
18 5 Greer, Guy: Correspondence during the 1930s and 1940s with Guy Greer, economist, Fortune magazine editor, Consulting city planner, and author of Your City Tomorrow (1946). Your City Tomorrow (1946).
18 6 Grimm, Peter: Correspondence 1930s - 1940s.
18 7 H: Correspondence and Printed Material
18 8 Hackett, Col. Horatio B.: Correspondence during 1934-1935 with Col. Horatio Hackett. Director of Housing for the Public Works Administration, regarding Palmer's films of European housing conditions.
18 9 Hamilton, Sir Horace: Correspondence during 1936.
19 1 Harvard (1 of 2): Correspondence pertaining to Palmer's speaking engagements at Harvard, 1936-1962.
19 2 Harvard (2 of 2): Additional correspondence regarding Harvard speaking engagements, 1936-1962.
19 3 Harvey, Basil C. H.: A 1958 biographical sketch of Dr. Basil C. H. Harvey, 1875-1958, formerly a professor at the university of Chicago Medical School.
19 4 Health and Housing: Miscellaneous material compiled mostly during the 1930s and 1940s describing sanitation problems in slum areas.
19 5 Heating: Assorted documents pertaining to home heating methods used during the 1930s and 1940s.
19 6 Hinman, Alfred G.: Correspondence during the 1920s pertaining to a survey of occupants in Palmer's 101 Marietta Street, Glenn and Palmer Buildings; an educational program for office building managers; and competition among building managers for occupants.
19 7 Hoffman, Paul G.: Personal correspondence, 1950 and 1963.
19 8 Hopkins, Harry: Personal correspondence during the 1930s and 1940s with Harry Hopkins, advisor to President Roosevelt, and Louise Hopkins.
19 9 Home Ownership: Assorted articles on home ownership, 1930s 1940s. [See also: Box 71: Folder 8]
19 10 Hostels: Two mimeographed reports, undated, on British hostels.
19 11 Houses-Demountable: Miscellaneous material, 1941-1943.
20 1 Housing-Analytical Maps: A booklet of maps prepared in 1940 by the U.S. Census Bureau illustrating statistics collected on the city of Atlanta.
20 2 Housing-Bibliography: Assorted book listings of housing texts, 1935-1939.
20 3 Housing-Clippings (1 of 2): Miscellaneous newspaper and magazine articles about U.S. slums and housing projects, 1950s and 1960s.
20 4 Housing-Clippings (2 of 2): Same as above, late 1960s.
20 5 Housing Costs: Assorted documents collected during the 1930s and 1940s.
20 6 Housing Criticism (1 of 2): Copies of articles, pamphlets, and speeches, from the 1940s and early 1950s, criticizing federal housing programs.
20 7 Housing Criticism (2 of 2): Typed summary of comments made by foreign housing experts at a 1934 conference in Boston, Massachusetts; among those participating was Sir Raymond Unwin, noted British town planner. [See also: Box 71: folder 9]
20 8 Housing-Drama: Narration to "One Third of a Nation," a play written in 1938 by Arthur Arent about housing.
20 9 Housing Exhibitions: Exhibition catalogue for the Eighteenth International Congress for Housing and Town Planning (1946).
20 10 Housing-Film Scripts: Miscellaneous material and scripts for some of Palmer's films, including Britain Builds Again, Prelude to Peace, and The World War Against Slums, produced during the 1930s and 1940s. Prelude to Peace, and The World War Against Slums, produced during the 1930s and 1940s.
20 11 Housing-Films-The March of Time Series: Correspondence in 1937 with Alexander King of Life magazine regarding publication of Palmer's slum pictures; and with D. Y. Bradshaw of the March of Time Newsreel Company, 1946.
21 1 Housing-History: Assorted reports and pamphlets describing the history of public housing including a mimeographed copy of an article (1938) written by Dr. Edith Elmer Wood.
21 2 Housing-Inspection: A 1936 pamphlet and public address on the administration of housing programs.
21 3 Housing-International: Assorted materials collected during the early 1960s on international housing conditions and needs.
21 4 Housing-Laws and Legislation-Georgia: Assorted documents on housing legislation in Georgia during the 1930s.
21 5 Housing-Laws and Legislation-Great Britain, 1930-1935. 1936-1952: Information on various British housing acts.
21 6 Housing-Laws and Legislation-The Netherlands: Copies of housing laws passed in 1939.
21 7 Housing-Laws and Legislation-Scotland: Housing laws in Scotland during the 1930s.
21 8 Housing-Laws and Legislation-State: Assorted material on housing laws in various U.S. states during the 1930s and 1940s.
21 9 Housing-Laws and Legislation-U.S. 1934-1935-FHA: A 1936 article about the Federal Housing Administration written by Dr. Edith Elmer Wood.
21 10 Housing-Laws and Legislation-U.S., 1935: Correspondence with Congressman Robert Ramspeck and Helen Alfred regarding the Public Housing Bill of 1935.
22 1 Housing-Laws and Legislation, proposed-U.S., 1936: Correspondence and reports pertaining to the Public Housing Bill of 1935.
22 2 Housing-Laws and Legislation, proposed-U.S., 1937 (1 of 2): Correspondence and assorted reports and pamphlets pertaining to the 1937 Public Housing Act.
22 3 Housing-Laws and Legislation, proposed-U.S., 1937 (2 of 2)
22 4 Housing-Laws and Legislation, proposed-U.S., 1939: Copies of 1939 housing legislation.
22 5 Housing-Laws and Legislation, proposed-U.S., 1942: Assorted correspondence and reports on housing legislation.
22 6 Housing-Laws and Legislation, proposed-U.S., 1945 (1 of 2): Transcripts of legislative hearings and reports pertaining to housing bills; also a thirty-two page report by Palmer describing his 1935 inspection of housing sites in England and Scotland.
23 1 Housing-Laws and Legislation, proposed U.S, 1945, (2 of 2)
23 2 Housing-Laws and Legislation, proposed-U.S., 1947-1948: One newspaper article, 1948, about housing legislation.
23 3 Housing Legislation, 1949-1951-United States: Newspaper articles, pamphlets, and copies of housing legislation.
23 4 Housing-Laws-1949-Senate: Copies of Senate debates on the 1949 Housing Bill.
23 5 Housing-Laws-1949-House (1 of 2): Copies of debates of the 1949 Housing Bill in the House of Representatives.
24 1 Housing-Laws-1949-House (2 of 2): Copies of debates of the 1949 Housing Bill in the House of Representatives.
24 2 Housing-Laws and Legislation, proposed-U. S., 1965: Copies of housing legislation.
24 3 Housing-Argentina: Correspondence in 1953 regarding a study of public housing in Argentina. [See also: Box 72: folder 1]
24 4 Housing-Argentina-Palmer Travels: Assorted papers, newspaper clippings, and correspondence regarding Palmer's 1952 trip to Argentina.
24 5 Housing-Atlanta-Atlanta Housing Authority-Correspondence: Correspondence concerning the AHA's first annual report, "Rebuilding Atlanta;" the folder also includes a copy of the "Tentative Report of Housing Conditions-Atlanta, Georgia" (1934).
24 6 Housing-Atlanta-Atlanta Housing Authority-Reports, 1939-1951 (1 of 2)
25 1 Housing-Atlanta-Atlanta Housing Authority-Reports, 1939-1951 (2 of 2)
25 2 Housing-Atlanta-Correspondence-Maps: Miscellaneous material, including both a radio script for a program on public housing and fourteen maps identifying public housing construction sites and slum areas in the 1930s.
25 3 Housing-Atlanta-Clippings: Newspaper clippings mostly from the 1940s and 1950s describing public housing activities in Atlanta.
25 4 Housing-Atlanta-Conflict of Interest: Newspaper articles describing the operations of the Atlanta Housing Authority during the 1960s.
Housing-Atlanta-University Homes Neighborhood [See: Box 72: folder 2]
25 5 Housing-Austria-Herman Neubacher: Newspaper articles about and correspondence with Austrian Herman Neubacher, Mayor of Vienna during the Nazi era. Palmer sought Neubacher's support in getting architect Richard Bauer to America in 1938.
25 6 Housing-Belfast: Material on post-war planning in Belfast, 1940s and 1950s.
25 7 Housing-Boston: Miscellaneous documents pertaining to planning and urban redevelopment in Boston, 1944 and 1964.
25 8 Housing-Brazil: Correspondence in 1961 regarding the financing of Brazilian housing projects.
26 1 Housing-Brazil-Palmer Travels (1 of 2): Pamphlets and newspaper articles about Brazil, mostly collected during Palmer's trip through the country in 1952.
26 2 Housing-Brazil-Palmer Travels (2 of 2): Correspondence and newspaper articles about Palmer's 1952 trip to Brazil.
26 3 Housing-Bristol: One 1946 newspaper article.
26 4 Housing-Canada: Primarily a collection of six Canadian radio scripts (1938) for programs on public housing.
26 5 Housing-Charlotte, North Carolina: 1940 planning pamphlet.
26 6 Housing-Chicago: Assorted planning reports and pamphlets from the 1930s to the 1950s.
26 7 Housing-Chicago-Kaiser Report: Newspaper articles from the late 1960s, dealing in part with the practice in Chicago of using public housing to reinforce patterns of racial segregation.
26 8 Housing-Chichester: Two 1930s planning reports.
26 9 Housing-Chile: Reports on housing conditions in Chile, 1938 and 1950.
27 1 Housing-Chile-Palmer Travels: Correspondence pertaining to Palmer's 1952 trip through Latin America.
27 2 Housing-China: One 1945 report on housing conditions in China.
27 3 Housing-Cincinnati: Assorted materials on housing in Cincinnati during the 1950s.
27 4 Housing-Cleveland: Newspaper articles and pamphlets regarding public housing in Cleveland during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1960s.
27 5 Housing-Cuba: Assorted material collected during 1952 regarding housing conditions in Cuba, including correspondence with city planner Honorato Colete, 1952-1953.
27 6 Housing-Denmark: Various reports and pamphlets concerning housing in Denmark during the 1930s and 1940s.
27 7 Housing-Denmark-Palmer Travels: Correspondence with Danish planners, 1930s and 1940s.
27 8 Housing-Europe: Correspondence, reports, and pamphlets, from the 1930s and 1940s, regarding European public housing and the construction of dwellings for the working class.
27 9 Housing-Europe-Palmer Travels: Correspondence about Palmer's 1930 trip to Europe and England to inspect office buildings.
27 10 Housing-Finland: An undated report on housing in Finland.
27 11 Housing-France: Assorted materials on French housing methods during the 1930s and 1940s.
28 1 Housing-Glasgow: A 1946 planning commission report.
28 2 Housing-Germany: Correspondence, reports, and pamphlets, mainly pertaining to Palmer's 1934 inspection of German housing conditions.
28 3 Housing-Great Britain: Assorted materials and correspondence regarding Palmer's trip to England during the 1930s and in 1942. [See also: Box 73: folder 1]
28 4 Housing-Hammond, Indiana: A 1940 pamphlet on the public housing program in Hammond, Indiana.
28 5 Housing-High Point, North Carolina: A 1944 report on housing for cotton mill workers in High Point, North Carolina.
28 6 Housing-Holland (1 of 2): Assorted documents pertaining to public housing in Holland during the 1930s and 1940s.
28 7 Housing-Holland (2 of 2): Pamphlets and reports on public housing and urban redevelopment in Holland in the 1950s.
28 8 Housing-Holland-Palmer Travels: Correspondence pertaining to Palmer's 1936 and 1950 trips to Holland.
29 1 Housing-Hull, England: Assorted documents presenting surveys of housing conditions in Hull in 1943 and 1946.
29 2 Housing-Illinois: Government reports prepared during the 1930s and 1940s about housing projects and legislation in Illinois.
29 3 Housing-Indianapolis: Correspondence with George Klein and George Kuhn, real estate dealers, about a neighborhood renewal project in Indianapolis, 1943-1945.
29 4 Housing-Italy (1 of 2): Correspondence, reports, and pamphlets pertaining to Palmer's travels through Italy during the 1930s. Of special interest are two letters written to his Uncle Charles Seymour, 1933, comparing President Roosevelt's New Deal, especially the National Recovery Administration, with Mussolini's public welfare projects. [See also: Box 73: folder 2]
29 5 Housing-Italy (2 of 2)
29 6 Housing-Knoxville, Tennessee: Undated pamphlet concerning the city's low-rent housing.
29 7 Housing-Latin America: Assorted documents and correspondence from 1940 and 1960 discussing Latin American housing problems.
30 1 Housing-Latin America-Bibliography: A 1939 guide to literature on Latin American housing.
30 2 Housing-Latin America-Palmer Travels-Duke Committee Reports: Assorted documents and correspondence regarding Palmer's 1952 trip through Latin America.
30 3 Housing-Latin America-Clippings: Mainly newspaper and magazine clippings on housing in Latin America in the 1950s and 1960s.
30 4 Housing-Latin America-Scott Report: Copies of 1955 and 1965 reports by John Scott about social and political conditions in Latin America, both prepared for Time magazine.
30 5 Housing-Latin America-Needs for Housing: A 1961 report on housing problems and solutions in Latin America.
30 6 Housing-Latin America-New York Times, 1953: A special report, written in 1953, on social and political conditions in Latin America.
30 7 Housing-Leeds, England: Correspondence, reports, pamphlets, and maps pertaining to housing conditions in Leeds in the 1930s. [See also: Box 73, folder 3]
31 1 Housing-Lexington, Kentucky: Correspondence during 1935 responding to questions about the Techwood public housing units in Atlanta, Georgia.
31 2 Housing-Little Rock: Correspondence, pamphlets, and newspaper articles about urban renewal in Little Rock, Arkansas between the 1950s and 1960s.
31 3 Housing-Liverpool: Assorted documents regarding the construction of low-rent dwellings in Liverpool during the 1930s, and correspondence with L. H. Keay, Director of Housing for the local authority.
31 4 Housing-Los Angeles: Reports prepared during the 1940s on housing conditions in Los Angeles.
31 5 Housing-Louisville, Kentucky: Correspondence in 1960 about housing in Louisville.
31 6 Housing-Lynchburg, Virginia: One letter, 1934, concerning housing in Lynchburg.
31 7 Housing-Manchester, England: Assorted documents about the construction of low-rent dwellings in Manchester during the 1930s and 19401s.
31 8 Housing-Mexico: Assorted materials and correspondence about Mexican housing conditions, 1930s-1960s.
31 9 Housing-Miami: Correspondence with housing and planning officials in Florida during the 1950s.
31 10 Housing-Michigan: Miscellaneous information, including a brief history of Michigan Housing Commission, which was established in 1938.
32 1 Housing-Milwaukee: The folder includes the "Minutes of Visiting European and American Housing Experts"-Conference Held in Milwaukee. Wisconsin, 1934. [See also: Box 73: folder 4]
32 2 Housing-Naples: Correspondence and other documents pertaining to Palmer's 1934 trip through Naples and other Italian cities.
32 3 Housing-New Haven: Assorted materials about urban redevelopment during the 1950s and 1960s.
32 4 Housing-New Orleans: A 1939 report on housing conditions in New Orleans.
32 5 Housing-New York (City): Housing Authority reports and correspondence with urban affairs scholar Charles Abrams, 1930s-1960s.
32 6 Housing-New York (State): Mainly correspondence during the 1930s and 1940s about state housing laws.
33 1 Housing-New Zealand: A 1943 report on housing in New Zealand.
33 2 Housing-Oakland, California: A 1940 report on low-rent housing in Oakland, Calif.
33 3 Housing-Panama: Correspondence pertaining to Palmer's 1952 trip through Panama.
33 4 Housing-Pennsylvania: Press clippings about housing in Pennsylvania during the 1950s.
33 5 Housing-Peru: Correspondence pertaining to Palmer's 1952 trip through Latin America.
33 6 Housing-Philadelphia: Assorted documents describing conditions from the 1930s through the 1960s.
33 7 Housing-Pittsburgh: Reports and pamphlets documenting urban redevelopment in Pittsburgh during the 1950s and 1960s.
34 1 Housing-Poland: A report summarizing economic conditions in Poland in 1937.
34 2 Housing-Portugal: A pamphlet on housing conditions written in 1946.
34 3 Housing-Puerto Rico (1 of 2): Newspaper clippings and housing reports for Puerto Rico, 1950s and 1960s, including a mimeographed copy of the 1952 "Master Plan for the San Juan Metropolitan Area."
34 4 Housing-Puerto Rico (2 of 2): Correspondence concerning Palmer's trip to Puerto Rico, in 1952, to survey housing conditions.
34 5 Housing-Puerto Rico-Economic Conditions: Assorted documents discussing the economic benefits of public housing and slum clearance in Puerto Rico during the 1950s.
34 6 Housing-Raleigh: A 1940 report on the supply of low-rent dwellings.
34 7 Housing-Russia (1 of 2): The material pertains to Palmer's 1934 trip to the Soviet Union and a 1931 attempt by the National Association of Building Owners and Managers to introduce modern office building technology to Russia.
35 1 Housing-Russia (2 of 2): The material pertains to Palmer's 1934 trip to the Soviet Union and a 1931 attempt by the National Association of Building Owners and Managers to introduce modern office building technology to Russia.
35 2 Housing-Santa Barbara: Newspaper and magazine articles about the rebuilding of portions of Santa Barbara following the 1925 earthquake.
35 3 Housing-Savannah: A 1946 report on housing conditions in Savannah, Georgia.
35 4 Housing-Scotland: Correspondence during 1936 relating to Palmer's trip of that year and reports and pamphlets on Scottish housing prepared during the 1940s.
35 5 Housing-Southampton, England: Assorted documents collected during the 1930s on housing in Southampton.
35 6 Housing-Southern States: Correspondence pertaining to an address delivered by Palmer in 1946 entitled "Housing: The South's Number One Economic Opportunity."
35 7 Housing-Sweden: Pamphlets, reports, and newspaper clippings pertaining to public housing and urban planning in Sweden, mainly during the 1940s and 1950s. Of particular note is a 1949 letter from Charles Palmer to architect and city planner Clarence Stein, in which Palmer discusses his interest in the British New Town Movement.
36 1 Housing-Toledo, Ohio: Assorted materials on Toledo-housing conditions during the 1940s.
36 2 Housing-U.S.-1934-1937: Assorted documents, including the proceedings of the "Conference on Low Cost Housing," held in 1935.
36 3 Housing-U.S.-1939-1960 (1 of 2): Mainly reports and pamphlets on housing conditions as well as programs for constructing low-rent dwellings between 1930 and the 1960s.
36 4 Housing-U.S.-1939-1960 (2 of 2)
36 5 Housing-U.S.-"Investigation of Housing," 1955, by the Subcommittee on Housing: The folder contains a record of legislative hearings on the effectiveness of government housing programs in the United States.
36 6 Housing-U.S.-Special Issue of Law and Contemporary Problems, 1947: Articles on the nation's housing problems, published in 1947 issue of the Duke University's law journal.
37 1 Housing-Venezuela: Reports and other assorted documents revealing housing conditions In Venezuela during the 1950s and 1960s.
37 2 Housing-Venezuela-Palmer Travels: Newspaper clippings and correspondence pertaining to Palmer's visit to Venezuela in 1952 while on a tour of Latin America.
37 3 Housing-Vienna: Assorted documents from the 1930s to the 1950s describing housing conditions and the construction of cooperative housing units.
37 4 Housing-Warsaw: Newspaper reports and other material on housing in Warsaw from the 1930s to the 1950s.
37 5 Housing-Washington, D.C.: Assorted documents regarding a plan for the redevelopment of portions of Washington. D.C. during the 1950s.
37 6 Housing-Yugoslavia: An undated magazine article on housing in Yugoslavia.
38 1 Housing Projects-New York City and State: Brochures and newspaper articles describing public housing construction in New York during the late 1930s.
38 2 Housing Projects, Government-Allentown, Pennsylvania: A 1939 report on the Hanover Acres project.
38 3 Housing Projects, Government-Asheville, North Carolina: A 1935 report on housing.
38 4 Housing Projects, Government-Atlanta-Techwood, Inc. (1 of 2): Correspondence mostly during 1933 with supporters of Techwood Homes; with Housing Division officials regarding federal requirements; with Dr. John Hope and O. I. Freeman about University Homes; and with Techwood Trustees.
38 5 Housing Projects, Government-Atlanta-Techwood, Inc (2 of 2)
38 6 Housing Projects, Government-Atlanta University-John Hope Homes: Pamphlets describing life in John Hope and University Homes, 1939 and 1962.
38 7 Housing Projects, Government-Austin: A 1935 report on low-income dwellings in Austin.
38 8 Housing Projects, Government-Great Britain: Reports prepared during the 1930s on selected British housing projects and two letters (1947 and 1949) from Andrew Scotland, Director of Education for the city of Plymouth.
38 9 Housing Projects, Government-Great Britain-Plymouth: Correspondence during the 1940s with Lord Astor, Mayor of Plymouth; Sir Patrick Abercrombie, British town planner; and engineer Paton Watson regarding the post-war rebuilding of Plymouth. The letters reveal Palmer's interest in the decentralization of urban population and industry.
38 10 Housing Projects, Government-Omaha: One pamphlet, printed during the 1940s describing housing in Omaha.
38 11 Housing Projects, Government-Peoria, Ill.: A 1934 report on housing conditions in Peoria, Illinois.
39 1 Housing Projects, Private-Atlanta: Correspondence during the 1940s with officials of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and the Equitable Life Assurance Society about private funding for housing projects.
39 2 Housing Projects, Private-Great Britain (1 of 2): Brochures and pamphlets describing private housing projects in Britain, principally during the 1930s and 1940s.
39 3 Housing Projects, Private-Great Britain (2 of 2)
39 4 Housing and War: Correspondence and memoranda dealing with Palmer's efforts to build twenty new towns in the United States during the late 1930s; part of the proposal included their use as troop cantonments in the event of war.
39 5 Housing Associations: Reports and press clippings during the 1930s and 1940s on various housing associations.
39 6 Housing Authorities: Assorted documents discussing the administration of public housing agencies in the 1930s and 1940s.
40 1 Housing-Miscellaneous Subjects: Newspaper articles printed during the 1950s, dealing primarily with dwelling conditions in New York City and with the cessation of public housing construction in Atlanta.
40 2 Housing-Self-Help: Pamphlets explaining the concepts and methods of self-help housing in foreign countries, 1950s and 1960s.
40 3 Housing Centre: Reports and newsletters printed from the 1930s to the 1960s from the Housing Centre Trust, a British clearing agency for information on low-rent dwellings and urban planning
40 4 Housing—Finance: Reports and articles, mainly dating from the 1930s, identifying methods of financing public housing.
40 5 Housing-Finance-Correspondence-Clippings: Mainly correspondence from the 1930s to the 1960s regarding the financing of public housing projects.
41 1 Housing Management: Assorted material, mostly 1930s dealing with the management of public housing units, including sample leases and tenant disciplinary notices.
41 2 Housing Management-Octavia Hill System: Descriptions written mostly during the 1930s of Octavia Hill and her system of low-income housing management. Also included in the folder is a 1938 "Report of the Women's Housing Committee" for the Syracuse Housing Authority.
41 3 Housing Management Training: A 1940 proposal, complete with supporting documents by the National Association of Housing Officials, to establish a training program for public housing managers.
41 4 Housing Market: Assorted documents from the 1930s and 1940s regarding the real estate housing market.
41 5 Housing Needs-Europe: A 1939 report on housing needs throughout Europe.
41 6 Housing Needs-Great Britain: Most of the pamphlets and reports describe English housing requirements during World War II and were collected by Palmer during his Housing Mission to Great Britain in the early 1940s.
41 7 Housing Needs, U.S.: Journal articles and reports discussing post-war housing needs in the United States.
41 8 Housing Organizations: Correspondence between 1959 and 1962 with representatives of British and American housing organizations, mostly concerning upcoming conferences and dues payment.
42 1 Houses-Prefabrication: Assorted materials on prefabrication methods, 19401s.
42 2 Housing Reconditioning and Conversion: Miscellaneous material collected during the 1930s and 1940s.
42 3 Housing Research: Assorted material on housing research from the 1930' to the 1950s.
42 4 Housing Research-Campbell Foundation Project: Grant proposal from the Institute for Research in Social Science., University of North Carolina, to conduct a housing study in the South, 1947.
42 5 Housing Research-Rockefeller Foundation-Correspondence-University of North Carolina: Correspondence during 1944 between Palmer, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., officials at the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Institute for Research in Social Science, University of North Carolina, regarding Palmer's idea to launch an investigation of Southern housing conditions.
42 6 Housing Resources Resolution, News Clippings, etc.: Newspaper articles and correspondence from the 1960s, criticizing the Atlanta Housing Authority for not building additional public housing units.
42 7 Housing Societies: Reports, pamphlets, and clippings about housing societies in England during the 1930s.
42 8 Housing Speeches-Others: Housing speeches by government officials and private citizens from the 1930s to the 1960s.
43 1 Housing Standards: Assorted documents and correspondence relating to engineering standards, site planning, and social aspects of public housing, 1930s and 1940s.
43 2 Housing Statistics (1 of 2): Data on housing conditions compiled during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.
43 3 Housing Statistics (2 of 2)
43 4 Housing-Tropical: Assorted materials collected between the 1930s and 1950s.
43 5 Howell, Clark: A 1936 letter from Charles Palmer while he was investigating housing in Great Britain.
43 6 Howells, Harry C.: Correspondence during the 1950s and two brief reports on the American wine industry.
43 7 Humphries, George and Adelaide: Personal correspondence with the Humphries, residents of Warm Springs, 1950-1957.
43 8 Huntington, George: Correspondence during the early 1950s regarding fundraising for religious programs at the Warm Springs Foundation.
43 9 Hynds, Harold: Correspondence from 1935 to 1966 with Grace and Harold Hynds, consultant to the Secretary of the Interior during the 1930s.
43 10 I: Correspondents
43 11 Income-United States: A 1935 report, prepared by the Department of Commerce on family income, 1929-1933.
43 12 Industries-Georgia: Two fact sheets on manufacturing plants established in Georgia in 1947.
43 13 Industries-Great Britain: Summaries of British industrial conditions and progress, 1945 and 1956.
44 1 Industries and Resources-Great Britain-Slough Estates: Assorted materials and correspondence, mostly 1950, on the Slough Training Estates, a 600 acre industrial-residential community located within London. Also included in the folder is a 1944 pamphlet describing the proposed adaptation of war-time industrial sites to post-war uses.
44 2 Industry-Location: Miscellaneous information on the location of American and British industries during the 1940s and 1950s.
44 3 Insurance and Housing: A pamphlet (1934) and a public address (1945) on the subject of housing insurance.
44 4 Insurance, Social: A 1954 speech about the economic impact of unemployment insurance.
44 5 Insurance, Social-Great Britain: A copy of the 1942 published report prepared by Sir William Beveridge, "Social Insurance and Allied Services"; the folder also includes related newspaper clippings.
44 6 International Economic Growth: One report, printed in 1960, on international economic development.
44 7 International Federation for Housing and Town Planning: Correspondence and miscellaneous information about the IFHTP during the 1940s and 1950s.
45 1 International Federation for Housing and Town Planning-Eighteenth Congress, Hastings, 1946: A copy of the final report for the 1946 IFHTP Congress.
45 2 International Federation for Housing and Town Planning-Twentieth Congress, 1950: A copy of the final report for the twentieth Congress.
45 3 International Relations-Great Britain: One pamphlet, printed in 1943.
45 4 Italy-Social Conditions: Copies of Italian newspapers during the 1960s.
45 5 J: Correspondents
45 6 Jowitt, Sir William: Correspondence from 1942-1943.
45 7 Juvenile Delinquency and Housing: Assorted materials on the relation between juvenile delinquency and slums, 1930s to the 1950s.
45 8 K: Correspondents
45 9 Kefauver File: Correspondence principally during the 1940s and 1950s, with Nancy and Estes Kefauver, U.S. Senator.
45 10 Kennedy, John F.-1957-1963: Principally newspaper and magazine articles about John F. Kennedy during the above years.
45 11 Kennedy, John F.-F.D.R. Warm Springs Commission File: Correspondence and memorabilia related to Kennedy's visit to the Little White House at Warm Springs in 1960.
Kentucky Derby [See: Box 73: folder 5]
46 1 Keyserling, Leon: Personal correspondence during the 1940s and 1950s with Leon Keyserling, economic advisor to President Truman and Federal Housing Agency official.
46 2 Knox, Frank: Personal correspondence during 1942 with Frank Knox, Secretary of the Navy.
46 3 L: Correspondence and Printed Material
46 4 Labor and Housing: Reports and pamphlets prepared during the 1930s and 1940s describing the positive benefits of slum clearance and public housing for labor.
46 5 Labor Supply: Two reports both dated 1942, on the relevance of British labor mobilization for the United States.
46 6 LaGuardia, Fiorella: Correspondence with Mayor Fiorella LaGuardia in 1942 regarding Palmer's housing mission to Great Britain.
46 7 Land (1 of 2): Mostly reports and articles exploring the relationship between land development and urban planning collected by Palmer during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. Of particular interest is an article written by Palmer and published in 1944 entitled the "Long Range Problems of Our Cities."
46 8 Land (2 of 2)
47 1 Land-U.S.-National Housing Agency: Two 1944 reports by the NHA on urban land use planning.
47 2 Land Acquisition-Laws and Legislation: Bulletins (1935-1937) from the National Association of Housing Officials regarding a lawsuit initiated in 1935 to prohibit the federal government from using its right of eminent domain to purchase slum property for clearance.
47 3 Land Reform: Assorted documents concerning land reform in Atlanta and foreign countries during the 1950s and early 1960s.
47 4 Lincoln, Murray: Correspondence in 1952 with Murray Lincoln, President of the Farm Bureau Insurance Companies.
47 5 Lindbergh, Charles A.: Mementoes from the late 1920s about Charles Lindbergh's solo flight across the Atlantic. [See also: Box 73: folder 6]
47 6 Lippman, Walter: A 1960 letter to Walter Lippman and an attached copy of a speech on slum clearance delivered by Palmer at Harvard University in 1960.
47 7 Lord, Russell: Correspondence during the 1940s and 1950s with Russell Lord, editor of The Land magazine.
47 8 M: Correspondence and Printed Material
47 9 Macmillan, Harold: Correspondence with Harold Macmillan during the 1940s, then British Under Secretary of Colonies.
47 10 Macy, Lloyd R.-Gertrude-Louise and Mary: Correspondence during the 1920s with Los Angeles businessman and friend Lloyd Macy; and during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1960s with Macy's daughters.
47 11 McCarthy, Leighton: Personal correspondence, 1949-1952.
47 12 McLeary, G. F.: Correspondence in 1939 with G. F. McLeary, former Deputy of Health for England. [See also: Box 73: folder 7]
47 13 Management Program Conference-1939: A 1939 report on the conference proceedings.
47 14 Migration of Workers: Assorted material related to the housing of migrant workers, collected between 1940 and 1941.
48 1 Miller, Raymond: Mostly correspondence with Raymond Miller between 1960 and 1962.
48 2 Mitchell, Steve: Recollections-three typewritten pages-by Steve Mitchell in 1940 of the historical development of certain areas in Atlanta, including Whitehall and Peters Streets, the Atlanta University area, and the slum known as Beaver's Slide.
48 3 Moral Issues: Original Item missing from folder-probably borrowed by Harold Martin.
48 4 Morgenthau, Henry. Jr.: Correspondence during the 1930s and 1940s with Henry Morgenthau, Jr., Secretary of the Treasury.
48 5 Morley, Christopher: Correspondence with the novelist Christopher Morley during the 1930s and 1950s. Letters written during the latter period of years concern Palmer's work on Adventures of a Slum Fighter.
48 6 Municipal Finance: A 1935 "Income and Cost Survey of the City of Boston."
48 7 Mussolini, Benito: Newspaper clippings from the 1930s and 1940s about Mussolini, as well as letters and notes regarding Palmer's interview with Il Duce in 1930.
48 8 N: Correspondence and Printed Material
48 9 National Association of Building Owners and Managers (1 of 2): Correspondence during the 1960s with Thomas Laney, Executive Vice-President of NABOM.
48 10 National Association of Building Owners and Managers (2 of 2): Correspondence during the 1930s with various members and officials of NABOM. A significant portion of the letters deals with the question of whether the organization will endorse a permanent program for federally subsidized low-income housing.
48 11 NAHO Housing-Defense Data: Correspondence with members of the National Association of Housing Officials during 1940.
49 1 National Association of Housing Officials: Assorted documents from NAHO collected by Palmer mostly during the 1930s.
49 2 National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials: Correspondence in 1963 with John Lange, Executive Director of NAHRO.
49 3 National Association of Real Estate Boards: A collection of Headlines, a newsletter for real estate dealers during the 1940s and 1950s.
49 4 National Committee on the Housing Emergency: Two 1941 reports issued by NCHE.
49 5 National Defense-U.S.: Material issued in 1940 and 1941 describing defense operations in the United States.
49 6 National Housing and Town Planning Council: Annual conference agendas and reports, all dating from the 1930s, from the British National Housing and Town Planning Council.
49 7 National Housing Conference: Newsletters, 1952-1957 and 1960, from the National Housing Conference, plus resolutions passed and two addresses presented at the 1957 convention.
49 8 National Public Housing Conference: A collection of addresses presented at the 1934 and 1939 National Public Housing-Conferences.
49 9 Naturalization: A copy of the 1944 address read at Atlanta naturalization ceremonies.
50 1 Negroes: Pamphlets and press clippings from the 1940s about the history and social conditions of America's black population.
50 2 Negroes-Atlanta: Miscellaneous information about black businesses and civic associations in Atlanta during the 1940s and 1950s. Also included in the folder is a "Study of Negro Housing in Atlanta, Georgia: 1940-1956," completed by a sociology student at Dartmouth College in 1957.
50 3 Negroes-Housing: Assorted pamphlets, newspaper articles, and reports discussing the need for additional public housing units for black Americans during the 1940s and 1950s.
50 4 New Towns: General information about the planning and building of "new towns" in America collected during the 1940s and 1950s.
50 5 New Towns-Georgia: Correspondence during 1960 and 1965, and a brochure discussing the development of Peachtree City, a new town under construction, located south of Atlanta.
51 1 New Towns-Great Britain (1 of 2): Bulk of the material is newspaper and magazine articles describing planning proposals for British new towns and the progress being made during the 1940s and 1950s.
51 2 New Towns-Great Britain (2 of 2)
51 3 New Towns-Great Britain-Pamphlets: Reports and pamphlets on British new towns during the 1940s and 1950s.
51 4 New Towns-Great Britain-Reports: Reports prepared during the 1940s on British new town construction. [See also: Box 73: folder 8]
51 5 New Towns-Israel: A 1962-1963 bulletin on the Israeli planned community of Eilath.
52 1 New Towns-Italy: Pamphlets published in the 1930s describing the reclamation of the Pontine Marshes.
52 2 New Towns-Spain: Assorted documents collected during the 1940s and 1950s about new towns in Spain.
52 3 New Towns-U.S.: A series of brief reports prepared in 1963 by Tracy Augur, planning consultant on the following proposed new towns: Irvine (University City)., California; Peachtree City, Georgia; El Dorado Hills, California; Foster City, California; and Sunset, California.
New Towns-Virginia [See: Box 73: folder 9]
52 4 New Towns-20 New Towns: Correspondence with Eleanor Roosevelt during 1938 concerning Palmer's proposal for the U.S. government to build twenty new towns. [See also: Series 1: "Housing and War"]
52 5 New York (City) Welfare Council: Newsletters printed during 1935-1937 from the Housing Section of New York City's Welfare Council.
52 6 Nuffield College: A 1944 progress report on research activities at Nuffield College.
52 7 O: Correspondents
52 8 Oak Knoll: Brochures about the Oak Knoll subdivision, developed in the late 1930s and financed by Charles Palmer and R. D. Sawtell.
52 9 O'Connor, Basil (1 of 2): Correspondence with Emory University in 1952, pertaining to the granting of the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws to Basil O'Connor.
52 10 O'Connor, Basil (2 of 2): Personal correspondence, 1947-1958.
52 11 Oppenheimer, Louis and Carlota: Personal correspondence, 1947-1963.
52 12 Osborn, Chase Salmon: Correspondence between 1940 and 1942 with Chase S. Osborn, former Governor of Georgia.
52 13 Osborn, Frederick J.: Correspondence during the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s with the British author and new town advocate, Sir Frederick J. Osborn.
53 1 Outwin, Frank G.: Personal correspondence, 1950.
53 2 Overcrowding: British legislation and reports from the 1930s, dealing with the problem of overcrowding. [See also: Box 73: folder 10]
53 3 P: Correspondence and Printed Material
53 4 Palmer House (1 of 2): Assorted documents and correspondence from the 1960s about the Palmer House, a high-rise residential complex for senior citizens in Atlanta.
53 5 Palmer House (2 of 2): Additional correspondence about the Palmer House written during the 1960s.
53 6 Palmer House-Christmas 1966, 1967, and 1968: Remarks made by Palmer at the Palmer House Christmas tree lighting ceremony in 1966, 1967 and 1968.
53 7 Palmer House-Dedication: Miscellaneous correspondence pertaining to the dedication of the Palmer House in 1967.
54 1 Palmer House-Plans: Blueprints for the plan of the Palmer House.
54 2 Palmer House-Plaque: Plans and correspondence pertaining to the dedicatory plaque and sundial for the Palmer House.
54 3 Palmer House-Margret Ross: Correspondence between 1966 and 1968 with Margret Ross, Public Information Officer for the Atlanta Housing Authority.
54 4 Palmer House-Speeches and Ben Ezra Poem: Two addresses delivered at Techwood Homes in 1964 and 1967.
54 5 Palmer House-Morris Abram and Dan Hamady: Assorted documents, including a 1961 letter to Morris Abram suggesting the Peace Corps assign some of its recruits to housing programs.
54 6 Phelan-Leftover Cottage: Personal financial matters between 1959 and 1962 with Charles Phelan, Jr., relating to the sale of Leftover Cottage.
54 7 Pearson, Drew: Correspondence with Washington, D.C., columnist Drew Pearson, 1948-1961.
54 8 Pearson, Paul: Correspondence during 1936 and 1937 with Paul Pearson, Assistant Director of Housing for the Public Works Administration, regarding the construction of Techwood in particular and government housing legislation in general.
54 9 Peaslee, Horace W.: Correspondence during 1934 and 1942 with Horace Peaslee, federal housing official and Chairman of the Committee on Civilian Protection for the American Institute of Architects.
54 10 Pentland, Lord and Lady: Correspondence with Lord and Lady Pentland, 1936-1945.
54 11 Pepler, Sir George: Correspondence with Lord Pepler, British town planner, and Lady Pepler during the 1940s and 1950s.
54 12 Planning-General: Miscellaneous articles and addresses on the role of the planner in a democratic society, collected mainly during the 1940s and 1950s.
54 13 Planning-General-Great Britain, Including Hull: Reports about British planning efforts during the1940s.
54 14 Planning-General-Mexico: One brief article, published in 1942, about economic planning in Mexico.
54 15 Planning-Laws and Legislation-Great Britain: Correspondence and records of debates in the British House of Commons concerning planning legislation, 1942-1943.
54 16 Planning-Training: Miscellaneous information on the subject of educating British planners, collected in 1938, 1942, and 1948.
55 1 Plumbing: Ideas for lowering the cost of plumbing installation in public housing units during the 1930s.
55 2 Political Parties and Housing: Assorted documents, collected between the 1930s and 1950s regarding the housing programs of British and American political parties.
55 3 Population-U.S.: Population predictions for the United States during the 1930s.
55 4 Princeton and Yale: Correspondence between 1958 and 1959 regarding speaking engagements at Yale and Princeton Universities. The folder also contains letters written to and from Gordon Sweet concerning plans for urban renewal textbook for the public schools of New Haven, Conn., in 1958.
55 5 Private Housing: Articles and reports written mostly during the 1930s about the efforts of private builders to supply low-cost housing.
55 6 Public Health-Laws and Legislation: A 1934 article on British public health regulations.
55 7 Public Health-Peckham, England: A 1935-1936 report and a brief statement (1944) about the Peckham Health Center.
55 8 Q and R: Correspondence and Printed material
55 9 Quotations, Jokes, Poems, etc.: Material for speeches and articles.
55 10 Racial Relocation Bill: Correspondence in 1949 with Senator Richard Russell over his bill to establish a Racial Relocation Commission to equalize the percentages of blacks and whites living in different states.
55 11 Real Property Inventory: A copy of the "Real Property Inventory of 1934," completed for sixty-four American cities by the Department of Commerce.
55 12 Reconstruction-Europe: Reports and plans formulated during the 1940s for the rebuilding of European cities following World War II.
55 13 Reconstruction-1939-France: Material collected in 1939 on the reconstruction of France after World War I.
56 1 Reconstruction-1939-Great Britain: Assorted materials pertaining to the rebuilding of English cities following World War II; collected mainly during the early 1940s.
56 2 Reconstruction-1939-Russia: A 1945 newspaper clipping on reconstruction activities in Russia.
56 3 Recreation and Housing: Reports and articles, collected mainly during the 1930s and 1940s, regarding the design of recreation areas for public housing projects.
56 4 Regional Planning-Great Britain: Assorted material on regional planning from the 1930s and 1940s, and 1963.
56 5 Regional Planning-United States: Reports on regional planning in the United States, prepared during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1963.
56 6 Rehousing-Slum Dwellers-Gladstone Williams: Correspondence in 1939 concerning an unpublished article on low-cost housing prepared by Palmer and Gladstone Williams. A draft of the narrative is included in the folder.
56 7 Reith, Lord: Correspondence from the 1940s to the 1960s.
56 8 Rents: Assorted documents collected between the 1930s and 1950s regarding rental rates for low-cost housing projects.
57 1 Ribbon Development: A 1936 report on the British Restriction of Ribbon Development Act, passed during the preceding year to limit urban and industrial sprawl.
57 2 Rickenbacker, Edward V.: Personal correspondence, 1940-1971.
57 3 Rockefeller, Nelson: Correspondence, 1945-1961.
57 4 Roofing: Correspondence during the 1930s with British roofing companies regarding sample titles.
57 5 Ruml, Beardsley: Correspondence, 1957-1958.
57 6 Rural Housing-Great Britain: British documents, printed mostly during the 1930s, discussing rural housing conditions.
57 7 Rural Housing-Southern States: Correspondence, newspaper articles, and a pamphlet written mainly during the 1930s and dealing with rural housing in the South.
57 8 Rural Housing-United States: Pamphlets and magazine articles published between the 1930s and 1950s on the subject of rural housing.
57 9 Russia-Description and Travel: Pamphlets describing Russian life, mainly during the 1950s.
57 10 Russia-Scott Reports: Two reports on Russian economic and political conditions (1959 and 1961) prepared for Time magazine by John Scott.
57 11 S: Correspondents
57 12 Satellite Towns: Information on British satellite towns, mainly Bournville, collected between the 1930s and 1950s.
58 1 Schindler, Alfred: A proposal to create a national Committee on Construction Problems, drafted by Palmer in 1945, and correspondence with Alfred Schindler, Under-Secretary of Commerce, 1945-1946.
58 2 Schlesinger, Arthur, Jr.: Correspondence, 1962.
58 3 Science and Religion: Press clippings from the 1950s and 1960s concerning publication of Worlds in Collision by Dr. Immanuel Velikovksy.
58 4 Scotland, Andrew: Correspondence during the 1940s and 1950s with Andrew Scotland, Director of Education for the city of Plymouth.
58 5 Sherwood, Robert: Correspondence during the 1940s with Robert Sherwood, Director of the Playwright's Company and author of Roosevelt and Hopkins.
58 6 Sherwood, Sidney: Personal correspondence, 1959.
58 7 Shoumatoff, Elizabeth: Correspondence with the artist Elizabeth Shoumatoff during the 1960s. The folder also includes four transcribed accounts of visits with Eleanor Roosevelt, mainly during the 1950s.
58 8 Silken, Lewis: Correspondence during 1943 regarding post-war recovery plans in England.
58 9 Simon, Sir Ernest: Correspondence during the 1940s with British housing expert Sir Ernest Simon.
58 10 Site Planning: U.S. Housing Authority publication and a copy of Architectural Record, both printed in 1939, describing site planning for large-scale housing developments.
58 11 Slums and Slum Clearance-Atlanta: Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous notes, all dating from the 1930s, regarding slum clearance in Atlanta.
58 12 Slums and Slum Clearance-Great Britain: Articles and addresses, 1930s and 1940s, on slum clearance and rehousing activities in England between World Wars I and II.
58 13 Slums and Slum Clearance-U.S.: Articles and reports mainly completed during the 1930s and 1940s on slum conditions and clearance efforts in the United States. The material includes the 1935 study of "Slums and Blighted Areas" conducted by Edith Elmer Wood for the Public Works Administration.
58 14 Slums-White House: Correspondence with James Roosevelt, Ambassador to the United Nations, and a report on international housing needs, submitted to the U.N. in 1966.
58 15 Smithsonian Institute-Slum Exhibit: Correspondence during 1966 and 1967 with S. Dillon Ripley and Charles Blitzer of the Smithsonian Institution regarding the proposed exhibit of a slum dwelling.
58 16 Snyder, Col. M. A.: A 1945 letter from Col. Snyder, describing war-time conditions in the Pacific Theatre; includes Japanese government currency.
58 17 Social Conditions-World: A 1952 report by the United Nations on the "World Social Situation."
59 1 Social Welfare and Housing: Assorted documents, collected between the 1930s and 1950s, describing the social benefits of public housing.
59 2 Summerville, James, Jr.: Correspondence, mainly during the 1930s and 1940s with James Sommerville, Jr., United States Trade Commissioner to England; the main subject discussed is the economic aspect of Britain's rehousing schemes.
59 3 Southern States-Economic Conditions: Mostly public addresses delivered in the 1930s on business leadership and the need for economic growth in the South, including a 1935 speech by Palmer dealing with European housing lessons.
59 4 Spain-Palmer Travels: A 1952 article on Spanish town planning.
59 5 Sparkman, John: Correspondence with U.S. Senator John Sparkman, 1951-1962.
59 6 Special Areas: Government reports and public articles, mainly dating from the 1940s, concerning the reconstitution of England's depressed areas.
59 7 Special Areas-United States: Assorted documents, dating mostly from the early 1960s, exploring the subject of economically, depressed areas in the United States. Included in this material is a 1948 address delivered by Palmer at the University of North Carolina. "What British Planning May Mean to America."
59 8 Stair, Fred: Correspondence, 1962-1967.
59 9 Stettinius, Edward R.: Correspondence between 1947 and 1949 with Edward Stettinius, Chairman of the Board of the Liberia Co., a development corporation which acted as funnel for American capital flowing in Liberia.
60 1 Stevenson, Adlai: Correspondence with Adlai Stevenson, 1956-1961.
60 2 Stewart, George: Personal correspondence in 1946.
60 3 Stobart, Paul: Personal correspondence, 1938-1940.
60 4 Stokes, Thomas L.: Personal correspondence, 1945-1955.
60 5 Storke, Thomas M.: Correspondence, 1961-1962.
60 6 Stringfellow, William: Correspondence, 1959-1960.
60 7 Subsidized Housing: Assorted documents from the 1930s and 1940s dealing with subsidized housing in England and the United States.
60 8 Subsistence Homestead Projects: Assorted materials collected during the 1930s on subsistence homesteads, including two proposals (1934 and 1935) submitted to the Public Works Administration by Palmer for the construction of low-income dwellings at Camp Gordon.
60 9 Sullivan, John: Correspondence from 1947-1962 with John Sullivan, Secretary of the Navy.
60 10 Sulzberger, Arthur Hays: Correspondence with Arthur Sulzberger, 1953-1967.
60 11 T: Correspondence and Printed Material
60 12 Taft, Charles P.: Correspondence in 1951.
60 13 Talmadge, Eugene: Recollections of Governor Talmadge's opposition to federally subsidized slum clearance and public housing during the 1930s.
61 1 Taxation and Housing: Reports, articles, and pamphlets, mainly written during the 1930s, discussing the necessary rate of public taxation to support the construction of subsidized housing units.
61 2 Technocracy: Three articles on technology and progress, written in 1932-1933 by Wayne Parrish.
61 3 Technology and Social Progress: A 1961 article.
61 4 Temporary Housing: A 1944 report concerning the construction of temporary housing for the post-war reconstruction of England.
61 5 Tenant Income: Miscellaneous information on establishing income limits for public housing tenants, undated.
61 6 Tenants: Mostly British reports during the 1930s and early 1940s, establishing standards to make certain that only the poor were housed in state subsidized dwellings.
61 7 Town and Country Planning Association: Assorted annual reports from the Town and Country Planning Association during the 1940s and 1950s.
61 8 Town and Country Planning Bill (1 of 2): Legislative bills and government reports concerning the British Town and Country Planning Acts passed during the 1930s and 1940s.
61 9 Town and Country Planning Bill (2 of 2)
62 1 Trip Around World: Assorted documents, mostly correspondence, regarding Palmer's travels during the 1950s.
62 2 Tugwell, Rexford: Correspondence with Rexford Tugwell, former advisor to President Roosevelt, between 1957 and 1960; the letters discuss Tugwell's scholarship on the Roosevelt era, Palmer's plan for an autobiography, and the archives project at the Warm Springs Foundation.
62 3 Tully, Grace G.: Correspondence mainly between 1950 and 1951 with Grace Tully, former secretary to President Roosevelt.
62 4 TVA and Housing: Background information, written during the 1930s and 1940s on the creation and operation of the Tennessee Valley Authority, including the 1948 sale prospectus for the town of Norris.
62 5 U: Correspondents
62 6 Unemployed-United States: Assorted documents from the 1950s and 1960s dealing with the problem of unemployment.
62 7 United Nations-Committee on Housing, Building and Planning (Weissmann Material) (1 of 2): Reports prepared during the 1960s from the U.N. Committee on Housing, Building, and Planning as well as the Economic and Social Council.
62 8 United Nations-Committee on Housing, Building and Planning (Weissmann Material) (2 of 2)
63 1 United Nations-Committee on Housing, Building and Planning: Reports and correspondence during the 1960s.
63 2 United Nations and Housing: Assorted documents on housing and the United Nations, mostly 1942-1947. [See also: Box 73: folder 11]
63 3 United Nations and Housing: Report of the Committee on Housing, Building, and Planning, January-February, 1963.
63 4 United Nations and Housing-Housing and Town and Country Planning Bulletins: U.N. Bulletins on Town and Country Planning, 1948-1950.
63 5 United States Government and Politics: Address by John Kenneth Galbraith (1959) and a 1943 report on the state of liberalism and the American system of government.
63 6 U.S. Mission to the U.N.-International Institute for Documentation on Housing, Building, and Planning: Reports, correspondence, and miscellaneous documents pertaining to a United States study of world housing conditions, sponsored by the United Nations during the 1960s.
63 7 U.S. Mission to the U.N.-James Roosevelt Housing Correspondence: Correspondence with James Roosevelt during the 1960s concerning the U.S. Mission to study international housing conditions.
63 8 Unwin, Sir Raymond: Correspondence with and addresses by Sir Raymond Unwin, British architect and town planner, mostly dating from the 1930s.
64 1 Urban Redevelopment: Pamphlets and articles from the 1940s through the 1960s about controlling urban growth.
64 2 Urban Redevelopment-Atlanta: Reports and press clippings about downtown redevelopment in Atlanta, 1963-1964.
64 3 Urban Redevelopment-Baltimore: A 1945 report on the "Redevelopment of Blighted Residential Areas in Baltimore."
64 4 Urban Redevelopment-Bethnal Green: A 1946 report on the redevelopment of Bethnal Green, a British borough.
64 5 Urban Redevelopment-Bristol, England: A brief report, 1941, on renewal efforts in the British town of Bristol.
64 6 Urban Redevelopment-California: Two pamphlets (1946 and 1947) on urban redevelopment and design, published by the California State Reconstruction and Reemployment Commission.
64 7 Urban Redevelopment-Chicago: Assorted reports on Chicago renewal covering the period 1945-1962.
64 8 Urban Redevelopment-Cleveland: A 1944 report on redevelopment activities in Cleveland and a pamphlet (1943) concerning the city's efforts at neighborhood conservation.
64 9 Urban Redevelopment-Coventry, England: Undated report (probably late 1940s) on proposals for the redevelopment of Coventry.
64 10 Urban Redevelopment-Denmark: A magazine article and town planning report (1947 and 1946 respectively) on urban redevelopment in Denmark.
64 11 Urban Redevelopment-Detroit: A 1939 article on downtown rejuvenation in Detroit.
64 12 Urban Redevelopment-Europe: Reports prepared during 1939 and 1956 on European town planning and the post-war reconstruction of cities.
65 1 Urban Redevelopment-Georgia: Correspondence and copies of legislation pertaining to the passage of Georgia's Redevelopment Act of 1946.
65 2 Urban Redevelopment-Great Britain: Assorted documents published between the 1930s and 1950s pertaining to urban redevelopment schemes in England.
65 3 Urban Redevelopment-Hastings: Undated report (probably 1930s and 1940s) on the redevelopment of Hastings.
65 4 Urban Redevelopment-Junior Chamber of Commerce Citizens Committee: Assorted information on urban redevelopment in Atlanta and other American cities, including the community work being furthered by the Junior Chamber of Commerce during the 1950s and 1960s. In addition, the folder contains an article published by Palmer in 1956, "To Wipe Out the Slums."
65 5 Urban Redevelopment-Laws and Legislation-Great Britain: Three reports-completed during the 1930s on the significance and probably consequences of British town planning legislation.
65 6 Urban Redevelopment-Laws and Legislation, Proposed-U.S.: Proposals for United States urban renewal legislation drafted in the early 1940s.
65 7 Urban Redevelopment-Leningrad: Two newspaper reports (1940s) on the post-war reconstruction of Leningrad.
65 8 Urban Redevelopment-London: Reports during the 1940s on the reconstruction of London.
65 9 Urban Redevelopment-Louisville, Kentucky: A 1942 report on downtown rejuvenation in Louisville.
65 10 Urban Redevelopment-Netherlands: A 1947 account of post-war reconstruction in the Netherlands.
65 11 Urban Redevelopment-New Haven: Reports prepared in 1958 and 1959 on the redevelopment of New Haven, Connecticut.
65 12 Urban Redevelopment-New York City: Accounts published in 1943 and 1955 about renewal activities in New York.
66 1 Urban Redevelopment-Niagara Frontier: A summary of the 1943 planning goals for New York State's Niagara Frontier.
66 2 Urban Redevelopment-Oakland, California: A 1960 report on urban renewal in Oakland, California.
66 3 Urban Redevelopment-Report on the International: Seminar on Urban Renewal, The Hague, 1958.
66 4 Urban Redevelopment-Rotterdam: Undated report on "Replanning the City of Rotterdam," probably published during the 1940s or 1950s.
66 5 Urban Redevelopment-St. Louis, Mo.: Undated report, probably published in the 1930s or 1940s, on neighborhood improvement in St. Louis.
66 6 Urban Redevelopment-San Antonio: Correspondence, 1957-1959, and a 1939 progress report on slum clearance and urban redevelopment in San Antonio.
66 7 Urban Redevelopment-Sheffield, England: A 1938 report and maps of the rebuilding of Sheffield's downtown area.
66 8 Urban Redevelopment-Southern States: A 1958 report summarizing urban renewal efforts in ten Southern cities.
66 9 Urban Redevelopment-Syracuse: Undated magazine article on city planning and redevelopment in Syracuse.
66 10 Urban Redevelopment-U.S., 1937-1949 (1 of 2): Assorted articles, reports, and speeches about American urban redevelopment.
66 11 Urban Redevelopment-U.S., 1937-1949 (2 of 2)
67 1 Urban Redevelopment-U.S 1950-1963 (1 of 2): Assorted documents on urban renewal strategies in the United States, 1950-1963.
67 2 Urban Redevelopment-U.S 1950-1963 (2 of 2)
67 3 Urban Redevelopment-U.S.-Legislation, Filed by States: Correspondence between 1942 and 1945 with various state officials throughout the country and copies of urban renewal legislation. Palmer collected the material while engaged in formulating Georgia's Redevelopment Act of 1946 [See also: Series 1: "Urban Redevelopment-Georgia"]
67 4 Urban Redevelopment-Uruguay-Correspondence: Correspondence pertaining to Palmer's 1952 trip to Uruguay to inspect public housing renewal sites.
67 5 Urban Redevelopment-Vienna: 1961 descriptions of urban renewal in Vienna.
67 6 Uthwatt, Sir Augustus: Correspondence during the 1940s with Sir Augustus Uthwatt, author of the 1942 Uthwatt Report, which urged the public acquisition of land and the national control of its use.
67 7 V: Correspondence and Printed Material
67 8 Vandenberg, Arthur H.: Correspondence with Senator Vandenberg, 1947-1948.
67 9 Vanderlip, Frank A.: Correspondence, 1942-1947.
68 1 Veterans' Housing: Assorted materials collected between 1940 and 1947 concerning housing for veterans.
68 2 W: Correspondence and Printed Material
68 3 Wages-Annual Wage: Undated summary of a proposal to institute an annual wage plan for World War II defense workers.
68 4 Wallace, Henry: Correspondence, primarily between 1934 and 1947.
68 5 Wagner, Robert: Correspondence with Senator Robert Wagner in 1935 concerning his trip to Europe to inspect housing projects.
68 6 Wanger, Walter (1 of 2): Correspondence with Hollywood film producer Walter Wanger in 1963.
68 7 Wanger, Walter (2 of 2): Correspondence, 1930s to 1950s.
68 8 Warm Springs-Palmer Real Estate: Correspondence during the 1950s concerning the physical upkeep of Palmer's Warm Springs property.
68 9 Leftover Cottage: Correspondence about maintenance of the cottage in 1955.
68 10 Warm Springs-Rotary: Correspondence with Rotary Club members during the 1940s and 1950s.
68 11 Warm Springs Foundation: Correspondence between 1949 and 1956 concerning the operation of the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation.
69 1 War Supplies: Two 1942 reports on war supplies.
69 2 Watson, J. Paton: Correspondence from 1949 to 1960 with J. Paton Watson, City Engineer for Plymouth, England.
69 3 White House Conference on Community Development: A 1963 newsletter discussing the plans for a White House Conference on Community Development.
69 4 Weintraub, David: Correspondence in 1946 with David Weintraub, Director of the U.N. Division of Economic Development.
69 5 Welfare State:
69 6 Wiley, John C.: Personal correspondence with Ambassador John Wiley and Irena Wiley, 1955-1962.
69 7 Wilkie, Wendell: A 1940 newspaper article concerning the housing program advocated by Wendell Wilkie.
69 8 Winant, John G.: Correspondence during the 1940s.
69 9 Woodbury, Coleman: Correspondence with Coleman Woodbury, federal housing official, between 1936 and 1942.
69 10 Woodruff, George: Two 1968 magazine articles about George Woodruff.
69 11 Wright, Carl Major: Correspondence between 1942 and 1963 with Carl Major Wright, assistant to Palmer during the 1942 inspection of-British defense housing programs.
69 12 Wrightman, Charles: Correspondence, 1956-1962.
69 13 Wrigley, J. C.: Correspondence, 1938 and 1945.
69 14 X, Y, and Z: Correspondents
70 1 Action, Inc.-Housing and Community Development Act, 1964: The folder contains two oversize documents analyzing the Housing and Community Development Act of 1964.
70 2 Albany Data and Correspondence: Two reports from California concerning urban planning and architecture.
70 3 Astor, Lord: Articles about Lord and Lady Astor from 1960-1967.
70 4 Baruch, Bernard: Articles about Bernard Baruch from 1965.
70 5 Bauer, Richard: Sketches of possible bookplates for C.F. Palmer.
70 6 Callaway, Howard: An article about U.S. Representative Howard Callaway from 1966.
70 7 Children-Care and Hygiene: A report on day nurseries from 1940.
70 8 City and Town Planning: An article from 1938 concerning town planning.
70 9 City and Town Planning-Atlanta: A 1954 plan for developing the DeKalb-Fulton Metropolitan Area.
70 10 Civilian Defense: An article and a report about British defense shelters during World War II.
70 11 Community Relations and Housing: A report from England concerning community centers.
70 12 Construction Industry-Government Control: Reports on government control of the building industry in England, 1941-1942.
70 13 Construction Industry-Great Britain: One copy of a 1941 British construction equipment journal and a 1949 report on efficiency in building operations.
70 14 Construction Industry-Housing-Plans: Report on Communal Laundries from 1950.
70 15 Decentralization-Government Agencies: Article from 1950 concerning growth of Washington D.C. and dispersal of government agencies.
70 16 Decentralization-Great Britain: Government reports prepared between 1938 and 1942 on the decentralization of British industry and population.
70 17 Decentralization-Industrial: A 1944 government report investigating the effects of the centralization of heavy industry in the United States and an article from 1946 concerning shopping areas in England.
71 1 Democratic Advisory Committee: Articles from 1959 and 1960 concerning the Democratic Party and housing needs.
71 2 English-Speaking Union: A listing and maps of Regional Areas of the English-Speaking Union of the United States from 1962.
71 3 Europe-1934-1952: Travel notes and articles from European trips.
71 4 Federal Housing Agencies: A 1942 report on the first year results of the National Housing Agency.
71 5 Garden Cities-Welwyn, England: Reports prepared during the 1930s suggesting policy guidelines for decision-making at Welwyn Garden City.
71 6 Great Britain-Ministry of Works and Buildings-Report on Organization: A 1941 report with enclosures.
71 7 Great Britain-Ministry of Works and Buildings-Miscellaneous Reports
71 8 Home Ownership: An article and a report concerning home ownership.
71 9 Housing Criticism: Article from 1952 concerning a meeting of the Real Estate Board.
72 1 A 1953 notebook containing photographs of and plans for housing projects in Argentina.
72 2 Housing-Atlanta-University Homes Neighborhood: An undated sociological investigation of changes occurring in the University Homes area following the construction of public housing units.
73 1 Housing-Great Britain: Assorted reports and magazine articles collected during the 1930s and early 1940s concerning British housing.
73 2 Housing-Italy: Two reports from 1927 and 1932.
73 3 Housing-Leeds, England: Post War Housing Report from 1943.
73 4 Housing-Milwaukee: Minutes of a Housing Experts Conference held in Milwaukee, 1934.
73 5 Kentucky Derby: A program from the 1941 Kentucky Derby.
73 6 Lindbergh, Charles A.: Article from 1927 concerning Charles Lindbergh.
73 7 McLeary, G.F.: Article written by G.F. McCleary in 1936.
73 8 New Towns-Great Britain-Reports: A 1936 pamphlet proposing the construction of one hundred new towns for England and a copy of the plan for building Harlow New Town.
73 9 New Towns-Virginia: A pamphlet written in the early 1960s describing the plans for building Reston, Virginia, the first satellite city attempted in the United States.
73 10 Overcrowding: A 1935 government report on overcrowding in Leeds.
73 11 United Nations and Housing: Bulletins and records of the United Nations Economic and Social Council.