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Series 3
Writings and publications, 1927-1971
Boxes 93-102

Scope and Content Note

This series includes manuscripts and correspondence relating to Palmer's autobiographical book Adventures of a Slum Fighter and files relating to his work with several authors in preparing a second book (biography or autobiography), which was never published. Files are arranged by both titles and by writers' names. Folders in Box 99: folder 7 through Box 102, folder 3 deal with two manuscripts prepared by Palmer during the 1960s, neither of which was ever published. The first, "World War Against Slums," was partially completed by 1961 and appears to have been autobiographical. The second, the "Shame of Them Slums," was finished in the late1960s with the aid of co-author John Tebbel; it provides a broad overview of its subject, aimed at educating the public about the continuing importance of removing urban blight.

Box Folder Content
93 1 "The Three Things": A 1927 manuscript, written by Palmer, discussing the three periods - learning, earning, and giving - which, according to him, should characterize an individual's life. Also in the folder is a pamphlet of small article "What Man Maketh" by Palmer, 1960.
93 2 Cavalry Grenade Manual: World War I manual co-authored by Palmer.
93 3 Cavalry Grenadiers: World War I manual on uses of grenades by cavalry, co-authored by Palmer.
93 4 Military Manuals (1 of 2): Two manuals on grenades and one Cavalry Notes manual from World War I.
93 5 Military Manuals (2 of 2): World War I military manuals about close combat weapons, grenades, gas, and cavalry.
93 6 Book Publishers: Correspondence between 1960 and 1962 with Holt, Rinehart, and Winston concerning the use of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's unfinished portrait in Bernard: Asbell's book about the President's death.
93 7 Palmer, Charles Forrest-Book Material, Outlines: Various outlines and notes, composed mainly during the 1940s, for books on American and European housing programs, finance and effects upon politics. [This folder and all folders through Box 98: folder 8 pertain to the writing and publication of Palmer's only book, Adventures of a Slum Fighter (ASF), which was printed by Tupper and Love in 1955. During the early 1950s, the manuscript was also referred to as "The Only Limits" and "The Houses Next Door."]
93 8 Palmer, Charles Forrest.-Book Material-"The Only Limit"-Introductions: Text of an address written by Palmer shortly after the death of President Roosevelt.
93 9 Palmer, Charles Forrest-Book Material-"Illegal, Illogical Crazy As Hell": A short piece dealing with public housing construction in Georgia in the 1930s, written in 1945; ultimately the manuscript was incorporated as a separate chapter in ASF.
93 10 Palmer, Charles Forrest -Book Material-"Our Book," Being Some Thoughts for Jim Putnam: Random notes submitted for review by James Putnam in 1945. Palmer expressed the hope that Putnam would assist him in organizing his government reports, diaries, and correspondence into a book on American and European housing programs.
93 11 Weybright, Victor: Correspondence between 1946 and 1954 with Victor Weybright concerning "The Houses Next Door."
93 12 Book-Turnley Walker (1 of 2): Correspondence with Turnley Walker, editor, for "The Houses Next Door" between 1952 and 1954.
93 13 Book-Turnley Walker (2 of 2)
94 1 Sugrues, Thomas-Harper: Correspondence during the early 1950s with journalist and author Thomas Sugrues, who was engaged in editing "The Houses Next Door" before his death in 1953.
94 2 Book First-Hal Vermes: Correspondence mainly during 1955 with free-lance writer Hal Vermes concerning final manuscript preparations for ASF.
94 3 Palmer, Charles Forrest-Adventures of a Slum Fighter Rewrite Suggestions- Publicity Material: Comments from reviewers in about 1953.
94 4 "The Only Limits" (Notebook no.1)
94 5 "The Only Limits" (Notebook no.2)
94 6 "The Only Limits" (Notebook no.3)
95 1 "The Only Limits" (Notebook no.4)
95 2 "The Only Limits" (Notebook no.5)
95 3 "The Only Limits" (Notebook no.6)
95 4 Palmer, Charles Forrest-"The Houses Next Door"-Sample Chapters for Book on Slums: Four chapters and an outline for the completion of the manuscript.
95 5 Draft for Adventures of a Slum Fighter
95 6 Palmer, Charles Forrest-Adventure of a Slum Fighter, Outline and First Draft
95 7 Palmer, Charles Forrest-Adventures of a Slum Fighter Europe, 1934-Naples, Rome, Vienna, Moscow (2), Berlin
96 1 Palmer, Charles Forrest-Adventures of a Slum Fighter-London, Atlanta, and Washington
96 2 Palmer, Charles Forrest-Adventures of a Slum Fighter-England, 1936
96 3 Palmer, Charles Forrest-Adventures of a Slum Fighter-in U.S.-1936-1937
96 4 Palmer, Charles Forrest-Adventures of a Slum Fighter-1938-1939 (1 of 2)
96 5 Palmer, Charles Forrest-Adventures of a Slum Fighter-1938-1939 (2 of 2)
97 1 Book-David McKay Co.: Correspondence from 1955 to 1957 with the David McKay Company, pertaining to the publishing of ASF.
97 2 Book-Tupper and Love: Correspondence from 1954 to 1960 with representatives of Tupper and Love regarding publication and promotion of ASF.
97 3 Book Reviews-Extra Copies: Copies of book reviews, published mostly between 1955 and 1957, of Adventures of a Slum Fighter.
97 4 Book Sales: Receipts of book sales for Adventures of a Slum Fighter, 1956-1964.
97 5 Davison's Mailing Lists-Rich's Luncheon: Correspondence in 1955 with Rich's and Davison's Department Stores concerning book parties for Palmer's Adventures of a Slum Fighter.
97 6 Follow-up: Random notes and correspondence compiled between 1956 and 1957 about publicity for Adventures of a Slum fighter
98 1 Letters Re: Slum Fighter: Miscellaneous correspondence, 1966-1967.and invoices regarding requests for copies of ASF.
98 2 MacMillan: Correspondence from 1952 to 1954 with representatives of the MacMillan Company regarding publication of "The Houses Next Door."
98 3 Permission to Quote and Correction: Correspondence mostly during the middle and late-1950s regarding permission to quote from Adventures of a Slum Fighter.
98 4 Publicity List: Lists for the distribution of sample copies of Adventures of a Slum Fighter. 1955.
98 5 Putnam, James: Correspondence, mostly between 1945 and 1951, concerning the writing of Adventures of a Slum Fighter Radio and TV Publicity. Schedules of television and radio appearances for Charles Palmer following publication of Adventures of a Slum Fighter in 1955. Adventures of a Slum Fighter in 1955.
98 7 Slum Fighter-Paperbacks: Correspondence during 1959 and 1960 about Palmer's unsuccessful efforts to have ASF issued in paperback.
98 8 Slum Fighter Reprint Correspondence: Correspondence during 1971 pertaining to the reprinting of ASF.
98 9 Palmer, Charles-Notes for Second Book: Assorted notes and outlines, all undated [Folders in Box 98: folder 9 through Box 99: folder 6 pertain to Palmer's desire between 1958 and the early 1960s to publish either an autobiography or biography of his years as a "slum fighter."]
98 10 Mr. Palmer's Autobiography-Shalett Prospectus for Biography of Charles Forrest Palmer (1 of 2): Correspondence between 1960 and 1961 concerning Palmer's intent to publish an autobiography; and a 78 page prospectus for a biography, prepared by Sidney Shalett.
98 11 Mr. Palmer's Autobiography-Shalett Prospectus for Biography of Charles Forrest Palmer (2 of 2)
99 1 Palmer, Charles Forrest-Notes for Second Book (Oversize Outlines) Two additional carbon copies-of the Shalett prospectus.
99 2 Slum Fighter-Prospectus: Three more copies of biography prospectus.
99 3 Sidney Shalett: Personal correspondence, 1958-1961.
99 4 Shalett-Selected Items for Book: Miscellaneous material about Palmer gathered for Sidney Shalett's review, presumedly at the time that the writer was contemplating working on the biography.
99 5 Palmer, Charles Forrest-Book Research-Invoices: Invoices for expenses of the 1960 biography prospectus prepared by Sidney Shalett.
99 6 Vermes-2nd Book-Suggestions: Correspondence from 1960 to 1963 with Hal Vermes, who assisted Palmer in developing his ideas for an autobiography. Of particular interest is a fourteen page memo (1961) from Vermes outlining the basic concept and writing schedule for the proposed book.
99 7 Book Outline-Tentative: Correspondence from 1960 to 1963, primarily with Hal Vermes, regarding the preparation of "World War Against Slums."
99 8 Contract-Hal Vermes: Correspondence with Hal Vermes, free lance writer, between 1961 and 1963 regarding the composition and publication of Palmer's manuscript, "World War Against Slums."
99 9 In Transit-"World War Against Slums": Correspondence, notes, magazine clippings. And portions of the manuscript for "World War Against Slums"
100 1 Publishers: Personal correspondence between 1961 and 1962 regarding Palmer's search for a literary agent to promote "World War Against Slums."
100 2 Christie, Margaret (1 of 2): Correspondence with Palmer's literary agent between 1962 and 1963 concerning proposed publication of "World War Against Slums."
100 3 Christie, Margaret (2 of 2): Correspondence from 1963 to 1967 with Palmer's literary agent for the "Shame of the Slums." The bulk of the letters deal with Palmer's difficulty getting free-lance Robert Tebbel to complete the manuscript.
100 4 Second Book-Final Draft: Manuscript portions, written during 1961, of the World War Against Slums."
100 5 "World War Against Slums"-Carbon Copy of the Manuscript
100 6 Tebbel-Raw Material for Manuscript: Miscellaneous newspaper clippings and speeches during the 1950s and 1960s about public housing, elimination of slums, and social protest movements.
100 7 Book File: Correspondence with James Putnam, 1962-1965, concerning the writing of Palmer's manuscript, "The Shame of the Slums."
101 1 Robert Tebbel (1 of 2): Correspondence with Robert Tebbel, mostly during 1964, who was assisting Palmer in writing the "Shame of the Slums."
101 2 Robert Tebbel (2 of 2): Correspondence during 1963 and 1965 concerning completion of the manuscript
101 3 John Tebbel: Correspondence during 1966 with Robert Tebbel's brother, John Tebbel, who took over the project and completed the manuscript for "Shame of the Slums."
101 4 "Shame of the Slums"-Ms. Draft-Palmer and Tebbel: Manuscript for the unpublished book
101 5 "Shame of the Slums"-Miscellaneous Papers, 1966-1967: Various newspaper clippings, correspondence, and printed material pertaining to "Shame of the Slums."
102 1 "Shame of the Slums" by Palmer and John Tebbel, ch. 1-5
102 2 "Shame of the Slums" by Palmer and John Tebbel, ch. 6-9
102 3 "Shame of the Slums" by Palmer and John Tebbel. ch. 10-12